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Everyday Global Account 2% Cashback on Tap & Pay Under $100 + $150 Joining Bonus for Bupa Customers @ HSBC (New Customers)


Please note this is different from the $100 bonus which has previously been posted.

Everyday Extras Cash Bonus available to new HSBC customers that are BUPA members:

You will get AUD 150 paid into your HSBC Everyday Global Account where you:

  1. Deposit a total of at least AUD 2,000 into your HSBC Everyday Global Account every month, for
    three consecutive months; and

  2. You make all of these deposits within 6 months of opening your HSBC Everyday Global

You will only qualify for this Cash Bonus if you are a new customer of HSBC Australia, which means you did not have any accounts with HSBC Australia at any time in the 6 months prior to the day of opening your HSBC Everyday Global Account. This exclusion does not apply to existing HSBC Credit
Card only customers.

This Cash Bonus offer is only available to BUPA members who apply via a BUPA offer page (which is the link in this deal) and successfully open an HSBC Everyday Global Account between 12:00am AEDT 9 March 2020 and 11:59pm AEDT 30 June 2020 30 September 2020.

Enjoy outstanding value with the all-in-one HSBC Everyday Global Account, including:
-Everyday Banking – pay bills and deposit your salary
-Unlock Everyday Extras - when you deposit $2,000 or more each month
-Travel - pay in the local currency with no hidden fees
-Foreign currency - buy, hold and spend in up to 10 currencies (including AUD)
-plus 2% cashback on tap and pay under $100.


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  • Can we transfer 2k once a month and take it out the next day?

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      yes, tried, and tested. I did this and it worked.

    • No. The money doesn't show up for a few days.

      • What bank are you transferring from? I transfer from Bankwest -> HSBC, and it shows up on the same day.

        • +1

          ING. Most other banks it transfers straight away but not with HSBC.

    • Once it hits the account yes

  • +2

    I don't know about using a bank that has been known to launder money for terrorism.

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        HSBC Holdings Plc. and HSBC Bank USA N.A. Admit to Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Violations

        HSBC Group followed instructions from sanctioned entities such as Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Libya and Burma, to omit their names from U.S. dollar payment messages sent to HSBC Bank USA and other financial institutions located in the United States.

        Specifically, beginning in the 1990s, HSBC Group affiliates worked with sanctioned entities to insert cautionary notes in payment messages including “care sanctioned country,” “do not mention our name in NY,” or “do not mention Iran.”

      • +2

        Watch a series called Dirty Money on Netflix.

        I had one of these accounts and it was useless overseas. Couldn't get money out of any French ATM. Support had no idea why. Kept blaming me, but it was something about their card.

    • +2

      Do you mean as opposed to an Aussie bank laundering money for child exploitation?.

      I think you'll find all the 4 major local banks have done similar. That'll narrow your choice of banks…

  • The 2% percent require the payment less than $100. $0 cashback when equal to $100.

    • Sadly I made this mistake when they increase paywave to $200 but only give cashback on $100. So $199 tap returns $0.

      • +3

        since when was paywave up to $200?!

        • +6

          Since Rona.

      • +4

        I did that mistake too.But, now I just tell the cashier that I've a $99 tap & go limit.I pay the total amount in 1+taps @ $99 or less each and get the cashback.So far no one has questioned or refused.

  • i opened the account but they are asking me to go 100km away to hsbc branch to confirm my identity

    • +20

      Safe travels

    • +1

      You may be able to go to an Australia Post Office to confirm your Identity, might need to call them and check!

    • Not worth the hassle. HSBC are simply terrible.

    • You don't have a drivers license?

      I managed to do ID check online with no problem.

  • +11

    just fyi, HSBC has the worst banking app!

    • +1

      A new version has just released last week, it has improved for sure.

      • +1

        Android app still the same

        • agree

        • There is a newer version for android as well, not saying that it is fantastic, but compared to the previous one, this is way much better.

    • +1

      Yes, horribly complicated security for evey step. Multiple codes and passwords. Ridiculous compared to others I use.

    • +1

      they have horrible everything,
      horrible app
      horrible call centre
      horrible application process
      horrible website

      thank god the product/promo isnt bad

  • Is there a cap to the cashback each month? Or is it just the $100 transaction limit?

    • $50 per month, at 2% cashback you'd need to pay wave $2500~ assuming you do $99.99 per transaction

      • -2

        What a great marketing gimmick. I don't see how you'll ever really earn that much. Most of my potential tap and go transactions are at the supermarket but I use the 5% discounted woolworths e-gift cards so no point switching to only 2% off.

