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Apple iTunes Movie Sale $5 to $15 HDR, DolbyV, ATMOS (Joker, John Wick3, Birds Prey, Bad Boys3, 1917 Jojo rabbit, Ford vFerrari)


Here a list of well priced movies on sale in HDR, Dolby Vision or ATMOS

Expensive to cheap:

—— $15 ——

Birds Of Prey (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Superman: Red Son (DolbyV)
1917 (DolbyV)
Jumanji: The Next Level (HDR ATMOS)
Cats (in HDR glory)
Just Mercy (DolbyV ATMOS)
Bad Boys For Life (HDR ATMOS)
Dolittle (HDR ATMOS)
Charlie's Angels 2020 (HDR ATMOS)
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (DolbyV, ATMOS)

—— $10 ——

Joker (4k, ATMOS)
Ford v Ferrari (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Doctor Sleep (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Terminator: Dark Fate (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Gemini Man (Atmos DolbyV)
Jojo Rabbit (DolbyV)
Rocketman (HDR, ATMOS)
Ad Astra (DolbyV, ATMOS)
A Quiet Place (Dolby V, ATMOS)
Mission: Impossible - Fallout (HDR, ATMOS)
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (DolbyV, ATOMS)
Venom (4k, ATOMS)
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (DolbyV)
Spider-Man: Far from Home (HDR, ATMOS)
It Chapter Two (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Men In Black: International (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (HDR, ATOMS)
Brightburn (HDR, ATMOS)
Ready or Not (HDR)

—— $8——

Parasite (4k)
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Bohemian Rhapsody (HDR ATMOS)
First Man (HDR, ATMOS)
Blackkklansman (DolbyV, ATMOS)
A Star Is Born (DolbyV, ATMOS)
Blade Runner 2049 (HDR ATMOS)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (HDR ATMOS)
The Greatest Showman (HDR ATMOS)
The Fate of the Furious (DolbyV)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (HDR)

—— $5——

Inception (4k)
Big Lebowski(4k)
Goodfellas (4k)
Quick and the Dead (4k, ATOMS)
Get Out (4k)
Scarface (4k)
Kong: Skull Island (4k, ATOMS)
Dunkirk (DolbyV)
Mad Max fury Road (DolbyV, ATOMS)
I am Legend (DolbyV)
Atomic Blonde (4k)
Heat (1995) (4k)
The Accountant (4k)
The Martian (4k, ATOMS)
Man of Steel (4k, ATOMS)
Interstellar (4k)
Life of Pi (4k)
Saving Private Ryan (DolbyV)
Blade Runner (The Final Cut) (4k)
Star Trek 2009 (DolbyV)
Batman Begins (DolbyV)

Following in HD only but still cheap

——$5 HD only————

The Royal Tenenbaums
The Departed
The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration
Taken (Extended Cut)
Shawshank Redemption
Tropic Thunder (Director's Cut)
Devil In a Blue Dress
Point Break 1991
John Wick
Deepwater Horizon

Edit: just on a side note

For the home theater ATMOS enthusiast please see my question in forums about HT setup.

I want to know if I can add ATMOS soundbar to an old 5.1 system.


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  • Thanks op. Can we rent a movie with and dofamily sharing ?

  • Gemini Man (Atmos DolbyV)

    • No bargains on Camira Man ?
  • Goes well with 15% off iTunes Gift Cards @ Coles this week

  • Most of these are included with Prime. Including the new Jumanji.

  • [email protected] Cats - in HDR Glory

  • Just an FYI if you're not an Apple kinda person - most of these seem to match pricing in the Google Play Store.

    • I have to say, I regret redeeming all my digital codes that I use to get with my 4K Blurays on Google Play as they are so far behind when it comes to things like HDR and Atmos. In fact they don't even support anything beyond plain ol Dolby Digital and the handful of titles that do support HDR aren't playable at that quality due to most devices lacking support for their obscure VP9 Profile 2 codec. This is where I have to give Apple props for supporting things like Dolby Vision and Atmos - they have the biggest library of content and it really makes a tangible difference to the viewing experience. I was watching Goodfellas the other day which supports 4K and Dolby Vision and I nearly fell of my chair watching it on my LG OLED - it looked so good that it looked as though it was released in the last few years as opposed to 1990 when it actually came out.

      • My previous lg OLED had a function that could simulate Dolby vision, i put it on medium setting and it made things look pretty good. Of course, things that actually support DV look even amazing, but I was pretty impressed with the emulation

    • Regret going down the Google Play route :(

  • A lot of these movies are "free" if you have Amazon Prime.

    • Not in Dolby Vision and Atmos tho. Also most of the Prime movies included with a Prime subscription are in HD not 4K.

    • They are available for rent on Amazon Prime, they are not included in any free capacity

  • Love that you included 'Ready or Not' Bargrin, I loved that film.

  • Hey guys just wanted to check as I've never watched / purchased movies on Apple TV - Am I correct in assuming that they are all 4K? Cheers.

