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Heat Beads Original BBQ Briquettes 4kg $4.97 (Normally $9.95) @ Coles (Selected Stores)


Seen this at Coles Roxburgh Park today (confirmed also in Wantirna, VIC, and in NSW (Green Acre) Western Sydney)

Not sure if this deal exists at other Coles stores. Website shows normal price so I’m guessing it might be an In-store special only. As you can see in the pic, there’s plenty to go round.

Heat beads on special $4.97 for 4kg - normally $9.95.

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  • Omg I wish I was there

  • What type of Coles is that?

  • I think it's nationwide. Same price at my local Coles (NSW)

  • Same store 2 years ago

  • Coals at Coles

  • i think someone ordered too many.

  • The sign says 'special' so its likely not store specific. Also, you can search the website.

    Store specific sales are usually labelled "reduced to clear".

    • Not true. If overstock of a certain product ends up at a store, managers can email head office to reduce the price and it'll will have special printed on them.

      "Reduced to clear " - products that are no longer going to be stocked (could even mean a product size/label change), at that store. They usually selling the last of their remaining stock.

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    This is what happens when the store manager accidentally ticks the box next to "heat beads" instead of "toilet paper"

  • It's an end of Ramadan special, happens every year this time. Dates before and in Ramadan, Coals late in Ramadan

    • Coals should also go on sale before Christmas, for all those naughty children

    • Nice to know. I was getting low on heat beads. Down to my last 6 bags. The to go in an stock up until next year. Might 24 should be enough.

  • Far out. Someone must’ve accidentally added an extra 0 to their order

    • I recommend you stop eating them immediately.

    • Why can't it be good for you?

      If you want to know what's in them you can look on their website.

      The high, consistent quality of Heat Beads® Original BBQ Briquettes is due to the unique raw materials base used – a blend of natural hardwood charcoal and clean burning mineral carbon.

      The mineral carbon is known as char, a material that has been through a process at high temperatures to remove the volatile matter, leaving a high purity carbon. This material provides the long burn time that Heat Beads® briquettes are known for.

      The charcoal used are fines from the production of high quality hardwood lump charcoal, and would otherwise be waste.

  • If I want to keep these long term (like really long term) do you need like an air tight container, the moisture absorbers and all that?

    I bought a 10kg bag of coconut briquettes from Bunnings RRP few months back … haven't opened it yet lol. But for this price I'd prob buy 1 or 2 bags if it kept well.

    (Impressive pic/stock!)

    • I used some a couple days ago that have been sitting as is on garage shelf for over a year, no issues.

  • Briquettes

    Do they come in men's sizes?

    (Filling in for jv)

  • Do these go out of date? I was thinking of buying and using it much later

  • real BBQ'ers use charcoal vs this synthetic stuff

    • Good luck doing the snake method with regular charcoal

    • "Real bbqers"

      Mate….. Just stop

      Real bbqers cook using what ever they want and enjoy what ever type of food they cook.

      Don't be like that….

      P. S. I got a Weber smokey mountain, an offset smoker, a gas weber, I use heat beads, I have 20kg bags of malley root charcoal and red gum logs. But I'm not a real bbqer, yeah?

    • And then everybody at your bbq clapped

  • Looks like a fire hazard

  • As somebody who has worked at head office in Coles one of three things happened here.

    1) The store meant to order this much. Stores can manually order on top of the automated order. However they can only order in cartons. In this case 1 unit = 1 carton.

    2) The distribution centre may have made an error in the set up of this line in the warehouse. Whereby it was set up as a "pallet item". 1 unit ordered triggers a whole pallet to the store. Lines like 24 pack Coke are set up like this. However in this case, this many pallets could only occur only several days/weeks.

    3) The most plausible in my view. Especially if according to other posters the store had the exact same offer and sold a tonne of stock last year. Coles uses an automated ordering system. Stores know it as Easy Ordering, in head office it is known as Retek Demand Forecasting (RDF). RDF takes past sales. It looks at the trends over several weeks, it also looks at sales at the same time last year to automatically generate a forecasted sales for every SKU and every store.

    It is supposed to get rid of anomalies such as the massive sale of head beads 1 year ago, however in the case that it does not recognise this, or that the week does not get flagged as a anomaly, it will generate a large order. It does this as RDF obviously thinks that whatever happened last year will happen again this year. In times such as Christmas this is good, as it can predict uplift in sales across the store. There is a last line of defense against massive orders like this, whereby a "High Potential Order" report gets generated, and manually reviewed, however once again, it does not seem like it was flagged.

  • Coles in Knox Wantirna has it for $4.97 as well. Only a few bags though.

  • Time to stock up for the year!

    I will buy at least 10 bags, so it's a perfect saving! Thank you!

  • Not on special at Sanctuary Lakes (well no stock anyway), or Altona Meadows.

  • Once again this is a Ramadan special and only specific to stores with high Muslim / ethnic concentrations.
    If the store displayed the Ramadan Mubarak signs that store is included. Previous years these may have been included.
    Eg. Rhodes, Merrylands, Greenacre, Roselands, Liverpool, Fairfield, Burwood, Revesby, Clempton park, Rockdale, Hurstville, Parramatta, Blacktown etc

    Stores like Brookvale, Lane cove, gordon, Berowra, Miranda, Caringbah are unlikely to have any

  • Point of interest: I stopped buying the heat beads when they hit $1/kg i.e. $4 per 4kg bag. I converted my webber to gas and have never looked back. It lights 1st go, heats up and ready in 5 minutes, one side never goes out and there is no carcinogenic ash to dispose of.