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Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB $117 + $7.42 Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


Pretty good high end NVME drive, almost as good as a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB that goes for $180

..Cheapest local price for the 500GB BLACK SN750 is $159.00 + postage

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I'm a newbie.. do we need to order the heatsink version if we are buying this?

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      NO.. the heat sink version is just for people who STRESS out their nvme drives and want more cooling. its not needed.

      Most motherboards come with heatsinks or for $18 you can buy something like the
      Silverstone TP02-M2 M.2 Aluminium Heatsink for 2280 M.2 NVMe SSD

      If you have good cooling in your case you should be fine.

      • +1

        Awesome comment 👌🏻

      • Even if you don't have good cooling in your case you should be fine. No active fans except the CPU and PSU would almost always still be fine.

  • Is this better than crucial P1 for similar price?

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      This thing is twice as fast as the P1 and i would say its also more reliable.

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        Should I use this for the OS drive in a new gaming system, or go for something cheaper or otherwise different?

        Current plan:

        1600 AF
        2 x 8 GB DDR4 3200
        RX570 ( I won this item)

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          This is close to all other 500GB SSD drives in price so not much reason not to go for this..

          Only issue is if you are ok to wait the month it will take to be delivered

          • @vid_ghost:

            Only issue is if you are ok to wait the month it will take to be delivered

            Yes, I'm not really. Still a good deal for those who are, thank you.

            I'll have to find an alternative. Crucial P1 for $99 looks OK.

          • @vid_ghost: I ordered mine from here about a month ago when it was discounted and it arrived in about a week and a half. Amazon US shipping is pretty quick even considering the current environment.

        • You may want to check out the Ryzen 3300x / B550 boards.

          Announced recently, and the prices should be simliar to the 1600AF / B450 with better performance.

          Has yet to be released - but reviews are out

          • @Thazza: Thanks. I looked into the 3300x, it looks better for current games more dependent on clock speed. But the 1600 AF still looks better for everything else including future proofing and overclocking headroom. It's also $165 vs $205 for the 3300x.

            The B550 won't be out for more than a month. I've always found that the right time to buy a new system is whenever I need it. Waiting for new releases and price drops is an endless roundabout.

            • +1

              @Scrooge McDuck: Yep, that sounds fair enough.

              Totally agree with the thought process re: new systems (if i had umm'd and err'd earlier on in the year, i'd be paying more now funnily enough).

  • Is warranty to US, or Aus?

  • Does it fit into a macbook air 2013 model?

    • i wouldn't put a high end enthusiast NVME drive in a laptop, grab a lower power, low heat nvme drive like a Kingston A2000 or WD Blue SN550

      • Why is that? Sorry noob question but $119 for 512gb m2 is pretty good deal considered i paid $300 plus for Evo few years back

        • +7

          Samsung evo and WD black run fast and run hot. :) the added heat in a laptop is not good.

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            @vid_ghost: I wouldn't listen to this. If you want a faster SSD, I would go for it. Especially at this price. Just make sure you can support speeds this fast or it will be overkill. But then again, the deal is so good

            • +1

              @hmac: YES.. He should do what he wants and for a gaming or workstation laptop this is a great fast drive.
              Not sure the cooling in cheaper laptops the best though, oh well.

              • @vid_ghost: I am sure he is not going to stress out the SSD -_-. The drive will sufficiently be able to keep itself cool. This is a macbook air, not a gaming laptop.

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                  @hmac: U r totally right….this WD black will definitely afford jobs from macbook air….and besisdes the big monster samsung series, WD black and Adata sx8200 pro are ur best choice~

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      Apple uses proprietary SSDs in most of their computers, this one won't fit. You'll need a Macbook specific one. OWC makes mac replacement SSDs, there might be others that you can get it from, but everything will probably cost twice as much as a comparable standard drive.

      • For that there are sintech adapters which convert the normal nvme to proprietary connection. Though you have to work through sleep/hybernation issues.

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    Hows this compare to the EVO Plus?

  • +3

    was about to buy this morning for 156. one of the best in the market from reviews.

    • +3

      Pays to wait sometimes.

  • Not eligible for Prime so have to pay shipping

    • Hold out if you dare as I’ve seen items change to Prime eligible after some hours/days

      • My guess is that this will be back to $156 come midnight :) if not sooner

    • YES.. but like beyondhd just posted above… IT WAS selling on Amazon.com.au for $156 this morning and you still needed to pay for shipping.

      $126.85 Shipped is a great deal.

  • Quite a good deal considering the prices of many PC components these days. Thanks!

  • thanks bought one!

  • +2

    which PCI adapter will be good to choose for this SSD?

  • I will definitely introduce this one to my friends~~~almost same good as 970 evo, much lower price

  • Will this fit in the ps5? lol , they say it will have SSD extra slot not sure what kind though.

    • Too slow for ps5

    • It most likely wouldn't be fast enough. The PS5 is going to test whatever drive you put in and if it's too slow it'll reject it.

      This is a fast drive for a PC but it's slow compared to what the PS5 has built in.

      • How fast is the PS5 storage wow. This is about as fast as PC nvme drives get without going PCIE4 right?

