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15% off Pick up Orders (Max $10 off) @ Uber Eats


15% off pick up orders with Uber eats x 5 times

Expires 30th June

Maximum discount of $10

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +10

    Okay I'm confused. Why would you want to order through Uber Eats for pickup?

    • +16

      To get 15% discount :D

      • +31

        Probably still cheaper direct in resto

        • +32

          Definitely cheaper direct. Uber testing for how many 'suckers' are out there.

          • +6

            @tunzafun001: Uber isn’t charging the restaurant fees for pickup orders currently. Most restaurants I order from are same price at store or on Uber menu. And I combine with discounted Uber cards via Coles. Win for me and win for restaurant….at the moment.

            • +5

              @Coops1: Uber charging 13% to the restaurant on pickup orders, what an absolute joke

          • +2

            @tunzafun001: Yeah I found that out the hard way. It was an extra $2 even after the discount was applied

          • +2

            @tunzafun001: No it's not. All depends on the store.

            • +2

              @Maz78: Pick up the phone and ask if they will match or beat the Uber listed pricing..they will.

              • +1

                @tunzafun001: Why would I bother? Their shop menu/pricing is exactly the same.
                Click "Repeat order" and it's done.
                Not my fault if they lose out by using UberEats. It's a service like anything else. If the price is the same, I'll use UberEats.

                • @Maz78: Fair enough, obviously a free country. I see the appeal of ease. But if the food is good, you could support your local over an international entity. Kinda need every $ we can to stay on Aussie shores at the moment. Also, If it is a 'repeat order' they will probably get to know you and sometimes you get bonuses thrown in. Perfect example, on Friday nights we have a 'usual'. I call up "How you going Ronnie, Tunz here..usual again thanks legend..done". Rocked up and got the usual order. Got home, inside was a note saying thanks for supporting us through this time, next pizza is on us.

                  Can't force ya', but just consider it.

        • +4

          Not always

          why do people like to spread misinformation without trying it themselves?

    • +4

      To give revenue to Uber, and remove the cost of paying a courier. And, of course the food business still gets to pay the awful commission that Uber collects.

      Screw the Uber rent-seekers and deal with the business direct. Win-win (unless you're warm and fuzzy with Uber).

      • -3

        Apart from the fact that Uber isn’t charging the restaurant fees for pickup orders at the moment!

        • +1

          Fools gold to gain market capital/influence.

        • Do you work for uber?

          (until 31 July before moving to the long term rate of 13%).


  • +8

    Most restaurants are offering 10-15% on pickup. Uber menu has prices jacked up anyway.

  • +3

    Ubereats pick up makes no sense.

  • +17

    Uber is rich enough, support your local and give them your money - straight up.

    • +7

      I’m no fan of Uber but they are very unprofitable

  • +1

    Soon you'll have the self driving uber with your own car!

  • +6

    They charge 35% to small, local and desperate businesses. Cripples them when they are at a low point. Even with 15% off they are nettimg 20%.

    I refuse to use Uber Eats.

    • +3

      Dubious claim of being "crippled" when the business had voluntarily gone to Uber to use their services.

      • +5

        Just because they signed up to Uber voluntarily doesn’t mean they did it willingly. Uber screws local businesses, full stop. Speak to any business owner about it, they’ll tell you firsthand. Stop being ignorant, and support your local restaurant directly if you’re picking up your food.

        • +2

          Just because they signed up to Uber voluntarily doesn’t mean they did it willingly.

          We live in a democracy and open economy. Of course they did it willingly.

          • @watwatwat: not sure what you mean here. 'open economy' simply means that bigger businesses with more power and influence (uber) can push around small businesses who have to fend for themselves (your local restaurants).

            • +4


              bigger businesses with more power and influence

              Welcome to the world and capitalism.

        • +1

          My uncle owns a restaurant and he didnt sign up, its a choice not forced

          and no it aint some big expensive restaurant

      • I also hear its VERY easy to be a successful musician or a band and not be involved with spotify

        • Totally irrelevant analogy.

  • +14

    Not every restaurant jacks their prices. There are many around me whose prices on ubereats are the same as in store.

    • +4

      I am yet to come across one in my area

    • +1

      How do restaurants cover their costs for using the app's service fees? o_O

    • +3

      Definitely true, I have a few regular go to restaurants where the price is exactly the same on ubereats.

    • Poor restaurants, Uber eats pickup makes 0 sense :(

    • +3

      There's one nearby that is actually cheaper on Uber Eats for pickup because they charge a credit card surcharge in store. With Uber not charging restaurants fees for pick-up at the moment I'm more inclined to use it. Many restaurants do jack their prices so I'll always go direct for them or choose elsewhere.

