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[Prime] Lenovo Flex 5 14"/2-in-1/FHD IPS/Touch/AMD Ryzen 5 4500U/16GB DDR4/256GB SSD $906.82 Shipped @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


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Technical Details


Screen Size 14 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Hard Drive 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Graphics Coprocessor AMD Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand AMD
Card Description Integrated
Wireless Type 802.11ac
Average Battery Life (in hours) 10 hours
Fingerprint Reader - Touch Style

Other Technical Details

Brand Lenovo
Series Flex 5 14"
Item Model Number 81X20005US
Operating System Windows 10
Item Weight 1.65 Kg
Item Dimensions L x W x H 32.2 x 21.7 x 2.1 cm
Colour Graphite Grey
Processor Brand AMD
Processor Count 1
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Optical Drive Type None
Batteries: 1 リチウムポリマー batteries required. (included)

More specifications

4/6: Back in stock and price drop from $1007.79 to $969.80 $966.43

8/6: Down to $959.78 (currency fluctuations)

18/6 5pm: Now $970.92

18/6 7pm: Back in stock but on backorder (In stock on June 30, 2020.)

2/7 12pm: Back in stock at $968.95

11/7 7PM: Price down to $960.47 (currency fluctuations)

23/7: Down to $938.37 (currency fluctuations)

24/7 Down to $936.79 (currency fluctuations)

21/8: Back in stock and Down to $931.31

28/8: Down to $924.75

29/8: Down to $921.43

30/8: Down to $908.05

3/9: Down to $906.82

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Never buying Lenovo after their superfish and other bloatware scandals


  • -1

    This good enough for photoshop and after effects on the go? Or not worth the trouble.

    • The six core processor is plenty for Photoshop and After Effects. It is a mid tier processor that faster than some of Intel's 10th gen i7 flagships. The only issue is that the screen is a 45% NTSC colour gamut, so you will not get as accurate colours unless you connect to a portable IPS monitor with at least 72% NTSC.

      • Oh no, iPad plus laptop plus portable display would murder my back.

  • +2

    How does this stack against the Thinkpad E14 / E15?


    • The E series are traditional clamshells with a normal hinge, no touch. This is a convertible with 360 deg. hinge (non-detach) and can be used in tablet form with active pen. Fingerprint reader also integrated but it's an optional upgrade on the E series.

      • Cool thanks. If you're not too fussed with the form factor, and just thinking about power, battery life, etc, from what I can tell the clamshell is slightly more powerful. Is that right?

        • They both have the same CPU, any performance gains would be from other design considerations like cooling which affects thermals and also power restrictions.

          I haven't read enough about the E14 Gen 2 yet, but you can probably find some benchmarks floating somewhere, try searching on 3dmark.com and Geekbench.com

    • For what it's worth I just bought one of these over that ThinkPad deal. The reviews for this model are very good and I can't really go without the touch screen.

  • Looks like a great deal.
    Must Resist…..

  • +1

    USB-C port doesn't seem to support displayport alt mode.

    Only supports power delivery and data.

  • +1

    Noob questions but couldn't find it in the terms and conditions. Can you still get cashback if you pay with gift cards?

    • can someone answer this? I am wondering about this too.

  • Restocked at $966.02 and 5% cashback is available to make the price down to 920-ish.

  • Would this be a decent upgrade from a 2017 Macbook Pro 13 inch? The specs are 2.3 Ghz Intel i5, 8gb Ram, 256gb storage, Intel iris Plus graphics 640 1536mb.

    Realistically, my macbook pro is perfectly fine, I just figured this might be a good time to upgrade and sell my macbook while it still has decent value. I have been looking at getting a 2in1 laptop that is capable of playing simple games like LoL and what not (nothing intensive like COD)

    Originally, I bought my macbook for uni related work and some minor amateur photo editing - both of which I don't do anymore. I know the Flex isn't the best for photo editing due to the not so great screen

  • restocked at 963.65

  • And down to $959.23 by the look of it.