  • A few more I noticed when browsing…

    Ready Player One $7.99
    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Extended Cut) $4.99
    Alita: Battle Angel $4.99
    Baywatch (Extended Cut) $7.99
    Groundhog Day $4.99
    Speed $4.99
    Almost Famous $4.99
    Apollo 13 $4.99
    Independence Day $4.99
    Happy Gilmore $4.99
    Gladiator $4.99
    Gravity $4.99
    I am Legend $4.99
    Pain and Gain $4.99
    The Blues Brothers $4.99
    Superbad $7.99
    Transformers 1 $4.99
    The Fast and the Furious(1) $7.99
    Old School $4.99
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off $4.99
    Men In Black(1) $4.99
    Ghost in the Shell $4.99
    The Social Network $7.99
    The Gambler $4.99
    Titanic $4.99
    Catch Me If You Can $4.99
    Alien $4.99
    Scott Pilfrim vs. The World $7.99
    Forrest Gump $4.99

  • I remembered the physical disc 4K Blu Ray most of them will have
    4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and Ultraviolet Digital Copy.

    I used to be able to give out the digital key to my friends/family to share the movies,

    Nowadays the Ultraviolet Digital copy got cut out from almost all disc versions in Australia,
    but the movie companies are Not charging less money for the physical disc version.

    So buying the disc version now seem less value.

    • Yeah, it's messed up. Aussies are getting screwed while every other region such as the USA still get digital codes with their Blurays which then carries across automatically to other services with Movies Anywhere. We don't get either.

  • Is 4k content streamable exclusively on Apple TV 4K only, or is it also available on supported TVs (eg. LG C9) that have the Apple TV app?

    • the LG C9 app does 4K Dolby Vision, but not Dolby Atmos. The LG app picture quality is just as good as the Apple TV 4K, I find.

    • Only Appletv will output its 4K DolbyV and ATMOS streams whilst the app does just HD.

      Apple wanted to extend its Appletv platform on non-iOS but not eat into its Appletv sales.

      • Wrong - The Apple TV app which is available on most 2019 and 2020 tv sets from LG, Sony and Samsung etc does play your purchased content in 4K, Dolby Vision and Atmos (provided both the TV and content supports it) so you don't need an Apple TV box to playback content at their maximum quality. Note that the Apple TV app on LG tvs will be getting an update in a few months time that will also enable Atmos playback from Apple TV content.

      • I doubt Apple cares about it's Apple TV sales. It's such an insignificant device, and amounts to a drop in their revenue bucket. They're more interested in expanding their services revenue, such as Apple TV (the software app).

  • Does anyone know if you pause the video before it starts and you leave it for say 10-15 mins, if it will stream at full quality? I sit at around 20MBPS and find sometimes it buffers between 4K and lower quality.

  • There is Parasite, but it say Open in the Stan app?
    Is it to buy? Only on Stan due to license?

    • Parasite is available to watch as part of your subscription to stan, I think it’s been available for about a month now. If you want to purchase it then open it in the iTunes app. They have also released a B&W version on iTunes as well for $18

  • You 4K lovers should also pay attention to those titles that will soon be upgraded for free.
    Examples include Top Gun, War of the Worlds and The Blue's Brothers, all set for imminent 4K UHD release, meaning they will get free iTunes upgrade

    • Are you sure they will be free?
      Is there a list of movies planned to be upgraded ?

      • Apple almost always upgrades movies to 4K when it becomes available (if you've bought the HD version I guess).

        • Almost is the word.
          Why doesn't Gladiator come in 4K, there are others too but usually it is upgraded.
          I'd love to know which ones will and wont too.

    • Both my copies of TOP GUN and Days of Thunder got the 4K Dolby Vision upgrade this morning. Unfortunately they didn't get the Dolby Atmos upgrade that will be on the UHD discs when they come out.

      Top Gun is currently $9.99

  • Got some of these movies cheaper or similar price on 4K blu ray (quite a few also included a regular Blu-ray + a google play digital copy) in the recent Amazon sale (and can still do certain things using MakeMKV with the discs). Shame that it didn't last long before most discs were sold out

  • I'd be all over this if Apple had an Android app to view purchases on.

  • Lucky OW are price matching Coles this week. I bought a bunch of gift cards today and just bought 72 movies all at $4.99

  • also at $5
    conan the barbarian - new
    total recall

  • Anyone know why cashrewards used to bump you out into itunes but now it just takes you to an apple music webpage? I want to get CR for my movie purchases but it doesn't seem to track any more because of this!

    • Yeah same happend to me whilst using chrome, changed to safari and opened into iTunes.

      • Didn't work in either Chrome or Safari for me :-(

      • I just clicked on the Open in iTunes button on the Apple Music page, then navigated to the films store in iTunes and CR still sent me emails tracking all my movie purchases.
        Also didn't have to go back to CR and re-open after each transaction like it suggested.

        • Thanks Snikeron - I didn't even see that "Open in iTunes" link until you pointed it out! Worked a treat.

  • Found a classic while browsing. Not sure what’s the usual price
    2001: A Space odyssey 4K - $4.99

  • I wish they would release the Open Matte Version of BR 2049. Would buy it instantly.

  • For the home theater ATMOS enthusiast please see my question in forums about HT setup.

    I want to know if I can add ATMOS soundbar to an old 5.1 system.


  • Documentary: Examined Life
    - Buy for $4.99
    - Featuring Slavoj Žižek & other philosophers

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