      Another popular burger truck charges a bit more on Uber Eats (offset by a 15% discount) and I don't have to wait outdoors in a line for 20 minutes. During the pandemic peak it was far more preferably to order, skip a giant line no one was distancing in and go straight to collect..

      Would try and use less or not at all after they start passing on charges to restaurants.

      • As far as I know, this is BS - Uber is 100% still charging restaurants commission on pickup orders. If they ever temporarily waived their fee, it was for a few days at the beginning of the lockdown. I have made a few Uber pickup orders in the belief that I was supporting my local restaurants, and when I went to pick up my order, they said please please order directly because Uber continues to confiscate most of their profits on pickup orders.

  • +7

    Absolute rip. Nice try Uber.

  • +4

    So I literally just ordered from UberEats.

    Placed order to be delivered at 7:55pm

    At around 7:50pm, the driver's picture and details disappeared, suddenly my order was cancelled.

    Called restaurant and they said the driver picked up the order, but they said they have had heaps of trouble with UberEats drivers - apparently they pick up the order, cancel then just eat the food.

    The money was taken out of my account, but my PayPal no longer shows the deduction so I assume ive been refunded - but OMG I am never ordering from UE again…horrible…couldnt even call anyone because they dont have a customer call centre….

    • Well call centres don't come free. If UE provided one, expect them to take a larger cut from restaurants which results in most not signing up or even higher mark ups.

      • +7

        They take 35%, plus they charge a delivery fee. The delivery fee mostly goes to the driver so what's the 35% for…

    • +3

      "but they said they have had heaps of trouble with UberEats drivers - apparently they pick up the order, cancel then just eat the food." - lol, nonsense.

      • I'm just repeating word by word what she told me.

    • +2

      Has happened to me a few times the past few months. Uber doesn't seem to care about ever enforcing or disciplining the bad eggs - you can file feedback and they'll refund you in credits, but that's about it.

    • How can UE let driver hit 'cancel' after order pick-up is done?

      • No idea, but apparently I'm not the only one this has happened to

  • +6

    Terrible deal. Go directly to the business to give them all the money if you are going to pick up. This is just ripping off restaurants!

    • +2

      Couldn't agree more.

    • This is just ripping off restaurants!

      And thus it is a good deal.

  • +3

    As others have said, go direct to the business

  • +2

    This is confusing.

  • +1

    Pointless promo. Support the restaurant, stop giving money to these grubs. Plus it’s probably cheaper anyway

  • +3

    Poor restaurants really copping it right now. Like others said please support the restaurants directly. Uber guts them on fees.

  • +2

    Uber Eats gave me a 15% off pick up order before, almost fell for it until I checked the restaurant's menu. Everything was marked up by 20% so it was cheaper to just call the restaurant and pick up yourself. So dumb

  • +2

    go direct.
    just about all, if not all restaurants in my area are way more expensive on ubereats

  • +6

    too many local restaurants told me these deliveries company like Uber eats, menulog are killing their business slowly and Slowly.

  • +1

    Will use Uber Eats when picking up for the discount until 30 June, while they aren't charging fees to businesses, but otherwise I'm done. They have terrible customer service and screw businesses over at a time when they can least afford it.

  • They jack up the prices on uber

    No point

  • +2

    Although there are many restaurants putting their prices up for Uber Eats, not all do. There are still a significant number of restaurants you would be able to save 15% on using this deal.

  • Is there a minimum spend?

  • +3

    Support the restaurant if you are picking up - Don't be a dick….iee

  • +6

    Uber lies about supporting local businesses. All their talk about waiving commissions to support local businesses was totally false according to multiple small businesses I’ve spoken to recently. Support local businesses, not Uber.

  • +1

    Go straight to the business please ubereats pickup is bullsh***t

  • Seriously if you fon a do pick up, ask your local to match uber eat discount, I'm sure they'd rather do that..

  • Mark up the price by 30% then offer a 15% discount. Business 101

    • Also works on eBay sales.

  • +1

    Cheaper to order direct from restaurant, and you don't have to support Uber Eats' parasitic business model that way

    • +3

      Pretty much everything you said is wrong.

      It's cheaper to pick up direct from the restaurant

      Wrong. Not every restaurant adds mark up to their menu via uber eats.

      uber charges a 35% fee.

      Wrong. There is no fee right now and the long term fee will increase to 13% after end of July.

      Even with 15% off you will still pay 20% extra.

      Did you just make those numbers up? Every restaurant can charge whatever they want.

    • +2

      can you stop lying and spreading misinformation?

  • Most useless app I've ever encountered. I create the promotion code in the app, it's no applied at checkout and then when I re-enter it at again checkout it says I've already used it. Total waste of time! So I win't be eating takeout and everybody loses!