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2pac - All Eyez On Me Explicit Version (4LP) $36.36 + Delivery or Free with Prime (over $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU via US


Usually this vinyl is around the $50-$55, been lowering lately. Never seen it at this price.

Also you can get:
Best of tupac cd for $3 for part 1

and $3.50 for part 2

All Eyez on Me is the fourth studio album by American rapper 2Pac (and the last to be released during his lifetime), released on February 13, 1996, by Death Row and Interscope Records.

All Eyez on Me features guest appearances from several artists including The Outlawz, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, E-40, Redman, Method Man, Tha Dogg Pound, K-Ci & JoJo, Roger Troutman, among others. The album features production by 2Pac himself alongside a variety of producers, including DJ Quik, Johnny "J", Dr. Dre, Rick Rock, Daz Dillinger, DJ Pooh, DeVante Swing, among others.

The album features the Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles "How Do U Want It" and "California Love". It featured five singles in all, the most of any of Shakur's albums. Moreover, All Eyez on Me made history as the first ever double-full-length hip-hop solo studio album released for mass consumption globally.

PATYPE : 33 RPM Vinyl
GENRE : Rap Hip-Hop
LPFormat: Vinyl LP

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Check Out Time.

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      Big Syke, Newt, Hank

  • Do orders from amazon us incur any customs fees?

    • No.

    • not sure about non-prime members, but I don't think so…

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        Customs don't care what level of amazon membership you have.

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          i'm glad you are thinking in the real world kinda way!

    • No, because Amazon automatically includes the necessary taxes and fees during checkout.

  • Damn got nothing else to buy haha

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    If anyone else wants something "out of stock" - try the lodge Items - make sure they are shipped from Amazon US. Also remember to cancel it after AEOM is shipped.

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      Sorry trying to follow, this is get free international shipping without going above $50? What is AEOM, and how can you cancel the out of stock item? This would come in handy for other vinyls I have been eyeing off

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        So the trick is (For Amazon Prime - US purchases)

        You order 1 item you want (All Eyez On Me - AEOM) + 1 item that is out of stock on Amazon US (the Lodge handle) - The combined total will take you above the $49 for free prime international shipping. Amazon will usually ship/dispatch the items that are in stock. At which point you can then cancel the item you don't want which is still out of stock.

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          Hell yes, thanks both. Will keep this in mind for future

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        Yes, it's to get it above $49. AEOM: All Eyez On Me (the album in the post). You can cancel the individual out of stock product once the item you want has been marked as shipped .

      • *vinyl

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          k. cheers for the downvote :)

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      You are entitled to your wrong opinion. :p

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        TightTerry is right in hip hop circles the golden age is considered the late 80s-early 90s (New York area) before the mainstream radio commercialisation of hip hop. De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim etc.

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          Tupac was part of gangsta rap, you are talking about the pioneers of rap but Tupac took it to another level, was part of a different age, he was the most successful and spawned many copy cats and the gangsta rap period of Dre, Tupac, Snoop, Biggie, Diddy, start with NWA, reach it's zenith with Tupac and Biggie until they got gunned down and it has been gradually watered down since but this is the most profitable and peak of popularity for rap music.

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            @rudiger1234: I was replying to Terry talking about what is considered the golden era of hip hop because people were downvoting the comment. I'm well aware of 2pacs impact, i remember buying Me Against the World on CD (way better than All Eyez on Me imo) in 1995 when i was in high school. Listen to his track Old School off that album where he shouts out all the old school New York rappers and DJ's Doug E Fresh, DJ Red Alert, De La, KRS One, Whodini etc . All i know is he didnt get super popular in Australia at least until California Love came out.

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              @astrotrain: Sorry Terry has has me wild for his insistence on a horrendously ignorant and bad take that Tupac's success and popularity was based on that he was fake, contrived, manufactured for commercial success. This is so far off the mark it rustled my jimmies. He was popular because he was real, honest and spoke from the heart and wasn't afraid of ruffling feathers and his music was in no way designed for mass popularity by being watered down and made radio friendly. It's just a shockingly bad take that the ignorance offended me and insistence that he is right when he couldn't be more wrong as Tupac set out to shock and offend and say uncomfortable things with brute honesty more so than anyone so the last person you could claim cynicism about the image they tried to portray by being too clean is Tupac. It's almost laughable how bad the take is.

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                @rudiger1234: Haha agree, when I hear the censored version of Hit Em Up, there are barely any words in the song and a heap of silent breaks where expletives once were, but yes surely this song was made for commercial radio haha

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                  @eggaz: LOLing at people arguing about 2pac on Ozbargain #thuglife

                  • @prhino: Tupac wasn't a brainless gangsta rapper. He was politically minded and philosophical.

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                      @DisabledUser72085: This was not a reflection on 2pac.

                      I like 2pac, and as a young white male used to blast this CD from my six CD stacker whilst driving my Subaru Leone sedan down Chapel Street

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    I fondly remember stealing this CD off my brother circa 1999 when I was around year 8.

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      This man lives the Thug life. 'pac would be proud.

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      When I was in year 8 I performed Until the end of time shirtless with thug life written on my chest (with a marker) in front of my English class. Our assignment was to recite poetry from a famous dead poet. The teacher tried to fail me. I called her racist. Win/win

      • +1

        Sounds like a racist teacher to me.

      • haha nice

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    This is my favourite album of all time but I am just as happy listening to it on youtube music for peanuts haha.

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      I ain't mad at cha.

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        god i love that song

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    One of my favourite rap albums of all time.

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    Me against the world and 7 day theory are his best works. This is excellent considering its a double disc.

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    Can also get Eazy Duz it for $16.99 for anyone that wants to up their West Coast gangsta rap collection

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      Gotta love the intro to the title track.

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    The golden age of hip hop is right now!

    • -1

      haha! that hurt my ears and my eyes when the rapper came on.

      • You better stick around and look for a deal on new ears.

        • No I'm quite sure my ears are working fine. And that song is still trash.

    • +2

      Is that a parody? it's hard to tell these days…

    • +2

      yep, some great hip hop coming out still, hip hop heads always gotta complain about how music was better back in their day.

      • +1

        hip hop is probably one of the most creative genres at the moment

        • Not sure why you got downvoted. Definitely a lot of hip hop artists pushing the boundaries or forging their own lanes to create great music at the moment.

          • +2

            @eswes: some of th best hip hop albums of all time have come in the last 10 years

            • +3

              @bailbondsh: Would agree with that! I reckon artists like the Griselda crew, Crimeapple, and Rome Streetz have put out some of the best hip hop music in the last few years.

      • I love stuff like RTJ and Aesop Rock. Hip hop but it's actually ABOUT stuff, not just cliched crap about money, guns and girls.

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