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Acer Swift 3 - 14"/i5-1035G1/8GB/512GB SSD Laptop $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee


Great price for local stock you can pick up today. Compared to the popular Inspiron deal with a week or two ago this is way lighter at just 1.19kg and with double the SSD capacity.

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  • +1 great price, particularly given the inflated prices at the moment, and very solid specs for general use.

    • Yep been looking at a new laptop lately so I can give my macbook 15 retina to the missus as her macbook has a (profanity) screen. However there haven't been many deals. Thinking of buying a lenovo with the r7 4800u from china or just waiting for local stock.

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        her macbook has a (profanity) screen.

        turn on the safesearch filter…

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          that's might not help with the cursor on the screen.

      • For things like laptop, I'll wait for local stock… other cheaper stuff I buy from China.

      • Fwiw, I was never much of a laptop user myself, but having used MBP's for work (Cloud/DevOps Engineer) the past few years, I personally can't see myself using another laptop, I'm too used to the massive trackpad, and even MacOS!. Still running a custom desktop though. Your mileage may vary of course.

        If I were to get something else though, Lenovo ThinkPads are definitely what I would get, X1 Carbons etc. However going off of the comments in previous deals there are big delays at the moment, particularly on Ryzen 4.

        I have some friends that are looking to get laptops, I've advised them it can't hurt to wait for EOFY sales, although not to hold their breath as there may not really be massive clearances on any laptops that were lucky enough to survive the WFH frenzy.

        Nevertheless I think that this laptop at this price would be a great pickup for anybody, provided the specs were suitable!

        • Yeah I've mostly used macs for the last 9 years. However I would randomly use windows laptops from ozbargain deals as well so don't really see switching as much of an issue. I have friends who can ship a ryzen 4 from china for me but ideally would wait for local stock for warranty. I'm just concerned about the price/availability don't think we will get good deals like the us with the acer swift 3 for 629.


      Just wondering what you mean by the inflated comment? Stocking taking too long to arrive from China or something?

      • Yep, stock at many of the large suppliers has been scarce and also in very high demand due to the mass influx of WFH and home offices.

  • Regretting my recent purchase from a prior Ozbargain, especially as it hasn't arrived yet.

    • Just cancel it then. The way things are going you’ll need the extra money to avoid a couple of month catching and eating rats.

  • Will the 2x4gb Ram be a problem?

    • If you have to ask, then no.

    • Theoretically faster than 1x8GB if it supports dual channel.

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      For anyone else interested, I did a quick google and it seems people are split.

      2x4GB RAM is better because they will operate in dual channel mode, giving more bandwidth, hence better performance. Although some people say it's not noticeable.

      1x8GB RAM is better because then you can buy another RAM chip and then you'll have more RAM running dual channel.

      Since this is part of the default build, it doesn't matter as you don't have a choice of 1x8GB or 2x4GB.

      sigh Receive smartass response and have to do research myself…

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          The intent was for someone who already had the answer to respond, not have someone go do research for me.

          Also, to have the knowledge posted here for others to benefit. Going by your reasoning, perhaps people should just look for bargains themselves and not use forums…

      • From my desktop experience both points are correct. You will be hard pressed noticing the difference of dual channel RAM in most tasks, unless maybe if your counting FPS in a game, even then it won't be much in it.

    • It's intel, so 1x8gb is preferred for future upgradability. You won't get the same performance increase as with AMD.
      For AMD, dual channel memory config can yield a massive 40-60% integrated GPU performance increase, but not applicable here as you would not be able to tell the difference.

    • R.I.P easy upgrade path.

    • Some notes for you to consider:

      • 8gb will suit most people fine, for the life of the laptop generally (3 years). It'd be fine for MS office, browsing, media consumption. It'll do all those things fine.
      • 16gb is very nice to have, if you're likely to be running some more intense programs, e.g., photo editing, massive spreadsheets.
      • If you want to consider upgrading ram later, make sure that it's not soldered down. Upgrading the ram down the track will come at an added cost and hassle. But it's usually not too difficult (provided it's not been soldered down from factory). I don't know if this particular model is, but for example, Macbooks usually have ram soldered on, so you can't swap it out. Cost is subject to change, but currently 2x8gb sticks will fetch around $120 to $150.
  • Don’t forget cash back!

  • I've been looking at to buy this very laptop, however is Binglee trustworthy? I've never purchased any items from them before

  • Any idea if it can charge through USB-C?

    • USB-C™

      A single connector can be used for ultra-quick data transfer, video streaming, and

      Guess not.

      • I see what you did there :?) USB-C™ - A single connector can be used for ultra-quick data transfer, video streaming, and battery charging/power.

        Only one review on the bing lee site and its suggests that battery life is nothing like 'up to 16 hours' - well, strictly, I guess that is true if you only get 5 hours or so.

