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DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Machine - Black, $199 Delivered @ Myer


Popular deal is back.

Black colour, delivered from Myer.

Enjoy and be happy!

Mod: $189 Delivered from Myer eBay for eBay Plus Members - Use PMONTH200 code. Only 19 in stock at this time. Original deal.

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  • That's nice of Meyer, what a nice guy.

  • Meyer thanks my friend

  • Any one know if it produces Tasty coffee? Looking for a decent machine but not sure if pod or ground coffee. I do know fresh ground coffee is the way to go but previously had the semi auto Kmart machine before it stopped working.
    If any one uses this please let me know how it is. Thanks.

    • Hey Mate

      I got mine in the boxing day sale last year, I previously used a nespresso pod machine and an aeropress. Best money I have spent, I had to buy a metal taper (as it comes with a plastic one)and once I got the hang of grind/ taper it produces a great coffee and always consistent- its pretty lightweight too so I take it to and from work in a woolies bag and use it 3 times a day. Cleaning function is a breeze just hold in a button and then twist the frother- takes roughly half hour.

      My Mrs used to be a barista back in the day and she rates it- hope this helps.

    • Can also confirm this is a great purchase.

    • If you buy an unpressurised basket and upgrade the steam wand to a Silvia wand, then it can make really good coffees. It takes some practise though and can be a little inconsistent (letting it warm up for 20ish mins helped with temp).
      I've had mine with the above mods for ~6months and it's been really good.

      • Hi that’s interesting. Do you have links to the wand and basket?

        • Wand
          Its a fairly common mod, there's a few guides/video's on google for this. You can also find it on Ebay etc and other places for cheaper.

          Basket is the unpressurised basket I purchased from Amazon (MagiDeal 51mm). Keep in mind that you need to remove the plastic bit in the standard portafilter for this basket to fit (1 little screw, takes 2 seconds and can be reverted easily).

          Hopefully those links work.

      • I use the uppressurised 1 cup filter from my retired Breville machine. No modifications required. Works perfect. If you want to use the 2 cup filter you need to unscrew the filter holder and remove the inner part as the 2 cup filter is too deep

      • @newwtz4: Not sure what you mean by warm up time. I have been using an unpressurised basket with excellent results. Wondering if i need to warm it up. How do you do that?

        • I just mean turning on the machine and letting it heat up for 20+ mins before pulling a shot. The machine says the temp is good after like 30 seconds, but I found the shots tasted far better if I let it get some heat into the internals. Also running a water shot through the portafilter before filling the portafilter with coffee helped (warms the basket etc).
          It seems this machine can struggle to reach proper brewing temperatures, so warming everything up just seems to prevent as much of a temperature drop/fluctuation when pulling a shot.

          Steaming the milk before pulling a shot probably also speeds up the process of warming the machine, you've just got to make sure you purge some water out of the wand after the steaming to bring the temp back down a bit (else you might go the other way and burn the coffee with water that's too hot).

      • Came here too comment this same shit… good you highlighted it. I had this same machine, I was attracted to it for it's compact nature, but then when you add in a grinder and the other changes, ended up swapping for a bes 870.

        The steam wand also annoyed me on this model!

      • Thanks for this! Was looking at upgrading to a Gaggia or similar but keen to try these mods!

      • I used a dremel and removed the bottom of the basket to make it un-pressurized. I also just removed the steam wand attachment and just use the black rubber tip to froth milk. Creates excellent micro foam. Purchased a heavy weight tamper as well. Ex Barista.

    • Thank guys, ordered!

    • Also have this machine for 5 months now. Had other capsule machines in the past and makes good coffee. So far so good.

  • Ebay plus user can get it for $189 — PMONTH200

  • Have one of these, really good machine. As small as a nespresso machine, but makes nice coffee. Looking into getting an unpressurised basket to really up my coffee game. Definitely worth it for $200

  • How is this compared to the ec685m anyone can advise? TIA

    • Black vs stainless steel, the letter denotes the colour, so maybe M is for metal. Same machine just not painted black like the BK.

  • Good machine. Spasibo, Rusyia

  • Best value grinder to go with this machine?


    • I have the Breville BCG820. It's great. Can be had for $199 now.

      • Thanks. I'm just alittle hesitant spending more on the grinder than the actual coffee machine.

        My budget is approximately $700 and was planning to get the Barista Pro when it's on sale.

        Would ozbargainers rate the Barista Pro is the go-to coffee machine for value?

