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Oppo Reno 5G 256GB $599 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like JB Hifi has dropped their price to match Harvey Norman https://www.harveynorman.com.au/oppo-reno-5g-256gb-optus-var...

This doesn't look like it is associated with any provider so perhaps will get updates quicker

Also this is my first post so feedback appreciated :)

I bought the Harvey Norman one so feel free to ask me questions about the phone as well. Overall, it's a really great phone for the price and no complaints so far.

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    • +1

      Just don't use it while urinating then.

      • +2

        Not going to happen

    • No headphone jack or 90hz display. Battery could be bigger too but I'm getting decent life out of it.

      • +1

        Damn no headphone jack? That's a bummer.

        Would've been very tempting otherwise.

        • +3

          It's still a great device. Flagship specs basically for half the price is great.

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: Yeah it still looks like a very nice phone.

            I kinda want to upgrade from my OG Pixel but it still seems to be going strong.

            32gb rom can be a bit of a pain though sometimes.

            • +1

              @mangobango: I'm not bothering with a microsd card on mine. 256gb is very nice, more than my pc's ssd actually. 8gb of ram is nice with lots of stuff open, only around 4gb is usable according to recently used apps feature.

              • +1

                @Caped Baldy: Yeah 256gb is pretty huge, won't really have to ever worry about space (unless you take plenty of videos at 4k)

                • +1

                  @mangobango: I would say go for it. It does come with a set of usbc earphones (not sure if it's an adaptor as I have a bluetooth set). Keep in mind that currently you can not flash lineageos.

                  • +1

                    @Caped Baldy: Part of me REALLY wants to, but then another part of me says to just install a custom rom for free and pretend I have a new phone lmao.

                    I'm hesitant to upgrade bc I've only had the OG Pixel for a couple of years, I feel it hasn't truly run its course yet.

                    • @mangobango: Fair enough. My mi max 3 was still good but I had a bit of FOMO. Not regretting one bit.

                • @mangobango: GUILLLLLTYYYTYYYYY

        • It comes with headphones that use the type c port

  • Pulled the trigger on buying this through Harvey Norman yesterday. There was no stock nearby for CC so had to get delivery. If only I had waited. Such is life.

    • +2

      I had literally the same problem, I just messaged their whatsapp help line with my order number email and name, it's the instructions they ask and then the guy cancelled it easily. Just picked up the device from jbhifi now. Probably helped it wasn't shipped yet too


      • +4

        They sent the delivery emails already and they came from Adelaide. So feel bad for cancelling. So I'll just wait. Gotta support Harvey Norman for having the deal first.

        Thanks for sharing though!

    • same just bought it last night after my old phone died the day before. I was just thinking of canceling and buying JB as cheaper delivery but HN sent me the dispatched email 10 seconds ago, so at least it good to know its on its way.

  • +1

    Great phone at this price. Bought the harvey norman deal. Cameras are great.

  • Bought it from HN two weeks ago. So far seems to be a perfect device, without any issues.

    • Mine's lags when I close apps. Anyone else have this?

      • Not at all. Try restarting or resetting the phone if you just configured it.

        • +2

          I've done that a few times. I think the system launcher and nova launcher don't play well so have switched the default to see if it helps - post on reddit said it helps.

  • I don't understand Oppo has a presence here and sold officially whereas their sister brand Oneplus does not.

    • Small market.

  • Single or dual sim?

    • +1


      • Oh no, that's a deal breaker

        • +1

          I'm curious on why dual Sim is so important to have?
          I have got a P30 from previous JB deal, which has dual Sim slots, not sure how it is useful though.

          • @tidie: When you have office/ offshore phone to receive OTP

          • +1

            @tidie: mandatory for those sim sluts

          • +3

            @tidie: Work phone / private phone I hate carrying two phones.

        • Exactly, such deal breaker

  • +2

    Bargain by the look of it.

  • +5

    I've had mine for 2 weeks. The device hardware is great no qualms.

    Color OS is a mixed bag though. There are a few things that bug me about it.

    • notifications dont show on the always on display (screen off clock). Ive had to install a custom app which doesnt show the icon but shows that a notification has come in
    • if you receive a notification but dont open it. it will show on the lockscreen only once. It continues to show in the status bar but then disappears from the lock screen
    • Facebook messenger keeps forgetting its installed so I get prompts to login once a day
    • flashlight is rather dim
    • cant see what is using your battery
    • long exposures in pro mode appear to have a small bit of camera shake. I tested it for astrophotography for 13 seconds shutter on a tripod with a 3 second delay. its almost as though the OIS is causing problems
    • +1

      I should mix the bugging me's with the goods.

