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Mini Ugg Boots $58.50 Delivered (Made in Australia, Usually $150) @ Ugg Australia


Only selling what is available so that all orders can be sent this week. Last deal sold out in 12 hours.

Link to Womens: https://uggaustralia.com.au/collections/weekly-specials/prod...
Link to Mens: https://uggaustralia.com.au/collections/weekly-specials/prod...

Support Australian Manufacturing. We are posting this deal due to all the requests.
Our classic ‘Ugg Mini’ short ankle sheepskin boot is crafted from luxurious, 100% Australian merino double face sheepskin. This mini sheepskin boot features a high density Eva sole for longer lasting, durable wear. A perfect hassle free option for active lifestyle will keep your feet cosy and warm on those cool days. Available in Black, Chestnut, Chocolate & Charcoal.

Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over three decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery", for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.
We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.
Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
Contact details - If you can't find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
Where are your skins from?
Where are they processed?
Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia?
Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.
All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne.

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    • No affiliation but I'd suggest Blue Mountains Uggs. One of the original companies, have a real shop (and an outlet). Excellent. I've had mine for about 4 years now and still going strong.

  • +3

    I ordered one on 1st of May. I still did not get it. Tried contacting them numerous times by phone and by email, but no answer. Save your money, buy from a reputed company.

  • -1

    I get mine from emu Australia there Australia made Australian whoof I pay $20 for short and $40 for tall ugg boots

    • +3

      I just checked their website and its $160 for short and $220 for tall?

    • How?

      • The regularly have a shop sale in Melbourne
        Iv been to 3 sofar in the last year
        That’s where I get them from

  • What happened to that ugg court case, about the small Australian business owner claiming patent rights but lost to America?

    • +1

      I think the term "Ugg" is okay to be used in Australia but only by that bunk of yank pricks elsewhere in the world.

    • You can read all about it on wikipedia. The case was the reverse of what you said with Johnny come lately US company Deckers claiming trademark rights. They lost their exclusivity claim here but from memory they've got TM rights in many other countries by registering rights over the Australian term UGG (boot). The law is an ass far too often.

  • +6

    Whats the difference between those on the site branded "UGG Australia" and the brand I received last time "made by UGG Australia"? Different labels from the ones shown in the website you link and the website on my tags(www.madebyuggaustralia.com.au doesn't work. They appear counterfeit. Please can you explain?

    • -6

      There is very little difference, both made here in the same factory in Laverton.

      • +8

        Are you going to send this brand again for this deal or the actual brand advertised?

        • The brand Advertised is Opal Ugg. To clarify, opal, made by ugg Australia and Ugg Australia are all made here in Laverton exactly the same way, with all the same materials.
          The sole and tag is the only difference.

          • +1

            @UggAustraliaOfficial: Isn't the sole the main component of shoe. That would be like adidas saying it's the same as an Ultraboost. Just different design and sole

      • +2

        can you please confirm what brand you're sending?

        • +2

          @JakeZalm. I feel you might really be onto something.

          • @seamonkey: I feel a bit annoyed now, I got Made By UGG Australia…

            • @Dealhunter967671: Lodge a paypal dispute.

              • @CocaKoala: Sceptical that will work - has anyone been successful in that..?

                • @Dealhunter967671: The product that was sent out to you is different from what was advertised. I don't see any reason for scepticism. Besides, there's nothing for you to lose. If your purchase was made less than 180 days ago, I strongly suggest going through paypal, and they will sort it out for you.

      • While the customers have paid for one specific thing that you advertised, why would you send them something else, regardless of how "very little different" they are?!

  • +10

    Bad company, no communication, no confirmation of order and from other reports bad products. Stay away, don't fall for what I did

  • Does anyone know how do they compare with the ones Blue Mountains Ugg Boots make?

  • +19

    Poor customer service. This is an Ozbargain - Do not buy warning. Won't let anyone else suffer the same fate. No reply to my email requesting a return. Item is still waiting in a box to be shipped back.

    Not sure why the mods don't just ban this company from posting.

  • Go to Big W, they have Grosby brand ug boots under $50 and fantastic quality.

  • +9

    terrible customer service and extremely rude. i would avoid at all costs.

  • +1

    Bought a pair of scuffs from the previous deal, didn't arrive and tried to contact them for weeks before they got back to me and that was through OzBargain, when they did though, they shipped it out very quickly and arrived within a few days. The shoes themselves, quality is okay and it seems they've fixed the slippery sole issue, it's probably worth $29 but not their RRP of $70 and honestly not much of a bargain.