  • Just ordered one. Delivery June 10-12th …. hmm

    • +1

      I ordered before posting the deal here… mine states Arriving Jun 2 - Jun 9 .. must be in high demand along with the typical postage delays going on around the world.

    • Are you sure that is not when it's expected to be delivered to your front door. Remember it has to be shipped internationally from the USA and international post would be slowed down big time.

    • +1

      If its any consolidation, for some reason shipping for my 1tb variant of this drive was EXTREMELY FAST from Amazon US.
      Preordered to be in stock on the 5th of May,

      5th May- Left Louisville, KY US — Arrived at Honolulu, HI US —- Left Honolulu, HI US
      6th May- Arrived Botany, AU — Left Botany,
      7th May- Arrived Melbourne, AU, Out for Delivery, Delivered midday.

      Honestly fastest shipping i've seen.

  • Good Price

  • +1

    I'm looking for a cheap Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure that is confirmed to work on a Thunderbolt 2 Mac (2014 iMac 27") using the Apple TB2/3 adapter cable, any tips?

    Problem is the TB3 enclosure has to provide power as TB2 doesn't supply bus power

  • Awesome, just purchased. Despite long wait, don't need it urgently so willing to wait for this cheaper price.

  • +1

    Thanks 😊 OP ordered one..

  • I'm getting $189.15?

    • Same

      • its sold out

  • Bought two as spare drives for my PC, really good value for the performance and size. I remember when something like this would be $500+. I paid almost $400 for my 256gb 950 pro m.2

  • Sold out now I think

    • +1

      Back in stock

  • Silicone Power PCIe Gen3x4 512gb for $127.96 could be the next best thing although been at that price for a while

  • +1

    It’s one of those “I wish I checked Ozbargain earlier” comments. I’ve been looking for a good m.2 SSD, and this fit the bill =/

    • Same! Looking for two for UnRaid cache.

      • Back in stock

    • Back in stock

    • yes you should always check oz bargains every now .. like if you checked back to see its back in stock now lol

  • Ooof.

    Placed order 50 minutes ago.

    No longer listed 5 minutes ago…

    Received cancellation email 1 minute ago…

    • Try again.. they have it back up

      • Ta for the heads up. Tho I was sitting on the fence for this one up to the point of ordering.

        Going to take it as a sign I shouldn't be getting it right now xD

  • +1

    The 1TB version is a good price too, which I ordered instead.

    • How much was 1tb when you ordered it? Looks to be on $274.10 now

      • Was $256 a few days ago

  • +4

    Looks like it is back in stock again?

    • Yup, looks to be back on preorder… estimated delivery is June 10th on standard shipping.

  • +1

    Just ordered one successfully. Can matk this thread as not expired.

  • +1

    Back in stock..

  • too bad the 2TB is so expensive….

    • The manufacture cost of 2tb version is not simply 2 times of 1tb version….and lowest production yield

  • What would you recommend for a fast but bargain 1TB nvme drive?

    • Adata sx8200 pro…..WD blue…Lexar…

  • my 1TB arrived earlier than expected from last deal… Good price at this time, can't say I feel any difference yet considering it was 700% faster than my previous SSD drive. Probably will feel it in Photoshop and light room etc.

    • +1

      Linus on youtube did a blind test and no one noticed the differance between a pci4.0 mvme pci 3.0 mvme amd sata SSD :)

      • Hi, what price are you guys getting now?
        Just making sure, is it via amazon au store or via amazon US?

        • $275 amazon US

          • @RtN: I got one for AU $274.10 just then 1TB

  • +2

    SOLD OUT again

  • Thanks! Bought 3 x 500Gb and a 1TB for $274 (still in stock) because all my laptops, PC's, media servers need new OS reinstalls / upgrades figured at this price I'd go all out and can always sell if I don't need them

    And stock/shipping is delayed for the 500gb until at least May 25th but not for the 1TB so couldn't really wait (whilst max limit for 500Gb is 3 items anyway)

  • Back in stock at $AU153.49 and free Prime shipping.

    • at that price the 1TB looks cheap at $270

    • $27 more :( .. no deal

  • Anyone has any suggestions for a quality SSD 2.5" drive at a decent price and with good warranty? Thanks.

    • +1

      Any Crucial 2.5" SSD drive, my Crucial SSD 128gb lasted for about 8 years… actually didn't die but I upgraded from 128gb to 256gb as windows+temp files were creeping. It now lives in a 2.5" enclosure.

      P.S. I still prefer (and would tell my customers). Smaller SSD's have the unintentional benefit of forcing you to use alternative storage/backup to ensure you don't lose everything when your device gets stolen/drive crashes.

    • +1

      so I've used many SSD's from a range of brands and sizes over the years at home and for the office.

      Only SSD to ever die was a Samsung 830 250gb inside a gaming laptop that was like an oven it ran hot.. all gaming laptops do.

      :) one DOA Samsung 860 Evo 250gb

      That's it… in my experience SSD's have been very reliable.. but then again so have mechanical sniping hard drives.. the only ones of those that have died on me are server scsi disks

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