        • +2

          What a great marketing gimmick. I don't see how you'll ever really earn that much. Most of my potential tap and go transactions are at the supermarket but I use the 5% discounted woolworths e-gift cards so no point switching to only 2% off.

          I wouldn't say marketing gimmick, I mean the $100/$150 signup bonus (tax-free) for doing 3 x recurring transactions over 3 months is a pretty good earner..

          Personally I use Woolies eGift cards (6% off)/Coles eGift (4% off), which is definitely much higher than 2%..

          The only time I use my HSBC card is for non-supermarket spend, i.e. Major Asian groceries/eateries don't have eGift cards, or eating out (Ramen!)

          Aldi doesn't have eGift cards, so even after 0.5% surcharge, you still earn ~1.5%

          However, HSBC does ask for a ridiculous amount of personal information for a debit card for signup

        • +1

          You know you dont have to use the card solely at Woolworths????

  • +21

    Some more info …
    * max $50 cashback per month ($2500 spend with <$100 taps)
    * must be UNDER $100
    * must TAP the card
    * can use for paying bills (at the post office), as long as <$100 per tap and not certain bills (government stuff, etc. read the t&c)
    * still profit by tapping at ALDI (they charge 0.5% fee but you get 2% cashback)
    * they do not have OSKO or PayID
    * if you want instant cash in/out use the post office. Money transfers have been instant for me every time. I transfer cash into the HSBC card from my UP card, then walk next door and do the shopping
    * When shopping, put the whole lot through then ask the cashier to split the payments to <$100 amounts. This way you will still qualify for cashback, plus any flybuys/woolworths offers for spending over $x on shopping
    * yes, you can transfer $2000 in and out on the same day (through the post office). You'll get an email immediately saying your 2% has been activated for the rest of that month plus the following month
    * you need to keep having $2000 go in each month to keep the 2% going
    * yes, their website and app are the worst in existence.

    • +4

      For instant transfer from other banks, use Beem It. Make sure HSBC account has a few cents on it before transfer.

      • This, I did not know. I just tested it and yes, it transfers in and out of HSBC to/from my UP account instantly. This will save annoying trips to the post office and their queue from now on. Thanks for this info.

        • Yeah Beem it is great, got the whole immediate family on it.

      • most banks have payid these days which is instant also

        • +1

          HSBC doe not have PayID/OSKO yet, may be available later this year. Beem It is the only convenient way to make it happen. Not everyone live/work near an auspost or will be bothered to transfer money there, not practical for little savings.

      • Interesting you brought up Beem It. I sent 5 $1 from my ING to HSBC. For some weird reason I have 3 separate 1 cents taken out of my HSBC account 5 days ago. I was hoping it would be refunded but hasn't happened yet.

        • Without these few cents on the account, the Beem It transfer may not happen or incur error. That's HSBC exclusive.

          • @Neoika: huh.. that is just stupid. I can understand a one off, but for every transaction is plain bad logic. Anyway thanks for the info

    • great summary bud!

  • a new customer of HSBC Australia, which means you did not have any accounts with HSBC Australia at any time in the 6 months prior

    that is shocking. so for me, i have their saving account for 12 years, such a loyal customer. and i cannot even try this new product and get the bonus? wow…. thanks then this is the same as hsbc asking me to close my 12 years account, and wait till they have new promo after 6 months.

    • this promo has been ongoing for some time now I believe.

      • yeah so i realy thinking now to get out from HSBC and rejoin when there is promo, get the bonus, close, rinse and repeat.

        congratulation to the hsbc marketing time to make a 12 years customer to become like this.

  • How do they actually check whether you are a BUPA member?
    I just applied through the link but there is no where to put in my membership number of anything.

    • +1

      They don't check! Not sure how they are going to verify. I'm a Bupa member but no verifications asked from me.

  • +1

    I have this card and I like it. It's important for my monthly budget. I put $2k in the account each month for groceries and get the cashback, all other billings i.e. fixed, predictable spends are on credit card. That way i can get all the rewards

  • How is HSBC's online banking compared with BOQ's? BOQ's feels and looks like it is from 1995, so surely HSBC can't be worse?

    • +1

      Hsbc is around the 2000s

  • +3

    too much info required at account opening.
    it's not a credit card, just open the account already.

  • PSA, Citibank transaction plus (debit) forex rates are better than HSBC

    • or just get ING…. the forex rate also good

      • Will need to test that theory haha

        • +1

          many tested including me, in malaysia, singapore, taiwan. its using VISA rate directly thus very very close to xe.com. and free ATM fee! i never touch my Citi trans. card again after i know ING


          • +1

            @CyberMurning: Citibank is good if you need to withdraw upto $3k when overseas at their own atm.

