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CommBank Rewards - $15 Cashback on $30+ Spend @ Menulog (Cashback and Spending Requirements May Vary)


Hi everyone!

New Menulog offer from CommBank rewards. Check the rewards section of the CommBank app. Offer may be targeted.

How to claim (Copied from deal page):

  1. Activate before you spend
  2. Shop Online on the Menulog website
  3. Pay with your eligible CommBank credit or debit MasterCard and tap or select Credit
  4. Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days

The spending requirements varied in the last deal so not sure if its the same for everyone this time.
Good luck!

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  • Also has offers for Domino's and Grilled

    • +1

      Shame you can't stack the offers. Spending $50 at Grill'd is a bit restrictive.

      • +7

        That's the price of one burger though!

  • +1

    Got this too even though I also got the other $10 reward at menulog previously. Cheers op.

  • Friday night sorted. Thanks OP!

  • Wasnt in mine unfortunately

    • Did you get a different spend/cashback amount? Or just no menulog offer at all?

      • +2

        I too got nothing. This is from the CommBank app, under 'Products and offers > CommBank Rewards'
        It shows I have an eligible card but nothing showed up (direct mastercard).

      • +1

        I got different offers… i got Caltex, New Balance and some others

  • +1

    Thanks! Also picked up the roses deal in there for my wifes bday tomorrow!!

  • +2

    Cheers for that. Didn't even know these existed

  • could someone explain to me the "Pay with your eligible CommBank credit or debit MasterCard and tap or select Credit" bit? Don't recall ever seeing any need or option to tap/select 'Credit' or anything else when ordering from Menulog (using Chrome on my desktop, at least?) Didn't end up utilising the offer last time as couldn't tell if the first $40 order I'd made had counted towards it or not, since there was no way to do choose 'Credit' when I ordered, that I could see, and the app/reward section never showed that I'd made a purchase towards it (although I dunno if it was supposed to…?)

    • +1

      If you pay using your Commbank credit/debit card online (enter the 16 digit card number, cvv etc) it should work. It doesn't explicitly say but using pay wave/pass works for cashback in stores as well whether it's tapping the actual card or phone.

      I think the tap credit bit refers to when inserting your card into eftpos machines.

    • +1

      In other words don't select savings or cheque in store. But with this deal MasterCard is the only option purchasing online.

    • +1

      When I selected this reward, it told me which card I had to use to get the bonus.

  • Was going to use the $5 off >$25 spend Domino's offer but this one takes the cake!

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    For those that are getting these rewards, what type of CBA credit card do you have, and do you spend a lot on it each month? I've had zero offers since this rewards program started (platinum/spend roughly $150 per month)

    • +3

      I just have a debit card that's my daily driver.
      It's in the CBA app on the home screen, just says something about rewards.

    • +1

      I just have the standard debit card where my salary lands. I do pay my bills through this account but the card hasn't seen action for quite sometime but I got both the $15 off as well as the earlier $10 off deals with menulog.

  • +4

    Never get any of these offers :(

    • yeah same, thanks OP but didn't work

  • You can activate it in your commbank app

  • +2

    Dummy here - I am old school and still have a keycard, have now switched to get a Debit card so i can get these offers which i have found easy to do just by logging into my account.

  • Last time, I purchased via the app and got my cashback but probably going to use the website just to be safe

    • How did it go? Did you get your cashback yet? Activated it on CommBank app, purchased on Menulog website on the 10th of June, and still didn't get anything.

      Also, who's paying the cashback? CommBank or Menulog? Not sure who to contact as this has been my first purchase from Menulog as well as my first rewards deal from CommBank app.

  • +1

    Where is the rewards section in the CommBank

    Nvm found it:
    On the left menu > Products and Offers

    • +1

      I would like to know as well!

  • no offers

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got it in the missus' account and we were going to spend on Menulog today anyway, thanks!

  • +2

    Only had 5 CB for 40 spend at CALTEX offer (and a bunch of other useless offers). No Grilld, No Dominos, No Menulog :(

  • This is just a one off reward I presume.

  • Menulog got any referral program or such a things?

    It will be my first time to register for Menulog =D

  • how do i tap or select credit?. when ordering online it just asked for cc details ?

