Hisense 100-Inch Series L 4K UHD Smart Laser TV $10,995 (After PAYBACK via Claim) @ The Good Guys / $11,995 @ HN


Prices dropped again and much cheaper now compared to my last month deal for $13,995. Available for back order at TGG
Enjoy :)

$1,000 PAYBACK Offer

  • up to $1,000 Pay Less Payback on a Huge Range of TVs - Claim by 01/07/20
  • Purchase a selected TV from 6pm 20th May to 3rd June to claim up to $1000 PAY LESS Payback eftpos Card. This is a national promotion across our network of stores. Strictly 1 bonus per customer. Hurry, claims close 11.59pm AEST 1st July 2020. See terms and conditions for more details.

View images clearly without eyestrain with this Hisense TV's 100-inch screen. It has an LED display. Also, the Hisense H100LDA's smart TV capabilities help you log-in to streaming video subscription services. It has 4K Ultra HD video. The Hisense television has a 3840 x 2160 pixel screen resolution, allowing you to make out detailed highlights in each frame of video. Also, you can view high-definition images by connecting your computer with its four HDMI inputs. The television features two USB inputs and a Subwoofer connection. It's good for feeling your viewing enjoyment grow

$11,995 Harvey Norman - HN also dropped the prices but they do not have same payback offer

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    Jesus imagine buying a TV with car money

    • +2 votes

      Where do you even put a TV that big

      • +178 votes

        In your garage since you spent the money for the car on it :)

      • +10 votes

        This deal is a actually for a drive-in theatre, and you get a free car with it.

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        Once you've beamed onto a wall for your daily tv use, you'll laugh at the idea of hanging a TV this small.

        Especially at the price of this thing, lol

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          What if I like watching TV during the day, or with the lights on, from various angles? :)


            @eug: Lights on and various angles are definitely no trouble for most not-theatre based projectors, and haven't been for sometime.

            Broad daylight though, that's another problem. But I couldn't tell you the last time I watched TV or played a game in the middle of the day either haha… $10k buys a lot of curtain material lol.

            Horse for courses of course.

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              Lights on and various angles are definitely no trouble for most not-theatre based projectors, and haven't been for sometime.

              Having the lights on will always wash out the image as a projector can't project black, so the darkest part of the image will be as bright as the screen (or heaven forbid, a white wall!). The image will be visible, but if you had a TV next to it you'll definitely see how much more vibrant the TV is. The only way to have a similarly-vibrant screen with the lights on is to get such a bright projector that the grey screen or white wall will look effectively black in comparison to the bright areas - but then the image will be really bright… till the bulb fades in 500 hours anyway. ;) (or you have a laser projector)

              Having a proper projector screen will help, but it's always a battle between screen gain and viewing angles. An ALR screen would look great if you're in front of it, but people on the sofa on the side won't have as good an experience.

              Horse for courses of course.

              Yup! You'd usually only have a projector setup for the screen size. TVs definitely can't touch it in terms of inches per dollar. That could make a big difference for movie nights.

              HDR has entered the chat

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                @eug: Having had a BenQ w1080st and now a ViewSonic PX747 as my daily drivers beamibg onto a prepared wall with a tiny bit of gain, I'm well aware of those things you mention. TVs just can't touch 'em vibrancy or otherwise, lol.

                The size trumps all kenjeongsquinting.gif

                And don't under estimate how nice it is to have just a wall when nothing is on. Underrated advantage.

                But yes, oleds are pretty tasty.


                @eug: Everything you said is true, but the sparkle!!! The noise introduced by projection looks amazing compared to that ugly digital picture that large Q dot screens produce.


          yea who would want crispy rich colours when they used to the dull projector colours on a wall

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        Buy 5 of these and you have yourself a little house.


        Drive it

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      Just wait 2 years and these will be the new $2K tvs…

    • +1 vote

      People used to pay this money when rear projection TVs first came out and that was like 20 years ago. So this is a bargain ! :)

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      imagine buying a TV with car money

      That was normal once, when kids begged their parents for a colour TV, and nobody had two.


      "Buying a Colour TV set you back around $1000 – $1300 in the 70s, which is equivalent to $8250 – $10,700 in today’s prices."

      Now you'd have to be awfully hard up on finding ways to spend your money. Or putting it on finance in a desperate attempt to impress people.

      "Available on 50 months Interest Free with equal monthly payments $239.90per month"

      — f*ing criminal!!

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        My parents didn’t have a colour TV until the late eighties, long after I had left home. 12 inch B&W that never died.

        Fun fact I remember being told: the highest density of colour TVs one year after their intro to Australia was Redfern. It wasn’t gentrified then, and counter intuitive as you would think rich people would have been first to lay out the price of a car (even lashing out on a V8 kingswood would be about $4500 new!) on a TV. Thing is though, TV was the most important source of entertainment for them as anything else was even more expensive
        Gotta get that Benny Hill, Steptoe and son, number 96, Alvin Purple and Hoges in living colour.

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      I don't see a problem? I have a hisense R7 and a beat up lada.


      You can get a 4K faux projector and a humax digital tv for under $3K and ajust the image size to suit you

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    I'd expect 8K resolution for that price.

    • +16 votes

      plus 4k on 100 inches would look shithouse.

      Imagine watching free to air on that thing. It'd be disgusting.