    • Macquarie Transaction Account, and the debit card gets the 'Mastercard Currency Converter' rate with no fee or mark up (exactly as shown on website)

  • I just applied and was approved through the BUPA link (Go to Deal link), however the 'welcome' email I just received references the standard $100 bonus.

    Did anyone else who applied receive the same or did yours state the correct $150 bonus?

    I'm assuming it's just a standard welcome email not set-up for this particular deal but just curious.

    • +1

      Just a standard email.

      • Thanks for the response and thanks for posting the deal

    • -1

      Mine got approved today as well and got the welcome email but it doesn't mention anything about the bonus, not even $100?

      • -2

        read again… its just the 150
        100 is not ….

        • Instead of downvoting and leaving useless comment, why don't you read again or learn to read? Ffs, I'm aware it's $150. My point is the welcome email I received doesn't state anything about cash bonus regardless of the amount.

          100 is not? What does that even mean?

      • My email had subject 'Welcome to HSBC' and after an introductory paragraph it had 3 items. The first was 'Deposit $2,000 or more each month to unlock Everyday Extras' and one of the bonuses there was a bonus $100 after three months.

        Is yours different? How odd…

        • My email subject was 'Welcome to HSBC' as well, but all it had were two things: 1. Using Online Banking (blurb about registering for online banking and downloading the app) and 2. Choose to receive e-statements (opting to receive electronic statements).

          • @keejoonc: Weird, looks pretty inconsistent. Let's see how we go in 3 months time… good luck in either case

            • @jonno-mail: Thanks. You too. Even going through the normal HSBC website says $100 cash bonus, so worst case I will still get the $100.

  • +1

    what a bunch of muppets the call centre is

    my cashback has stopped working, eg 2% was added for the last few, and now theyve been removed,

    my balance is $XXX, whilst my avaiailable balance has gone to $0

    called up , and got through quickly, but the person I can barely hear from all the chickens in the background (obviously working from home), and has put me on hold for 25 mins to even understand what the problem is

    • Was the issue fixed after all the hassle?

      • unfortuantely not, was put on hold for 30 mins after explaining my situation to them, and was about to whinge about why it took 30 mins to even work out what was going on, and then the line got cut off

        my availalble credit is back to normal, after a week,
        but the last batch of 2% credits done on the same day have disappeared

        HSBC is definitely one of those products that if you dont have to contact them, its fine, but if you do, its a damn nightmare

        I have a AFCA complaint with them on a different matter/product, I will just add it to the complaint rather than try and communicate with these muppets

        • The new App shows eligibility for 2% bonus cashback. Check it out.

          • @Neoika: My dilemma is that the cashback worked for the same place last month
            And when i went this month, it said 2% pending and then disappeared, plus all my other account issues

            So just want a straight answer

            • @Samsungnote10: I have said eligibility, meaning $2k deposit per month to unlock it. And also PayWave under $100 only.

  • Thanks OP. Opened and fingers crossed.

  • Deposited $2000 into my wife's account and received an email immediately that she has unlocked the everyday extras.
    Deposited $2000 into my account and no email.

    • +3

      Gender discrimination

  • Just got the bonus today after depositing $2000 for the past 3 months, except it was only $100 not $150… we are even Bupa customers

    • That's HSBC for you

    • did you go via the link OP posted ?

      • Yes I applied via the Bupa website even before the OP posted this deal

  • Applied via the link. Deposited $2k yesterday and I got an email saying "Congratulations, you have unlocked Everyday Extras".

    Email doesn't mention $100 or $150.


    • it is not odd. You have unlocked the extras (which is the 2% cashback)

      You have to deposit for 3 months to get the bonus.

      I got it on the exact day I satisfied the requirement (I deposited Apr, May and June. On June, I deposited $2000 on 9th, and got the bonus on the 9th as soon as the $2000 deposit appeared in the account).

      • assuming its $150 and you followed the link same link as OP.

  • Has anyone applied for this account and then waited ages with no response (like me)?

  • Extended until 30/9 (thanks dtox)

  • Anyone qualify for their bonus yet this month?

    Did you get $100 or $150?

    • Only $100 for me…

      • did you raise it with HSBC ?

        • Yep raised it and got $50 as a goodwill gesture, the got another $50 'mfi bonus' fee weeks later!

  • Anyone else get their bonus yet? Was it $100 or $150?

    • I've received $150 upon qualifying.

  • +1

    got 100 instead of 150 bupa, have not had time to contact them in hours yet

    • I sent them a secure message using the HSBC app.

      First they blamed me saying I signed up using the wrong link. Then they said they would lodge it with the complaints departments which was around a month ago. Every couple of weeks I get an email saying they are still investigating.

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