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Ring Video Doorbell (Refresh) $149 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Preorder Now) & Ring (Purchase from 3/6)


Previously $229 at Amazon, seems to be $149 from Wednesday onwards, also at Amazon - thanks doweyy.

Ring Link

This model is a refresh of the original Ring Video doorbell (Previous Version) which is no longer sold by Amazon

See, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere with the new and improved Video Doorbell. Get real-time notifications on your phone and tablet, customise your motion settings and conveniently stay connected to home, no matter where you are.
Includes a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect.1

*Available to purchase on 3 June 2020

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Available on Amazon also under a different listing for pre-order and should be eligible for cashback (7% as in Amazon Devices).

  • Does anyone know if the corner kit for the older Ring Video Doorbell 2 fits this new Ring Video Doorbell ?

    • This doorbell replaces the old entry level doorbell, whilst the doorbell 2 is replaced by the doorbell 3. So you might as well keep the 2 with features like a removable battery…. Or replace with the 3 with it supporting 5mhz wifi.

      • Yeah I understand that part. I want to buy this one but can't see a corner kit listed on Amazon or Ring websites.

        • Seems comes with its corner kit, based on a YouTube review I saw.
          I do not own any of them.

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    If only this could live view to my Google Nest Hub Max.

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      As far as I understand , Amazon has acquired the company for 1 Billion $, would probably never integrate with Google Home :(

      Works with crappy Alexa which is no use for us Google home owners

      • The data aggregation from pinged devices with the amazon app installed would make wider adoption worthwhile. I’m sure it will be integrated at some point

      • The price of hubs why not just run Alexa and Google.

    • If you want there is an unofficial API which you could use to make your own app or host on a private local site.

      • That'd be great mate , can you pls pass me the link or the API location?

        is it just an API to call the live video or a mgmt API for the camera/device?


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      Just import the Nest doorbell instead.

      • Not with the current exchange rate.

      • Not battery powered. Only hard wired

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    Good deal, but waiting for the Netatmo video doorbell with HomeKit support and no cloud subscription costs.

    Ring as a company have very questionable ethics

    • You know when that is scheduled to be released?

      • 2020 sometime

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      Yes very annoying that their basic 'free' cloud subscription doesn't at least offer a rolling 24/48/72 hours of access to recent recordings. Otherwise homebridge with the homebridge-ring plugin somewhat covers the lack of native Homekit integration.

      • Netatmo's HomeKit integration on other products is solid, I'm expecting the doorbell to be good when it's released

  • Look, I get some smart home stuff (e.g. I have Hue bulbs). But can someone please explain to me what the heck is the point of this thing?

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      If you see the point of smart CCTV then this is basically an extension of that. I only have the gen 1, but I'm assuming it's all the same.

      It will (on your signed in devices)
      - alert you if someone triggers the motion sense in the set range of the unit
      - someone rings the doorbell, you can see who it is / answer it
      - can check in anytime for a 'Live' feed and broadcast a message through its speaker
      - all activity is recorded and uploaded to cloud
      - there's also other features like within the app, but I haven't played with any of that extra stuff

      The point?
      - i like the convenience of getting alerted on my phone/watch as well as the ring chime it's paired with
      - when we're out of the house and get an alert, i'll check and can answer it remotely
      - check what triggers motion at <6am. Answer: super devoted people going for a walk

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        I suppose different products for different people, then, as those three things to me seem absolutely useless. Who would show up at my house, when I'm not there, expecting me to be there, without first ringing / texting? Only the post. Also, I can always hear the doorbell, and I don't care who's walking in the morning.

        Thanks for the write-up though!

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          It's mostly a security product thus not really for use when you are there monitoring the door in person.

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          When postie leaves a parcel, I can see he actually delivered it and I can see if someone stole it

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          Sometimes burglars ring the doorbell to check if somebody's at home first.

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          Those alerts are mainly for when you have an uninvited guest. As mentioned above the first thing a crook will do is ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home. Plus motion activation is handy to pick people up that might be snooping around.

    • You press button, it goes DING DONG


      Its a good way to answer your door even when you are not at home. Also a good way to get notified when someone drops off a parcel. Also you can see if someone steals your home delivered parcels too.

    • You can see who is at the door from your phone, tv or smart device. Record callers. Use it as an intercom. With a smart lock you can choose to let them in.

      If you’re not home you can see who called and still talk to them etc.

      Seems very practical tbh

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    I have 3 , good ones but you have to pay for recording storage which i don't mind.

    Btw , if you have the basic recording plan and it's stolen , they'll replace it as part of the policy….just FYI

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      Does your old doorbell sense motion, notify you on your mobile of visitors regardless of where on the planet you are, allow you to talk to visitors from anywhere on the planet or integrate with smart locks so you can unlock your door for visitors?

      The Ring doorbell self updates. It does not require you to download anything other than the mobile app.

