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HSBC Everyday Global Account 2% Cashback on Tap & Pay (<$100) + $100 Joining Bonus @ HSBC


$100 bonus* for new HSBC customers and 2% cashback on tap & pay under $100. Plus, bonus interest on savings - it says 4-months introductory interest rate is 1.85% - not sure what's the ongoing interest rate and bonus rate thereafter if you continue to meet all conditions. Refer to the website for more info.

*$100 Bonus when you deposit $2,000 or more each month for 3 consecutive months, within 6 months of opening your Everyday Global Account.

T&Cs apply.

Some text from the page:

  • Everyday Banking – pay bills and deposit your salary
  • Unlock Everyday Extras – when you deposit $2,000 or more each month
  • Travel – pay in the local currency with no hidden fees
  • Foreign currency – buy, hold and spend in up to 10 currencies (including AUD)

Extended to 31 Dec 2020

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  • Earn 0.4% p.a. bonus interest10 on the ongoing variable rate on your HSBC Serious Saver Account. The ongoing variable rate applies after the competitive 4 month introductory rate and is paid when you make no withdrawals during the month.

    • +1

      when you make no withdrawals during the month.

      Could be new thing. I am existing customer and for me as long as my saving balance increases by $200, I get bonus interest

      • Does anyone know what's the ongoing int rate (excluding bonus) in HSBC savings account though? I am confused - Is it just 0.1% as it says here?

        • -1

          so with the monthly deposits, they pretty much want you use their bank as a Paid account, to take advantage of the 2% cb?

      • +2

        That is a Flexi saver account. This is talking about the Serious saver

    • I don't see any introductory rate but rate shows 0% on AUD in their website…. so I guess you are getting 2% capped at $50 (spending up to $2500)

  • +25

    Just letting you all know…

    The Global Account benefits are great. You can transfer money into the correct currency if you’re traveling or buying online and there are no extra charges. The card is really cool in appearance too…

    BUT the user interface of the app is horrible. It feels like it was designed by a 9 year old learning how to design apps in camp. I’m not sure why they don’t just do a revamp. All the reviews are horrible. I use the card when traveling and sometimes at home when needed but due to the interface - I opened a NAB account.

    • +1

      No pin on the app makes the experience horrible… Rather go with Citibank for global transaction.

      • +6

        Why not just stick to ING though? It has no fees on any foreign transaction / ATM withdrawal.

        • I looked into the Citi card. You get a free bottle of wine when you visit a partnered restaurant. That’s pretty cool!

        • +2

          I have a Citibank account for travelling. It has no international fees and free atm withdrawals overseas and there is no monthly account fee either so it's no problem to keep as a backup account.

          Does ING have no monthly fees? Haven't looked into their offerings. How do their rewards program compare to Citi? Have gotten some discount tickets to things and resturant offers through Citi card in the past.

          • +2

            @Agret: Really depends on which countries you are travelling
            For travelling to Japan, I always bring the Citibank debit card as getting money from 7-11 ATM is no-fee
            I also bring the Diners Club card that comes with the "Free for life Citibank Signature" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/175099 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/398556
            No international transaction fee + getting all sort of insurances + earning points

            For travelling to Hong Kong or UK, HSBC ATM are basically everywhere so I sometimes use HSBC global debit card too

            • @littlesoldier:

              I also bring the Diners Club card that comes with the "Free for life Citibank Signature"

              It doesn't come with only that card specifically though right? You just need any Citibank CC (I would imagine)

              Have you tried accessing the lounges with the Diners Club card? The early comments in the linked deal suggest it's not included, but some of the more recent comments suggest it actually works..!

              • @illumination: I didn't try the Diners Club Companion Card myself really for lounge access
                I got another Qantas Diners Club card just for lounge access (never use this Qantas Diners club for purchases)
                Will be good if the Companion Card can access the lounge so I can save $150/year!

              • @illumination: Just check on Citibank FAQ page

                Seems it is still mentioning about the lounge access is excluded
                Hope there are more comments on success stories :)

                Will the Linked Diners Club Card also come with the benefits of a standalone Diners Club Card (e.g. Diners Club lounge access, etc.)?

