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Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse $91.95 or $81.95 for New App Users Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like cheapest it's ever been.

Looks like the budget version of the wireless Razer Ultimate. Runs on AA batteries, which I personally think is the better option in terms of long term serviceability.


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  • +1

    For the price, I don't think it could be beaten spec-wise (wireless).

    I bought it at $92~ish and I have no regrets. Feels like a g502 without the hefty weight. Blends well in the office environment as well (major plus for me).

    Does feel plastic-y and cheap compared to its competitions (g502 lightspeed, basilisk ultimate, g pro wireless) but way ahead of those within its price range.

    • +2

      g703 wireless is cheaper at goodguys and much better

      • +1

        PriceMatch @OfficeWorks
        Even SHEEPHER

      • God DAMNIT it's completely out of stock around no delivery no pickup
        Why would you do that to us :(

      • but no stock anywhere - clap clap

    • +1

      Free delivery thru Amazon beats Mwave's deal by just a little bit. If you can pick-up you'd save $2 :)

  • Hmmm.. this mouse or the MX Master 3?

    • +2

      I have both and it'll depend on your primary usage for it.

      Both are okay for work but the hyperscroll in the master 3 is very useful if you work with long spreadsheets and databases. It's also a stealthy fidget spinner.

      Gaming hands down the basilisk. Master 3 is way too heavy and the response time is sluggish.

      • Cheers for that. I've got the master 3 atm, love it but just find it a little to big for my hands. I'm a crap gamer anyways, so didn't even notice the slugginess, thought it was just me 🤣

        • If it helps with your decision they feel the same width-wise and length-wise. The main difference is the height of the mouse's bum. I use a claw grip so I could feel the bulkiness of the mx3 heightwise - after using the basilisk i'm wishing the mx3 was a tad shorter. If you use a palm grip you'd notice the difference a lot more i think.

  • I bought the Basilisk v2 (corded) as I needed extra features like side scroll, which I got used to after using G900 for years. I think the v2 is the pick of the bunch and I don't mind going back to a cord as it's lighter and heaps cheaper than the ultimate. Great mouse.

  • +2

    Not eligible to claim the $10 :/

  • My mx master 1st gen scrolling does not work in Chrome, I am thinking to replace it with this.

  • looks down at Proteus Core

    Hmm. I wonder who copied whose homework first.

  • Looks strikingly similar to the discontinued Logitech G602
    Can still be bought in some placed for under AUD$100
    Only significant difference is the G602 has 6 additional buttons on the side.

    Not sure about the Razer, but the G602 can be run with 1 or 2 AA batteries depending on weight and life preferences (batteries are in parallel).

    • Razer runs with 1 AA battery.

      • The G602 can still be bought on amazon US.

        But it develops double clicking and middle click fails frequently.

        I have burned through 3 G602 mice in last 3 years.

        I bought G603 and Master 2S but did not like them.

        The G602 is the only one my hand feels comfortable on.

        I bought the new G604 which is the true successor to G602 .But they have made it 10 to 15% smaller than G602 and so i am again dissappointed.

        So i have just bought this razer mouse and hope that it satisfies.

  • $61.35 now here if you are quick.

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