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MUBI Film Schools Program - Free 12 Months Subscription (Was $71.88) | FarFaria - 6 Months @ Scribd


Just saw this deal on HUKD which is similar to this deal (credit to NotaCommentator).

Steps -
1) Sign up to a free 30 day trial with Scribd. Disregard the message that the promo is ended. You need the 30 day trial to get the perk!
2) Subscribe to 12 months free Mubi in the Scribd Perks section (no credit card required).
3) Cancel Scribd 30 day trial.

Other perks available -

  • TuneIn Premium
  • Peak Pro
  • CuriosityStream
  • CONtv + Comics
  • FarFaria

Credit to HUKD

Referral Links

Referral: random (18)

Referee gets a free 2 month subscription. Referrer has their subscription extended by 1 month.

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  • +3

    This is not expired.

    I just followed the instructions and confirm it works. The linked page takes you to a page that says the promotion ended but if you review the link below it mentions start a free 30 day trial click that.

    CuriosityStream is great

    • +1

      Thanks mate. I didn't subscribe to CuriosityStream - how long is the free subscription?

      • I assume it is for 1 year but it doesn't specify it in the account section. All I see is the following in CuriosityStream website

        Plan Details
        Your account with Scribd is active (High Definition Streaming)
        Payment Information
        Visit scribd.com to manage your account.

        • +1

          I guess it will depend on your scribd premium account. Let's see anw.

      • +2

        CuriosityStream is worth subscribing.

  • Thenks OP. I just got it. Yeah i indeed had to go to the Scribd perks section.

    • Anyone know why loggin on vis the mubi iOS app does not work for me- it says account not activated and I need an activation email? But got none.. logon via website works fine!

      Edit- am locked out now.. after logging off I can’t get back in…
      Edit 2 - took about 10-15 mins to get the activation mail all good now!

  • +2

    Anyway to trial scribd without entering payment options?

    • No. Payment details are required.

      • I just did and had to provide payment details.

        • +3

          I found some thing interesting too. If you go to cancel the Scribd trial subscription. There's a button at the end which gives a free extra month trial. I clicked it and it extended my trial to 2 months. So 2 months free Scribd. Just so long as i remember to cancel the trial later.

          • +1

            @hollykryten: You can cancel after and still get the 2 months.

            • @dins: Yes, cancelled straight away and can keep 60 days free.

          • +2

            @hollykryten: Just use PayPal to subscribe and remove authorisation from PayPal so you don't get charged even if you forget to cancel

            • @firefly2k3: Yes. I keep forgetting to cancel and get charged every time I try these free subscriptions.

          • @hollykryten: Which page it was? I'm on this page which did not give one more month yet.
            "Pause Your Membership
            Take a break for up to 12 weeks. You won't be charged while your account is paused.
            Still prefer to cancel? Complete Cancellation"

            • @Meovel: It is at the page after the reason of cancellation, i selected not used enough as a reason and it took me to the page to extend by 30 days or pause my membership. Hope this helps.

              • @JaeTee: not shown for me, prob because I used a referral link so 60 days already :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP got the CuriosityStream subscription, MUBI and also peak brain training!

  • +1

    OP you are a legend - if only there was something like this for the Criterion Channel

    • +1

      Beggars can't be choosers but I too, wish there was something similar for the Criterion Channel.

      • I have noticed Criterion movie collection in Kanopy app (using your local library membership).

        • Is the content available outside of the US ?

          • @jettim76: With my Melbourne library access, I can see 14 films in Criterion collection. I think this list keeps getting updated on monthly basis. I'm guessing if you have access to US based library, you might be able to access full Criterion collection.

  • +4

    You also can get another additional 30 days trial if you try to cancel the membership (Scribd)

    • Came here to post the same. I cancelled my membership, got offered the extra 30 days, accepted, and cancelled anyway. Scribd until 23/7 in case that buys me an extra month of Curiousity Stream.

  • MUBI works. Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Great deal! Mubi is nice platform if you like classics abd foreign movies. No more 30min trying to decide what to watch on Netflix…

    • Instead, now it's 30 min trying to decide what to watch on Mubi :D

      • I can usually decide much faster on mubi than on netflix…maybe because it fits our style better or because we can actually get more information with real synopsis instead of just stupidity

  • Do you have to keep an active subscription with Scribd in order to keep watching on CuriosityStream. Because when i go into my account details on CuriosityStream it says "Your account with Scribd is active (High Definition Streaming)".

    So i'm thinking it CuriosityStream only works for you so long as you keep an active Scribd account. Close your Scibd subscription and you lose access to CuriosityStream?.

    • I am currently in the 2nd year with Curiosity Stream. <$20 per year

  • One of the best deals I've had on here - thanks OP!

  • +4

    Thanks, it works with existing Mubi accounts, just sign in form the Scribd link and you're all good.

  • My perk doesn't show a 12 month sub, Only a free perk while a scribd member.

    • Actually it shows that it is a 12 month sub on the sub section of mubi. Nice one thanks.