      -Screen is amazingly clear. I dont even notice that its 1080p
      - the pop up camera is very nifty and face unlock works well along with fingerprint
      - i like that persistent notifications can be marked as not important, so it doesnt hog the display. got covidsafe in this category
      - battery life seems good. I came from a LGV20 with a 10,000mah battery so it wont ever match it, but even with heavy use on most days I go to bed with 20% left. Only ran out of battery once

      PS green isnt really green. Its more of a blue than a green

      • how is night photograph on using the camera? Is it decent

        • +1

          I haven't really been anywhere to test the night mode But around dimly lit parts of my house it seems to do well

    • Have you tried turning off the smart Power saver/disabling it for messenger? Also, have you gone through all of the updates? I haven't had any issues.

      If you go into battery > power usage, that should show what's using your battery (minus screen-on time).

    • Settings>Battery>Power Usage

      Has a breakdown of the % of battery used by each process/app.

    • What app are you using? It does bug me now that there's an always in display with no notification alert

      • It's called 'amoled' from the Play store.
        Developer hasn't updated it for Oppo as any notifications come through with a white square rather than the proper icon. Better than nothing for now, hoping color os 7 fixes it

  • I really wanted this last year but was too expensive… but wow what a price drop

  • +2

    This is a good phone, I can vouch for it as I have been using it for last 6 months or so. Hit me up with any q's…

    • do you use the selfie camera daily? any dust buildup or slowing down of the mechanism?

      • how have you found the night mode on the camera?

        how is the user experience compared to an iphone or pixel?

        • +1

          I can't directly compare it to the pixel but I did run gcam on the oppo. I ended up sticking with the inbuilt oppo camera app. Overall the physical detail was not different, just the brightness and colours were more enhanced on gcam. Gcam nightmode was noticeably brighter but looked too much like it was trying to turn night into day. The oppo night mode pictures felt more natural, colours were closer to what the eye saw and darker areas were darker. I could play with colour settings to get a rough approximation of gcam photos. That is my personal opinion, and gcam was a port not a highly tuned for the phone.

          User experience is fine as far as I'm concerned. ColourOS is getting better with each version, I have gotten used to it now. Every now and again it is a bit different, but nothing game breaking for me. I can't compare it iPhones as I don't use them often.

  • Pixel 4a's imminent drop a better purchase to wait for?

    That 60Hz display is turning me off.

    • 4a is 60 hz as well. 4a's soc is enough but slower than SD 855, 2g ram less, 128g rom less at least, punch hole, smaller battery…
      Better software update, better camera and some pixel experience.

      Price won't be too much cheaper than 599 at launch. 128gb

      • It'll be $650, which for $50 more than a 12-month-old device is probably worthwhile.

    • Pixel 4a will be a LOT smaller device. Depends if you prefer big screen + battery or a smaller phone.

    • The Pixel 90hz display isn't that great really. Max brightness and grey uniformity in particular are really poor. I'd go a higher quality 60hz display over Pixel 90hz any day.

  • This or LG G8S for videos?

    • +1

      If you are meaning 'videos' as watching videos then,
      G8s has widevine L1 so no issues with DRM streaming service such as Netflix and Amazon prime i.e. HD streaming on device. OPPO shows L3 for Netflix therefore SD streaming.
      G8s has HDR display so upperhand.

      Some might find Notch on G8s interrupting. That's it

      • Thanks!

        I actually meant for recording videos since I'm not sure how sensors/software and all that stuff interact with each other. I don't really watch streaming services but reading a bit more about widevine DRM was very interesting.

        • The recording is great for G8s. 4k/60fps with OIS stabilization.
          There is a manual setting for video recording similar to manual camera so much more customization for ISO/shutter/focus etc. Video can be recorded with HDR10 format too. Also, the great thing is video can be recorded from all the 3 cameras (ultrawide, main, telephoto). For front camera, its limited to 1080p with 8MP camera.

      • I downloaded drm info app from Play store. It shows L1 to me.

        • Yes, but Netflix also needs to add this model variant to a list of devices supporting HD format. Weird but it is their play. The list of HD supported devices are here: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/23939.