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        Nah, I got a 4K projector for $1600 from Costco the other month (Benq TK800M), and it looks amazing. I project to way bigger than 100 inches. My screen is at least 2.5 metres wide (so over 110inches). What is noticeable though, is the quality of Xbox X games. Even the 4K games like Red Dead don't have the wow factor they did on a 65inch screen, because I guess the Xbox can't handle high detail @4K. For movies and TVs, it's great. And I'm a real stickler for resolution, I hate watching 1080p footage because it generally looks so bad to me. I guess with the added viewing distance you have with huge screens, the stretched out resolution still looks great. Even up close with a quality projector, you can see the pixels, but it's not terrible.


          Do you have HDR setting to auto and have 2160p @ 60Hz with your BenQ W1700?


          4K projectors, while affordable now, still can't get down to decent levels on input lag. You don't need to be a pro gamer to notice the difference between the ~50ms of a 4K projector and the <25ms of a good 4K TV and anyone who says otherwise is playing mental gymnastics to justify their purchase.

          Source: Owned projector with 50ms input lag and a TV with <25ms - it's like playing a different game.

          Of course if you aren't gaming then a projector is a no-brainer.

          EDIT: Now I see the "TV" in this deal is more projector than TV but the point still stands.


            @d3ft: Yeah, I was worried about this, but honestly with the TK800m, I haven't had any lag concerns. I think its around 30-40ms, and to me its imperceptible.


            @d3ft: There are improvements with latency if you don't use DLP.

            Most 4k laser and 4k projectors use pixel shifting and DLP which creates a 3+ frame delay, at least. Mostly because it's made by one company, Texas Instruments, XPR DLP in 2 die sizes, 0.47" and 0.60" IIRC.

            There's more technology "coming soon", especially chipsets that could decode Dolby Vision and have sufficient HDR and filter layers to block more shades of light needed to get improved HDR, or a larger die that a laser projector could pulse or filter light to get more HDR range and peak intensity vs

            You could create a 240hz DLP to minimise this… And Optoma does have one,

            YMMV on how their Gaming Projector works in practise.

            But, nobody has made a cheap 3LCD with 4k yet, unless you spend Sony money. Ie $50,000 and even then, there's latency and conversion / interpolation for each frame. There is a long rumoured "home" version… But Epson and Sony haven't really released info or a review model of a real 4K projector,

            Or how much it would cost.

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        Having a 60" 4K TV and a 130" 4K JVC N7 Projector, i can definitely say the 4K 130" does not look pixelated in anyway.

        Keep in mind these Hisense "TVs" are are essentially a UST DLP projectors with a laser light source + ALR screen.

        So re: an 8K DMD being released anytime soon, I highly doubt texas instruments will be releasing an 8K (pixel shifted) DMD any time soon.


        No it wouldn't. If the source you're using is good quality with high enough bitrate even a large 1080p screen would look fine, I know this because that's what I run. Even after viewing higher resolution smaller screens, I still just use the projector.

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        What resolution do you think cinemas are here? 1080p max on screens that are significant larger than this one

        4K with this will look good

        The overall panel is not great however, backlight bleed would be a problem and I’m not a fan of Hisense quality at all


          I feel like comparing Cinemas specific technology used for that specific purpose, is different than the panels used for in-home televisions.
          I don't know, but I'd think that the whole Projector vs Television is a poor comparison as well.


        imagine ever watching F2A TV in the first place

        it's all garbage anyway

    • +3 votes

      8k is pretty overrated. How many films have you seen in 8k? Hmmm

    • -13 votes

      4k over 100 inch, is same as 1080p over 50 inch, it will be pixelated on screen.


      Yup! I am not spending 10k on a TV without 8k.

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    Far out, I read that as $10.995 for a second and nearly fell off my chair. Brb going to specsavers

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    Ummm if you are considering this save a boat load of cash and look at getting a Wemax one laser projector or the Xiaomi short throw laser projector. About $2500-$3000 and projects at full HD to a wall. Buy a special screen if you want but works very well on a white wall and is portable with very good built in speakers. Projects up to 150 inches but you can choose the size of projection by moving it closer or further away from the wall.

    No doubt this laser TV is good but it is most likely doing the same thing… Projecting up from the box in front of the screen so for about $7000 cheaper to purchase those two I mentioned are way better value IMO.

    • +1 vote

      +1 agreed. I was tempted to get the xiaomi short throw 4k projector…but just waiting for the price to drop or a good deal to come along…


      This is basically a UST projector with an ALR screen.

      Make sure to buy the xiaomi with local warranty, plenty of user reviews say reliability is questionable.


      I bought the xiaomi short throw 4k projector this year. Impressive speaker and resolution but shocked by the fact that it cannot perform auto field keystone correction at that price.

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    Thanks, bought 5, one for each room.

  • +5 votes

    So this is just an ultra short throw projector with a cool ultra high contrast screen bundled together?

    • +8 votes

      Correct. This is not a direct view display. Calling it a TV is very misleading. Also, it’s a single chip DLP projector. So people who are susceptible to the rainbow effect may not like this.

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    Thanks OP, bought 10 of them.


    can i use a few of these as wallpaper?

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    View images clearly without eyestrain with this Hisense TV's 100-inch screen. It has an LED display.



    Geez, now I need to build an extension to my house to fit this in. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

    • +2 votes

      Good news is you don't need an extension, as it's just a projector and screen combo.

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    Funny story, back when Plasma TVs just came out I was working for a big retailer, at a new store opening.

    We had an opening special, Panasonic Plasma TV (Can't remember the size), $20,000, save $4000.

    After the initial stampede we had one customer inquire about the plasma TVs, this bloke was wearing Billabong shorts, singlet, and thongs. He wore a mean mullet and had tatts all over his arms.

    He bought 2…. cash!

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    Hisense, will you take Australian barley in exchange?