                No, The Linked Diners Club Card does not have any Diners Club benefits such as lounge access. Card benefits will remain the same as what is available on your Citi Credit Card.

              • @illumination: You got a link?

            • @littlesoldier:

              I also bring the Diners Club card that comes with the "Free for life Citibank Signature" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/175099 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/398556
              No international transaction fee + getting all sort of insurances + earning points

              The Diners is junk in my experience. Or rather, it proved the saying there's no such thing as a free lunch. In this case, earning points on international currency transactions was most definitely not free.

              After I started using the Diners I quickly noticed that the purchases were costing more than expected. So I ran a comparative test with multiple cards that don't have international fees (e.g. 28 Degrees, Citibank Plus, ING, etc).

              For identical purchases from the same vendor (all within a couple of minutes), the Mastercard and Visa were very close - e.g. Citibank Plus settled at $139.39 and ING at $139.45.

              Diners didn't show a pending transaction but the available balance reduced by $139.07, which was an appropriate amount consistent with the pending Mastercard and Visa transactions. But it subsequently settled at $141.15.

              So the free points were definitely not free and the Diners had to be binned. Caveat emptor.

          • +5

            @Agret: ING's is better - not only do they not charge foreign ATM withdrawal fees, they refund any fees charged by the ATM. This can be substantial.

            OTOH, none of us are going overseas in the near future, so no rush.

            • @ely:

              ING's is better - not only do they not charge foreign ATM withdrawal fees, they refund any fees charged by the ATM. This can be substantial.

              Indeed. The classic example is Thailand where the ATM fee for foreign cards is currently over $10.

              ATM fees in the US can also be painful with the current exchange rate, and I recall some on my last trip only issued up to $400 per transaction.

            • @ely: Im already overseas

            • @ely: I prefer Citibank or uBank. Mostly because I couldn't be bothered fussing around with ING and it's rules about $2000 in transactions over a month to get fee free withdrawals. I wasn't interested in making the bank accounts my main transaction account - I have a big4 bank account with my mortgage and main transaction account.

              Last time I travelled, I used uBank for cash and Bankwest CC for credit. I only needed to withdraw money a few times and easily found fee free ATMs.

              • @em: How do you know which ATMs are fee free? I know theres a list on whirlpool for citibank but not sure about UBank

              • +2

                @em: Its 1k deposit,5x transactions. You can payID 1k and withdraw it. Then beem 5x between two cards or use it as a normal card.
                Nothing to it at all.

                My refunds just this month is over $90, well worth it as a travel card.

                • +1

                  @shadowangel: Yep exactly what I do.

                  @em - I've lived away from Australia for 2 years now and I still keep the ING because it's still the best travel card, particularly for the feature where they refund the ATM fee.

                  And I've been doing exactly what shadowangel says to do to maintain the fee-free ATM feature. Beem It has been an absolute godsend for this purpose.

                • @shadowangel:

                  Then beem 5x between two cards or use it as a normal card.

                  Sorry, between which two cards? How do you use BeemIt to meet 5 transactions criteria?

              • @em: I have another bank for my mortgage also, but don't use them for transactions (I can't - TicToc - but I wouldn't anyway - probably going to refinance to ANZ, but still won't use them for transactions).

                • @ely: To clarify: I pretty much only use credit cards for transactions anyway, so I don't have a meaningful transactions account, I just use BeemIt or once each month split a single purchase into multiple 1c transactions at the supermarket self serve (and then pay the rest with an egift card, of course!).

        • ING doesn't have 2% cashback?

      • +11

        I use Macquarie and their app and internet banking is the best. Plus no fees on their accounts.

        • Only thing is no outgoing PayID

          • +2

            @skd100™: its been a feature that i've been waiting for them to sort out for the last year or so. Sigh…

          • @skd100™: PayID can be hit and miss. Westpac's PayID was hacked last year exposing large # of customers' personal data.

