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    buying a fan in winter?

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      Expiration dates on fans are usually just before summer, so you need to buy a new one when it gets hot. Duh!

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      Not a fan of doing so?

    • Fixed

      Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2S $119 Delivered
      Kogan SmarterHome™ 2400W Smart Oil Heater (11 Fin, White) $119.99 Delivered

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      It's a smart idea. Everyone seems to forget the fan shortages we've had the last few summers.

      • I had the 2S fan in my cart for weeks waiting for free delivery. On top of this I received the $20 credit. $99 with free delivery was too good to pass up.

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    Cool. Now I can get me some of that cheap hand sanitizer.

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      It's excluded.

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      I purchased a box of those a year ago.. ended up throwing them out… taste like dirt.

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        Not surprising, it was ground not long ago….

      • How do you know what dirt tastes like?

  • I just recurved an offer from Kogan by SMS, $20 off when spending over $100. I wonder if that stacks with free shipping?

    • You should be able to as the credit is saved to your account and is applied as a payment method, rather than as a code.

      • Brilliant that should be close to a $40 saving on that fan 🙂

        • Just bought the xiaomi smartDC fan for $99. Happy with that!

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    The arid search for a good deal at Kogan.

  • Any ideas?

    Not much deals going through a quick search

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      Even when I had a $100 gift card that I had foolishly purchased for $70 I couldn't find value, last time I tried.

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        There came a time when I realised I was purchasing far too much crap and 'bargains' that I didn't need. Now before I purchase I didn't intend to I ask myself if I really need it, and do I have an immediate use for it.

        This has saved me money in the long run and I make do with that I can.

        • It's people like you who give OzBargainers nightmares - where is your OzB spirit!
          Need it - No - Bought it - Yes!

  • Any thoughts on their panel heaters? Hard to find alternatives with app control.


  • I just got a text a few minutes ago offering $20 off $100 purchase too

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      • Not sure, I assume as I clicked the heater and it was > $100 so an incentive to buy it?

        • Nah, I don't think that was the reason. I haven't been on Kogan's site for ages and I received the same message.

    • Me too

      • Me 3. Couldnt be bother though.

  • Any ideas on their (coffee) grinder? I'm looking for an affordable coffee grinder.


    • Just get the bcg820

      • I love bcg820, but it's out of my budget. I have $20 credit, $80 for it delivered seem to be worth a try?

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          this reviewed pretty well at coffee snobs, maybe not so much for espresso but filter and coarser

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            @bumheadboi: Thanks! I ordered it right after reading Andy's review. ;)

        • Yeah reasonable buy for $80 I'd say

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    Here's a buying idea (does not ship till 26th June though), use free shipping and the $20 credit for those targeted, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H, net $139 delivered
    [Edit: Ignore above, I tested, shipping code does not work for presale items (not in stock), $139 still applies for those with free shipping via Kogan First]

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    Does anyone want a $20 voucher? Minimum spend $100

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      It's linked to your account, you have to log in to redeem it.

  • Anyone vouch for their TVs?? Looking for a 40” for the bedroom and missed out on the aldi deal

      • You got one?

      • is it good for ps4 pro?

    • try this one from from GG, I use it for my bed room and its fine

      • here is where im confused, which is a better buy out of the two which has a better screen?

        • oh im not sure at all mate, what i will say though if theres ever an issue with the TV id prefer to deal with good guys over kogan any day of the week !!

          had an issue with another smaller tv, phoned them up, no worries took it in that afternoon and swapped it out for another. Good luck doing that with kogan.

    • Its all Chinese rebranded stuff, similar quality to Soniq. As far as TV's go they're alright and have adequate connections but expect the blacks and red/oranges to be grainy. Not really high def. I would spend more and get name brand, ONLY if you see it in person.

    • I have one of their 40" smart TVs which i use for a bedroom TV.

      * it's cheap - like totally awesome price
      * android OS and app store access means I can download my VPN app directly on the tv to watch US netflix etc
      * decent amount of ports
      * has google chromecast built-in

      * Picture quality although supposed to be full HD is not amazing and nowhere near my Samsung.
      * Sound is not very loud or rich
      * The TV OS occasionally freezes on me and I have turn off at the mains
      * has google assistant built in which has limited usefulness honestly and a big issue for me is that it cannot connect to google home. Some of their TVs can but mine couldn't despite being fully tricked out with android OS and google assistant.

