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NordVPN 90% Cashback (Was 30%) (New NordVPN Customers) @ Cashrewards

  • Cashback is eligible for new NordVPN customers only.
    Cashback may be ineligible if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site.
  • Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.
  • The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

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  • If Nord is listing $125.64 for three years, that makes it $12.50 after cashback?

  • Price on title please

  • How does Nord make money out of this unless they are selling something else?

    • Sign up everyone at wildly unprofitable rates on 3 year plan.

      Get hundreds of millions of users.

      When it comes time to renew all those plans, sell yourself to someone else and start again

  • Is Nord a good option or are there better out there reliability/cost ratio?

    • Nord have an alright reputation - probably don't use them for international espionage, but for pushing your traffic through an endpoint its fine.

      You wont find anything better for under $10AUD a year. Just got my cashback from a previous deal.

      • Surfshark is better if you want to watch region free Netflix on an android tv

        • Why would shark be better? Nord has a decent quick and simple Android TV app

          • @Dezeption: Their app doesn't unblock netflix, it's a known problem with the way the new netflix app (and now other streaming apps) detect dns. Basically, unless you can sideload old netflix/bbc iplayer etc apps and keep them from updating, it won't region unlock with nord. I got sick of waiting for nord to change this and they haven't for the past year, so I doubt they have any plans in the future.

            Surfshark still works with the current netflix app due to the method of dns handling on android devices.

            • @Charmoffensive: Well I'm watching US Netflixs right now using nord

              • @Dezeption: Your tv must be using the old pre V6 Netflix app. Lucky you if the android tv you're using hasn't updated the Netflix app to the newer version. My advice is never update it.

                • @Charmoffensive: It's working fine on a mibox and a shield. They probably fixed it. Plus Netflix is all run backend anyway

                  • @Dezeption:

                    It's working fine on a mibox

                    Can you point me to a tutorial of how to do this without tinkering with the router settings? Might jump on to this if it's easy enough.

                    • @alterego13: No need to tinker with router. Just install their app and sign in. Select the server location and type and your good to go

                      • @Dezeption: Even on the MiBox? I have a dumb TV to which I have the MiBox connected for Netflix etc. So what you're saying is:
                        1. Download their app on MiBox (or Android Box)
                        2. Download NordVPN app (register/login etc.), open app -> select server
                        3. Open Netflix/Prime/whatever and it will be directed through the selected server in step 2?
                        4. Get popcorn and enjoy! ;)

                        Did I get that right?
                        Again TIA :)

            • @Charmoffensive: Are you referring to the surfshark app installed via Android playstore? Which is the same as your phone and desktop?

              • @neonlight: Yep, just their android tv app store.

                The only difference is if you're viewing netflix through the android tv app, the newer versions of the app use their own dns, so it doesn't work with some vpns. I couldn't get nordvpn to work with my shield tv at all, but surfshark worked straight out of the box, so to speak.

  • tempted at these prices to go with both Nord and Express, both of which are pretty much the same. at this price i think Nord is cheaper, but both are worth it for netflix/linux os downloads….

  • Any idea how long this is for?

  • +3 votes

    If you're wondering if it works for Netflix or amazon prime, it does. They have A LOT of servers so give it a few servers if one doesn't work and check the server load so you don't get stuck with a slow server.
    Their speeds are enough for me for prime (1080p) and Netflix , its a good alternative if you find express costing too much
    Its also good for when you want to download or stream stuff without your isp knowing because its got a kill switch so any activity is stopped if for any reason you lose internet connection
    I had a few connectivity problems connecting to the servers but when it was connected it was pretty good

    if you go ahead then DO NOT use a generic or same password as you do for any online account and maybe consider a second email address because there are accounts that have been hacked and passwords leaked online

    • How do you check the server load and select the fastest server? Also, do you ever use the Australia server? I find that one to be pretty fast

      • I believe you can only check server load on iOS and iPadOS (Maybe android I've only used those two). On pc (I used Mac) by default it will show you the fastest server but will not show you the %server load. As for the servers, it depends on many factors such as how many people are using it, any speed limitations , the infrastructure , strength of encryption etc , generally the closest servers will be the fastest.