        • Perhaps the best for 250k and 4 months at 2.65% then leave again. If they don't stuff you and lower it tomorrow.
          Pity I forgot to close AMP. They would have paid 2.25% for 6 mo with a 500k limit. Probably not going bust that quickly. Overall they are a joke.
          Judo still has halfway decent term deposits. Anybody using them?

      • +1

        I concur with Citibank, no fees for overseas transactions (you can even transfer from AU to international accounts for free).

        However, the Citibank app and website are absolute trash. The app has improved somewhat since the latest update, but it's still a mess. You need a code to get another code to get a login code, or the likes. You can't add payees in the app and can forget about PayID.

        I had an HSBC account whilst living in the UK, they were fine there and even had brick & mortar stores.

        • (you can even transfer from AU to international accounts for free).

          Yes this is a pretty handy feature of Citibank, but just because it's free doesn't necessarily mean you've got the best rate.

          It'd be kinda like buying a mouse from MSY for $85 with "free delivery", but maybe Officeworks is selling it for $70 and $5 delivery.
          i.e. what matters in the end is the final "output" amount, and for international money transfers, you've got companies like CurrencyFair, xe.com, Instarem, Transferwise, Revolut that probably offer you much better rates.

          I concur with Citibank, no fees for overseas transactions

          So having considered and said all this, the ING is still comprehensively better than the Citibank in probably all ways that I can think of, except for:

          • Free wine at certain restaurants when paying with Citibank
          • Exact AUD amount to be deducted shown when withdrawing from Citibank ATMs overseas
          • The need to take a few actions ($1k+ deposit and 5x ard transactions) in the preceding calendar month to ensure your next calendar month will have fee-free ATM benefits with ING

          Source: Extensive experience using the ING and Citibank card in multiple countries, and some experience with transferring money overseas

          • @illumination: Fair point but I find the exchange rate pretty much identical for both banks (I use both ING and Citi).

            Where ING really had an edge for me is that they refund every international ATM operator fee, where Citibank only does that for Citibank ATMs. Easily saved me about 5 bucks per withdrawal. I can't use them for travel anymore though, as I have my mortgage and everyday account elsewhere now. Citibank doesn't have the minimum deposit requirements.

    • +4

      Their Forex rates aren't great (although a lot better than some other prepaid travel cards). Better off using ING, Macquarie, Citi, UBank, Up… or probably a bunch of others these days who just give you the MasterCard or Visa rate of the day with no fees.

      Unless you want to lock in a currency exchange rate before you go, but if you want to play that game and you're always right, you might as well quit your job and make it rich trading Forex.

    • +23

      HSBC has just released the new HSBC AU app last month
      The new app is so much better and so responsive


      • +5

        Thank you so much for sharing this information. Btw how did you find out it was released?

        • +1

          I am a HSBC HK customer which has already using the new app for 2 years (HSBC HK)
          and have been asking the bank manager in HSBC Australia couple of times since last year when will Australia release the new app

          Finally got an email back recently that the new app has been release last month

          • @littlesoldier: unbelievable.
            They could of advertised it on their old app that a new app is released.
            I had to found out from OzB. Who would have thought.

      • Thanks mate

      • awesome! thanks for the heads up - the old one was painful. Muchly appreciated.

      • +1

        Cheers - Game changer!

      • OMFG.. Thanks a lot mate. Am still puzzled why HSBC isn't pushing the old app users to upgrade to the new one, give the unanimous hatred for their pathetic old app. A banner on the old app advising on the new app should do.

    • They updated their app - which version are you using? I almost closed my account because of how bad the previous app was.

  • +1

    Whats the catch here? Also is the 2% cashback thing indefinite like how ING used to be?

    • +1

      Also is the 2% cashback thing indefinite like how ING used to be?

      No bank will confirm if it's going to be an indefinite thing. ING stopped it a while back too. They then used to have it on just the ING credit cards, not sure if it's still there.

    • +2

      2% cashback keeps going as long as you deposit $2K/month. I've had the card for about 9 months and still get it. Sometimes I forget to transfer money over at the start of the month and it has still given me cashback so not exactly sure how they work it out.

