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Rockwell ShopSeries Impact Drill / Hammer Drill - 710W (Was $59.99) $47.99 at Supercheap Auto


Looks very comparable to the recent Aldi and Bunnings ozito hammer drill deals, only difference seems that it is corded and around half the price (no battery needed). I don't mind the cord, hope this helps.

Anyone know what drilling capacity means? Doesn't the drilling depth depend on bit length?

How easy is it to use?

Hammer drills ensure work is carried out faster and with less effort compared to traditional drills. Due to the jackhammer nature of this device, it produces a lot of kick-back resistance meaning two hands are required to keep it steady during use.

Where can this product be used?

This power tool is suitable for most DIY maintenance, renovation and installation applications or for on the job drilling tasks. It will pulverise through 32mm of wood, 13mm of steel and 16mm of masonry with ease.

Power: 710 Watt
No load speed: 0-3,000rpm
Chuck size: 13mm keyless chuck
Hammer function
Drilling capacity: wood - 32mm, steel - 13mm, masonary - 16mm

Original SCA 20% off deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/538015

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    These drills are great for going through brick or concrete for dynabolt installs for shelving etc

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      I find these to be opposite, its just a standard drill chuck, not a sds shank, whole lot better when tapping into concrete

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    Life's too short for keyed chucks!


    If you are buying this for the purposes of using it as a hammer drill to drill masonry, do yourself (and your drill bits) a favour and buy a SDS drill instead.

    Also, the chuck is a big put off - we are in 2020, not 1990.


    In answer to the OP - drilling capacity is the bit diameter that you can expect to drill successfully in that material.
    Wider bits might be expected to seize or significantly slow the drill rotation.

    Obviously, not all wood etc is the same density, it is just meant to be indicative.

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