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twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker $49 Delivered (Was $129) @ twohundredº Amazon AU



Hi OzBargainers! We posted this deal at the end of March but unfortunately ran out of stock within a few hours before a lot of you had chance to get one. We then re-posted this a few weeks ago but you keen beans snapped up 300 of these in 6 hours and we ran out again! This happened AGAIN last week; we sold out in 2 hours (sorry!). Thankfully Amazon have allowed us more storage this time and we now have almost 700 of these available as of this morning.

The deal was supposed to run for 3 days so now that we have some more back in stock, we have extended the promotion to run through to the end of Sunday 7th June (whilst stocks last - but we will keep trying to get more in Amazon to meet demand!)

Whilst many of us continue to struggle through lockdown with reduced working hours / pay, or juggling work life and home life whilst working from home, we're here to help at least in the coffee department…

We're offering our twohundredº cold brew coffee makers at the reduced price of $49 on Amazon, so you can make some delicious cold brew without even leaving your house.

Usually $129. Qualifies for free shipping through Amazon (available on orders over $39).

Use code COLDBREW49 at checkout - see below for further instructions.

Any questions (now or once you've received your coffee maker), please feel free to email us: [email protected]

Happy cold brewing (wash your hands!)

To claim this offer, add the cold brew coffee maker to your Amazon basket as usual and go most of the way through the checkout process.

Once you get to entering your payment information, there'll be a drop down menu under the heading "Gift Cards".

Here you can enter the coupon code (COLDBREW49) and this should reduce the price to $49.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I've got the Hario Cold Brew maker which I'm quite happy with (and is also cheaper).

    Does anyone have any comments on how these compare?

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      Hi comphelp,

      Good question :)

      The concept is the same; you put your coarsely ground coffee into the filter and let it steep in cold water for 12-24 hours.

      The equivalent Hario carafe would be this one: https://harioaustralia.com.au/hario-cold-brew-jug which, as you can see in the photos, has an open spout and no silicone gasket to seal in the freshness.

      The main difference between the twohundredº carafe and the cheaper Hario one (https://harioaustralia.com.au/hario-cold-brew-pot-1l), is in the quality of materials and the slimline aesthetics.
      The Hario carafe uses a plastic mesh filter, which can degrade over time and also hold the coffee flavour.
      Our twohundredº carafe uses a high quality stainless steel mesh filter, which won't degrade over time and will not hold any flavour. This means it can be used interchangeably for tea infusions and coffee, or even fruit-infused water, with no flavour seepage.
      We also tried to get a beautiful-looking carafe that you can proudly sit on your table when you have guests, and can be used as a serving jug for water etc. when not brewing coffee.
      The twohundredº carafe also has a near-airtight filter with a silicone gasket to keep your cold brew fresh for a week.

      Further to all this, we are a local family-run business (based in Manly, NSW), where as Hario are a large Japanese company. We are therefore able to provide our customers with excellent customer service, on our time zone. By buying from us, you're supporting a local business, and all our stock is in Australia meaning quick, eco-friendly delivery.

      Hope that helps! :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

      • +5

        Thanks for the explanation Sarah. As I said, I already have a Hario but if it ever breaks or wears out, I'll come looking your way next.

        • +2

          No worries comphelp, happy to help :) Thanks for the question in the first place - I know a lot of people wonder the same thing!

          Happy cold brewing :)

          Sarah - twohundredº

      • I've always wondered what glass you guys are using. Borosilicate perhaps?

        • Hi Bunnyburger,

          Sorry, I’ve only just seen this! Yes, it’s hand blown borosilicate glass. It has a very smooth finish and appears quite thin but is actually pretty hardwearing - we speak from experience having knocked it in the sink a few times!!

          Sarah - twohundred°

    • +3

      I bought one of these as a gift for my mum in a previous deal. Quality was really good, all glass and stainless steel, and she seems to like it. I've never used any other brands so I can't compare it to anything, but for the price it seems like a decent piece of equipment.

      • +1

        Hi Timm,

        Thanks for your purchase and feedback! So pleased to hear your mum is enjoying it :) We think they're a great gift idea (but we are biased!) ;)

        Sarah - twohundredº

    • +6

      I have this two hundred degrees one, and a Hario 1L cold brew pot. The two hundred degrees one definitely looks nicer. I have found that I use the Hario more because I found the filter a little difficult to clean adequately on the two hundred degrees. Having a removable bottom on the Hario made it easier for me.

      I can honestly recommend both products, but if you already have the Hario that you're happy with I don't see why you'd need to buy a new one unless you actually wanted a nicer looking product for displaying.

      • +2

        Hi Seltox,

        Thanks for your purchase and thank you for taking the time to leave some honest feedback for potential buyers - and for the recommendation :)

        Generally we find just running the filter under cold water soon after taking it out, does the trick. But equally, we understand a removable base would also make life even easier.