        Essentially speed depends on latency which is how fast you get a response from the server and the further the server is, the more 'travel time' it'll need for a response

  • PIA just expired and probably would’ve gone CyberGhost last week at 91%. Express is still too high so Nord or SurfShark? Don’t even do geoblocking just a few downloads.

    • Same, PIA expring in a month or so, so jumped on Surfshark deal, and now surfing well on Windows and Linux!

    • Much of a muchness in my experience.

      I used surfshark for a couple of weeks and switched to Nord (nothing wrong with surfshark, but the cashback didn’t track properly, my own fault, so I cancelled)

      Speeds are similar, both have good enough apps for Mac + iOS, both work with US Netflix (both occasionally need to try a couple of different US servers), Nord seems to have more servers and was easier to cancel the auto-renew.

  • VPN slow speeds? I'm on 100mbit

  • In case anyone is wondering, yes, these cash backs are genuine. How do they make money selling a product for a few dollars a month? No idea. Do I use NordVPN? Yes. Do I think they really don't log anything their users do online? Lol.

    • I would imagine small money is better than no money.

      I think like Netflix allowing multiple people to stream from one account.

      It doesn't cost them anymore if 1 person used it compared to 10 people.

      Also, spreads the word that it's a good service and relies on the non-ozb type people to pay close to full price.

      • Kind of disagree, they are doing coupon codes just like this for massive discounts with like every single youtube channel

        Yes, though, the service works.

        But people are getting suspicious of their backend because of their massive widespread advertising and discounts

        Too good to be true kind of stuff

  • sm0 In a few months of using Nordvpn I didn't see any bugs or issues, so I feel that it's better to pay a few extra bucks but have a stable service like this, so in the long shot, it's totally worth the price I paid.. great deal

  • Hi,

    I want to use this for my TV, to watch

    Netflix - US
    Amazon Prime
    Hotstar - India

    All this like to watch in LG Smart TV not in Laptop or mobile or tab.

    Is this VPN does work in TV?

    • It works for your laptop, it won't work for your tv.

    • Won't work in the Tv but can always stream it on the laptop and then use a hdmi cable to connect to the TV.

    • Configure vpn in the router. You need a vpn client capable router.

    • I had installed nord vpn on fire stick and tried to connect US, but netflix has blocked most of nord vpn servers. Can use it for India though.

    • Doesn't work on LG TV. Somehow the webOS app always default to your region set on your TV unless you keep change your region…

      Use a laptop it will work. Took me long time to figure that one

    • Nordvpn doesn't work for hotstar. The ip is blacklisted. Windscribe works but the best service offered without any quality loss expressvpn is the best.

  • I did this through cash rewards and never got cashback. Nord VPN did not even send me a receipt to follow up with cashrewards…

  • No, Paypal payment, 3 years cost AUD 192….. about AUD$5.3 a month…. how much cash back….? if real 90% is good deal…..

  • Well decided to purchase it. Was $125.64US,charged $193.17AUD. My cashback is $167.80

  • torguard not as competitive anymore?

  • I already jumped on the surfshark deal. It's crazy how these deals can be so cheap. Has to make you wonder about privacy concerns. Or is expressvpn just ripping everyone off with high prices making it seem like they're better?

  • New to VPN, There is NordVPN, Surfshark, and express all doing promotion now. Which one is better?

    And a stupid question, if you have all three, does that mean you can play with that bouncing VPN like what they illustrate in movies? I realize some allow more than one session per account, so you can go A->B->C->A->…..?

    • Are you planning on kidnapping the president like what they illustrate in movies?

      • I plan to launch a improved version of Wuhan Virus electronically back to China that will target those with CCP gen. :)

  • +1 vote

    Purchased and tracked within the hour. Thanks Op.

  • its so slow on netflix?

  • This or surfshark for Netflix etc?

    • I haven't used Nord and probably never will based from what I've heard, but I'm currently using surfshark and it works perfectly for Netflix. Windows, android and Android TV all work. They're both cheap after cashback so try both maybe?

  • The Australian server seems to be the fastest. Do you guys choose this server or a different one and why?

  • I think I must be the only person NOT using a VPN

  • Bit worried that within 12 months every man and his frog will be on the Nord and service levels sheet. 36 months is a long commitment for anything internet.