  • Does the ACL 2 year warranty applies to this purchase?

    • Yes, it's covered by Amazon consumer law.

  • Bought it, loved it, amazing laptop for the price. But, dunno if it's just my machine or if others have experienced the same issue: a 1 sec video lag when playing videos (online via YouTube/ Netflix or offline downloaded content) every 10min or so. After 28 days decided it's getting very annoying so now in the process of returning as we mainly use it for watching videos. It's a shame though cause it's such an amazing laptop otherwise…

    • Did you check the video driver i.e. uninstall and then reinstall. Test in safe mode with networking and see if issue still exists. Sounds like a GPU or driver issue.

      • Yep, updated the GPU driver, went into BIOS and followed some online instruction to ramp up GPU, played with a number of different configurations etc but in the end nothing worked :(

        • Sounds like a ram issue. Is there any other programs running/using ram when you watch videos?

          • @Skinnerr: Nope, just running single program watching video only, either on YouTube or a downloaded video. Always had the same issue…

    • hows the refund process

      • Depends on reason of return apparently. Normally reimburse $24 postage, but if item is faulty then they reimburse 100% of cost ($75 via Aus Post)

        • do you know how long will it take.

          i feel like i have the same problem

          • @madster09: Well, apparently 5 business days. I must admit it's a bit scary to send a laptop off to US just like that. Either I'll get a full refund including postage, or I just lost a laptop + $75

            You mean you have the same video issue?

            • @oztite: yup same problem around video issue. i was using zoom. did you try with video conferencing etc.

    • I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue…

    • You can test GPU with benchmark like https://benchmark.unigine.com/superposition at your own risk. (Warning: It can damage your GPU)

    • I returned mine too because wifi issue (disconnect randomly), then bought another one, arriving today (fingers cross no issue). Now waiting for a refund on returned item.

      • I lost faith and bought from the recent TA deal instead. Returned laptop has been stuck at LA airport waiting for clearance for the past wk

  • also why is this expired? It looks the same price on the product page.

  • +2

    I bought this one early July, initially scheduled to arrive on 21st July but surprisingly turned up 10 days earlier, too quick for an international shipping especially during the pandemic. Suspected they sent me what other customer returned to them, I was careful when unbox, there I found some greasy finger prints on keyboard and screen. I called and complained to Amazon, and they gave me discount of $100, and I accepted "too cheap". Then a week in, wifi started disconnecting randomly a few times a day, couldn't figure out why. Nothing wrong with my wifi network as other devices are working fine. Figured it's defective I contacted Amazon, and decided to return them, and ordered another one. Now patiently waiting for a refund. Thought I share this with everyone.

    • I had that same issue happen with my XPS, even though rest of the devices worked.

      • Hope they refunded you for your XPS. Thanks for posting this deal!

  • How is this compared to the HP x360 deal few months ago?

    Is this worth the extra $250?

    • Depends on your needs.

      16gb ram vs 8gb would make little difference for a lot of people.. but a big difference to some.

      • But isn't it just $100 to upgrade the HP to 16GB? You could upgrade it to 32GB for $200 and still have some change.

  • Does anyone know if a pen comes with the laptop when we buy from Amazon? Or do we have to make a separate purchase?

    • +2

      Mine included stylus

  • I'm not a nib nor hcf customer, how can I get gift cards? Is there a way?

    • +1

      I looked, and came up empty.

  • How's the battery life?

  • How do you go about getting warranty for this in Australia?

