This was posted 1 year 4 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BCF 20% off Storewide Sale


BCF 20% storewide sale, not sure of exclusions but the prices I can see are discounted.

Perhaps good opportunity for those with $20 store credit from previous deal

Online 5pm-midnight

Don't forget cashback CR

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • Down to $16 now but have to pay $20 delivery

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    Possibly some bargains, but as usual they adjust the prices on some things and then deduct the 20%. I've been watching the price on these reels for while and they've always been $290 "club price". Now with the "20% off" they're $288. Save $2!

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      Stradic are often around $220 when truly discounted. Used to be anyway…

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        Ray and Annes had them for $240 recently. They're $279 now, less than BCF "20% off"!

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          Yeah thats probably about right for now…

      • ci4's tend to be a bit dearer than the usual stradics (now FL). Last few I picked up I just got bcf to price match ray & annes or freddies.

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    I cant see any discount for Weber

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      Says it excludes Weber unfortunately

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    excludes weber, so not 20% off sitewide, deserves a neg (for bcf)

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    As usual prices are jacked up!!!

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    Nothing too spectacular, nothing I want is cheaper than its usual price.

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    All the "Included" items I monitored are now MORE expensive:
    -XTM Air Compressor usually 99$ now 109$
    -Coleman Fyreknight Hyperflame Camping Stove "Was" 279$ now 179$- 179$ is the retail price in all other websites.
    -Inox MX3 Lubricant 300g 12.79$ "Clearance" - 11$ at Bunning Regular price.

    I will wait for the "SALE" to end and buy it cheaper.

    • Have you looked at the 4WDSuckycentres Thumper when a deal comes up, its often maybe $79. Its one thing they do alright. Id probably pay the extra and get the twin cyl. Mate bought me the original model as a thankyou for helping him do an engine swap, works good, and pretty quick.

    • Very correct. Was also just recently looking at the XTM compressor, $99, now $109. (Bought with the $20 voucher)
      The XTM flexible light was $29, (I bought last week) now $39.

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    These are the exclusions..

    Excludes Weber, Fridges & Marine Electronics.

    Store stock only, No rainchecks, not available in conjunction with any other offer. Promotion Discount off regular retail price. Excludes the purchase of gift cards, delivery charges and lay-bys. Regular retail limits apply.

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    Works on clearance items, good. But now there's a bummer. Applied $20 loyalty credit, paid the balance with gift card. Clicked to place order: failed. Now: loyalty credit has disappeared into nowhere…

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      This has happened to me once. I called them up and they reissued the loyalty credit with a new expiry. But unfortunately you'll probably miss this sale using your loyalty credit.

    • same happened to me a last week. were you using the chrome extension for cash rewards or shopback too? i think thats what cuases it. not game to try again as i had to call up to get it recredited. might try cr via IE.

  • I'm following prices for a 70 and 80L Dometic icebox. I was at BCF today picking up a tarp from clearance and took note of the prices. Nothing has changed for this deal. Standard pricing

    • Yeah I was checking those as well. Same price for ‘club members’ where normal price has changed. No discount.

      That’s what I’ve found a lot of with bcf / anaconda etc is they have club pricing and then shout out these 20/30/40 % off discount sales and the club pricing is exactly the same

  • Bought a Jerry Can using the free $20 credit from - I have a store not too far away $7.99 is a good price & can fill with cheap fuel at the moment - win win!

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      My experience with some of those jerry cans is they can leak. Make sure you get one with a rubber gasket and give it a test with water (before you fill up).

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    Bought Shimano water shoes $24, < half price.

    • Nice. I was half tempted to get some myself, but I'd probably never use them. I've always liked Shimano cycling shoes — I bet their water shoes are good too.

    • No stock in Sydney

  • 5pm until midnight, someone has caught on to anaconda's price beat policy.

    • Reviews suggest no. Thin metal probably.

  • Cool. Good lookin out, OP. Just cashed in my 20 bucks for some super exciting sunscreen and insect repellent!

  • This reminded me to use my voucher. Party favors sorted. Thanks.

  • here is a few items on sale:

    Wanderer Kids' Camping Fun Camp Chair
    $20.79 ^ $25.99

    Elemental Box Mosquito Net Single
    $20.79 ^ $25.99

    Willow Alpine Jug Cooler 2.5L
    $23.99 ^ $29.99

    Summer Stripe Single Hammock
    $23.99 ^ $29.99

    XTM Blinder Headlamp Beanie $23.99 ^ $29.99

    Boab Extreme Heavy Duty Tarp 12x20ft
    $24.00 ^ $89.99

    Campfire Traveller's Cutlery Set
    $30.39 ^ $37.99

    Solution X Portable Solar Panel 20W
    $24.00 ^ $81.99
    ★★★★★3.8 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Solution X Portable Solar Panel 20W (6)

    Boab Extreme Heavy Duty Tarp 12x20ft
    $24.00 ^ $89.99
    ★★★★★4.8 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Boab Extreme Heavy Duty Tarp 12x20ft (4)

    • Wanderer Kids' Camping Fun Camp Chair
      $20.79 ^ $25.99

      I just bought two for $25 two weeks ago.

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    THey have changed the prices before midnight.
    Website still has countdown and prices are no longer discount.

    • agreed i was about to check out and price when up $2 so i didnt bother

    • Yep. I was about to check out with quite a few items and prices went back to RRP.
      I have sent email to BCF. Maybe if few us contact them we can get another 20% OFF sitewide LOL

      • anyone get back to you?

        i sent them note back to the email i got, but nothing back