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Breville BKC250 Kettle Cleaner $5 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


The Breville Kettle Cleaner will remove scale build up and stains in order to help revitalise your kettle.

  • Kettle Descaler
  • Removes Scale Build Up
  • Removes Stains
  • Revitalises your Kettle

Also same price at Big W:


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +29

    Why? Use baking soda and lemon

    • +8

      Vinegar works too, but i guess probably wouldn't need much of this stuff

      • +1

        Vinegar works first got 👍

    • +8

      The sheep will buy it along with Dishwasher "cleaner" and the new gimmick "laundry rinse" for your dirty washing machine.

      • +4

        yes on my $1400 dishwasher i do spend $6 to clean it.

        • +3

          Not sure if serious

          • +5

            @montorola: The 1400 or the 6?

            Either way sounds like another ozbargain membership needs to be revoked lol!

            • -1

              @DisabledUser312757: @DataScientist1 I think the $1400 dishwasher is why @montorola is on OzB after that and the frequent cleaning of it, can't afford full price on other stuff.

      • +1

        Hi Crownie, what's the recommended OzB way to clean dishwasher and washing machine?

        • +1

          Put dishes in it. Turn it on. Don't put plates / glasses with large chunks of crap in there. Easy.

          Following these rules (no matter what a dish washer manufacturer tells you about rinsing plates) has kept my dishwasher from stinking in the slightest.

    • +12

      Citric acid and it comes out like new.

      • Yep. Boil one teaspoon in a kettle full of water or your coffee machine’s descaling function and give it a quick rinse. Doesn’t leave a smell or taste like vinegar.

      • +1

        hehe i boiled half a lemon in my kettle last weekend.

        Sparkling clean now.

        But tsp of citric acid would be much much cheaper!

        What else do you use it for?

        • +2

          Making your own cordials/drinks/syrups. You already seem to have the lemons.

          • @Lukian: Only have half left lol

        • Making Dehydrated fruits - stops them losing/changing colour.

          Flush/clearing/restoring the cooling system on vehicles - eats away all the internal rust and corrosion.

          You can even by Mercedes Benz branded pure citric acid at the dealer, if you are into investment vehicles and AMG badges. https://m.eeuroparts.com/Parts/53126/Citric-Acid-Cooling-Sys...

    • Are they compatible with coffee machines too?

    • +1

      baking soda + lemon or vinegar method okay for stainless steel bottles ?

    • +1

      So many options that cost mere cents, so really a redundant product.

      • I thought so too, but this stuff really works. I had what looked like rust stains on the base of my kettle and after following the instructions, it came out brand new. I think our water must be really poor quality (or the Breville smart kettle is), as it gets all gunked up again if I use it on 90 degrees (or whatever the coffee setting is), but if I continue to use it on 100 degrees (boiling), it stays clean and I haven't had to clean it for over 6 months now.

        For $5 - it does a great job of cleaning. You get about 2-3 cleans out of one of those bottles (diluting it with water as per the instructions).

        • +1

          I have no doubt it works, it's just that a fresh wedge of lemon leftover from a takeaway order will work the same.

          I lived in a newish (< 20yo) apartment block until recently. I cleaned my kettle once in 4 years when I lived there. Then I moved to an old house and I've had to do this at least once every month. I have family living in similar aged houses and they have the same issue. I think it may have something to do with the pipes and/or age.

          • @boretentsu: the new apartment probably had a carbon filter on the tap. the white stuff (scales) is disolved lime in the water.

  • -2

    Vinegar + Bi carb and soak for an hour or so.

    Works for dishwasher as well when you chuck a bowl of vinegar for a 2hr wash. Stuff the $5 and unnecessary chemicals

    • +16

      Don't mix vinegar and bicarb. All you do is produce a fizz as the carbonic acid produced by the reaction breaks down to form CO2 (which creates the fizz) and water, leaving you with…salty water. It's fun, but it won't clean much.

      • +1

        You only use that on drains…

    • +17

      You only need the vinegar. Adding the bi carb is just hindering the work of the vinegar by making it less acidic and the bubbles don't do anything.

    • +13

      Sorry hotchoc but youve failed this science lesson

    • +1

      One neutralises the other.

      • I will neutralise his neg vote with a positive.

        • I have neutralised yours

    • +1

      Why does hotchoc get a hard time, but chuneeperformance above has currently has +21 votes for making the same error?

      • +4

        we are simulating reddit.

  • +2

    I actually cleaned mine yesterday. Used a little bit of vinegar and some water. Boiled it twice then cleaned with a brush. Its like new now.

    Costs $1.20 for a litre of vinegar.

    • +1

      What I did was a little vinegar (no water) just enough to cover the base then boil.

  • +1

    1:1 vinegar and water. Just enough to cover the stain. Leave for an hour and it's gone. Can also boil it after the hour and then rinse by boiling water twice.

  • +8

    boil a lemon wedge! easy!

    • +2

      This works everytime for us!

  • +4


    • citric
    • tartaric
    • acetic (vinegar)

    they will all disolve calcuim carbonate (white build up), and will also eliminate some FeCl (brown iron on the plastics).

