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50% off Multiple Video Games, PS4 Games $9.95, Switch Labo Kits $29 @ EB Games


Eb have finally moved their huge clearout sale online, there is also a lot of cross over with the days of play playstation sale. Many games are 50% off.

A few standouts so far are :

Ps4 :

8-bit armies for $9.95

Megaman 11 for $9.95

Redeemer for $9.95

Nintendo switch :

Travis Strikes again - No more heroes for $14.98

Valiant Hearts + Child of light for $19

Syberia Collection for $24.98

Labo Variety kit $29

Labo Vehicle kit $29

There are literally hundreds of more, go to search bar for your system, select home delivery & click & collect to filter out all the stuff they don't have, you may also be able to select "half price games" and search through what they have. Just added about 60 ps4 games to the collection, seems to be a couple of good deals on xbox one and switch as well.

Also wanted to give a shoutout to my local store tea tree plaza, a lot of the workers there and i'm sure all over copped it from people during the pandemic, so please be excellent to all the staffers and throw them some kind words when you pick up your cheap games.

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    Thanks OP
    Suggest including to search for “Half Price” in promotions as well

    • +6

      adding, cheers. About to crash out so just threw up some of the basic info to get the word out, so this one is a bit vanilla and light so far.

      Pity about the picture, automatically chose a DJ hero pic, sad. Was going to put a picture of my local EB (tea tree plaza) up there to give them a shoutout as those guys copped it solid from people during the pandemic.

      Just going to add a lot of these stores have also copped it and none of the staff deserved it, so give them a friendly word or two when your picking up your cheap games!

      • Updated Thumbnail to EB Games Logo.

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    All I need now is an actual console deal

  • +1

    Persona Q2 (for $39) was the one I had been waiting for.

    It's been slightly cheaper digital a few times, but I wanted this one for my physical collection.

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    Thanks OP went and bought the robot LABO kit to finish off the collection

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    If you have eBay Plus, check EB Games eBay store for free delivery (above $15 item).

  • Do you think Jb hifi would price match? No stock around me and delivery kills the deal

    • +2

      Not had great experience with either of them price matching unless your mates with someone working there.

      EB have been on orders lately as well to use the pandemic to not pricematch anywhere and my local jb's love to use the "no stock nearby" excuse, even when there is stock within a 5m drive…

    • JB hifi has stuff all 3ds titles these days

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    Few decent prices I found for Xbox
    Keep in mind EB are playing silly buggers again with their pre-owned and new prices

    Forza Horizon 3 - $20

    Injustice 2 - $15

    AO Tennis - $15

    The Surge 2 Limited Edition - $25

    Red Faction Guerilla Remarstered - $10

    Middle Earth Shadow of War - $5

    • -3

      None of them worth it, unless you can get them on PlayStation/Switch

  • +6

    Smash bros ultimate special edition for $139

  • +7

    Suncorp rewards has 6% off eb games gift cards
    Eb games has 12 months ps+ sub for 55.95 + 6% off = $52.59 Digital Download

    • If you are with AGL, it's even better at 8%.

      • I used to be with rewards gateway through work and they had 10% and you can purchase at the exact amount you wish.

        Keen to know if there are any other reward companies that offer the 10% amount.

    • Thanks. Grabbed two years worth.

  • +3

    Tales of vesperia definite edition, Valkyria chronicles 4 and lost sphear PS4 are $10 each.

    Shadow of War, Mass effect andromeda and Prey are $4.99 each.

  • Are these available in stores as well?

    • +1

      Have been since wed. Its how i knew this was coming and pounced on it.

      A lot of scalpers have already raided the stores there is a lot more then aval online

      • -2

        why wasn't it posted on ozbargain?

  • Thanks guys,

    This Travis strikes back game looks decent,

      • +1

        I don't know why people negged. I own it. Regretful purchase. Here's my review:

        I was fooled by reviews. I can't remember the last time I hated a game so much. Probably because I like the IP and saw the reviews said it would at least be "ok". Here's an example at it's worst:

        Enter new area. Wall goes up to set perimeter of the fight. Area of fight is a square with no interactable objects. Spawn enemies out of the floor. Kill them.
        Move right to new fight. Wall goes up to set perimeter of the fight. Area of fight is a square with no interactable objects. Enter enemies. Kill them.
        Move right to new fight. Wall goes up to set perimeter of the fight. Area of fight is a square with no interactable objects. Enter enemies. Kill them.
        Move right to new fight. Wall goes up to set perimeter of the fight. Area of fight is a square with no interactable objects. Enter enemies. Kill them.
        Move right to new fight. Wall goes up to set perimeter of the fight. Area of fight is a square with no interactable objects. Enter enemies. Kill them.

        After fighting 5 square arenas of the same size in a row with slightly different numbers/groups of the same enemy types I was willing to beat my head against the wall.

        The game has oodles of style in the cutscenes, the setting has so much potential. When it's telling a story it's good. But the gameplay… worst ever.