        Happy cold brewing!

        Sarah - twohundredº

  • Good timing, ordered! Thank you :)

    • Great, thanks justcantsayno! :)

    • +2

      username checks out, move along

  • Are the instructions on the web page correct? Eg 50g for 1l? That seems so low. I know the kitchenaid one is about 250g

    • +2

      Hi Mobe1969,

      Yep, that's right, 50g does the trick and provides a coffee concentrate that you can add water, ice, milk, coconut cream etc. to - or drink straight as it comes if you like your coffee quite strong.

      Only half filling the filter allows some space for the grinds to expand and move around a little, and for good water flow to help with the steeping process.

      Having said that, we do encourage everyone to experiment to find their perfect brew mix - some people prefer to add a bit more coffee to make it stronger to suit their taste, some prefer to let it steep a little longer, some for a shorter time (we generally do about 20 hours); some prefer to brew at room temperature and some prefer to refrigerate during steeping. That's part of the beauty of cold brewing at home :)

      Happy cold brewing!

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • +2

    Bought one from your previous deal.

    Have used it almost every day. It's been great!

    • Thanks leinad, that's awesome to hear! Happy cold brewing :)

  • The holes on the filter look fairly large. What's the minimum micrometre before the coffee goes through? Would prefer a cleaner cold brew.

    • +1

      Hi Sharknado88,

      I'm afraid I don't have a definite technical answer to that, however:

      The holes are larger than some plastic mesh filters, but still easily small enough to prevent much silt at the bottom of your brew. We always recommend a coarse grind, not only to prevent coffee dust from settling at the bottom, but mainly to allow water to be able to fully flow through the grinds without it turning kind of mushy and clogging! A fine grind will clog the filter and should be avoided, but will still do an okay job in times of emergency!

      If you do find some of the finer particles are creeping through, these do settle at the bottom of the carafe and it's very easy to stop pouring the final glass just shy of the end - leaving about half a cm in the bottom will catch any sludge :)

      Another tip is to fill the carafe with water about half to two-thirds full first, then slowly submerge the filter (with coffee inside) into the water. Top up with water by slowly pouring through the filter to just shy of the lip of the carafe, and this will prevent too much disturbance and limit the finer grains from getting through the mesh.

      Hope this helps!

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • Finally ordered one after seeing this offer come up many times. Lover of cold brew and have a Dripster, but the whole process is a tiny bit more involved than this seems to be. I look forwrad to giving it a go.

    • Hi bxpressiv,

      Thanks for ordering! :) We hope you'll love it - our customers are often surprised by how easy it is to make cold brew at home using this carafe.

      One thing people sometimes miss, is that once you're done steeping, when you remove the filter (and coffee), you transfer the silicone gasket from the filter to the lid, to get a snug fit in the carafe. Without the gasket the lid is too loose.

      Watch your Amazon message inbox for more tips in a few days :)


      Sarah - twohundredº

  • It seems I have to pay for shipping. Never mind, that was expidited.

    • +1

      Hi Milbo00,

      Without Amazon Prime you'll need to pay for expedited, but standard shipping is free for everyone :) Looks like you've got it sussed now though - thanks for ordering!

      Happy cold brewing :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • I just placed an order, looking forward to it! OP, any interesting recipes/ideas to try?

    • +1

      Hi viksa,

      Thank you! :)

      Yes! We have a recipes page on our website here:

      And you'll also notice there's a free downloadable eBook available on the same webpage with further recipe ideas :) When you receive your product, you'll find a QR code on the back, which will take you to the same page, in case you lose this link.

      A really simple one that is often a hit is to just add coconut cream to your cold brew coffee instead of regular cream / milk, but you'll find loads more ideas at the link above and in the eBook :) There's even a recipe for making a coffee liqueur… perfect for espresso martinis!

      A lovely refreshing tea infusion is to use black tea leaves (only needs a small amount and only needs to steep for a few hours) with a few sprigs of fresh mint in the filter. Smack the mint together in your hands a few times first to help release the flavour.

      An easy one to please the kids (and adults alike) is to chop up some fresh strawberries and cucumber, drop them straight into the carafe with some water and ice, and you'll have a delicious, (slightly pink) fruit-infused water. You can also do this using the filter to hold the fruit, then take the filter out once it has infused, which will make it a bit easier to pour (no fruit trying to get into your drink!), but the strawberries and cucumber look really nice in the carafe and you can top it up a few times to replenish :)

      If you have Amazon messages enabled, I'll also be sending out some further tips for getting the most out of your coffee maker in a few days' time :)

      Any questions or problems, please shoot me an email: [email protected]

      Happy cold brewing! :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • +2

    Why not just use coffee plunger?

