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Free - The Sound of Music Live - Full Stage Show | The Shows Must Go on


Rodgers and Hammerstein's timeless musical classic, starring Carrie Underwood is premiering on The Shows Must Go On, at Sat 23 May at 4am. And will be available for 48 hours.

Underwood plays Maria Rainer and Stephen Moyer Captain Georg von Trapp. The production also stars Audra McDonald as The Mother Abbess. Laura Benanti as Elsa Schraeder and Christian Borle as Max Detweiler.

Based on the original 1959 Broadway production, featuring classic tunes by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, the show first aired in 2013.

Trailer of show

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The Shows Must Go On!
The Shows Must Go On!


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    It's actually part of this deal, so thanks for the reminder, but technically a dupe.

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      Apart from the fact that deal is marked expired, it's also titled 'free Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals'.
      We get 100 separate ebay deals a week with no issues, this is no different.

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    The deals are alive~ with the sound of music~
    Thanks OP!

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    I haven't had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine's toothbrush.


    Comment posted a few hours ago:

    To our viewers from the US, Latin America and Asia
    Unfortunately due to rights restrictions on this show, we are not able to show you The Sound of Music Live! this weekend.
    We have seen how many of you were excited for the show, and so we are very sorry to disappoint you.
    We are hoping to show you The Sound of Music Live! in the future. In the meantime, we have put links in the description to purchase the full show.


      Luckily, this does not affect us in Australia. Watching it now - got to say, having gotten used to Julie Andrew's version, the accent seems a bit strange at first … but able to get used to it quickly.


        Is it ok for young kids, 5 and 7?
        My kids will love the music.


          This show is rated TV-PG, that is:

          may contain some material that parents or guardians may find inappropriate for younger children.
          Programs assigned a TV-PG rating may include some inappropriate language, very little sexual content, suggestive dialogue, and/or mild violence.

          However, the Parents Guide does not provide specific content advisory.

          To be honest, having watched it now, I do not see much difference between this show and the original Sound of Music by Julie Andrews, which is rated G in Australia as well as the US. Maybe they have gotten stricter in the way ratings are given.

          Worth having a look at the content advisory of the original Sound of Music here since it has more info about the various aspects, such as “frightening and intense scenes”, “violence”, “profanity” etc - which may be what you are concerned about, regarding its suitability for your kids.

          From what I can recall, the original is more intense with the family being chased at the end. There is hardly any violence although a gun is brandished at one point.


    I'm surprised that nobody has commented on the sound quality yet. I can't remember watching anything else in recent memory, with such a poor quality audio track!!! And in a musical???! Crazy.

    I can only imagine that someone made a deliberate decision to reduce the quality for the free broadcast.

    Anyway I enjoyed it, as did my family. But it would have been 1000% better with decent sound!


      I don't know why someone negged this comment. clandestino is correct: the sound quality is very poor. It's mono for one thing and very lo-fi.

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    From YouTube recommending related material, I came across The Sound of Music Live 2015 UK version (part of PBS Great Performances series in 2018).

    Turns out, coincidentally, it was played by Julian Ovenden – the same guy who sings Maria (West Side Story) which I linked above. For some, you may know him from his role as Sir Charles Blake in Downton Abbey. I am unfamiliar with Kara Tointon who plays Maria, but she is good too.

    After watching a few short YT clips of this version, e.g. Something Good, I found the entire show here. The video size is small, so quality is not the best. But the show is great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Compared to the US version, the main characters here (Maria, Captain and Mother Abbess) display their emotions in a more subtle fashion, and hence more natural. When they express themselves, they are less “shouty” and in-your-face, compared to the US version (this is probably down to the director, of course). Also, Liesl's “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” scene here has more finesse.

    Having said that, the US version’s Elsa Schraeder (played by Laura Benanti) and Max Detweiler (played by Christian Borle) are really standouts. Not surprising when I started googling and found them to be accomplished musical theatre actors. As for Carrie Underwood, a country singer crossing over to this medium, she did a pretty good job. Her country roots must give her an advantage when it comes to the yodeling bits :-)

    If you are a Sound of Music fan, I highly recommend checking out this UK 2015 version. Pretty sure they are available on BluRay and DVD too.

    Getting to watch two versions in two days for free, and compare them - I am so glad "The Shows Must Go On" did not restrict us in Aus.

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