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Samsung Q900 75" QLED TV $5995 (Was $12999) @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys


I've been keeping an eye on this model and agree with the previous OzB consensus that that original RRP was ridiculously high. Now that it's advertised less than half of the RRP some may see this as more reasonable. Whilst its true there is still hardly any available 8k content it could be argued this is a relative bargain for Samsung's 2019 flagship QLED model. I was able to obtain a quote from JB Hi-fi Osborne Park (WA) yesterday for $5000 with free delivery, and was informed they had 11 in stock.

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    Does this come with mounting brackets to fix in a train… which I can also afford.

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      Kim is that you?

  • Why so expensive this one

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        Oh ok

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        but it's only $5.9k?

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          No the resolution is 8K not the price

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          It's only $749.38 per K if it makes it any better?

        • no, it's only 5k :D

  • Can you share the quote ?

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    There's barely content out there for 4K, why on earth would I need a 8K tv? (Serious)

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      porn looks realistic

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        I always did say if Porn isn't realistic, then i'm not watching it! /s

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        If anything it's going to less realistic, even with the fake 8K upscaling of 4K porn content. Better off getting a 65" 4K OLED.

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          Are you a connoisseur of the medium?

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          what brand would you recommend for a 65" 4K OLED ?

          • @charkueyteow: LG C9 is fantastic. Just recently replaced by the CX so there are great deals ($2900 being most recent, down from the already reduced $3399 with RRP being something like $4499) around, if you can find stock and go into the store to ask in person.

            • @bnwww: Lg cx 65" for 2900?

              • @Carbon Door: LG C9 for $2900. The CX is the new one which is basically worse (a few minor software updates, A9 SoC went from Gen2 to Gen3, but they removed the DTS decoder!)

            • @bnwww: you are kidding right? just in jan it was $2400 c9

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        Cheaper to hire real life sexing practitioners and just watch them.

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        Oculus is better in that case.

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      To look at those 33.2MP photos in native resolution

    • because of ups-calling like it was said about 1000 times already.

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      2020ne Olympics will be broadcast in 8k.

    • Yeah. Also at 75 inches, how many people would realisticaly notice the difference between 4k and 8k ?

    • 4k upscailing is quite good on this apparently

    • Next gen consoles will support HDMI 2.1 so it's worth buying a TV with it if you plan on gaming on it for the next 5-10 years.

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        Buy a cheap(er) 4k TV at around 2k, save the 3-4k and in 5 years when 8k TV's similar to this spec are the norm get one for 3k and you've saved a heap and have a second TV for a spare room or you can sell it (at a major loss).

        Even a nice 2k TV looks very good and there isn't currently much 8k content.

        I'm not a sports fan, but I also can't justify spending thousands for one sporting even (202One Olympics), maybe after this 8k may become more norm.. But I dunno.

        I also have a x9000e and most of my content is 720p or 1080p with some 4k stuff. I just don't see the point in 8k for the foreseeable future. At the rate we're at we probably won't get 8k Blu Rays either..

        Anyway it's a good deal in terms of the retail pricing.

        • What 4k OLED 75" can you get for around 2k?

          • @Gobbo14: I didn't say OLED or 75 inches.

            Don't really know why you'd want a 75 inch TV personally but yeah you'd be looking at 3k for that i suppose.

            As I said this is still a good deal all things considered but kind of overkill.

            • @Matt86: Why wouldn't you want a 75" TV? Viewing distance of around 5m is fairly typical and perfect for that size.

              • @greennick: Because i have a 55 and its fine. I think a 65 is probably the limit of my living room.

                I also have moved a bit since owning it and bigger is harder to move.

                All personal preference of course.

        • Buy a cheap(er) 4k TV at around 2k, save the 3-4k and in 5 years when 8k TV's similar to this spec are the norm get one for 3k and you've saved a heap and have a second TV for a spare room or you can sell it (at a major loss).

