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Keepcup Brew 227ml $16.13 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Thought this was a decent deal worth sharing if you're after a keepcup, and enjoy small coffees. rrp $24

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just a heads up, a lot of places are still not accepting Keepcups due to Rona concerns.

  • Great price OP, similar to the Myer sale a few months ago.

  • This is a noble idea, although poor quality (despite looking leak-proof, they really do leak). $16 for a cup that leaks? C'mon

    Anyways, I think I have seen a handful of people in my life consistently using reusable cups (but most of the people I know do own a reusable cup, because you know, they "care about the environment", just not enough to use them).
    Until the legislation changes and mandates not using throwaway everything, people will not give a damn about it.

    • Does it really leak?
      Or is this just your cup?

      • The Glass ones have a better designed lid and mine doesn't leak with normal movement. I wouldn't put a full coffee in a bag though.
        The full plastic ones leak though.

      • I tried 10s of different Keepcup cups, mostly glass ones. I had plenty in my office.

        They all leak much, to my great surprise back then. They only seem sealed, but you can't put them in your bag or backpack.

        • You really think if making non-leaking cups was their primary purpose they would really be on to this.

        • But they weren't designed for that. Would you put a takeaway cup in your backpack?

          • @klownz: I get your reasoning, but I somehow assumed they are sealed just before it spilt in my bag. It's just that buying an unsealed cup/mug doesn't make sense to me, personally - because of my lifestyle.

    • Just to balance out your anecdotal evidence, in my life I've seen a significant number consistently using their reusable cups - in fact most coffee regulars I know use them religiously. They do in fact give a damn about it and don't need to be legislated into doing so.

      I can't be bothered doing any actual research or follow-up as I'm sure it's pretty hard to quantify (and we are only dealing in anecdotes here anyway), but I'd be inclined to think the usage of these sort of things has gone up astronomically in the last 5 years. Might just be the type of people you are associating with that don't give a damn?

      • Its a shame only some cafes offer a financial incentive in doing so.

        I guess its additional time overhead in them managing keep cups over the regular kind, when trying to work things out at the machine.

        Knocking 50c off a coffee for using a reusable cup and might for some offer additional comfort in the investment

  • This is an amazing price and they make great gifts :)

  • So I bought the KeepCup LongPlay 473ml (double walled) from Myers months ago for about $19 and have been using almost everyday.

    Yes it's not leak-proof, it's not really supposed to be anyways, do you expect your disposable cups to be? I've got no complaint regarding the quality really. The lid and plug are a bit worn down (too much dishwasher I think). It already paid for itself long ago thanks to the small discount to reusable cup at my local coffee shop. I think some HeyYou places give you discount too. That alone already makes it worth it in true ozbargainer's spirit. It also encourages me to use the cup more instead of just having one for the sake of it too.

    • How much do you pay for a disposable cup?

      Do disposable cups have massive rubberised tops to keep liquid in?

  • Awesome. I find stainless makes my coffee taste weird.

  • Is this double wall? Can't find the info on the spec

  • If you're looking for something different, I would recommend the Sstoke (bit more expensive, but better design)

  • There's also these glass ones from 'Smash' at Coles that go for around $10.

  • For those that drink long blacks or black teas, the silicone band can transmit that heat quite well. The cork models get by this issue.

    Keep cups or any other reuseable cups are a great thing in my view

    • Yes agree with that.. I have the silicone band one and I can't even hold my LB without getting my hand scorched.

  • I've been using the Country Road Reuseable Cup only $4 more than this, and its insulated too. Though its not spill free. Plus if you're member you get $10 rewards on your birthday which makes it pretty good deal

    • Not this country round one but I have been using alot of Double wall glasses coffee cup and have broke at least a few already
      Finally got the Keepcup longplay and didn't break it ever since
      the Longplay has a outer plastic as the "wall" instead of glass and even I dropped on the floor a few times, it actually didn't break the internal glass
      While initially I feel it "cheap" as it use plastic, eventually I think this is making sense (for me at least)

  • These cups leak :(

  • Whats wrong with a used jam jar.

  • I use these every time. The thought of steaming hot coffee poured into the plastic lining of disposable cups, ugh. And I've never expected them to be completely leakproof, they're not a thermos.

  • Saw similar one's @ Macca's. Usually $15+ but were showing up around the $5-$6. Maybe only available in the meal deal(Mc Favourites box meals), as i swap the soft drink for the large Mc Cafe.

  • Careful, gone through 3 lids, all leak. Great cup, but the lid, the design is flawed!

  • When people say leak…. are we talking turning the cup upside down or chucking it into a bag and expecting nothing to come out?

    Or are we talking just general movement as you walk and the contents come spilling out the top?

    I'm really confused as everyone's expectations seem to be completely different here.