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20% off @ The Good Guys eBay (E.G LG OLED 65CX $3596, 55CX $2636, 65BX $3196, GoPro Hero 8 $399.20 C&C (Or + Delivery))


Greetings everyone, another eBay sale to take advantage of :)




GoPro CHDHX-801-RW Hero8 Black $399.20 C&C (Or + Delivery)

Hisense HSA25R C2.5kW H3.2kW Reverse Cycle Split System $408 C&C (Or + Delivery)

As always, enjoy!

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  • +2

    GoPro Hero8 comes down to $399.20.
    Worth a buy at that price surely?

    • +2

      Tried the Gopro 8, says "The code no longer works"

    • +5

      Honestly I can't recommend the GoPro Hero8. I purchased mine a few months ago despite the fact that they made the lens non-replaceable (meaning you have to get a whole new unit if you damage the lens - obviously trying to sell their subscription-based insurance) because I had hopes for the vlogging accessories that were stated to arrive last December.

      Now 5 months later, the vlogging accessories are impossible to get for the most part and the quality of which is a far cry from how they were announced at the beginning. Not to mention it slipped out of my hands from about 1m high onto concrete which left a considerable chip straight into the lens.

      I sold it for a loss and never looked back, but if you're still keen then go for the Hero7 with the replaceable lens.

  • +7

    I don't know how a business with a 94.7% rating on eBay hasn't been booted off - pretty ordinary!

    • +7

      They cancel a lot of orders without informing people, and generally (from experience) don't own up to pricing errors. Note, I haven't downvoted them - pricing errors are generally with T&C's of purchase.

    • +10

      Ebay makes a dickload of money from them, maybe that's why?

      • +13

        How much is a dickload compared to a buttload.

        • +15

          A gooch.

        • -1

          A buttload is

        • -1

          About 2”?

    • +1

      and ebay support sides with them

    • +10

      Ebay won't boot anyone off.

      There are so many "Australian" stores I've ordered from who actually ship from China and take a month to deliver. Ebay doesn't care.

    • +2

      Why do they have to boot anyone off? The rating is there for all to see, it's your choice if you want to do business with them.

  • +1

    That's a brilliant price for the CX!

    • good start for the new model - they need to drop a bit more yet tho for me ;-) like 55 sub 2k - could be waiting a while lol

  • nice! was waiting for this to buy a printer.

    thinking about getting this brother one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Brother-Mono-Laser-Printer-H...

    anyone have any other recommendations?

    • Funnily enough I got that printer from officeworks on Monday, so far so good. Also it was $118 at OW, not $119.20 that'll you'd be paying on ebay.

      • just checked OW site. seems to be a different model.

        yours is: Brother Mono Laser Printer HL-L2305W
        the one i linked is: Brother Mono Laser Printer HL-L2350DW

        not sure what the differences are tbh

        • +1

          If the specs similar, its just the trick they use so they dont need to price beat.

        • +2

          The D stands for duplex (print on both sides)

          The W stands for wireless (can connect to your WiFi).

          The duplex is a paper saver to print on both sides of that suits your printing.

          • +1

            @Given: $107.00 on GG commercial, if you have access..

  • +7

    My Nest Hub Maxs are still pending on MyEbay. Time to drop some feedback…

  • I came here to find Jack

    • +2

      i didn't but i did find him for you

      …he doens't want to see you

    • Was 2 for $168 last year

      • this is the second gen. was that deal for Gen2?

        • +1

          There only been one gen of hub, just a name change

          • +1

            @asa79: Lenovo 7" one has the same price with Cam

            • @hopper: I have two of the hub maxs from the previous deal, and wanted one for bedroom, so dont need a cam for there, so have picked up this deal, cant be bothered waiting for the 2 for $168 to come up again, probably wont

    • Tho $103 is still better then the Kogan deal

  • 20% off not showing for anyone else?

    • Yep… and + postage ?

    • You need to apply the coupon in check out.

      • I applied code in checkout and it says "This code no longer works".

    • +2

      Doesn't show on the listing but it works at the checkout..

      • +1

        Tried the Gopro 8, says "The code no longer works"

  • Cx


    edit - found a few things i wanted but code not working :(

  • Damn tv I want is on their website but not eBay page.

    • Which TV is that?

  • 65 s8 1200 if picked up, hmm idk how good it is no reviews yet, is the panel 50hz? that sucks @ss for a 1.2k tv
    LG nu7300 for same price? cant find any details on it. not a single review
    Hisense 65Q8 65" Q8 $1836 hmm worth a punt but the sony x95g is still way better at 2k if you can find

  • bought Nest hub. thank you. $103 pickup :)

  • What are the chances of them adding stock? Or what you see is what you get?