    • Amazon AU

  • +3

    I have bought this and have been using for almost a couple of weeks.
    Came from MacBook Pro 2013 spec'd out.
    It's pretty good! I wanted the IdeaPad 5 14 however the delivery dates kept creeping out, so I ordered this and Amazon delivered in like 5 business days.
    I was worried there would be a dropdown from retina to this but on a 14" screen I cannot tell anymore.
    The screen could be a touch brighter and I don't like the gloss, but this is an all in one so makes sense. Not a deal breaker.
    The keyboard does require a bit of smashing, coming from the mac, to get all the keys. I am quite often missing keys here and there because I am not pressing hard enough, but that will be a matter of adjustment.
    Very light. The pen is very accurate and the touch sensitivity / screen refresh by my finger is very responsive.
    The entire computer is very very snappy and pretty incredible for $950 odd.

    Apparently it will drive a 60Hz UHD so that will probably be a purchase down the way.
    Haven't played any videos so can't comment on those issues but presumably that is something that can be fixed.
    I would still prefer the IdeaPad 5 14 however if I were buying again I would maybe try to find one with a keyboard much alike the Surface/MacBook pros, and maybe 300 nits and/or anti-reflective, but I'm using it primarily as a laptop.
    Games are yet to be played with but everyone agrees for casual gaming the performance is exceptional.

    • 60Hz UHD

      Is this a monitor?

      • Same here. Pretty much spot on with your review mate. I alao bought it as my primary laptop, upgrading from a macbook pro and the two things I miss are the magnetic charger and keyboard. Everything else is heaps better…
        I will need to upgrade the SSD though. Tutorials on youtube make it so easy…Just worried about voiding the warranty.

  • aussie dollar strikes back again.

  • Will it be back in stock?

    • +1

      We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.


    • +1

      Available again

      • +1

        Thank you my friend.

  • Has anyone had issues with the laptop not waking back up when its asleep? We press the power button once, touch the keys, click key, and FN key but nothing, it stays asleep. The only way to turn it back on is to hold the power button until it turns off completely then power it back on.

    • Yep I had the same issue. It you let it go to sleep without folding the screen down this happens. If you fold the screen down to make it go to sleep, then when you fold back up seems to work fine. Only way to wake up is to turn off as you mentioned by pressing power button for 3 secs

  • +1

    It's back!

  • Cancelled my ASUS VivoBook Flip and ordered this instead, hopefully it'll be better

    • I am in the same boat. Ordered the vivobook flip on 16/8. Status is that it is not yet shipped. Did you get immediate confirmation once you request cancellation?

      I don't want to have 2 orders in place.


      • +1

        Always immediate with amazon, and they don’t take money till they ship so no loss regardless.

        • Thanks very much. Cancelled the Asus and ordered one now. Similar price with 16 gb of ram instead of 8.

          Bonus is it can be charged via USB C, whereas the ASUS cannot.

          OOS now though and only availble from 3/10, but not a concern as it is a purchase for my daughter when she goes to high school next year.

  • Got this in July. After a few days we started to have issues - it would turn off during boot up. Contacted Lenovo Australia and they advised me that it wasn't covered under Australian warranty as it was purchased from USA. Contacted Amazon, and they advised me to return it for a refund. Amazon also covered return postage ($120).

    • I once returned a DOA Yamaha AV receiver that I ordered from Amazon Italy - big heavy box.
      Cost me over $400 AUD to ship it back - Amazon reimbursed me for postage - and sent a replacement.
      A couple of months later the faulty unit arrived back at my place in Oz… Amazon had refused to pay the incoming custom duties in Italy :o
      They must have lost a few $ on that sale..

      • Did you try and get it fixed? Or just sell for parts.

  • After dithering on which laptop to get (this or the Asus tuf FX505DT for a month I decided on this, then it went OOS! Finally after a month of weekly checks it's back and I got it.

    My question is - is the WD blue 1tb SSD deal a good upgrade for this? Or the Kingston A2000.

  • Back at $929.63!

  • I purchased at $930~ but it still hasn't shipped out, so I haven't been charged but the price has dropped. Should I cancel and reorder?

    • +1

      contact the customer service and ask for the difference.

      • Good idea. Thanks mate.