      • The reason I asked is because of this 2019 thread:
        Where the Acer rep replied that it supports charging - but they meant it supports charging devices @ 3 Amps, but not the laptop itself…

    • Yo, I own this laptop myself (Acer Swift 3 2020 with the exact same specs from Bing Lee) and can confirm it can charge via USB-C. All you need is a power adapter with a high-enough wattage. I tried it with my friend's 45W Macbook power adapter and my Acer Swift 3 charged very quickly via USB-C.

      To the same point, I tried charging it with my 18W QC Adapter at home (which I normally use for my phone) and it didn't charge the laptop at all.

      • The main difference likely between the 45w and 18w chargers is voltage the 45W will do 20V, whereas the 18W charger won't.

  • Still way better then the TECS computer deal few days ago… lol


    this looks like a very good model on paper at least

    large battery 56Wh
    latest i5
    8gb ram dual channel
    light alloy chassis

    the biggest question is quality of that screen and keyboard/touchpad
    acer might have cheaped out on something

    • Looks to be IPS so should be at least better than the bottom of the barrel TN.

    • Dave Lee just reviewed the Ryzen version and the weakest part of the laptop is the screen.


    • Dang 56Wh? My 14" Dell only has 42.

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        yeah. my dell had 42Wh but I installed edtended battery and also have 56 now

        • You can do that without it blowing up?


            @Rajeh: battery replacement is one of the easiest things that can be done to a laptop

            • @DisabledUser340568: Yeah I know it's easy, but will the battery blow up? I can't seem to find these replacements.


                @Rajeh: no, it's absolutely safe. I replaced dozens of batteries. in my case Dell specifies 2 battery sizes in hardware manual, 42 and 56. I just get 56 battery, shut down, replace. no problem.

                • @DisabledUser340568: Ah I have an uncommon Inspiron 5480. I'll have to measure at some point when it degrades too much and evaluate getting a bigger battery.


                    @Rajeh: here is the procedure

                    I am not aware of extended battery for 5480, it is specified with a 42Wh only as far as I can see

                    you could have some luck if you find out if it's based on a Latitude model, the layout looks serviceable to me, if you threw out the 2.5 SATA caddy you could fit a larger battery in there (designated for a corresponding Latitude model), but I would advise that only if you're desperate and out of warranty haha and it would require further investigation, to make sure that the larger battery power output is supported by the motherboard.

                    With Latitude it's easy, they are specified with 2 battery sizes from the factory. for example 3490 can be fitted with 42Wh or with 56Wh. 42 to cut weight and cost, 56 to increase battery life in the field, so it works with either, and relevant parts are easy to obtain.

                    • @DisabledUser340568: Oof I'm using the caddy for a secondary HDD, but it's worth it for the extra battery life imo. I'll try it when my battery wear is so bad that it's dying prematurely. Jee that sounded bad.

    • I bought this exact same laptop from Bing Lee recently, and can confirm that it runs extremely well for the price from a performance perspective. Boots up fast and handles my study/surfing/general use very well.

      As for the screen, colours come slightly muted but the viewing angles are still decent. Keyboard and touchpad both feel quite nice. However, I would say the shortcoming on this laptop is by far the speaker. It sounds incredibly tinny and blasts asymmetrically out of the bottom side of the laptop. Overall bad for videos/music.

    • How do you find the battery size? I've been looking around on the website but can't seem to spot it :(


        in the product description blurb, Long Battery Life section :)

        Spending all-day on the move requires a large battery, and at 56Wh it’s capable of lasting for up to 16 hours. In cases of emergency it can also be fast charged to provide 4 hours use from 30 minutes charge."

  • How does Acer compare as a brand?

    • I had a terrible experience with their build quality and warranty process

    • Doesn't Acer have a reputation of shocking build quality?

      Have they changed over the recent years?

      • Their predator line is solid… I have a Helios 300 red. And heard good things of the newest one. Unsure if any of that translates to the mainstream consumer laptops.

      • I've had my Acer Aspire that I paid under $600 for 5 years now with no problems. It doesn't look or feel premium, but I've had no issues with it

    • Acer is down the bottom of the list and after repairing a few will avoid altogether.

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      Acer is generally crap. unlike HP, Dell and Lenovo who have business and consumer lines, Acer is consumer only, while most of the models would be ok, quality control sucks, and warranty might be problematic

    • My 2 in 1 died after 2 years. Never dropped, never thrown (not even at a couch) and never tortured the CPU with Prime95. The USB ports stopped working and so did the keyboard attachment. Personally I don't like Acer laptops because of that but I don't think one faulty laptop should stop you.

  • Which one would be better in term of performance and value for money between this deal and a deal posted earlier for Lenovo ThinkPad E595?

    • I'm liking to know as well, yes this is $200 more, but I'm thinking the person I'm earmarking it for is older and might appreciate a larger screen of the Lenovo.

      • Acer is generally crap and lenovo is not far away. Both fail prematurely just outside the warranty period. You will need their premium versions to compare to the better brands.

    • I've got a Lenovo E series I bought 3.5 years ago and it's still going strong.

  • This looks nice, thin and light, How about comparing with another deal E595 with price at $777? No idea which should I choose. What I want is a laptop under$1k

    • This one is a lot lighter and faster for compute, but may struggle with graphics.