        PS: The boss fights are dull too. The sound is also awful.

    • +1

      That's just a cutscene. The cutscenes are good. The gameplay is woeful.

  • +4

    Thanks OP, there are some niche JRPGs for good price, I grabbed these three: Trails of Cold Steel 3 - $29, Ni no Kuni Remastered - $19 and AI The Somnium Files - $30. I grabbed for PS4 but same price for Switch (except for Ni no Kuni for some reason).

    • +1

      Nintendo tax

    • Ni No Kuni II is also a great game and only 19.95 with free delivery on eBay plus

      • +1

        Ni No Kuni II is one of the worst JRPGs I’ve played. The only redeemable quality of that game is the graphics and art style, it really looks fantastic. Other than that though, the difficulty is brain dead easy, the characters, especially the main protagonist, were awful, the story is terrible, the music is forgettable, and while the combat system is pretty decent, the lack of challenge completely kills it. Wouldn’t recommend, personally.

        • +2

          Why the downvote? It's not like dano was trolling and didn't provide reasons for why he didn't like the game.
          If Ni No Kuni II is anything like the first one, I would avoid too.

        • +1

          Each to their own. Most reviews of the game are pretty high. I enjoyed it.

  • Is there any minimum $ purchase for free shipping?

    • +3

      They don’t have free shipping.

      • +5

        They certainly have excessive shipping though. $20 for 3 games? Would cost a business less than half that.

    • Bought but they charge $15 for standard shipping

      • +1

        Yeah that part sucks but I ended up buying 6 or so games so I guess it doesn't hit as hard

  • +3

    $15 postage for a single game

  • Bought Valkyrie Chronicles 4. Not sure if it will be my cup of tea but worth a shot for 10 bucks.

    • +2

      if you like strategy games this is a great one !

    • It's a good game however too far for me to drive to collect

  • +1

    Most on their Ebay page too. I split my purchases to get most on Ebay. Free shipping and 1% shopback. Got 2 of EB website. So 2 games shipping (14) came out cheaper than 3 games shipping (20)

  • +1

    Good one OP. I happened to cross the local EB Games outlet during the weekend and saw the offer. Picked up far cry 4 for $7

  • +1

    Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! Is $29 + $14.95 shipping. Considering it's hard to find physical copy of this game & goes over $70 on ebay, it's a good deal.

    Edit: didn't see someone already posted it above. Mod feels free to delete this comment.

    • Do you already own that game? I'm looking for feedback on the motion controls.

      • +2

        I tried out motion controls, it is terrible and inaccurate, there is no hope to complete the higher difficulty songs using motion controls. The button control scheme is decent, but the best way is using the drum peripheral (which is impossible to get for a good price now). If you like the songs and a fan of rhythm games, then it is a must-buy.

      • +1

        There's a demo on the eshop.

  • -1

    I feel sorry for EB competing against direct downloads.
    Hope they can keep a niche.

    • +4

      Don't feel sorry for them when they price gouge us for years.

  • Delivery $20 for 3 games :-(

  • +2
    • +1

      If this was free i wouldn't even play it

  • Thanks, finally got all the Labo kits.

    • Have there been any good deals on the complete VR kit? Still $120 at EB now.

  • It would be good to sort stock by store - you choose your store and display only what they have. Bit of a pain clicking in and out.

    • +2

      just add them to cart and view by store to see which ones have it.
      only downside is you can only have 10 items in your cart…

  • anyone knows if children of morta plays better on the switch?
    it's $10 on ps4 and wondering if i should bite

  • Shadow of war worth $5?

    • +1

      Any game but fifa is worth a fiver.

      • Hahahah but is it good

        • +1

          Ive got 1,090 ps4 games havnt had time to play them all so dont know

  • Surprising Amazon hasn't come to the party yet. Usually they're pretty good price matching these sales.

    • +1

      They just arrived late.

  • well out of the 6 orders I placed 2 minutes after this started I expected to get a heap of "Sorry we've pretended to look, we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas" rejection emails over orders.

    Had 5/6 so far confirmed and managed to collect them, now just waiting to see if they reject the final order that was all posted stuff from the warehouse.

    not a bad sale so far!

  • Their system is really strange….

    Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! I was able to order one but now totally gone with preowned at $69. So the $29 is Price Error?

    Then also the three LABO kit, I was also able to order but show on back order pending delivery 1st Jun. Ok you would think Drum N Fun must be on clearance. EB was well know for their back order capability. then this from fratzhaus.

    Don't get me wrong, I got all my stuff in the order but their system just seem all over the place…..

    • +2

      It will be no mistake.

      So heres a bit of insider info from someone who worked at corporate.

      They monitor the hell out of prices, very rarely will you see a stocked item that surges in value either stay stocked, or stay at that price.