      If you don't hard wire it to power (you may be able to use your existing doorbell power supply) you have to charge the battery every two months or so. This one with the non-removable battery you undo two screws, take it off the wall and charge it. That is the thing you most likely won't like. There are DC adaptors for this on EBAY for $25 with a 5 metre cable and you can get them with 10 metre cables. Ring say to add a resistor if you don't have an existing chime on the circuit. I don't have mine hardwired.

      • -6

        Sense motion? Not needed. Door bell is loud enough to be heard even in the back yard. Talk to people when you are not home? Why would I want to when I am not home. Unlock doors for visitors? What the hell….if I know you, MSG me first before rocking up to my front door.

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          ok boomer


          One of the many reasons, having a video doorbell with motion detection is useful.

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          You don’t need to buy one mate

          I genuinely hope for your sake that you are being deliberately obtuse.

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    so what is the Google option besides importing a Nest Hello?

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      I'd like to know too

  • Wow. That’s cheap!

    New one coming?

  • At $150 each, can these be set up to continuously record or is it on motion only?
    Could we get a few of these and use it around the house as security cameras?

  • Just bought the Arlo 2 but yet to arrive. Does anyone know if this can be linked to the Arlo system? Thanks

    • Not directly no. But what do you mean by link? Arlo has just released a video doorbell and already had an audio doorbell which can be linked to an arlo security camera.

      • Thanks, was hoping it'd play through the Arlo app.

    • Don’t believe so. I have both. Have replaced an Arlo near the front door with a ring camera so that can connect camera to ring doorbell

    • If you are an Apple user you want to be able to see all your smart home gear in the one spot and set up automations between different brand devices then you can setup homebridge with the homebridge-ring and homebridge-arlo plugins to bring it all together in the native Apple Homekit ecosystem. Would still install each of the individual iOS apps though for quicker notifications to answer the door bell, rather than waiting for it to hop between two cloud providers…

    • I got my ring connected to the Arlo via Ifftt. Any motion triggers a recording and turns lights on.

      • @revivor. Sorry but could u explain this pls?

  • any guesses if its going to be permanent marked down price?

  • Is there anyway to get this to open something like ismartgate?

    • If you setup homebridge with the homebridge-ring plugin then the button on the Ring doorbell appears with a single press button accessory so given iSmartGate has native Homekit support I assume you would be able to trigger an automation action to it… how do you find iSmartGate, how much did you pick it up for?

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    This is NOT the ring video doorbell 2.

    Its the Ring 1 Gen 2. It has no quick release battery like the doorbell 2 but does have the upgraded video.

    Please update title as people may buy it thinking its the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

    • The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is discontinued so not sure if people would want to buy that, I'll leave this article link explaining;

    • +1

      Totally agree with this post. The current title saying it is a "Ring Video Doorbell 2" is wrong and very misleading. I was trying to work out why it does not have a removable battery, till I realised through further research that it is actually a Ring Video Doorbell 1 Gen 2.

      OP: Please kindly update the title to show this as a Doorbell 1 Gen 2, to avoid confusion.

    • +1

      Worth adding the new model retails for $99USD, so $150AUD is likely its standard retail price. Think I’ll wait for a sale or bundle with the solar panel addon they are introducing in July, or the chime.

    • I was about to apply the return, as I brought Ring Video Doorbell 2 at $229 last week..
      But looks it's a different model.

  • Is the only way to integrate to a ipad like device via an Echo Show?

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    Not the Ring Doorbell 2!!

    • Good point, I'm thinking the same thing, it seems to be a 2nd generation standard Ring video doorbell as the Compare Checklist lower down on the Amazon page doesn't list quick release battery which the Doorbell 2 should have.

  • I have doorbell2 that came with free echo show 5 for $198…. they integrate well and echo show5 now automatically displays a video on the screen when some rings the bell…


    I prefer the Eufy doorbells, no cloud sub needed and better quality video.

  • Got excited thinking it was doorbell 2

  • -2

    10-20 seconds to view someone at the door, by then they have usually left. Good price but you’ll be better off with the ring 3 or the pro

  • According to my experience, those video doorbells may not be that effective. I had one of a different model, I have finally decided to remove it. People who come at the door, for parcel delivery, tradespersons and many others etc, don’t seem to be comfortable with the video camera once they are aware of it; most of the time, they would move to one side quickly after pressing the button or block the camera with one hand.

    • The idea would probably be to position it so that you can record people well before they get to the door as part of their approach. Particularly if you’re interested in the security aspect.

      Might not be possible in all instances, in which case I agree there’s likely diminishing value.

  • $141.55 if u have a Bunnings trade account

  • current status is "Temporarily out of stock"

  • They nailed the naming conventions on their product line up.

  • How is Ring Door Bell (Gen 2) for $105 . Is it worth it, compare to other smart door bells for this price?

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