  • +6

    Don't buy anything from this company,bad quality and poor communication.

  • -1

    So is this fake UGG?

    • +2

      It's an UGG boot, how is it fake?

  • +8

    Bought during Mothers day sale and did not receive the ugg boots for mothers day . Recieved wrong sizes and impossible to contact this website. Crappy Shopify website. The product is terrible quality do not buy from these people

  • +8

    Was about to pull the trigger until i read some reviews and now comments of how bad the customer service is. No thanks.

  • +14

    Don't like the way the rep is dealing with complaints here. Some legitimate concerns going unanswered.

  • +2

    I'm still waiting on my Adidas order and their customer service has been just as bad.

    It's fascinating to see critiques and expectations differ from seller to seller.

    • I won't be buying anything from Adidas online ever again as my experience with them was also bad.

    • I had 3 packages from Adidas delivered in under 2 weeks but spaced apart, all ordered on the same day. A pair of shoes took about a month and I had to return a jacket that's sitting in AusPost's Derrimut warehouse for over 3 weeks now.

      Between AusPost's delivery issues during the shutdown and this company's lack of anticipation of demand for their products, I'm willing to cut them some slack.

      Also, unlike some of the other posters, I actually like the slippers I got and haven't had any quality issues. Maybe I got in early enough to get one of the pre-manufactured ones so personally can't fault the company.

  • Usually $150… for slippers…?

  • +1

    Wow OzBargainers are super mad today..I think we need a good headphone or eneloops deal to calm us all down.

    • hand sanitiser? condoms? hand sanitiser AND condoms?

  • whats a good alternative shop that sells ugg boots too? too much -ve comments, not a GOOD VIBE.

    • I've bought from Blue Mountains Ugg Boots before, https://www.uggboots.com.au/. They don't do much promos, but the prices are reasonable. Their website is probably as old as they've been, but so far so good. I quite like the no non-sense simplistic vibes of the website actually, and glad to support local aussie businesses.

  • +1

    I order 2 pair last month #25198 and only received 1 pair, I have contacted Ugg twice and yet to receive my order?

  • +7

    Do yourself a favour…

    Before anyone does deal with this company, check this out first!


    Then good luck to you if you do still decide to do business with them!

    Edit: And if for whatever god forsaken reason you still choose to deal with them, you may need to refer to this…


  • +3

    Placed an order #29199 three weeks ago for two pairs and still no delivery or confirmation of shipping. I’d steer clear of these guys. Terrible customer service and clearly poor business operations.

    Very little chance of receiving it now or even getting a refund based on how poor their communication is.

  • +1

    Mens is now SOLD OUT, Thanks again OZB for the support. we will have these all shipped this week.
    A few womans sizes available.

    • +4

      Why don't you address the many issues posted here instead of this crap which only makes you look like you're trying too hard?

      • We have addressed any issues DM to us, usually quickly.

        • I've sent three emails (Order #29199) via the website over the course of three weeks, with only baseless promises of it being sent out in another 7-14 weeks.

          How would you say that this is addressed quickly?

          Your website says products will take up to 10 working days to arrive. I still haven't received any shipping confirmation after 15 days.

          • @Chumza: I can see your order is in production, would you like a refund?

            • +3

              @UggAustraliaOfficial: Yes, immediately.

              A three week wait for it to be told it’s in production, only through a public shaming is ridiculous.

              • @Chumza: You have been refunded. to clarify you didn't buy a OZB deal. production was slow due to covid.

                • +1

                  @UggAustraliaOfficial: I never claimed I did, nor should it make a difference from a customer’s perspective. This is was my last course of action.

            • @UggAustraliaOfficial: When I asked for the same after an earlier deal that was declined. Seems you are learning from the criticism. Congratulations on your change of tack!

              Seriously, the product I received after a long wait is fine for the price paid. Has been keeping my feet warm in the last cold weeks and the sole on mine isn't slippery at all.

              If customers finally get the respect they deserve it won't be long and the number of negative votes on your deals will decline.

            • @UggAustraliaOfficial: Ah, I was told today, a week after asking for a cancellation/refund for an order over a month old: "Business policy is no cancellations or refunds however they exchange, therefore you were always going to receive your order."

