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Tennis Injury Elimination Video Course - Pay What you Want @ Essential Tennis


Here is the post on YT:

NAME YOUR PRICE! (ending tonight)

Before registrations for our new program called Tennis Rehab 360 close tonight I wanted to be sure you knew something important…
You can enter ANY price you want on the registration page and get lifetime access to the coaching.
Even $0.

Why would I do that?
Really simple - lots of players are struggling right now and I wanted to do something to help.
I don't want money to be a factor when it comes to overcoming your tennis related aches, pains and injuries.
There's no catch and no fine print so go register now before the doors close:


The core training features simple, easy to follow stretches and exercises to prevent and rehabilitate all the most common tennis injuries in 10 minutes per day without leaving your home:
* Tennis elbow
* Rotator cuff pain
* Low back pain
* Wrist pain
* Golfer's elbow
* Calf strains
* Hip sprains
* Much more!
It’s your complete, comprehensive guide to alleviating your tennis aches and pains. Plus, if you sign up before registrations close tonight you can name your price to get inside:

When you join before midnight tonight you'll also get lifetime access to these bonuses:
* Guided Mobility Routines - Follow along at home as Steve Beck guides the Essential Tennis coaches through four different stretching and mobility routines specifically targeted towards common tennis injuries. These are perfect to do each morning before starting your day or after matches to make sure you're taking good care of your body. They all last between 10 and 20 minutes and don't require any special equipment so they're easy to inject into whatever schedule you have!
* LIVE Q&A With Steve Beck - The mastermind behind Rehab 360 is NASM certified corrective exercise specialist Steve Beck. Because he has also been playing tennis for years (4.0 level) the amount of insight he brings to the table is incredible when it comes to helping tennis athletes avoid common injuries and overcome the ones they already have. You'll be able to submit your personal questions for Steve and Ian to answer so we're sure you're on the right track and making the most of your time and efforts!
* Peak Performance with Dr. Casey Cordial - Recently the Essential Tennis team had the special opportunity to hang out and chat with an ATP tour physio! Dr. Casey Cordial has been the traveling therapist working with several top tour players like Jack Sock and Grigor Dimitrov to keep them loose, strong, and pain free. This series of sit down talks and demonstrations reveals his top suggestions for tennis elbow, cramping, recovering from a sprain, stretching, and much more.
* Rehab 360 Guidebook - This quick PDF guide was written by Steve Beck and it explains the mindset and principles behind the Rehab 360 program. You'll learn what "self myofascial release" is and why it’s so important for tennis players who want to become and remain as pain free as possible. You'll also learn what Steve recommends in terms of scheduling and routines to keep your upper body and lower body feeling strong and solid.

Those bonuses alone are worth much more than the normal price of a lifetime membership (Just $47) but if you register before tonight at midnight you can get them all for ANY price you want to pay.
Every tennis player on the planet can follow these simple routines and every tennis player on the planet can afford to get access!
We have to close the doors tonight so all the personal, interactive features can get rolling so join now while there's still a bit of time:

Can't wait to hear how this program helps!

Yours Truly,

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