          Login to Netflix and go to App Settings-> playback specification and see if Widevine certification is L1 in their app and reply please. Maybe updates has fixed widevine certificates for OPPO.

          Thanks mate.

          • @sudeep: i just checked netflix app, it shows L1 and full hd , so i guess this phone is fine with netflix now. however on prime video, the best is still at 0.46GB/hr,which is 480P. i do not see the "use hardware acceleration" toggle to enable HD contant like on my pixel 2xl. i have no idea if color os 7 gona fix it.

  • Should we buy from Gerry or BJ's?

    • +1

      JB, because it isn't a carrier specific model. The Harvey one has Optus firmware on it which means you'll be waiting who knows how long for them to test and then release the Android 10 update.

      • +2

        Would be interesting to see what is the JB's firmware number vs the Harvey Norman firmware. There is no Optus logo on start-up and the only Optus thing on the phone is the MyOptus app. Would some with the JB's Reno 5G care to share? The Harvey Norman Reno 5G firmware is CPH1921AU_11_A.18 with 5/11/2019 security patch.

        • I would like to know too…

        • I brought one, can report later. But it does have Telstra on the back label, so, I recon unbranded/Telstra/Optus are all on the same firmware just different firmware name.

  • Got this from HN, very nice compared to my ageing iPhone 6s. Just no new coloros.
    It is quite big and thick with the free case, anyone recommend case from eBay or Amazon?

  • Is this worth upgrading from pixel 2 xl? I want a faster phone with no lag and if possible, less bugs

    • +1

      This is definitely faster, do a side by side comparison on gsmarena and look at the benchmarks. Around this price point everything else is usually a "side-grade" not an upgrade. The screen is likely higher quality and the battery life is very acceptable coming from a pixel 2 xl (and likely better than a 2yr old pixel 2 xl).

      • awesome, thanks!

  • If only it had a headphone jack. :(

  • Missed out on the recently P30 JB/Telstra deal.

    How is the camera on this compared to the P30 and M20P?

    Upgrading wifes Pixel 2 XL. She just cares about camera and for no lag.

    • +2

      I upgraded/sidegraded to this from a Mate 20 Pro. Without any pixel peeping, the camera seems better overall. Much faster to take the first shot after opening and the zoom is noticeably better as you'd expect.

      Although it opens apps about as fast as the 20 Pro (slight edge to the Huawei in speed), it does feel a bit slower to switch between them after all of the animations etc, and scrolling is unusual. Though, it keeps apps open much, much longer in the background which is nice.

      EDIT: Note that this is essentially the Oppo Reno 10X zoom, for which there are plenty of reviews/camera samples available.

  • +1

    It looks great with flat display and no punch hole , I wish it has a 90hz display though

  • How are the cameras on this? Worth upgrading from Pixel 2 XL?

    • +1

      I upgraded from a pixel2xl. The cameras are great. Selfie camera is also way better than pixel. The only place where pixel might have a little edge is the night mode. But the difference is quite less.

      • What about an upgrade from a pixel 3?

        • Didnt have one. Searching for oppo reno 10x zoom camera quality comparison might be of help.

      • Just put in my order. Looking forward to taking some nice photos on it.

  • Seems like a great opportunity to grab a bargain oppo.

  • +1

    JB should make deal as $0 upfront + $65 Telstra plan.

    • Yes…. Then unfortunately we then cancel plan and get it for 390 eh eh eh

      That's would be a great dealio

  • Thanks OP!!

  • I think both JB n Harvey is getting ready on Oppo Find X 2 Pro as they out on June 9th… and they dont want to sell 2 models of 5G Oppo at the same time

    • Find x 2 is 1599 at launch´╝î maybe worth wait another another year

  • +2

    I just grabbed one from my local jb. It shows Reno 5g Telstra. I thought it is unbranded. But anyway.

    • +1

      Would you be able to share your firmware version? Is it the same as Harvey Norman CPH1921AU_11_A.18?

      • Maybe later, I will have to drive home, feed my kids first.

        • +3

          How dare you? Priorities!!!

      • +1

        Downloading update. As I can tell , it's the same as yours. Do not know if there are multiple updates. Will report if it does .

        Also this one has my Telstra and Telstra air preinstalled. No boot logo as the optus ver

        • Still downloading?

          • +3

            @jo32011: That's it. No more update. If both Optus and Telstra ver share the same firmware, maybe we have chance get android 10 as soon as next month.

    • are they? can other people confirm if they get unbranded one or Telstra stock

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