      They have a whole team that monitors this stuff, remember when black ops 2 360 went backwards compatible and people flocked to buy it from the store where it has been $35 since it was announced for bc, surging up from $19?… and then overnight microsoft put it up from $14.95 on the xbox store to $69.95…. within a very short time frame of this being announced all of a sudden it was $69 in eb games for a used copy?

      Another good example was godzilla ps4… for ages it was a $36 game then it started to surge in price on ebay, soon it was a $78 preowned game and yet new copies for were listed for $19 yet always out of stock. (stores have been ordered before to "swap" new or used copies, I dont know exact details something about distributor arrangements on new copies, where as preowned it's all profit at their discretion).

      Then recently it happened with rory mcilroy golf, license expired, all copies were to be sent back to distribution for credit and it was surging past $60 on ebay when it had been a $15 game, so all of a sudden all new copies disappear and they have a ton of "preowned" copies at $48 each…

      And this isn't even getting into their unofficial ebay sales, where notice how many times you see a really rare or expensive game traded in and you say to the cashier thats awesome I wanna buy that and your told, sorry has to be processed I can try and give you a call when it's processed, followed by oh damn it wouldn't let me enter it into the system, or it got instantly sold as soon as I logged it in, or my favorite, head office demanded it back for some reason.

      Most of those go straight on one of those ebay accounts to get the highest possible value. Just before trade in on ps3, ps vita and 360 games happened, a lot of us were expecting a huge increase of rarer games to come in that never did on the website. I even traded a bunch of them in using a birthday voucher and some games were paying upwards of $39 (wii sports resort was doing crazy despite not being rare).

      Hardly any of the games traded in stayed in store and most of them seemed to flood eb affiliated ebay accounts where they went for heaps.

      I've even seen some limited print games on these accounts which is interesting and stores don't trade them in…

      • That Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun! was sure there for $29 but now the page is gone.

        I an curious why the some are labeled out of stock and not back order available but others are out of stock but showing available for back order.

        • I nearly bought one after the original post but held back due to finances, while picking up orders I saw plenty of copies on the shelf in SA all with their original price tags on them but noticed a lot of stores had not stickered stock yet.

          Not really surprised they backtracked on this one.

      • Wow that sounds like an easy job monitoring videogame prices. I can do that!

        • +1

          it wouldn't surprise me if its a secondary duty and they've got price charting algorithms. Same thing we do at work with statistics, all data from reports and numbers of stuff go through the usual channels and info out of it gets correlated and presented as an alert and someone makes a call on it.

      • have noticed their ebay store was with ebay plus for free shipping on some items but today they seemed to have everything removed for free shipping if you had ebay plus. why would they remove it?

        • why would they remove it?

          Must be because the increased sales, eBay removed it.

  • nice got the labo

  • Two games, $29. Postage $20.

    Great job EB Games

  • +1

    Thanks, Picked up my order today for Nintendo Labo Vehicle and Robot Kit (Unfortunately they didn't have the variety kit in-stock).

    Also manage to pick up another Switch Game that was Priced Incorrectly ($49 Online, but had the $29 Sticker on it).

    • Also manage to pick up another Switch Game that was Priced Incorrectly ($49 Online, but had the $29 Sticker on it).

      See why I say something fishy. The POS should show the price is wrong.

      • +1

        It was priced correctly in the system, but was incorrectly sale stickered by an employee. The staff had to ask the manager to override the system price.

        • +1

          We've noticed already a bunch of prices have now been changed… They're following what is being bulk bought by people very closely

          • @typhoonadventure: So what happen if someone brought 10 copies of Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun @ $29, do their order get cancelled? (I should have but I didn't).

            The is also why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition Bundle can not be ordered?

            • @syswong: Bingo. I know a guy that tried to order 5x ce's and got their order cancelled and flagged as a resaler.

              Ironicly they werent reselling them it was for mates who werent awake for the start of the sale.

              Next day they all ordered theirs and got them confirmed and money taken, then all orders cancelled again and it went from a 14.95ce to a 49 dollar ce…

  • Oh man god a huge box sitting at work and I though WTF? So I underestimate the size of the Labo kits. You put three of them together, its huge and heavy. Plus the Taiko no Tatsujin is about 30 something for delivery. Not a bag price consider it is delivered with in 48 hours.

    Which Labo you guys suggest I should start with? Too heavy to carry all back home even I only live one block away from work.

    • Suggest the vehicle kit

  • Can now confirm had all orders fulfilled and delivered. First time ever during one of these sales.

    Colour me impressed!

  • +2

    Manage to get the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit at my local store today, after it was restocked during the week.

    Also received the Nintendo Labo Customisation Set for free as a Bonus.

    • Yeah my local had signs up saying free bonus kit with the purchase of a set, I forgot to ask em but I already have a customisation kit

  • +1

    Managed to get all mine, but one without a cover and some look pre-owned lol, but that's EB Games for you. Should be this price normally after what they do with the games. Like they abuse them or something.

  • +1

    Thank you OP!

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