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Origin 16% off Electricity, 3% off Gas Charges For 12 Months @ One Big Switch


16% off electricity, and 3% off gas, on Origin basic charges for 12 months.

Switch online https://buyinggroup.originenergy.com.au/custom/origin/groups... or call the hotline on 1300 674 446 (enter PROMO CODE '417' mention 'ONE BIG SWITCH').

Special electricity & gas deals, unlocked by the power of over 1.1 million One Big Switch members to date.

Discount off Origin Basic charges. The Basic Plan Information Document are available by clicking 'SEE THE OFFERS' or below in Terms & Conditions.

Discount off Origin Basic charges. These and the Basic Plan Information Document are available here:

Terms and Conditions:

Note: there are no early exit fees or contracts with this offer, but you should check with your current electricity or gas provider about any early exit fees or charges which may apply if you decide to switch to Origin.

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  • I'm using Dodo with 30% off electric and 25% off gas, and $10 off every month for the internet if you use Dodo's internet.
    Not sure about the current rate, but when I registered, the rate was good compared to the others.

    Most of the electric & gas providers, we need to deal in person, case by case.
    Sometimes, you need to transfer to another provider and they will call you and offer you a better deal.

    • How much do you pay pm for Dodo? Nbn i asssume

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      I work at an organisation who compares utility rates(energy,broadband etc). Don't be fooled by the % of discount they offer you. Cos the ones who offer bigger discounts also spike up their rates accordingly. Always look at the effective rates (usage charges and supply charges) after applying whatever discount they offer you.

      • So in your oopinion, who offers the bedt deal for a a household consuming approximately 1500 kwh per quarter with solar and gas 4500MJ per quarter .

      • Sometimes you can be the hardest part! Comparing! I've had to make involved excel spreadsheets.

        This sort of thing should be banned, just like how stupid phone credit caps used to exist, ie gave you a huge cap but with a huge rate so it wasn't good value at all. They banned those for being deceptive.

        • We compare effective rates and not the discount %. Always have.

          But there was a crackdown on deceptive advertising for energy as well in the past. In Victoria, we have something called the Victoria default offer and when we compare different companies , we have to let the customers know how much % the rates are less than the default offer.

  • I just had a look at the plans on Origins website. For Brisbane at least, 16% is a standard plan.

  • I'm wondering, is it additional 16% off with current online Origin Max Saver deal. because Sydney got 17% off for electricity and 10% off for gas by signing up online through origin website. If not, it doesn't consider as a deal at all.

  • At least you Eastern staters get a choice with electricity. It's a monopoly over here in the West!

  • Origin list better deals on their website than the one big switch origin deal for SA

  • Looks like the 9saver deal but worse? which isnt really any better than the standard max saver offer on the website.

    Last time i looked, the deal on origin website was 15% elec, and 10% gas - but on the total (not just consumption) plus guaranteed discount (eg if you need to extend a payment you keep your discount).

    You have to run your own numbers to see if it makes sense to you, factoring in the %, usage rate and supply charges.

  • Just signed up to Energy Australia - 16% off both electricity and gas. Plus $50 sign up for each. There was also a $200 cashback from cashrewards but that might have finished now.

  • I live in Melbourne. Ausnet electricity and Multinet gas area. 16% discount on electricity and 20% on gas which is exactly the same as what Origin is offering directly.

  • Thanks OP, will crunch some numbers but they offer a 14c FIT in Vic for 12 months which is quite good because the minimum rate drops to 10.2c in July.

  • I've been on their 13% deal for the last 3 mths.. no contract. .. Rang them and changed to their 16% deal within in 5 minutes of my call to them!!

  • "One Big Switch hit with fine for misleading customers"

    "One Big Switch pays penalties over electricity discount and savings claims"


  • I can't find anywhere it says 16% discount for electricity online, only 12% on origin Flexi, O% origin solar boost???

  • just called and now got 17% off just electricity.

  • For Sydney, 9saver and one big switch both offer 17% discount off Origin Flexi. For existing Origin customers, calling origin directly to change worked too.