    • Don't sweat it, just enter them. They paid me last time. Don't worry about this 'tap or swipe'.

  • Thanks OP! I didn’t even realise my commbank app had this section

  • +1

    Do we still get cashback as well?

  • +1

    had to spend 30 x 3 get 30

    last month

  • Nothing for me :/

  • using commbank and using their card all the time, no rewards ever

    time to switch banks

    • Lmao

    • I am assuming you have already opted-in for commbank rewards? For what I have seen, you should have at least one reward show up.

  • +3

    This Gives your local restaurants much more off that too. Menulog and UberEats … terrible margins.

  • Good find op!!

  • this better work

    • +1

      Or else? CBA came through for me last time

  • Dang, I have a bunch of other ones I won't use (Grill'd, Caltex, Domino's) but not this one. Didn't even know there was a Rewards section in the app!

    • +1

      Keep checking, mine wasn't there this morning but is now. Had to scroll 6 or do deals down to find.

  • Never noticed this before. Says my debit card is eligible but no offers are shown. Could it be because that account has no balance?

    • It appeared a day later after activating it for me

      • I've been with commbank forever lol never seen it

  • -2

    Menu log overpriced

  • +2

    Can confirm it is worth re-checking, this has now shown up on mine and wasn't previously there!

  • Is it worth signing up for a comm bank debit card for rewards?

    • Dunno, I have a active account just for their coin counter, and have it as a student so I don't have to pay account fees. If they make you pay account fees it isn't a deal

      • I'm using ANZ with no account fees, but they don't have a rewards program so I'm considering making a switch.

        • +1

          Like some of the others as long as you put 2k in a month no fees on CBA accounts

  • I have activated the rewards but how come it is not showing in the activity tab?? I can still activate the rewards again and again as if it is not activated. It shows me "reward activated spend by 14 June". The activity tab is the tab that says "Activate a reward and it will show up here".

  • How do you get Commbank rewards? Are there any sign up bonuses or deals to open any account required for this?

  • I clicked mine and it says cant process . smh

  • +1

    Does the $30 include the delivery cost or nah? Anyone, please?

    • did it?

      • Haven't used it yet so have no idea.

  • Anyone know about additional card holders?

    My wife has an additional card with a different card number but same account.

    Despite me activating mine, hers wasn't shown as activated, which she proceeded to do and it showed her card was OK to use.

    Wondering if it's once per account or once per card?

  • Mine appeared in app then disappeared just as quick. I have an account with a linked debit card, is it targeted?

  • I activated the offer and then ordered through the Menulog app with an eligible card but didn't get the usual notification "reward claimed" and the offer is still showing as active. Did anyone else use the Menulog app no probs? or was I supposed to use the website?

    • +1

      I have used the Menulog website. Have just checked the CommBank app and it's showing that the reward is activated, not claimed. Will wait and see what happens in two weeks.

      • Just got a notification (5 days later) that the claim was successful.

        • Did it come through the app, or via email? I haven't received anything whether it was successful or not.

  • Does the $30 include the delivery cost or nah? Anyone, please?

    • I asked that about a week ago and didn't get an answer from anyone so I excluded the delivery cost from the $30, just to be on the safe side.

  • +2

    Did anyone get their cashback from this deal yet?

    • No, still waiting. Spent on 10/6/2020
      The terms did say, 14 business days.

      • Yeah. It's 14 business days for me today and still nothing. And it's more than 14 business days for you if you used it on June the 10th.

    • Used it on 13/06 and still nothing. Didn't even get the email notification that I've used / claim the offer,first time using commbank rewards cashback.

      • Yeah, it's the first time for me too and used it on the 10th (I initially thought I used it on the last day) and haven't got anything, either email or cashback. I have a feeling this will be interesting. Haha

  • +1

    Used on 9th june and no cashback yet. Time to hassle commbank

    • Keep us posted on how you go and the method of contact.

  • So I activated and used it but no "claimed" appeared as some of you guys said that should have appeared.. it's been like 25 days and still nothing. I contacted CommBank and they said they're investigating with MasterCard… And told me that all I can do is wait.

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