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Apple TV (4th Gen) 32GB $159 - 64GB $189 C&C/+ Delivery (Price Beat at OW) @ The School Locker


can price beat 32GB model at OW

Should come with 1 year free Apple Tv+

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The School Locker

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      no, 4yrs 8mths

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      So is my fridge. Still works great though

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        They don't make things like they used to…

      • Did you inspect your seal? Is it still white?

        • My seal is chocolate. Should I bleach?

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            @4agte: What does it taste like?

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              @tor: It is salty and it burns. Wait are we talking about the bleach?!

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      Go with the 4K ATV or wait for the rumoured new ATV to come out.

      I have the 4th gen and it shows its age.

      • How so? Mine runs well.

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          The user interface lags often (Like it’s dropping frames and freezing for second), and sometimes after clicking on a movie it gets stuck on the loading wheel for like 10-15 seconds, sometimes it loads almost instantly.
          All this and I am running it at 720p to have the UI run smoother than it did at 1080p.

          Thought it was a bad update or something but still happens to this day even with recent update.
          Playing content is fine, it’s just the laggy UI and the loading times in between browsing content which makes it feel like it needs a faster processor.

          All this was surprising at first, because previous Apple TV 3 which I got for under $80 on-sale was actually faster & smoother experience overall (slightly slower animations but instant loading) at time of upgrade.

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            @thebadmachine: Update: Just forced update to the latest tvOS 13.4.5.

            Things are a bit smoother and more responsive.

            Still experience a few frame drops, particularly when you scroll up or down a few rows then scroll left or right straight away on certain screens.

            In the SBS iview App which uses Apple’s own ‘TV App’ layout, just scrolling left or right quickly causes frame-drops / minor glitches.

            Loading wheel times also seem to be a bit better & more consistently quick.

            Overall slightly better, but still think it will be short in the tooth for the 4th gen.

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        Signs of a new Apple TV with an A12 bionic chip were uncovered in the iOS 13.4 beta in January, suggesting Apple is working on a refreshed model that could debut sometime in 2020.

        I'd wait.

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  • Did not know they have 64gb version for Gen 4th..

  • Model numbers are the 1080hd version, but description says 4K.
    Anyone know which these are?

    • Would be 4th gen at this price

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      Yeah wow, mentions 4K a few times on there. They're gonna get some angry complaints from people.

      • This. Looks like some content person just lazily copied and pasted the wrong specs. You can tell it's not 4K by looking up the model number, MR912X/A

  • 4k version is $209

  • What's better for general streaming? This or an Amazon Fire Stick?

    • What services are you streaming from?

      • Doesn't really make difference

    • This. Apple TV has more apps and better apps, and will handle all your own files through the paid Infuse app.

      • This. Infuse = awesome.

  • OW is 0ut of stock

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      try calling 1300 OFFICE website is not the most accurate

  • Cheapest it has been?

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      Yes depending on cost of delivery and if you ignore the $149 in-store find.

      I got the 32GB 4th gen ATV for $170 awhile ago and regret passing on the ATV 4K.
      The 4K model is much more up-to-date internally and will last longer with updates etc.

      Using the 4th gen can be laggy at times, and the price of the 4K ATV has dropped under $200 before.
      From memory BingLee once sold the 4K for ~$170 and I think it they confused it with 4th gen.

      • that was a good day since we price beat with OW which made it an all time low.

        • Back then I thought the ATV 4K model only worked with 4K Televisions.
          Even though I knew you can change resolutions.
          So I bought the 4th gen instead after that ATV 4K deal.

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    this is a good price… hardly ever see discounts on these.

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