  • CuriosityStream is so good.
    Thank OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • FYI Tune In perk,

    Here are your subscription details:
    Trial expires on Jun 23, 2020
    Price A$13.91 per month
    Next Payment Date: Jun 23, 2020
    Coupon: scribd-1- // Good For Forever
    Discount Percent: 100%

    I’m assuming it’ll end if I cancel Scribd

    • +1

      If you can cancel Scribd, it remains active till end of your free trial.
      You have to pay after that anyways, if you plan to continue.

      Tune In Premium will end after a month of free trial, even if you cancel Scribd.

  • Cheers OP

  • +1

    If you want to extend the amount of time you get for the non-mubi products, i selected "i don't use the service enough" when cancelling scribd and they offered me an extra 30 days. I accepted the 30 days then cancelled again and now I have 2 months.

  • Sorry,How do you get 12 month subscription?I do not see it.I have 30 days free,and no another option.

  • Great Deal OP. Thanks!

  • That's one hell of a deal

  • It says
    If I cancel my Scribd subscription, do I keep my bundle?
    When your Scribd membership is canceled, any Scribd Perks that you redeemed will either self-expire after a period of time or automatically cancel at the same time that your Scribd subscription is canceled. Scribd Perks are only available for as long as your Scribd subscription remains active.

    Does this means if I cancel now everything will cancel ? Or depends on the app ?

    • +1

      My MUBI subscription is still 12 months even though I've cancelled Scribd.

      • Even if you cancel, your trial subscription will works until a certain day right.

        So what about if it still works when the trial subscription has ended?.

        • It’s working .. just cancelled

          • +1

            @rahoolz: ok.

            As for CuriosityStream. I bet CuriosityStream won't still work after the subscription has ended. As it seems to be directly tied to the Scribd account. I'm thinking end the subscription then the CuriosityStream also ends at the same time.

  • Ok,OK so you subscribe to mubi,and automatically you get 12 month,finally I got it.

  • -1

    When I try to create my scribd account its wanting payment info before letting me in. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried a number of email addresses using browsers, incognito mode and running through a vpn but every time after creating the account it wants payment info before going further.

    Any tips to get around this?

  • great deal.

  • Great deal!!! I used the referral box … so someone must have got an extra 60 days free :-)

  • Is this deal also available in the Google Play store?

  • +1

    Is there a search area in MUBI, doesn't look like much of an international selection to watch from..

    • Yeah no search function on the app!

      • +1

        There are hundreds more films on the website under "Library"

        "LIBRARY is included with a MUBI membership. You can explore right now, on our website. And very soon on our Apple and Android apps."

    • The traditional programming scheme is that there is one new film added per day and one taken away. The films are available for thirty days.

  • I couldn't work this one out. Can anyone help me.
    I signed up for the free trial but can't find the 12 month sign up section

    • +2

      go to the main page on scribd. on the left top corner, click on the menu, scroll down all the way down and click on your profile, you will see "scribd perks". it is there.

  • Great deal but lots of complaints by Scrib’d users about continuing to be charged after canceling their trial subscription:



    To be on the safe side, best to use PayPal to sign up and then take Scribd off automatic payments.

  • -2

    What is this for?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thank OP. I am an idiot. I left out one of the o's in my yahoo email address and it accepted it. No it is saying that they have sent me an activation email, to an email that doesn't exist.. I presume. It won't let me activate through Scribd with a different email because the code was used. Sad.

  • MUBI has opened up its library - more info here: https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/may/23/streaming-ho...

    For now, it is only available via web. It will come to MUBIs iOS and Android Apps soon.

    EDIT: Just noticed funeste has already mentioned about it earlier -> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8756601/redir

  • Mubi is fantastic. Netflix and Amazon fail when it comes to old films, especially good old films.

  • +1

    A reminder to cancel your Scribd subscription before it renews in a couple of days.

    • Thanks for reminding

      • Aaaaaand I just got charged even though I unsubscribed. Chasing it with them.

        I also Unsubscribed again, this time looking at the details after I did, it still says a renewal will occur.
        Worse comes to worse, I will do a charge back with Amex.

        • Same thing happened to me and I realised that their End Subscription page has a confirmation button at the very bottom with all the ads above it so it doesn't actually unsubscribe you unless if you click on that… very sneaky.

          • @nix1016: So they do, no wonder when I looked back it still said subscribed. So misleading.

          • +1

            @nix1016: Got this email over night:

            "Thank you for reaching out - we're more than happy to make things right for you.

            Per our Refund Policy, I have refunded your recent charge. Your subscription is now canceled and you will not be charged again. The funds will be credited back to you within 3-5 business days, though this can occasionally take longer depending on your bank's policies. Your free Scribd account will remain active, so you’ll still be able to share documents and use Scribd’s free features. In some cases, full versions of documents available on Scribd may only be visible to Scribd subscribers."

            • @snuke: Nice, thanks for that! I've just submitted my refund request now so hopefully it comes through too!

  • I just cancelled, but chose "too expensive" as the reason. I did not get offered another 30 days and my subscription ends in 2 days.
    I don't know if you have to pick the 'right' reason, but this might help someone… try the "don't use it enough" one it seems.

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