    • Apparently it's a pain in the ass to drain but I'm not too sure. Curious about this too. It looks nice but I don't know if this is worth $50 nice.

    • +1

      I use a $2 jar and cone coffee filters. (I don't have a plunger)

  • +1

    Been on a bit of a home coffee kick recently, so this is perfect timing! Very excited to try.

    Anyone have one of these and grind their beans using a Breville Smart Grinder Pro? If so - what grind setting do you recommend?

    • +1

      Breville SGP would do a fine job here. Just run it at its coarser end. Grind as coarse as possible (grind size 60 I think from memory) and see how that goes. You can adjust finer/coarser from here, but it may be easier to adjust your extraction from this point by simply adjusting the brew time. 6 hours vs 12 hours vs 20 hours, etc. You could experiment with strength as well by playing with the ratio of coffee and water, but try and fixate on one variable at a time. If Grind size 60 isn't coarse enough, you can run the grinder even coarse by adjusting the inner burr. Look for a YouTube video or something on how to do this. But this may impede your ability to grind espresso at a fine setting.

      • Cheers for that. I know the SGP doesn't go as coarse as other grinders, but I will give it a go at the top end (60 is correct).

  • My Hario literally just arrived yesterday! But I bought this one anyway, just to have 2 cold brews brewing at once. Thank you for the deal OP!

    • +2

      Hi signmeupnow! Ahh bad timing! But having two is a great idea because then you can set a second one steeping whilst you're drinking the first one, meaning you'll always have cold brew at hand! And this way you can come ot your own conclusion on whether one is better than the other :)

      Thanks for your purchase!

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • Hi sorry for the noob question but do I need to buy coffee beans and then grind them separately?

    • +1

      Yep - or you go to a coffee roaster and ask for coarsely ground beans.

      • Ah OK thanks I didn't even know they sell those.

  • Is the lid air tight?

    • Hi gasman70,

      Thanks for the question :) It's pretty much airtight but not 100%. It's tight enough for keeping out fridge taste and for keeping your cold brew fresh, but as it's a silicone gasket on the lid that you just push in and pull off (rather than twist), it's not absolutely airtight - for example we wouldn't recommend shaking the carafe! Like I say though, works well for keeping your coffee fresh for a week in our experience :)


      Sarah - twohundredº

      • +1

        Sounds good. I was only concerned with air ingress and this seal should be fine.

  • +5

    You can get a 2L jar from IKEA (or kmart) $4.99

    A nylon straining bag for approximately $5 on ebay

    So $10 total.
    I put 175g of coarse ground coffee and 1.75L of water this sits on my bench at room temp for 12 hours and this makes a concentrate to create 14 strong coffees for the week

    • +2

      Real MVP here!

      Not only is this going to give you better (more concentrated) cold brew, it'll also save you a lot of messing around making a pitcher at a time.

      I have a 3 litre jar. I add 250gm of coffee, and 2.7l of water. It makes wonderful coffee, and I only need to make it 1-2 times / week.

      One important tip - after you add your coffee, pour in ~500ml of water, and stir it well to break up all coffee clumps. It should end up as a thick sludge, with some crema on top. Then pour in the rest of your water, and put it in the fridge.

    • Great idea, esp to try to see if you like cold brew.

    • I've been doing this for a few years. 125g of coffee in a 2L jug in the fridge Saturday night and its ready to go Monday morning (125g so it divides easily into 250g/500g bags).

      I spend more on beans per month than I did on the rest of the setup. Works great, but considering something like this just because a metal filter is easier to clean than a mesh bag.

  • Another good alternative if you want just experiment with Cold Brew is this $12 cold brew jug from Kmart

    • You could but some of this Kmart product is made of plastic that I wouldn’t want leeching into my drink

        • +3

          not all BPA products are that safe: nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/09/news-BPA-free-plastic-safety-chemicals-health/

          i'd rather try your ikea glass jar method

  • +2

    this is pretty cool. i was just lamenting the fact i couldn't do a half decent drip/full immersion cold brew without busting out my yama tower or TODY setup. I've been resorting to just waiting for my v60 pourovers to cool over the course of the morning and then chucking it on the rocks to have it as a 'cold brew'.

    I shouldn't be shopping anymore in iso, but i absolutely love my new-fangled coffee paraphernalia and the rep's well thought out responses in this thread that I may actually buy one to support the business :).

    • +2

      Hi plentifoo!

      We totally get that this isn't the ideal time for a lot of people to be indulging in what is (at least to some!) non-essential items like this ;) So we do really appreciate the support of those of you buying from us and supporting our little business through these difficult times :) Hopefully everyone will be happy they made the long-term investment to save on future shop-bought coffees ;)

      Thank you!