  • Recommendations? I struggled to spend the $100 get $25 back with the AMEX deal. Considering skipping this one…too much effort.

  • I would like a $20 voucher please Jumpup. However I really need to know first from anyone please which UHD TV might be reasonable as computer monitor.

    Already utilise a LG 50' UHD for one computer thats about a year old.

    Does anyone know by chance any of Kogan's screens that are actually any good. Understanding that the quality might drop with something cheap :(

    But really don't have a budget above $350

    Would be thankful for anyones help :)

  • I just got an SMS $20 towards $100 spend. What to buy!

  • Saved 200 in shipping. Thanks OP

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    Got two cases of mercury hard cider for $82 with the $20 off code

  • CAn you stack multiple code into one purchase; ie. put $100 item and then add 2 codes for $20x2. Is it possible ?

    • Generally yes because the credit gets added to your account, not a typical voucher

  • Well that sucks. Went to buy the xiaomi air inflator which had been priced at $69 for months only to find its jumped to $99.


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      coupon code doesn't apply on that anyway. it's sold by Xiaomi themselves

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      • Awesome, thanks! No idea how I ended up at the other page.

    • Amazon $61.99 & free delivery with Prime

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        Damnit. Ha. I bought it last night and according to kogan it's been shipped so too late to cancel. :( cheers anyway!

  • Anyone have experience with their washing machines? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-9kg-series-7-front-load-w...

    • No experience, but this is probably what I will buy when current one dies.

  • Super Mario Maker 2
    Xenoblade chronicles: definitive edition (New release)

    $110 delivered

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    Thanks OP. Bought Fortis T3 folding treadmill for $539 with $20 credit and free postage. Postage to my place was $139. I wasn't keen on spending $139 for postage.

  • Bloody annoying, you buy something and 4 hours later you could have saved 30 bucks..

  • $20 code and free shipping didn't work on the ipad 4 16 GB refurnished @ $230 delivered so just bought it anyway .
    They win .

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    Anyone have any experience with the Kogan SmarterHome™ 2400W Smart Oil Heater (11 Fin, White)?

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    Interested in the smart oil heater… thanks OP

    • bought the oil heater and arrived today. Unfortunately the thermostat on the heater isn't correct. The room is actually 23 degrees and the unit says 34 degrees.

  • I couldn't find the spot to put in the SURPRISE coupon and I've accidentally order a product that has charged $10 delivery.

    I went to back to look and there is literally no coupon spot in the checkout process (done on phone)

    Anyone know?

    • I just bought on the phone and had a discount code option, it was red down below in checkout.

    • It is on your shopping cart page


    • This happened to me after I purchased a TV….. Needless to say you need to read the fine print which is basically the discount only applies to some items not all items. If you check back with your order after an hour or so you should be able to see Cancel order under it. When Kogan provides coupons the coupons are mostly always only for a select number of items not all items :(

    • This is where I went wrong

      I tried to purchase this https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-mijia-smart-dc-pedestal-...

      a pre-sale item which I guess doesn't qualify for any sort of discount code - there literally is no discount code section on checkout..

      Adding the xioami 2s fan actually made a discount code section appear..

    • Okay so the fan said pre-sale. Not shipped for 2 weeks so Kogan has already sent out the tracking information without replying to my request to cancel the order?

      I have a $100 fan coming I don't want.

      Anyone have advice?

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    Needs to be said, their price-gouging during the COVID crisis has been an absolute disgrace and they bring shame to the Australian retail industry. I will never give them another cent as long as I live and their actions should be brought up whenever they are mentioned.

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      Have you got any links? I'm curious.

      • No I haven't been saving links and taking screenshots for comparison. I have experienced this myself, their price gouging habits have been well documented in the media as you will see on Google, and it is a regular topic of conversation here.

  • Got this for $89 with $20 credit and free shipping


    $119 on Amazon

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      The $119 you see is from a 3rd party seller because Amazon sold out. It has been $96 for most of the last year according to Camelcamelcamel. With Suncorp discount gift card would have been about $93. Still you saved money even if they had it in stock.

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    Perfect, reminded me to cancel Kogan First free trial. Just cancelled it.

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