  • +5

    I wonder how much the cost per clean would be for each of these? A lemon can only clean the kettle once and it costs about $0.50-$1 per lemon. Of course vinegar + bi-carb would potentially be cheaper but I've had kettles where the stain goes up to the 1.7L mark which means I'd need to use quite a lot of vinegar for it.

    EDIT: Found the directions
    1) Add 100ml of Kettle Cleaner to 1.6L of water or approximately 60ml per litre of water.

    Each bottle is 250ml so 2 1/2 cleans. Approx. $2.50 per wash.. pfft what a rip

    • +1

      Soak the kettle in coke (full strength or sugarfree are okay) overnight, comes out like new. $1 for 1.25L when on sale. Pour 600m in and drink the rest.

    • +1

      3kg of food grade citric acid is under $20 shipped on eBay. Thats more than a lifetime supply since 1tsp is all you need for a 2l kettle.

      I did the cooling system flush on both our cars so Ive used 1kg right off the bat. But 2kg is still a lifetime supply for the kettle lol.

    • Doesn't have to be fresh fruit.
      Could use the small cheap-crap bottles of lemon/lime juice, plus water.

  • Just throw the kettle out after each use, thus saving on cleaning.

  • +6

    This is not a good deal from camel camel camel

    • +3

      Yeah this is the normal price. $3.75 is the decent price.

  • Stupid "product" aimed at the gullible.

  • No idea how toxic and not certain if anyone in the family has had subsequent health impacts, but I have dropped a tablespoon of CLR into the floor of our glass kettle, let it fizz away, then rinse - does quite a good job. But kudos to the boil a lemon wedge idea
    - will try. What I def won't be doing is buying the Kettle Cleaner - bargain or not the good stuff is in this discussion.

    • +2

      CLR is largely harmless acids, but I would not drink it.

      • CLR is used regularly to clean drip coffee pourers. There’s even a guide on their website.

        • The guide probably says not to drink it (in the 3 pages of safety directions that nobody reads.)

    • Absolutely. Gonna go with all the tried and tested comments here.
      That's the good stuff for sure

  • +2

    I hate to buck the trend here. I bought 2 of these last year because they were like $0.80 each or something crazy. I bought the last 2. Anyway I used it and it's pretty bloody amazing.

    I've always used the baking soda, vinegar, citrus etc in the past. Nothing wrong with those but I think this works even better. Don't know if I would pay $5 but for 80c each it was a steal.

    • +1

      Did you use the vinegar and soda together? (they cancel out)

      baking soda is not very useful. I think people are confusing it with "washing soda" - a similar chemical but more alkaline, so a better cleaner.

      Folks, if you want a cheap alkaline cleaner, e.g. the brown burnt-on gnk under your frying pan, just use dishwashing powder (and gloves).

      • No I didn't mean together, for the reasons you stated. I don't remember exactly which I've used in the past but they weren't as effective as this stuff. It brings it back to brand new (kettle isn't very old mind you).

        Put it in, boil it and I think 30 or 60 minutes later it was like brand new. Worth buying when it's cheaper. Also someone above said 2 uses per bottle. I actually used less in mine so probably 3 uses unless your kettle if filthy.

        • You didnt use citric acid then, because that brings it back to brand new with one boil.

          This product probably is citric acid, anyone got the ingredients list?

          • +1

            @stumo: None mentioned, which suggests to me it's something you could safely-accidentally drink. I'm not a Dr.

            "Not suitable for aluminium kettles" is probably a big clue.



          • +1

            @stumo: Interesting, I probably haven't. TO be honest in the past I've tended to just replace the kettle when they are getting dirty because they tend to not last forever anyway. But when I saw this product so cheap (I'm sure I paid under $1 each) I got it and tried it.

            I'll try your suggestion next time.

  • citric acid works also - same stuff for the coffee maker

    • +1

      Yes. BTW, I think the only reason you use citric acid in a coffee machine is that the vinegar taste is harder to rinse out.

  • or just use lemon?

  • boil a lemon wedge. 100%.

    • Wow I might try this. I've been doing half vinegar half water. Your method is cheaper.

      • someone at work introduced me to this when i was wasting time wiping/scrubbing with this breville cleaner. dropped in the lemon wedge with some water and let it boil. no scrubbing (or even wiping) required.

  • I am incredibly bothered by stains inside my kettle.

    …must have been all those vaccines

    • +1

      Actually the scale buildup makes the heating noisier. So it is worth cleaning. It’s not just for looks

    • Weird.

      For me, it's getting stains out of my undies.

  • +1

    a few drops of aldi lemon juice will do the work!

  • +1

    Karcher ftw

    • My wife just gave it to me, since I was already in the bath. Smart woman!

  • +1

    i cut up half a lemon and boil it in the kettle 2/3 times and no more calcium build up.

  • +2

    I was about to purchase this for my coffee machine, but after reading comments, I feel like a sheep.

    O forgive me Ozbargainers for I have sinned…

  • -1

    Not really worth it when for only 50% more you could buy a whole new kettle: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/1.7l-cordless-kettle/153805

    • But how safe is that plastic…

    • Because all kettles have the same quality & features.

  • step 1 fill jug
    step 2 squeeze lemon juice in jug or buy Woolworths Lemon Juice 250ml $1
    step 3 boil jug
    step 4 tip water out rinse and refill
    ……………JUG IS CLEAN …………………

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