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360 S7 Robot Vacuum Clean Mop $569.46 Delivered @ oz_accessory eBay


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just sliiiiightly cheaper than previous deals, if you've missed those.

ABN 60 615 962 500

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    how does it compare to the Roborock s50? does it use the same Xiaomi Home app?

    • I don't think the 360 S7 is a Xiaomi product, so I doubt it.. :P

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      Different Company.

      Word on the street is: This mops better, have a better Mapping function.

      If you dig back on Gearsbite's previous post, they usually attached a detail comparison table.

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        Speaking of which I did just ordered one.

        I guess I shall tell soon how good/bad it is.

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      Night and day against the Roborock S5 Max. Higher cost of course. My last 360 S7 had to be sent for RMA after not working for no reason after a few months.

      • @Frugal, would the higher cost of the S5 Max be a practical spend over this in your experience and still recommend it?

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          Hard call. $400+ is a huge difference. Most 'ozbargainers' would say hell no.
          Made the most informed decision I could for how I want to use the features vs perceived quality.
          Roborock's first vac was branded as the Xiaomi Robot Mi Vacuum we had for about 3 years (they then started making vacuums under their brand afterwards).
          I took a punt on the 360 branded S7 and had what I chalk up as a dud, maybe I had a bad one but in my experienced I'd recommend the S5 Max, the S6 Max would be worth waiting for if you are in no hurry to see if it reduces the prices on the S5 Max.

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    Be aware! Google has removed the 360Robot app from play store because of malware. So the vacuum is a dud now

    • holy cow lol. didn't know that, i think you should neg the deal (i can't do it myself :p)

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        Actually, I just checked and i'm still able to download the application (for android at least) by scanning a QR code on their website. So, dont wanna go negging the deal as this is actually one of the best robot vacuums in its price range

        • Google Play has noticed a virus in the 360 Robot App - not sure if anyone else phone identified this so it got deleted by Google Play automatically reasoning from Google is that they maybe stealing your information so now basically i have a vaccum (robot 360 s7) without an app with no company to directly contact for this issue ! FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE

        • what is the website you accessed ?

  • Roborock s5 max can be had for about $650.
    So for a ~$100 difference, not so sure it's worth the risk.

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    The app has been removed from the Google Play Store so the vaccum has lost 99% of its functionality. Because it was removed due to malware I don't think installing it from a third party is a good idea.

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    I've been using this over the last 4 days and this is what I've observed:

    • seller is gearbite themselves. Box packaging and labelling all from Gearbite in Mulgrave VIC

    • Price point in this deal is amazing for its performance and features

    • easily cleanable and accessible dustbin and HEPA filters. Its normal for the bin and brush areas to get a little grubby in the within first few runs.

    • app is Intuitive and I use the specify the room feature the most. At first run it mapped the whole house (2300sft) and identified separate rooms which I could then split/merge/rename. Takes 120 min to do the whole house. Battery drops to about 40% from full charge when it completes the job.

    • house is shared with 2 sheddy short haired dogs and a missus. It picked up a surprising amount of accumulated hair, dirt and lint on the first run.

    Using it once daily now it is clears out the day's hair and dirt. It Works great now as a daily broom and vac. This alone has redeemed itself, it REALLY saves you from doing the chores.

    I've got half tiled flooring and half low pile carpets across the house.I do not use the mop function because it seems to be for light wiping passes. I do the heavy duty mopping once a week myself instead.

    • it's not overly noisy but it's not quiet either. My dogs and I can sleep through it if our door is closed, while the robot vacuums on the other side. YMMV though.

    • Tends to tangle on loose speaker cables and crumple the bathroom mats. it got stuck once because a bathroom mat got sucked in too much. I Needed to physically separate them for it to resume.

    • autonomous obstacle clearance and wayfinding actually is really good. The intelligent plotting allows it to pass through furniture legs and still clean the inner areas (within limitations)

    -it is slightly tall and wide. So it cannot go around or under furniture when there isn't enough clearance.

    • floor corners and edges are left a little bit undone. This is easily fixed with stick vacuuming once a fortnight for me.

    At this price point it's a 10/10.

    Overall though it's not a complete replacement for manual vacuuming of edges corners & obstacles, (and mopping the bathroom and kitchen with pine'o clean yourself). So it's 8/10 by itself, with the dreame V9 and bucket and mop covering the rest.

    I'll have to see how long the battery will last though. I want to use this as a daily driver for at least 2 years.

  • Just added it to Google Home Assistant and it does work to make it start and stop. Like most IoT devices in google home, its a very basic interface though.

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    Just noticed this for $502 on amazon prime & snatched it up… OOS now.

    Does everyone suggest this robot at this price point?


    • see above discussion regarding the app…

      you might want to very quickly verify if the app can be downloaded and used.

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        I luckily use IOS, app is A OK here.

        Just downloaded, I appreciate the response and heads up :)

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