          That's all well and good but if you want to harness the extra bandwidth that Series X/PS5 will be able to utilise from day one, then you might consider an 8K TV now rather than later (and put your current TV in your spare room).

      • My understanding is that LG C9 has HDMI 2.1!

    • I was wondering this same thing and then I noticed that my 2016 Samsung Note 4 could shoot 4K video and new phones are coming out with 8k @ 60 FPS. So while commercial content ain't there, replaying personal video and family shots should look incredible.

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      There is tonnes of 4K content. Lots of stuff on Netflix, Disney+, Prime, and basically everything new on youtube too.

    • Epeen

  • Thanks, got 2

    • gonna sell them on ebay for RRP?

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    gonna wait till 16K arrives

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      My sweet spot is n64K.

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      I hear it's just around the corner. I suggest waiting as this will be out of date in 9 years time

    • 16K is a trap.

      • 32k is going to be the new standard. 16k is the new 720p

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          Personally I'm waiting for 56k to match my high-speed modem.

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    Having seen this in person, I agree with the reviews. It's not as good as the 4K model.

    The over-sharpening, over-processed look when upscaled is not attractive.

    • can it stream(not sure if this is the right term) at 4k native?

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    My FTTN struggles loading 4k videos on Youtube - be like dial-up days trying to watch 8k

    • FTTN struggles with 1080p content on YouTube.

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    Great deal, bought 5

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      Same here. Putting 4 together for watching in 32k. And one in the toilet with a web cam for work conferences and that realistic porn.

      • You got only one bathroom at home…?

  • Would not be long before 8k will be available from budget brands

    • I dunno, even in the PC world, 8K is not a 'thing'. Plenty of 4K or ULTRA wide screen solutions. If PCs aren't pushing those sort of boundaries, why would cinema and media?

    • what use is that if their image prosessor cannot scale up to 8k the way samsung,sony.lg does it

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    Does this mean I can now watch Columbo in 8K if I buy this?


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        Don’t forget Quincy and Trapper John M.D

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    Great TV for the kids bedroom

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      Probably more suited to the garage or back deck.

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    8K is supposed to be immersive, and create depth of field. But yeah, 8K isn’t realistic. Not sure if anyone knows, but CGI is only recorded at 2K. It’s because the processing power to render 4K isn’t there yet, or if if is, it’s very costly. It’s why in Avengers, there’s a shift in quality during CGI and non CGI scenes.

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      Only in 8k oled it's immersive but too expensive.

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      Depends on the studio/film. Most Marvel is 2K upscaled. However there are films that were filmed in 3.4K, 4K, or higher, with the entire workflow kept at that resolution (e.g. Blade Runner 2049, 1917, Joker). For the Infinity Saga it probably wasn't feasible due to the insane amount of CGI.

      There's a good list here separating the real from fake: https://4kblurays.com/

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/272619
    Nearly beat my savings on a TV, but I am jealous now.

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    If they have 82" at the right price, maybe worth it

  • 8k for 6k, sounds like a deal to me!

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    I understand how poor I am by coming to OzBARGAIN and finding that lots of people are spending 6k on a TV and this is still a good deal. FYI: I'm judging me here.

  • I so want oled, been in in jb-hifi and had so many discussions about hdmi 2.1.(silly that they say all their TV's are hdmi 2.1 compatible) but the oled are just jaw dropping, definitely waiting for 2019 oled only if the price is right.

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    Is there a 4k version? My brother is looking for 80-85" tho I think.

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      My work is throwing away a burn-in 84" lg 84LM9600 - so cruel 84" is perfect size!

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        Let me guess, it's getting "thrown away" to the bosses house?

        • I wish - no actual rubbish bin.
          Your taxes at work!
          ….and while its burnt-in - so be it.
          In a patio with 4k - WHO CARES!

          • @naphman: Ask if you can have it. I mean if they are throwing out. Why not right.