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Nintendo Switch Console Grey $448 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


nintendo switch for delivery from harvey norman.
For those not wanting to pay $600 on ebay or fb martketplace.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    thanks, good for those who's looking for one.

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    could be $10 and i wouldnt buy it from this pos store

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      you have a valid point.

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      They’d be selling at a massive loss if that makes you feel any better

  • Annnd it's gone. They are all sold out, that was quick!

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      Added to cart and the cart glitched out and I was unable to check out - the price kept going down every time I reloaded the page. Missed out!

      • I missed out too, I had it in my cart but couldn't get through the checkout in time.

    • it shows back in stock for me. try again now.

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    The job seeker bonus has kicked in

  • It's back on stock

  • Love my switch it's the best console!

  • Out of stock for me still

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      RRP is $469.95, so it's $21.95 off 'normal price'.

  • I ordered and it said it was on backorder.

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    I tend to agree this is pretty much RRP and should be posted as a PSA to the forums, I wouldn't consider this a true bargain, but appreciate the share to the community.

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      I know eggy just like jv its hard to comprehend that RRP products sometimes like this have so much demand that market prices are way above RRP hence its a bargain . I google shopping this no price is near this !
      HN won't provide at this price anyway as well = can't win !

      • I understand market and how it can impact price. I think its great for consumers, that stock is starting to trickle back into the retail market, it still doesn't make this a bargain, paying what the manufacturer intended and what it is actually worth retail. We all know production has been ramped up and they'll be $400ish soon. A Nintendo Switch at this price isn't a bargain. Once again I appreciate the PSA.

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        No brick and mortar retailer is selling them for an inflated price when they get stock, they are close to RRP, this is not a bargain.

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        The gouging sux, just wait a couple of weeks and you'll probably be able to walk into most retailers and pick one up.

  • Thanks for posting I have friends trying to get switch without being price gouged by resellers.

  • Lol gen 1 switch owner here and didn't know this is now in short supply. Pops over to gumtree and saw many people selling gen 2 version - what's the difference?

    • I don't recall the specifics but it isn't much. Similar to the update from xbox 1 to xbox 1s, a few benefits but still essentially the same console.

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        Gen 1 (sold before July 2018) - able to run custom firmware/piracy
        Gen 2 (sold after July 2018) - longer battery life

        Those are main differences

        • thanks. i will try to flog it in gumtree then

        • Gen 1 is bueno, in my opinion, not for piracy but for ability to run custom fw and unsigned code. I have 3x gen1 that I bought back in 2018. There is a chip for gen2 in UAT, but requires soldering.

          Running Android on 1 SD and CFW on another.

  • +1

    Ordered yesterday, delivered this morning, say what you like about Gerry Harvey but that’s pretty good service

    • What time did you order yesterday? Mine initially said it was in stock and now it says on backorder. Don't know where to go from here, just too excited to get it

      • I'm not darthhasbro but I ordered mine at 10:42 Adelaide time - and just received the switch from the delivery driver just now. I hope you get yours soon!

      • I ordered mine at 9:38am yesterday, suggest if it’s gone to back order then they took more orders than they had stock and you’ll be waiting for their next shipment

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