  • +1

    The code does not work for me at the check out. Looking for a 65CX.

    Anyone else not working?


  • -1

    So far I don't see as many bargains as previous deals but I'm sure that there are a few. Especially if you have a Good Guys Commercial account.

  • Looking at washing machines. I'm moving Sunday so I'll have a hire truck all day - can I simply collect from my local Good Guys or must these deals be shipped from a warehouse somewhere?

    • +2

      You can usually select click and collect from your desired store during the checkout process.

      • +1

        Thank you

  • How does the LG OLED 65CX compare to the LG OLED 65E9?

    • Hey Mate,

      The CX is the new gen with a new processor.

      Have you localised an 65E9? Are you referring to the Myer deal of yesterday?

      • Yes, Im referring to the Myer deal from yesterday. I thought the 65E9 was the 2020 model?

        • This is from last year. The E9 is a more stylish version of the C9, better built in speakers, but that's it.

          Have you found one? I checked Sydney and couldn't find one at all.


          • @Ederlezi: Nah havent found E9 in stock when doing an online search yesterday. Wasnt intending to buy one at the moment, but just for a bit of research. It seems that the E9 65" isn't in stock anywhere in NSW. Thats good for me, it'll keep me waiting a bit. Perhaps more stock will come through before Xmas sales.

  • +3

    I'm getting back "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."
    EDIT: Works now, probably a glitch?

  • +1

    "This Code No Longer Works"

    • I'm getting this too suddenly.

      Edit: Clicked apply a few times and it worked.

      • Yep tried it on many products….seems the deal has expired. Or wasn't meant to be allowed in the start and they've fixed it?

        • +1

          The coupon code with TEST in it did seem unusual.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Lenovo Smart Clock $63.20. I was waiting for a 20% off sale.

    • i own one. Sound quality terrible

  • +2

    code not working here
    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

  • Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +1

    Best tv bargains on this? 1300-1800 budget. something pretty decent. Samsung q70 ? Q80?

    Maybe even the new hisense q8 - full array direct led.

  • Must be a targeted offer to certain users only.

    • It worked not even a minute ago for me - then it died…

      • I wonder if it was an error and they will reverse all the sales?

  • Expired already lol

  • +2

    How long was it live for? So weird? Not even 10 minutes?

  • I managed to used it before it has expired. Wanted to get a fridge but I guess they are going to jack the price up.

  • Which one would people recommend? Sony HTS350 or Yamaha ATS2090B?

    Also is it worth getting the Yamaha subwoofer, or is the soundbar good enough? (Yamaha YAS-108B 120W)

  • Such a flash sale!

  • The Good Guys strikes again.

  • +20

    Yeah, they probably released the code before they had a chance to pull the products from the Ebay store or price jack first.

    • +4

      They forgot for jack up the price by 20%.

  • +5

    Judging by the name of the coupon, looks like they were doing a test run on prod.

  • any one knows how can I add concierge on ebay products they sell?

  • +3

    Yikes if this was a test, maybe prepare for more cancelled orders…

  • Literally bought the 55 LG CX an hour ago for 200 more and I missed this 😢

    • So this is a good deal

  • +1

    The code was pTESTgood
    I don't think this code was supposed to go out.

    • +1

      Maybe they didn’t leave enough time for them to price jack??

  • +1

    Not working?

  • Maybe its the june EOFY sale ? 20% off ?

  • +10

    live for 20 miins?
    well done TGG, just another creative way to piss off Ozbargainers

  • +3

    Yes, might be coming later full scale?

    Question for you guys, how do people get across the codes when they are released?

  • +1

    AWKS. I bit the bullet an bought a coffee machine, click and collect, hopefully it follows through. Wanted the BES870 in black, but they only had silver. You win some, you lose some.

    • they will probably cancel… let us know how you go!

      • +3

        You, sir or madam, live under a rock.

        You have no rights due to the price error aspect of the law.

        • +1

          100% they are well within their rights to cancel.

          I think they didn't, because it's Ebay who cops the blow, not good guys.

          Either way, they didn't cancel, I picked up my order, and claimed (and validated) the Breville free beans promo. Yeow!

  • So wrong code or fault?

  • i was looking for some pressure cookers but looks like coupon is not valid for them .. pity

  • What a jip. Just about to pull the trigger on a mixer

    • keen on a mixer. what did they have?