      Sarah - twohundredº

      • +4

        it's essential, at least to me. glad that i'm keeping Australian businesses alive and fueling my caffeine addiction at the same time. It's a win-win. Just purchased one and looking forward to receiving it!

        • Thank you plentifoo, really appreciate it! :)

  • Now I need a grinder. I heard daiso has one? Or any other suggestions please

    • +4

      depends on how serious you take your coffee. get a hand grinder for a better quality to price ratio. Here's some recommendations, I've had personal experience with from cheapest to most expensive.

      1. Hario Skerton Ceramic - $50 odd, does the job, nice size and grip but finnicky parts imo. Grinds are largely inconsistent.
      2. Porlex mini grinder - $90 odd, does the job in a sleeker profile and fits nicely in hand. Looks like a pepper salt shaker but more compact for travel. Grinds are more consistent.
      3. Comandante C40 - $400 odd, same grip profile as the Porlex but for the coffee enthusiast. Grinds are very consistent and coffee made from these have been compared to the Australian cafe's staple deli grinder, the EK43 and some people can't tell them apart.

      For other options that you may already have at home, try a food processor or a thermomix. If you want recommendations for a dedicated electric bean grinder - that's a whole other post.

      • Not very serious! But thank you. I'll try my blender and see how I go.

        Edit: looking at prices of grinders. They'll probably make you sad
        $30 Myer Sunbeam multigrinder II, was $45
        $14 kmart
        $19 Kogan

        • Blenders won't do a very good job, you'll get varying particle sizes from dust to large chunks. This will give you bad and inconsistant results. As well the fine dust will be able to pass through the mesh and go into your cup. You want a coarse grind too which these won't do.

        • +1

          That's good for most entry level endeavours. You wanna churn out coffee as good as a cbd Specialty Coffee joint? My above recommendations still stand.

          • @plentifoo: I've decided to do it proper.
            For the porlex mini grinder, is that I or II?
            Found a II for 95 and I for 72.50

            • +2

              @honeydew: i have both and with the amount of time i spend on them which is basically only when i travel, i really can't tell them apart - in terms of usage and grind quality. I do prefer the bolt design connecting the handle to the grinder on the v2.

              there's a R&D spiel on the upgrades v2 has over v1 that might make you part with the extra $20:


              Don't believe the bit where it says it fits into an aeropress with the band removed. That it does, but maybe a bit too snugly because my v1 got stuck in my aeropress and to this day remains that way. I ended up having to buy both a new aeropress and travel grinder (cue v2).

  • I never tried a cold brew coffee, so is this just like a regular iced coffee? Still making up my mind :)

    • +3

      Hi Ringu,

      No, it's not! If you've not tried cold brew before, you're missing a treat!

      For cold brew, rather than using boiling water to quickly brew coffee, which scorches the beans and releases the bitter flavour often associated with coffee, this uses cold water to slowly and gently steep the grinds. This slowly extracts the coffee flavour, but none of the bitterness, resulting in a super-smooth tasting coffee. It's delicious cold, but can also be heated in the microwave for those who prefer their coffee hot but without the bitterness!

      Iced coffee on the other hand, is essentially just hot-brewed coffee that's cooled and poured over ice. It's regular-tasting, bitter coffee, but cold.

      Hopefully this helps :)


      Sarah - twohundredº

  • @OP Are you able to put it in the fridge laying down on its side or does it have to be upright?

    If it does lay down on its side what are the chances this would leak?

    • +1

      Hi yongiechao,

      Thanks for the question. It needs to be upright. It's sized so it fits nicely in most fridge doors, on on a tall-ish shelf. Dimensions are 10cm diameter by 26cm tall.

      Whilst the silicone gasket is a near-airtight seal, it is just a push in / pull out fit, not designed to be watertight. Also it would roll around on its side! :)



  • Thanks, ordered one. Just wondering if the free bag of coffee beans is still included in this deal as stated in your website?

    • +2

      Hi bargainwhore,

      I'm afraid that was a previous website-only promotion we ran a while back. We can't add the coffee beans to Amazon orders unfortunately. Sorry :(

      Thank you for being a customer and we hope you love cold brewing at home :)

      Sarah - twohundredº

  • I just make cold brew in my French press, does this maker do anything different?

    • Nope. Spend the money on a grinder.

  • +1

    Just added another to my collection. Will see how it compares to the others

    • They're all the same besides materials.

  • +1

    I’ve got one of these. Good quality materials.
    I’ve got nothing to compare it to however I find that you have to use a lot of beans so is expensive to run. It’s something like one cup of ground beans per use which gets you about 3 mugs worth (900ml).
    I’m sure they’ll come back saying you get more but I like a proper drink.
    In summary, good product but expensive to use.

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