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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3600 $114.14 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Au


Great price on faster 3600mhz Corsair LPX given the current climate. Only $5 more than the historical low for this product. RAM has been popular recently so hopefully some of you guys can make use of this. Happy gaming.

updated to new lower price 15/06
updated to new lower price 21/06

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Can anyone comment on if the timings matter here? For example is CL18 @ 3600 better than 3200 @ CL15-16? Just about to pull the trigger on these

    • Heavily depends on our build. It could cost you a few frames with AMD - no difference with Intel.

    • For my own testing (benchmarks), I found CL18 @ 3600 to be a tiny bit faster than CL16 @ 3200. Does that help? I have a ryzen 3700x.

      This is with an overclocked infinity fabric at 1800mhz …. so RAM (1800) to IF (1800) is 1:1 ratio.

    • Overall latency is a combination of freq and timing:
      3600 @ CL18 = 10 ns latency
      3200 @ CL16 = 10 ns latency
      There are other nuances but I'd say given the latency you won't notice much of a difference.

      • There will be a difference due to the infinity fabric clock. I found 3333 CAS 16 to be ~1-2% faster than 3200 CAS 15 despite higher CAS latency on Ryzen platform.

    • CL18 @ 3600 has a latency of 10
      cl16 @ 3200 has a latency of 10


    • Legends, thanks for the responses, I ended up going with Cl16 @ 3200

    • Frequency matters more than timing

      • Not always, you need to look at both.
        As an extreme example [email protected] 2800 (10 ns latency) outperforms CL20 @ 3800 (10.53 ns latency)
        (see tested the table in my previous post)
        That may differ from case to case, but it does show higher frequency is not always better

        • Something I also found interesting (price per $ spent) is quad channel can mean more than both timing+frequency. Worth considering when going for 32g Ram.

          Quad 3200 CL 16 outperforms Dual 3600 CL 16 by 5-11%

          • @Voucherd: Quad channel would definitely be worth it if your system supports that. For the price/ performance you also have to consider the higher end (and more expensive) mobo and CPU needed to run it. Would be interesting to see a comparison on the gains experienced

    • Here's a useful table to check the latency for different timings: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5ePJLHhrAUMZFBnc05TLUZMYzg...

      CL18 @3600 is the same as CL16 @3200

    • The latency you see others talking about is called first word time and on Intel you really only have to worry about that. There's nothing else tied to the memory clock. 3200c16 and 3600c18 should perform about the same.

      On Ryzen you need to take into account the benefit of the fabric clock speed and the relationship between it and the memory and memory controller clocks, 1:1:1 is best. 3600/1:1:1 will result in a noticeable performance gain over the stock 3200/1:1:1 and it's what AMD publish as best price/performance.

      All that being said, this is a micron E-die kit and it'll probably do 3600c16 at least. You can do this on any AMD platform except A320, on intel you'll need a Z series.

    • If your worried about that then 3600 CL16 Crucial Balistix sell for $150 im running some on my ryzen 3700x MSI B450 mortor titanium at 3600MT/s 16-18-18-38 Stock standard XMP .. no other settings in bios changed rock solid no issues .. they are awesome

  • anout $5 cheaper than the deal posted about a week ago that i bought at :(

  • Should I just bite the bullet and go for 32gb for future proof?

    • Is it not possible simply buy the other 16 later if you need? If you need 32GB you will know it and in which case sure. If you're unsure you probably won't need it before we move to ddr5 anyway

    • i did, as i currently have 16gb, but as the new ram would run at the slower frequency if i just got 16, i bought 32gb

    • If you get a good deal on it then would be the go as far as future proofing.
      I'm not doing anything too over the top but got 2x16GB G Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz DDR4 for $216 from the after pay/ebay deal so happy with that price.

      16Gb may have been enough, and Corsair is good too.

    • 16gb is still enough for gaming. Only need 32gb if you are running vm's or rendering.

      But it doesn't hurt to have 32gb. It kinda makes you feel like a boss knowing you have more than you need.

      • 32gb gives you enough room to run more background processes as well. I alt tab to chrome a for gaming maps/wikis a lot now that I have 32gb - used to cause issues on 16gb.

    • I wouldn't bother. 16GB is plenty for normal use and gaming, and if your motherboard has 4 RAM slots it's a doddle to upgrade later.

      With RAM prices this high there's no reason to buy more now unless you need it. It will be cheaper in future.

    • If your mobo only have two slots, then yes.

  • 3600 at C18 isn't great, you'd want C16 imo

  • given the current climate. Only $5 more

    Oh look the exchange rate has no direct effect on RAM prices. When are we going to stop going along with this silly notion that goes against evidence?

    This isn't even that great a deal if you want more evidence:

    For example recently I purchased this RAM for $89 and also purchased 16GB 4000Mhz CL18 for $139

  • I bought this exact same ram 3 days ago for $119. I knew the price was extremely cheap so I pulled the trigger!

  • Amazon charge GST for these ones coming from USA so do you still get a normal Australian GST invoice?

  • i seem to be posting this everyday but the climate is AUDUSD keeps charging higher, pretty much back to pre-covid levels


  • Great article for people interested in RAM for Ryzen 3000 series


  • This is Micron E Die if you guys are wondering. The part number denotes it's optimised for AMD. E die is really nice for overclocking these days.

    • Do the corsair LPX kits optimised for Intel work perfectly on amd ryzen builds? I wonder what the difference actually is? I have an amd rig and most of the recent LPX deals are optimised for Intel… And in want a 32gb kit.

  • How well does Amazon handle returns from these Amazon US items? e.g. if faulty or becomes faulty

    • Not too bad, they will pay for the postage back to US. I had to send 2 sets of ram back (due to change of mind) and never had an issue.

  • FYI - the price has gone down to $129.98

  • aud is slowly improving, could see more price adjustments

  • Price is a little nicer as of 21/6/20: $113

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