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Viva Paper Towel (Pack of 12, 60 Sheets Per Roll) $10.80 (Subscribe & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Price drop just in time for my last couple of rolls. Hope this helps someone.

Back in stock, no Subscribe and Save, so $12.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks mate was running short of them too, imo these are the best Paper towel

  • Score, thanks!

  • Bought two packs just yesterday at $16.

    Amazon refuses to cancel them because shipment process has already started.


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      Mine not arriving til Wednesday - I’m sure there is an algorithm that doesn’t allow dropped price items to be cancelled

      • Yeah, mine is also not arriving until next Wednesday, but Amazon still claims that the "shipping process has started".

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          Your best way is to order this and return that

  • Running low too, thanks OP

  • Just in time I am on my last roll.

  • Thanks. These are 2nd only to the Kirkland paper towels.

    • Kirkland paper towels are more expensive pre sheet.

      • Yep. But the half width perforation makes them worth it. Just can't be bothered going to Costco most of the time.

  • Does the subscription price remain the ongoing price if you subscribe or does it return to normal pricing after the first one?

    • Also would like to know

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        Charged at pricing at time of shipping minus 10%

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      Pricing will fluctuate but you get a 10% discount. They do advise you before hand what the next shipment price will be and I think you can cancel provided it hasn't shipped. Easy to cancel subscriptions. Overall it's not a bad setup. They aren't deliberately trying to make you forget about subscriptions and make it near impossible to cancel.

  • How cheap do these get at coles or woolies ?

    • They're currently $4 for a 3 pack

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      $3 for 3 Coles

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    It will be the pricing at the time of the next shipment.

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    It's $32.98 for me??

  • Looks like its gone..

  • Got these last time. Great paper towels but these are very small rolls compared to the double length ones from Costco. Can't remember how much the ones at Costco are though.

    • Costco ones are around 16 bucks for 8 rolls, they seem to last bit longer though

      • NSW Costco hasn't had paper towels for a few months :( went yesterday
        heaps of toilet paper though

        • Really? Crossroads has had it every week recently.

          • @Yorkshire-Man: weird, guess the worker there lied to me
            none on Monday, juts lots and lots of toile paper

        • Have you tried the Marsden Park Store?

        • COSTCO Marsden Park didn't have any left today.

  • If you subscribe, are you locked in to $10.80 in future supplies?

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      Nope first one is this rate and scheduled deliveries are at the advertised rates minus 10% off

      It sends you an notification few days beforehand and if you don't like the price, skip it and it will continue to the next cycle and so forth

      • Makes sense, thanks.

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          What I and I think most people do, is to purchase using S&S and make duration 6 months in case you forget. After receiving the product I then cancel. Simple as that.
          Prices drop regularly enough to just pick them up cheap the next time.

  • Price compare to woolworths Quilton?

    $1 per roll vs 0.90 for Viva with free delivery hmmm

    OOS already lol

  • 33 bucks now … expiro

  • Damn, just missed it! Expired now.

    • Won't say damn, just missed it as it seems I'm over 30 minutes late. Oops.

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    How do I expire deal, or do mods do it?

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      I think if you edit, there's an expired tick box.

  • It's in stock again but without S&S

    • You have to add to cart first, then there's the option to change frequency and 10%.

      • Ah that's different.

        Just tried adding it and it said nothing in cart. Maybe they're working on it at the moment.

  • Not OOS … is EXPIRED

  • Thank you OP.

  • OP, How did you know about the price drop? Do you just track pricing with Camelcamelcamel?

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    Yep this.
    I track a few of my fav products from Amazon. Woke up this morn to an email, bought then shared.

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    My order has been dispatched already… unfortunately Amazon is using Fastway instead of Australia Post.

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      Mine is on fastway too. Absolute worst shipping company

  • My stuff is back to arriving in 2=3 days, via Aus Post. Do you have prime? Only time we ever had fastway deliveries was when we didn't have prime, and that sucked.

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      I have Prime but still delivered by Fastway. And Fastway’s incompetence did not disappoint. This is how my order arrived…

      I’m pretty sure Amazon would have shipped it in the box.