    • +2

      OP do you really think you won any business here? You lost a big time by not addressing the MANY issues raised here. Imho you should be banned from this site for poor customer service :(

      • we try our best with getting back to everyone, covid has made it more difficult but that's why our latest deals are all sent the same week.

  • +2

    I have an old pair which only really come out during winter and was looking to replace them as they're getting a bit tattered but may give it a miss. I only wear them at home but it's disappointing to hear the lack of quality as these have lasted me at least 6+ years. ☹️ No idea what I should buy next!

  • Recommend EMU Australia for good quality UGGs. Bought some for father in law recently, he is very happy.

  • +3

    Atrocious customer communication; rude even and not too hot about their 'real uggs' verbatim; sub par quality and feel imo. To boot they replied to my emails after 3 weeks of emails.
    Don't like spreading hate and YMMV but honestly NEVER fkn again

  • +5

    I am signing up because of you guys.

    Poor product, poor customer service.
    I bought my pair of slipperies back in end of March which is delivered early April. Faulty product, not even the first layer of leather, big hole found the first week. Then they promised to provide an exchange but need to send the broken ones back. After sending them back, nightmare started from there…

    I have sent them more than a dozen emails but never reply. From the phone, the guy has been promising from phone it will be dispatch the week or the day, blahblahblah. Different excuses every time:
    1. the parcel was delivered and I can see the notification from Aus Post, but saying "can't see them, may take a week" the first time.
    2. "The parcel may be delivered but may be in the warehouse, let me check and send you the exchange back."
    3. "I still cannot see the parcel, but we will still send you the exchange"
    4. "I am not sure why they are not dispatched yet, I will chase it up and let them send them out today. "
    5. "The factory needs to manufacture one for you which may take 2 weeks, we will dispatch by then."
    6. The last call was a lady, told me "the refund is returned to your account" without any notice. And the excuse is "they don't have any stock, hence cannot provide exchange". For god's sake, you are still selling them on your website. What a LIAR!

    All this happened in 2 months. TWO MONTHS! Good luck with your people and your products, such product does not deserve the name of "Made in Australia", the service does not deserve the name of "hiring local people and locally operated". Liar company hire liars operated in a dodgy way. Stay away from them.

    I wouldn't mind you to tell me take your refund and fxxx off when I reached out the first time. But I am furious that you fooled your customer, kept me waiting for 2 months to give me a shitty excuse and still lies after lies.

    • -3

      so we delivered in time? you had a fault, we posted again, you didn't receive, you didnt want to wait for one to be made and we refunded you? I don't see how you can say we lied to you? Im sorry for the experience you had but we don't lie.

      • +5

        let me break it down line by line…..

        so we delivered in time?
        - thank god, yes, you delivered in time. only the first time.

        you had a fault, we posted again, you didn't receive,
        - This is false statement. You've NEVER posted again.

        you didnt want to wait for one to be made and we refunded you?
        - again, false statement. From where did you see I didnt want to wait? Have you guys ever communicated to your customers????? Refund was never my choice. I've never asked for refund, all I asked for was EXCHANGE!!!!

        I don't see how you can say we lied to you?
        - again, lookup my comment up there if you havn't.
        - you guys told me they would be dispatched "Today", "this week" but never happened.
        - There is another lady that told me no stock hence refund, but for god's sake, you guys are still selling on the website.
        - Have you guys ever communicated to your customer????? Refund was never my decision, whoever decided this without communication is a genius, fooled the customer for two month then refund it silently, you should add a refund description "take your money back and fxxx off".

        Im sorry for the experience you had but we don't lie.
        - I don't know who you are. If you don't know the issue then you are not lying, but at least two guys from your company are lying, probably the lady's boss as well as she did went away to check some details. They represent YOUR COMPANY. At least 2/3 of the ones that I got touch with lied to me.
        - Check Scott and the lady who picked up my call 1:05 and 1:56, 26 May. They lied.

        The lies are:
        Scott told me the new pairs would be dispatched "Today", "this week", "next week", "take 2 weeks to manufacture" but never happened in the last two months.
        The lady told me no stock hence refund. But for god's sake, you guys are still selling on the website, they are still showing AVAILABLE, same colour and size that I asked for exchanged showing AVAILABLE, but you people told me no stock!!!!

