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Free $10 Club Credit (SCA Membership Required) No Min. Spend @ Supercheap Auto


Received an email from SCA free $10 voucher expires 17/5/20. Need to activate voucher in your email. Can be used in-store or online.

T&C from email as below.

The $10 credit offer is for Club Plus members with valid email addresses only, and is valid only for the recipient to whom the offer was sent. Only one $10 credit per Club Plus account will be applied. Credit can be redeemed at any Supercheap Auto store or online at www.supercheapauto.com.au. Credit valid from activation until 11.59pm (AEST) Sunday 17th May, 2020. Club Plus Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details.

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  • Yep got that email too!

  • I got that too.

  • +8

    Didn't get it… Maybe I shop there too often?

    • +3

      I don't but still didn't get this

    • Same

      • and now I have just received it

        • +2

          So the trick is to complain / comment right?

          Ok here goes, I didn't get it either!

          • +1

            @TEER3X: Lets really test it…

            Me either, do you think it might be because I used a disposable spam email account, and cant remember what it was?

    • -1

      Maybe. I used to get every SCA and BCF voucher, I'd buy no more than say $3 over the voucher value, and I'd always get the next voucher. Then I spent several dollars over the voucher and no more vouchers. So I don't think about those stores.

      It's been several months since I've been to either store and I just got this voucher again.

    • I didn't get it either. Waited all day. Nada. Only conclusion I can draw is that I shop there too much. Shame on me for giving them money, clearly that's not what they want. Lesson learned. I'm not bitter or anything :P lol

  • Cheers OP, got the email. +1 vote :)

  • must have abused the last few, stopped getting these.

    • How long ago did you buy something from there on your membership? I certainly haven't abused these, and haven't had more than one account ever, and sometimes forget to even claim these. Still got nothing, but I did buy something from them a few weeks ago, so that must be why. Being a loyal customer isn't what businesses want these days.

      • Has been a few months

  • Targeted?

  • It is targeted.

  • can't find this email

    • got the email now

  • +1

    didn,t get it… :(

  • Didnt get it :( How do I make them to send me one? :)

    • +5

      Pray harder

      • +1

        …and faster…

    • Go out on the front verandah, and at the top of your lungs sing and act out the moves to Im a little teapot… you need to keep doing it until a neighbour joins in.

  • Thanks OP. Your post made me check my email and I had received this email.
    Was thinking of getting some tyre shine spray, now this credit will come to good use :)

  • Got it thanks OP!

    • I activated it but can't see it in my account :(

      • Nevermind, got it now.

  • Got it

  • -3

    or unless sold out.

    How do they sell out of $10 vouchers?

    • +2

      Well it didn't state that did it! It was the sale that may sell out!
      7 Day Deals ends 17 May 2020 or unless sold out.

        • +1

          Can be used for anything in the store.
          But if the 7 Day SALE items are sold out - they aren't in the store!

            • +2

              @jv: The $10 credit is part of the email promoting the 7 Day SALE.

              Not that difficult if you read the email that contains the SALE promotion & this $10 offer.

              The $10 credit offer is between the ad for the SALE & items on sale.

              This targeted offer is only for those receiving the email. So people can see that when they activate the offer.

              So the t&c in the email about unless sold out obviously only relates to the 7 Day SALE items listed in the email, not the $10 credit.

              That was stated in the Deal Description:
              7 Day Deals ends 17 May 2020 or unless sold out.

  • Just received the email now. Thanks OP!

    • +2

      OP didn't send the email.

      • +4

        Can you be sure about that?

  • only just got the email jus then

  • +1

    I got the same email except with a 20 dollar voucher.

    Same expiry date.

  • No email for me! I wonder what their criteria is?

  • 1 out of 3 family accounts received email.

    • Update: mail out was slow, all accounts have now received $10.
      Worth rechecking emails!!

  • +1

    Didn't get one unfortunately :/

  • +4

    Couple of ideas:
    Basic socket set for around the house or light car duties: $10.49
    Better Quality One: $22.99

    Basic Fuel System Cleaner: $8.99
    Quality Fuel System Cleaner Containing PET: $27.99

    • Quality Fuel System Cleaner Containing PET

      PET or PEA?