      • +5

        If you deposited $2k last month it carries the benefit to this month (so effectively a $2k deposit gives you the bonus for the rest of the current calendar month and the entire next month)

    • +10

      You get the 2% rebate instantly after paying the using mobile payment
      I reckon the 2% cashback is far more beneficial than earning reward points
      now I spend 80% of my money spending using the HSBC global debit card

      For any purchases above $100, just ask the shop to split the bill into multiple card payments
      and you can still earn the 2%
      (eg. split a $350 bills into 4 payments and you get $7 back instantly)

      This is how the 2% CB works

      • +1

        Is the 2% just for tap and go?

        It would be beneficial to pay bills at AusPost then I guess

        • +5

          Yes, only tap and go and transaction needs to be under $100.

      • Are you sure about it? Is it same card or different HSBC cards? Once I split the transactions on same card, I got cashback only for first payment, and didn’t get on second one

        • Pretty sure that you get 2% as long as you split the payment into multiple mobile payment below $100

          Here’s an example

          I split the Adairs purchase in the $90 and the remainings
          Get 2% cash back in both

          • +2

            @littlesoldier: Ive received cash back on split payments on. Amounts over $100 too,easy, $99 at a time
            Just ask the person at checkout do key in the amounts before you touch or use your card

        • +1

          I split my payments using this tap and go card at Woolies before the shut down and got the 2% on each transaction seconds apart :-))

      • agreed

        I spend mostly <$100 purchase by HSBC

  • +8

    I have had the 2% cashback since December last year and am enjoying the small bonus cash back. The $100 bonus arrived 2 months after I joined. The offer has been around for at least 6 months so looks like it's ongoing.

    The banking interface of HSBC is convoluted and quite honestly horrible. Despite being a HSBC customer for many years I almost gave up signing up due to all the error received on the initial form. I needed three phone calls to get the banking app authorized and running on my phone.

    • does the cashback only work if you deposit 2k each month?

      • T&C say you need to deposit $2K to get the cashback but I have forgotten to transfer at the start of the month sometimes and I have still got it for the days before I transferred.

  • Agree with the App and interface.. and thier login…compared to these Neo banks they are far far behind them in terms of user friendliness…

    • it's because Neo took the red pill.

  • +1

    App and website sucks but I only use it for paypass so i can just set an auto transfer in and out of $2k per month.The 2% cashback is immediate once the main purchase is out of pending. Good for myki and fast food, or merchants that charges a fee less than 2% for paypass (credit).

    The bank staff said they are rolling out a new app…but it's been 4 months…maybe its on iOS and not android

    • Do you still qualify for the bonus of you put 2k in and take it out straight away?

      The 2% cashback seems pretty good specially given the current state of airline points.

      • +1

        i do it 2 business day apart because I only have 1 HSBC account. The branch staff said you can transfer between 2 HSBC accounts (savings and transactions). This method did work for Bank of Melbourne $50 bonus.

        • So in theory this should work if I just set a scheduled monthly payment to pay to and from the account?

    • +3

      They rolled out a new app a couple of months ago. It's a new one in Play store, not an update to the existing one.

      It's… slightly less terrible than the old one. Still awful.

      • Yes I just found it. It's visually more acceptable and less features?

    • The new app has landed for Android. Check comments above for the link

      • I installed it last night. It's slightly better but not amazing.

        • True, the old app was that bad I suppose. For me, the finger print logon sold me on it.

          • @nokia3660: i just use the card for paypassing. Don't have any accounts yet. PayID is a deal breaker for me

  • +4

    Sure the app stinks but their convenience overseas is hard to beat. Walked into an OS branch as I needed a pin reset and they called Australia for me to get it done.

    There's the added benefit of carrying 2 cards. Tap for 2% under $100 and get one of the points cards like QFF for anything over $100.

    Been liking it so far, personal banker and greater flexibility have been bonuses.

    And no, don't work for them.

  • +5

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474273 Original post with more info & opinions.