  • Is it better than hp envy?

  • USD loses value against most currencies which I believe Aud is in the best position against it in the past 2 years or something?

    • US treasury is pumping out more money and as a result the USD is dropping. In America cash truly is king.

  • Any drawbacks to purchasing from Amazon US?

    • If anything I would say it's better to buy from them. In case if something small goes wrong and they decide it's not worth paying shipping, they might refund you whole amount and you get to keep the laptop

  • +7

    I bought this back in July for around $960. Been using it for just over a month now and here are some thoughts:

    Pros: Lightweight and compact, good for those who need it on the go for studying etc. Speedy enough for general browsing and carries my ridiculous number of chrome tabs with no issues, also okay for light gaming. The touchscreen and active pen work well speaking as a hobbyist artist.

    Cons: Screen is on the dim side and struggles on sunnier days. SD slot is too shallow, and an extra USB port would have been nice. Wifi card isn't the best, limited range and drops out occasionally, but isn't a dealbreaker. Flipping the screen to use in tablet mode takes a bit of effort and care as the hinge isn't the sturdiest thing.

    A note on the colour accuracy - when compared with a better display the difference is noticeable, but I think it holds up decently by itself. Funnily enough the graphics settings out of the box weren't the ones that yielded the best results - I had to change 'colour temperature' to 'automatic' to get the colours looking right.

    Overall very satisfied with this laptop. Currently at $908 I would consider this a steal!

    • +1

      Great write up review. You should post this on the Amazon page so it's not lost on here.

  • Currently unavailable.
    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

  • I've bought this a week or ago at $936, and it hasn't shipped and won't be for at least another week (says delivery anywhere between 10th-30th Sep), which is fine, I read and understood this when I bought.

    Question is the price has now dropped another $28 on this listing; will I get any traction with Amazon asking for partial refunds or credits? It's the exact same listing and nothing has changed

    • I tried to with no dice. Only ended up with $10 credit.

      • Actually on the phone to them right now; they cancelled the original order (wasnt actually ever charged, only charges when shipped), and I replaced the order at lower price. Shipping date is pushed back again but in true OzB fashion im justifying the wait to save a measly $28

        Im guessing with yours it was already shipped and received?

        • I would otherwise do that but I want the laptop relatively quickly so I didn't want to lose the quicker dispatch time.

  • Apologies if this has been asked and discussed in the six pages of comments

    Amazon USA site has this laptop for 599 + 36 shipping. $635 USD = $870 AUD.

    Whereas same laptop is $907 AUD in Amazon Australia site.

    What are we gaining by not buying from cheaper USA Amazon site?

    • +1

      What are we gaining by not buying from cheaper USA Amazon site?

      Try buying from the US website and find out yourself 😉

      • Where there's a will, THERE'S A WAY!

    • US advertised prices don't include sales tax.

    • Lol.

  • Hi all - I’m looking at pulling the trigger on this deal. Just waiting for HCF to send through discounted GCs that I purchased earlier today. A couple of questions:

    1 - has anyone attempted to play warzone on this laptop? I’m keen to see whether it can handle this.
    I’m a casual gamer so don’t expect to be playing in highest quality possible etc

    2 - what has your experience been with delivery time? Are the estimated arrival times pretty accurate or have some received it before?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Can't answer question 1 but for question 2 I ordered mine on the 22/8 and received it today.

  • Received mine tonight and just finished setting it up. Very satisfied so far.

    Only question for any one who already has had it for some time - do you put a screen protector on it for use with the pen. It will be used for high school for my daughter and the pen is required to be used frequently. Is it necessary to apply a screen protector to prevent scratches and if so will it reduce the accuracy of the pen?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Amazon states that this is only available through third party resellers? Anyone know if we should be expecting stock to come back or is this one finally over?

    • It's been on and off for 3 months. Took me a month of checking to order mine ahead of the lazy crowd.

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