        Tell you another shitty customer experience I had with you guys:
        - I doubted why the website still showing available then I asked the lady if the store has stock, replied as can't check. I would need to go to the store IN PERSON. Are the shoes still manufactured in cave? telephone and internet has been invented ages back, it is a matter of customer service and the whole operation. seriously. Good luck with your brand, your local business, good luck with your "Made in Australia" badge. really shame on you guys.

  • +4

    Some real concerns from previous buyers being completely neglected here.

  • +6

    Alright. This is all starting to make sense. I couldn't believe how poor the quality of this item was on a previous order. After reading through this thread I think it's pretty clear what's going on here. I purchased awhile ago. Got an inferior product. Buyer beware.

  • I think your going to have a good experience with this Company (which i did) If everything is ok , but reading through this thread i think this Company could do with some URGENT Customer Relation’s Training It wouldn’t hurt you can always improve, especially in these times…

    • +1

      I think your going to have a good experience with this Company (which i did) If everything is ok

      Of course you're going to have a great experience when everything is fine - that can be said with any and every company. What really separates the good ones from bad is how they deal with issues.

  • +1

    TODAY they shipped my order from April 22, a full week after I (as part of a continuing email exchange about the order) asked them to cancel the order.

    Immediately after shipping, I got an email saying they had shipped.

    I asked why they hadn't bothered to reply for a week regarding the asked-for cancellation, and was told: "Business policy is no cancellations or refunds however they exchange, therefore you were always going to receive your order."

    Bottom line: if you're lucky (like I was with my first order) they'll ship immediately. If you're not lucky, you're stuffed.

  • Was about to buy but wow. There are some pretty pissed off people here.

  • OP: is this your company name here, or a different business based out of Laverton?

    Luda Productions Pty Ltd

    I also received a different brand/tag/design to the one on the website (received “Made By UGG Australia”).

    • +1

      Yeah you may be onto something!

      The PayPal merchant is Luda Productions, but the invoice is UGG Australia.

      According to your link, they trade as Pure Oz, with some other variations/aliases of names to websites (www.sheepskindownunder.com.au) which is down.

      Definitely a fishy business that's for sure!

      • Well..if my UGGs fall apart, I know I’ll be back to comment with a vengeance, but so far so good sorry from this real odd naming issue and 10 business names that seem to be linked.

      • Update - it was on the tax invoice, so yes that’s the same company. Heaps of operating names:

        You sent a payment of $58.50 AUD to LUDA PRODUCTION PTY LTD ([email protected])

        • -1

          Sorry I may have created some misunderstanding…

          The PayPal transaction I made at the start of May was paid to LUDA PRODUCTION PTY LTD.

          The Tax Invoice I got was UGG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ABN: 57 006 310 256)

          But in any case… I think by a quick look whilst responding to you, it's seems they are legally connected so legit in that sense, albeit having many aliases and operating names (https://connectonline.asic.gov.au/RegistrySearch/faces/landi...)

          ACN: 006 310 256
          ABN: 57 006 310 256 (External Link)
          Previous state number: C0230954A
          Previous state of registration: Victoria
          Registration date: 2/08/1984
          Next review date: 2/08/2020
          Former name(s): LUDA PRODUCTION PTY. LTD.

  • For those asking about the Ugg Naming War, I'd take a look at http://www.australiansheepskinassociation.com.au/ and probably Wikipedia for details.

    ASA also lists shops, addresses, contact details for members.

  • +1

    For people still waiting on their "non delivery of products" and rather seek a refund/return of their money…

    If one hasn't already done so, I'd encourage you to have a read of this on ACCC site and flag with your relevant state.


    Accepting payment without intending to supply

    Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must not accept payment for products or services if:

    they do not intend to supply them
    they intend to supply materially different products or services
    they know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the products or services within the timeframe indicated or if no timeframe was provided, within a reasonable time.

    And more specifically for me being in VIC…


    Missing products

    A store or seller must not accept payment for a product if they:

    do not intend to supply it
    intend to supply something different from what the consumer ordered
    know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the product in a timely way.

    A store or seller that accepts payment for products must supply them:

    within any timeframe they have indicated, or
    within a reasonable time.

    If a product ordered online has not arrived within either of these periods, the consumer can ask the store or seller for an explanation in writing.

    If the store or seller still fails to supply the product, the consumer is entitled to a refund of any money they have paid for the product.

    Note: if the seller claims to have posted the product, they are responsible for resolving any issues with Australia Post or the courier company used to deliver the product.