  • +1

    I'm refinancing to HSBC at the moment for the lower variable rate of 2.6% (corporate partner takes of .05%), and this required to have an HSBC banking account, so yesterday I created an account (a pain in the @ss… To sort out the online/phone/mobile banking), and rookie mistake I didn't check OzB, if I didn't apply through this link and just signed up manually from the front page, do I still qualify?

    • +1

      I think you should do, I signed up just now but not through the link and the deal was advertised on their website's page too

    • +1

      I am refinancing with them and asked for the global account. It works a treat

  • I literally applied for this account couple hours ago. Am I entitled to this deal?

    • -1

      It's been an ongoing "deal" for a while now - the only thing that varies is the bonus interest rate (regardless of when you apply), so as long as you meet all the conditions - e.g. deposit $2000 a month into Flexi Saver, don't withdraw anything from the Serious Saver account etc, you should get everything on offer.

  • +2

    Is it possible to receive and store USD on this account?

    • I don't think you can receive USD because the account number for each currency is the same as AUD.

      On their website:
      *Available currencies
      In addition to Australian dollars, you have the choice to buy, hold, save and spend in the following currencies.

      AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, CAD, JPY, NZD, SGD, CNY (currency restrictions apply to CNY)*

      No mention of receiving forex

  • If I could work out how close my other accounts I could be eligible as a 'new customer' next time. Anyone had success online or via phone? Wasn't possible when I tried about a year ago.

  • I signed up with HSBC a couple of weeks ago to get these perks after waiting 2+ years for ME Bank to join this century with Google Pay etc. Couldn't be happier so far - online banking / app are a bit more "advanced" than most others I've used, but the 2% cashback on Paywave purchases (which includes payments using Google Pay) is awesome. Yet to see the other perks given I'm a new customer, but will see over the next few months.

    It is a bit of fluffing around to open these accounts though - online form, then a phone call from an account manager (an Australian which I thought was a nice touch) who basically repeats the entire online process and goes through all the fine print, but once that's done you're more or less good to go.

    • +2

      I didnt have to speak to anyone to open account. Maybe you had something flagging you in the system.

  • +1

    If I make a purchase for over $100, do I get a capped cashback (ie. $2) or nothing?

    • +1


  • +1

    Highly recommend HSBC

    Getting approved will take you many weeks!

    The 2% rebate is instant!

    The application process is like a job interview, but it is worth it in the end!

    • +2

      why do you need to get approved for a transaction account?

      • +1

        Exactly, that is what one would think. But @filenotfound wasn't kidding when he said it was like applying for a job. They made us visit a branch, was told that a passport is mandatory to open the account and outright said that the required documents on their website is outdated (since it said passport is optional). Ah, things we have to bear for $100

    • I don't know what people are complaining about. Joined back in August, I got approved straight away. But I already had other HSBC products in the past. The website works well, just like any other I've used. You can use your own username / password, don't have to remember numbers. There're no hidden pending payments like other banks, they show you the pending payments before they're processed.

  • Does cashback apply to online purchases or paying council bills?

    • +1

      No, in person payments only and max $100 transactions

      • +3

        Just ask the shop / cashier to split to multiple card payments below $100
        Been doing this all the time and get cash back for all individual payments

        See my comments here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8576141/redir

        • Gotta space out some payments. I know CBA requires payment to be 2 min apart if it is the same amount and merchant. Not sure about HSBC

          • @pippohippo: On my sample above, my 2 payments are just 1 second apart :)

            • @littlesoldier: i guess CBA has fraud/duplicate transaction prevention in place. Steal a bank card and paypassing everything below $100 or split transaction… raises a few eyebrows sometimes.

    • Once I paid driver license renewal charge. I didn’t get cashback. So government transactions are excluded

      • Excluded are purchases made for business, commercial or government purposes (including bus, train and ferry), cash withdrawals, foreign and non-fiat currency transfers (such as Bitcoin), travellers' cheques, money orders or money transfers, car parking and vending machine transactions, point of sale cash withdrawals, debt repayments, refunds, payment reversals, gambling and transactions between HSBC accounts. HSBC may deduct payment of the Cashback offer where you reverse or cancel a transaction.

        I guess good thing Myki in VIC is private

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