      • So if you just use it for general stuff like streaming, web browsing, don't care about portability or battery because it is predominantly used at home, would you go for the Lenovo?

        How would the screen quality compare between the two?


    The product SPECs on Bing Lee's page lists it is only Wifi 5 at 802.11 2x2 AC, not 802.11ax 2x2 (Wifi 6).
    Why is the model for Australians the Intel model when others like dave2D reviewed on Youtube is a superior Ryzen 4000 which provides better battery life and Wifi 6.

    • Could be just lazy typing. If you compared it to the 256GB HDD model, CPL listed everything in full.


      It makes sense that AX201 being used with 10th gen intel mobile chip - which is WiFi 6. However, I am just speculating. I bought AX200 months ago for my AMD desktop system to get WiFi 6 and that thing is less than $30 AUD delivered. The laptop appears to use CNVi and honestly, I think AX201 makes more sense.

      Right now, intel mini-PCIe and CNVi cards are the cheapest way to get WiFi 6 + BT5. Even the AMD CPU version would be using AX200 to achieve WiFi 6.

      Another odd (and potentially worrying bit) is GG indicating the USB-C 3.1 port being gen 1 whereas CPL listed theirs as gen 2. Did Acer really cut that many corners?

    • After checking some reviews, there is a possibility this model could use the older WiFi card because Acer has done something similar to some Swift 3 models before.

  • Would have been perfect if it had a touch screen.

  • I actually thought it was Macbook Pro from the first glance of the icon.

  • I see you used my link from the Inspiron deal :)

  • This is also just RRP.

    I got one the other day. Wish the screen had a bit more brightness. The speakers are crap too. Otherwise, great little unit. So fast, impressive what these 10th gen cpu can do.

    • I don't think so, not with this spec

      • Yeah the mid-tier version of the swift 3 is $999. I think it’s a good price, which is why I bought one last week. Thought about putting it up as a deal then I said nah I’ll get ‘RRP’ negs over and over. Yet here we are.

  • Can we expect ryzen 4000 deals at eofy sale. Does jb has eofy sale too? When exactly does this sale start so that i can hold up until then

  • I don't think the RAM is upgradeable on this model. It's LPDDR4 (implying it's soldered on).

  • I have Swift 3 but older CPU, screen and keyboard are really good. 2 years already its still rocking.
    x cant upgrade the RAM
    x SATA SSD

  • I got an older generation (7th gen i5, 8gb, 128gb ssd, nvidia graphics) of this Swift 3 laptop 2.5 years ago. I was worried about Acer build quality as I'd had previous bad experiences. However, this has been a terrific workhouse which I use for 10-12 hours a day. Battery life of up to 10 hours even now. Backlit keyboard, bright screen, aluminium build, reasonably light, really nice feeling trackpad. Currently have 63 tabs open in Chrome without issue (I do have reasons for this).

    Negatives are:
    1. Bouncy keyboard where double keying is common when typing with intent. Really frustrating.
    2. Screen is gloss and highly reflective which means having the laptop angled away from light sources - not always convenient or possible.
    3. Fussy fingerprint reader where it's generally quicker just to type in the password.
    4. Boot time out of Sleep can be ~20 seconds which feels slow but that could just be me.

    Overall, I don't regret this purchase at $720 which was a bargain at the time due to 8th gen CPUs coming out.
    Assuming it's mainly the same physical build (I can see a smaller bezel), try out the keyboard and also see if you can live with screen glare.

  • Hi All, how do you compare this lenovo deal with this one? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537151

  • What's everyone experience with Acer laptops? Bought 2 before about 7years ago. Both had a hardware problem of some sort after 2 years.

    • Purchased the Acer swift 5 during the new years discount, was $999 at HN.

      After 2 or so months it developed pixel issues on the screen, it would be stuck in purple against a dark background. The screws in one corner also managed to loosen itself. Atm its back at the warranty centre for repairs.

      Personally, I'd probably get something else if given the choice. I have a surface laptop for work and build quality is night and day. I would argue my old toshiba portege has a more solid build even at 6yrs old.

  • The GPU is not good. CPU is i5 1035g1 instead of i5 1035g4. Check out the graphics differences: https://laptopmedia.com/comparisons/intel-core-i5-1035g4-vs-...

  • No stock in Victoria for pick up

  • $790 in the USA, in best buy.

  • Wow at battery life.

  • I'm surprised this deal wasn't more popular


    Same price, half the storage space, but better in a lot of things that matter (like touch screen). Yet somehow 200g lighter

    • Pre covid 19 though. Prices have skyrocketed due to a combination of low australian dollar and the shortage of supply from China, along with more demand with people working from home.

    • I did get this during the sale - it's already back at the warranty centre due to screen issues (stuck pixels). YMMV

      Otherwise it was a steal for performance to cost, touchscreen, lighter, thunderbolt etc.

      However odd thing is that it doesn't have Windows Hello for a reasonably specced out laptop.

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      Are you serious? ACER is Taiwan Brand.