    I've already submitted a case to CAV. I'd encourage others to do the same!

    Edit: Those looking to proceed to submit a case, here's the company details you need, for your convenience…

    ABN: 57 006 310 256

    31-35 Gilbertson Rd
    Laverton North, VIC 3026

    Ph: 03 8360 8052
    Email: [email protected]

    • The only reason nobody deals with you is because of the language you have used and your harassment. we are more than willing to deal with every single other person.

      • lol I'm not even going to waste my breath to respond to this pathetic statement. But I do look forward to getting my money back in due course.

        Will let the others do so with feedback and complaints surrounding your company, quite amounting already in this post as too the other posts.

        I will continue to give fellow OzBargain members the heads up on the type of issues they may encounter with your company, each and every time you post up a deal :)

        • -1

          we will continue to sell out I guess??

          • -1

            @UggAustraliaOfficial: That’s the attitude, keep it up 👍 not having any shame as a company isn’t a bad attribute I guess, even though you get slammed with negative votes on each and every post you put up on OzBargain you still persist. Having a bad rep as a company doesn’t seem to bother you guys either. Business is business I guess, whatever it takes hey. Good job 👏

            Anyone that continues to choose to deal with you after seeing my heads up, it’s all on them and good luck to em! Can’t say I didn’t warn them

            • @AnDyStYLe: Your issue could have been resolved easily, instead you chose to abuse and swear at us. Now you have turned into a keyboard warrior hiding behind a computer.
              Think about the 100 Aussie employees being supported by this company trying to do a job with covid restrictions, all while being busier than the company has ever been at the same time dealing with delays from suppliers, Auspost ect ect.
              Id love to introduce you to our workers in the factory and tannery one day. Keep up the good work champ, you don't phase us.

              • -1


                Your issue could have been resolved easily

                I almost stopped at this and didn’t go further. But it seems you decided to draw to your sympathy card and brought in about your workers, wow!

                Firstly, as I understand the majority of people that purchased from you have had many various issues with your company and HAVE NOT been resolved easily. Hence all this noise about your company.

                I didn’t do sht to you company and your workers. It’s all on you and your company with you shoddy business practices and service.

                I ain’t no keyboard warrior. I’m simply a past (well still existing until I get my money back) customer providing other fellow consumers feedback to be very cautious in purchasing from your company and recommendations on how to get their money back as per ACCC.

                Funny how you and your company are so thick skinned and you took exception to my last comment and felt the need to pull out your sympathy card. You get nothing from me.

                Edit: For the record, I did not abuse or swear at you, please try harder. Happy for you to link where I swore directly or abused. I dropped the f bomb in a sentence, but surely we’re all big boys here?

              • @UggAustraliaOfficial: I agree with you in regard to those 100 employees. They and the company deserve far better public reps than we've seen on OzB. Presumably you're a part owner, albeit one with poor customer services skills and no training?

      • How is denying a refund after a month, then shipping a week after the request, THEN emailing: "Business policy is no cancellations or refunds however they exchange, therefore you were always going to receive your order" that, how is that "dealing with"?

  • The deal has now ended as all sizes are pretty much sold out.
    For those who missed out, there will be another deal coming.
    Thanks OZB for the continued support, we will have these orders out fast.

    • This message? Maybe his account was hacked.

  • Interested to see how all the deals from this order turn out. Keep us posted fellow OzBargainers.

  • I got my order yesterday. However, the purchase was for Womens Opal Mini Uggs, but received 'Made By Ugg Australia'. Whats the difference and why was I sent a different branded one

    • +1

      There is no difference other than the label.

  • Boots from this order arrived Monday 8th, so processed pretty quickly.

    Very happy with the product, sizing is good (remember they're US so +1) and even on a cool (not cold) night in Brisbane no hot feet. Thanks OP, hopefully more deals to come.

  • Just got mine, opal ugg branded. Initial impressions are good, seem well made and the sole is grippy on my slate floor. So cosy

  • Mine came on time, felt great for the first few weeks. Only ever used it at home. Then a few weeks later, the stitching started to come loose, and today, I found a hole on the top sole, around where my big toe is. From the hole, I can see that the suede is super thin.

    A bit disappointed - a cheap fabric boot would last longer than this.

  • put mine on for the 2nd time and they have torn whilst putting them on. Sent a message and waiting for their response.

    • Sorry to hear, we will always replace in this instance.

      • Great.