        • The BCG820 is one of the best affordable coffee grinders, and it makes a big difference to the coffee you make. Can't say anything about the Barista Pro, but a lot of people would vouch for it. It's a good machine

        • The Barista Express is a good unit, minus the fancy LCD screen which is not really needed.
          Otherwise a Bambino is pretty good too

        • FWIW, the general adage is that you SHOULD spend as much or more on your grinder than on your machine (up to a point - and this machine would be well below that point!). Some would say 1/2 to 2/3 of your budget should be on your grinder!

          Grinder is second most important thing, after fresh beans.

          • @caprimulgus: Can vouch for this, had a breville grinder pro paired with a very basic sunbeam coffee machine and it was fantastic coffee! (especially as I started my journey with the same coffee machine and a $40 blade grinder.)

    • If you are going to go the whole hog and buy fresh beans, use a un-pressurised basket, upgrade the steam wand (void warranty) then the Breville Pro grinder is a good starter.

      On the other hand, if you are going to use pre packaged supermarket beans with a pressurised basket just pick up a second hand Delonghi one or a Sunbeam EM0480

      • What’s the difference between pressurise and unpreassurised basket? Does it make a big difference?

        • I find the pressurised filter can't take very fine grind. It blocks the filter. No issue with the unpressurised one

          • @xiangtan: Cool thanks. I have noticed the filter for me gets clogged if I don’t place the flat metal strainer properly. Other than that no problems so far.
            I think for what it is I will keep the machine as is but good to know it can be hacked and upgraded. Thanks 🤙🏽

  • Can you stack up is up with Suncorp’s (Myers digital card 5% off) if you were to buy it using ebay plus ?

  • Excellent machine.

    I just don't want to brag, but I bought this in May 2018 for $105.

    Going strong since then.

    Having said that, awesome machine. The only issue is regarding descaling it - I don't know if water on my side of the world is hard or what. I see the descaling warning after approx 40 uses.

    • Glad to know that I'm not the only one descaling often too.

      Other than that, been using this machine to make 2-3 cups a day.

    • I got mine for less than $105 with $10 free Amazon credit. Also, I think you can set what type of water you have. Doing this may reduce the descaling intervals.

      • You're right, and it does make a difference to how often you need to descale.

        All round awesome machine for the money. My Top tips:
        Get good quality beans. You're already in the right place for those! Go stronger than you think you would normally like.
        Let it warm up for around 15 minutes. Makes the steam a good strength.
        Get good quality accessories. A big heavy tamper and a couple of sized milk jugs.
        Give it time between coffees. It's a bit of a one coffee wonder. You can cheat and reset it by switching on/off.

        • "A one coffee wonder" - you got that right. The trade-off with its size is its meagre output. One cappuccino or two coffees, and then flush or let it cool down. I just flush it a bit and turn it off.

    • Weird I barely scale mine at all and use it at least twice a day.

    • Yup, descaling is more depending on water. Use bottled spring water or those filters available, it'll both help with scale issue and takes your coffee to next level.

  • Bought one, asking question now, is it any good ?

    • I bought one as well.. no idea but will let you know lol

    • Very good and the customer service from Delonghi is top too. Mine was 22 months old, I broke that small bit of plastic that locks the Water spout/frother on, Delonghi replaced the whole machine with a brand new one. Top & no-nonsense customer service

  • Had ours about 18 months and it still makes a great coffee.
    Did buy an unpressurised basket recommended in a previous post but it didn't fit!!

    • Undo the screw, the metal spring and push the plastic out. Then you can try the basket for a while and if you don't like it put it back i

    • How does it compare to barista made coffee?

      • Very close. If I have to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being barista quality, I would give it a 9. I use an Aldi milk frother as it gives much better result than the in built milk frother

        • So I tried the machine and IMO i would give it at most a 6.5/10 when comparing to barista made coffee.
          The coffee tastes really watered down and much of the flavour is not coming through.

  • Bought one at Myer Perth yesterday with Coles gift cards.

    There was 1 left at the time.

  • how does this compare to the barista express? other than the built in grinder?

  • Great little machine. Easy upgrade from a Nespresso or any pod machine, with instant quality, financial and environmental benefits from your first pour.

  • If you're after something with a minimal footprint on the counter - this is it. It's so small I even take mine on holidays.

  • Have been eyeing this particular model for a while, got a myer gift card from work so time to go. Thanks for posting. :)

  • Anyone would say this is comparable to the Breville Bambino?

  • Thanks for sharing.

    found it for $181 on good guys commercial, ended up cancelling my Myer order and ordered from GGC, picked up an hour later.

  • Got this bottomless portafilter for this machine from amazon .. Comes with a double shot basket. 38$ delivered. Cheapest I could find https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B083K12RPK/ref=cm_sw_r_other_ap...

  • My order hasn’t been dispatched, placed it Monday night.

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