  • Yep got my email, was in the junk folder so lucky someone on here told me otherwise I wouldn't have known

    • you don't normally check your junk folder????

      • +2

        Always checking my junk

  • Didnt get it, hoping they put on another 20% off sale soon though.

  • So what have people spent their $10 on or towards?

    • -1

      I normally stock up on the degreaser cans or buy hand cleaner if I've still got plenty of the former.

  • Got it thanks OP :)

    Got myself some Bannanarama love this stuff :) https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/turtle-wax-turtle-wax-wa...

    Normally $10 per bottle but on clearance $6.99 [Product isn't listed on there 7 Day Deals] so you'll miss it if you don't look hard enough

  • -2

    Can someone post the activate credit URL? I haven't received an email from them

    • The $10 credit offer is for Club Plus members with valid email addresses only, and is valid only for the recipient to whom the offer was sent.

      Codes are single use and tied to the email addresses they are sent to.

  • I got that…

  • +1

    I think I made more money out of supercheap than they have of meeeee! … with all these credits!

  • +2

    AAA alkalines 4 for $0.79 on clearance, none in stock for C&C near me though.

  • Just received the $10 happy days

  • Yay just got mine too. Thanks for bringing to our attention OP

  • Has anyone clicked on the activate button not logged in, then logged in and failed to receive the credit? Voucher link then says already claimed

    • Lol just happened to me…wasnt logged in and stillshows as $0

    • +5

      Takes 10 minutes to apply.

      • Yep - I can see it now


  • I got it but I don't have a car…

    • +1

      They sell tools too…

      • Yeah. I just logged it, I actually have $20 credit, I still haven't used a $10 credit I got for signing up in 2014…

    • +11

      $10 for nothing NOT a deal. Wow high standards in your house mate.

      • Mr. Foo does live in Sydney, heard that things are going pretty well there :)

  • Mine was a bit slow but got it. Thanks for the heads up op

  • +2

    Yeah I dont think its targeted, I think its just being sent out in batches, I only received mine about 15 minutes ago.

    • I am continuously refreshing my inbox in the hope I receive an email…

    • Received 1 for family 2hrs ago, others 1hr ago.

    • yes, newsletters are always sent in clusters to reduce the workload on the server and bandwidth.
      Especially to help with the bouncebacks too.

      Some servers refuse chain mails to prevent spam.

  • Logged in to SCA club account 5 minutes ago to check…nothing there.
    Just got the email now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I got one. Thank you Supercheap Auto.

  • +1

    Unable to login.

  • Got it too. I guess the membership was worth it.

  • My email just came in :)

  • i got it!!! yay for once!

  • Thanks - wouldn't have checked if I didn't see this post. Got a weird knife last time, which I thought was not going to be that useful but now I actually use almost every day.

    • -1


      • +2


        Really useful utility knife, I keep it pretty sharp. Use it gardening, misc stuff in the shed, destroying things etc. Blade is more rigid than a stanley knife.

        • how thick is the blade? got a LOT of carpet to cut up next week, might order 2! is the blade stainless or carbon (easy to sharpen?)

          • +1

            @seraphim2017: Blade is about 1mm, but solid - can't bend it by hand. No idea of the material, but I sharpen it with a kitchen knife sharpener.

            I don't know whether it would be true with carpet, but I often use a serated knife (bread knife or similar) to cut up material/cardboard, not sure if that would be better for carpet?

            • @pdtmathieson: Thanks for the response! 1mm should be fine, I used a stanley (with genuine blades) when scoring it around on the concrete, but need something thicker for ripping, serrated usually gets caught (although i DO have breadknife *imagines partners face watching me use breadknife to cut carpet.) Just don't want to ruin a morakniv if I can help it, swedish steel seems very expensive here!

              Might pick up 1 or two, don't need a point as have a leatherman for that if needs be. Thanks for the info!

              • @seraphim2017: For this type of stuff, I have a bread-type knife that someone was going to throw out. I get plenty of looks from my wife when I use it, because I built a longer handle for it for various uses. Surprisingly good tool for a lot of things - patented my Knife on a Stick.

  • i got club mem and got none :(

    • neither have I….:(

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