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Scotts Instant Hand Sanitiser 1 Litre $11.88 [In-Store Only] @ Bunnings


Great deal for a big bottle of hand sanitiser especially if you missed out on the Aldi Deal

Slightly bigger bottle and also cheaper than this other Bunnings deal

Appears to be in store only and I picked this up from Bunnings in Lidcombe. Plenty left in stock. Not sure if it's nationwide.

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    picked one myself from a bunnings VIC North. plenty of stock

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    yeah picked one up at bankstown nsw.

    and 10c cheaper than buying two smaller bottles with Aloe fragrance from Chemist Warehouse

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    These smell and taste fine. I don't know why everyone thinks they're so bad.

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      I found the smell a bit off putting at first, but after my third glass I couldn't smell anything at all.

    • taste? ._.

      • Yes taste.

      • I like to add some sparkling water to mine

      • You've never touched your mouth after washing your hands with a particularly terrible washroom gel?

        • surely it's common sense to not touch your mouth right…?

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      I think they changed it slightly, we had the 1L one at Coles then had a 500ML later on and the 500ML definitely smelt a lot better.

    • it really smells like traditional chinese medicine….. somehow give a "double assurance" (lol)

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    Great price. The smell must’ve caught on ;)

  • a pallet at Kingsgrove NSW

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    BUYER BEWARE: This smells absolutely terrible :)

    • I don't mind it, as long as it's doing what it's intended to do !

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        It is, but your hands literally stink after you use it… So it's not really completing its intended use very well :)

  • Yeah pallets and pallets of the $13 type at Gungahlin ACT. Haven't seen this one but does say there is stock.

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    This stuff smells terrible, given there is plenty of stock around now I would give this a miss.

  • Need second wave of COVID so I can sell my stockpile of toilet roll, liquid soap and hand sanitizer ….

    ….. reality is supply of most things is back to normal except Aldi Australian fresh squeezed orange juice is usually sold out.

  • Seems like it's down to personal preference on the smell since some like it and others hate it. I personally don't mind it and my hands don't smell at all after a few minutes after it's evaporated anyway.

    What's more important to me is that these seem to evaporate fairly quickly and don't leave your hands feeling sticky like some other brands I've tried in the past.

    For those who are on the fence, some stores (like my local one) have this at the store entrance for everyone to use so you can try before you buy if you're worried at all ;)

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