      • Save cardboard, save the trees

        • I don’t think any cardboard has been saved. Because Amazon would have shipped it out with the box. It’s Fastway who decided they had the right to open the box and get rid of it.

          • @bargainbro: That's really odd, it does look like your parcel box has a cut out from the original cardboard. But why???

      • I'd report that to Amazon. There's no way it shipped like that and couriers shouldn't be opening boxes.

  • back in stock.

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    Mine is being shipped by Fastway. Dammit. Worse freight company in Australia. Been super lucky that Amazon hadn’t been using them for my orders since last year but sadly they’re back. Hopefully will have my item by Christmas.

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      Fastway are rubbish. Twice they have "delivered" to me and even though I was home they took it straight to one of the dodgiest little chemists I've ever seen, around 5 min drive away.

      • Quite a few times I’ve had a section ripped open, obviously having a look what’s inside the box.

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    Back in stock.

    • Thx. Ordered.

  • Now waiting for the quilton to droo

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    Love these highlighted deals on old but still valid and popular deals.


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      Came back in stock last night, so rather than repost I just reported old deal, mods did the rest!

      • Yeh it just popped up at the top haha.

        Thanks mate, legend.

  • Ordered 3 for $32.40 without active Prime membership

  • 6 pack is $6 on special at woolies too.

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    Can't believe they moved to fastway couriers. This is an outrage. Whom was authority to leave. Everyone should make complaints to amazon about fastway.

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    Available again.

  • purchased a pack for $10.80

  • Ordered from last time 5th june, still not shipped, ordered a set of headphones via amazon us last Sat, and they arrived 5 days later !!!!

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    this is cheaper than OP isnt it?
    $1.75 pack of 2 x 6 = $10.50

    • Ain't the same quality. The viva seem to absorb more.

  • Thanks OP bought 2 packs hopefully last me 6 to 12 months without having to go to the store.

  • With Amazon subscribe and save, is the price locked in for future delivers? Any information about this would be appreciated.

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      Price not locked in, just order and make the time interval 6 months(in case you forget), and once shipped or delivered you can cancel it. And just buy next time its on special the same way.

      • Thank you. That's what I've done. Just wanted to check on the price.

  • It is a strange thing for Amazon to do, I don't understand it. I can only think they catch some people out who don't cancel? I don't have any issues doing it, as it makes up for the lack of cashback on certain categories atm.

    • Yeah that was my thinking too. They would get the ones who forgot to cancel the subscription.

    • Can’t find what category this falls under. Can we get cashback from

  • Thanks OP, ordered one

  • Thanks OP. Good to use with the cashrewards $2 cash back offer.

    • Does it come with % of the cashback?

      • I don't believe so. Amazon Category is:

        Health, Household & Personal Care

        Health and Personal care is excluded from cashback. So no good.

        • Bugga

  • +1

    Curious to know if any of the recent orders get shipped with Fastway too.

    Wonder if it's just for large parcels, ordered a few things in the last week but all shipped with Auspost.

    One thing's for sure, if they decide to move to Fastway for deliveries they won't be getting much of my business.

    • I will boycott Amazon if they move to Fastway. I would rather drag my balls through a highway of glass shards than deal with Trashway couriers.

      • +1

        Hopefully everyone that got delivery by Fastway told Amazon they weren't happy about it :)

    • My order are being shipped by fastway. 2weeks later and the items still haven't arrived.

      • Please make sure you leave feedback, we can't have this happen.

    • I actually got a parcel delivered by fastway too. It was coming from Amazon US though (bought through AU site).

      It was weird, because I bought two pairs of slippers (different sizes). One size arrived within a week, the other size (delivered by Fastway), took nearly 3 weeks total with some back and forth because they "couldn't find my address", which is a load of rubbish.

      • I'm waiting on something from Amazon US too. I've only got the UPS tracking number, but that said it was scheduled for delivery today.

        Tracking update this morning said it was in my state, then a scan 8 minutes later says it's on the other side of the country and delivery has been rescheduled (for when I don't know yet).

        I just hope it hasn't been handed off to Fastway for final leg delivery…

  • Back in stock, no Subscribe and Save, so $12.

    • Show as 16 to me….