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AOC 24G2 23.8" 1080p 144hz IPS Monitor $299 (Bonus $40 Steam Gift Card via AOC) + Delivery @ PLE Computers


First post, please be kind :)

Managed to eBay to price match with PLE brings the amount $345 (-$10 PMONTH200 coupon) + $50.95 Ebay Price Match Coupon in return.
Can also redeem a $40 Steam Giftcard too.

PLE link here: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/638128/AOC-24G2-24-Full-HD-F...
Ebay link here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AOC-24G2-24-Gaming-LED-FHD-LCD-I...

MWAVE has it too for $299
link here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/aoc-24g2-238-144hz-full-hd-...

Can try price matching as well

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  • Sorry, How do I get the " $50.95 Ebay Price Match Coupon "? Thanks.

  • How do I only pay 284.50 upfront?

  • I've never actually used eBay's pricematch feature before. Sounds like a hassle with an extremely limited timeframe of 2 days.

  • Gold standard 1080p IPS 144hz monitor. Would recommend to anyone especially at this price. Was $269 pre-COVID but this isn't half bad given the current situation.

  • What would be ETA for delivery in Victoria?

  • Not sure if this would help but got the Acer 144hz from GG for $299.. they price matched officeworks but officeworks is a 75hz whereas this one is 144hz:


    Can post invoice if that helps.

    • oh nice. but this is a 27" with 1080p. and what i've seen around ozb is that with that combination you will see the "pixels" :/

      • Yea a 1440 is nicer especially for more real estate but I honestly don't know why some people freak out about a 27" FHD. I agree a FHD 32" is bad but 27 is still 100%. I have owned all variances and for gaming its still awesome. I would rather game on a 27" FHD than any 24". I have a 49" DFHD now which is basically 2x 27" in 1 screen. If yoy see pixels on a 27" FHD you really need to move back a bit coz you too close to the screen lol

        • Do you mind posting the receipt? I wouldn't mind one of these! The Officeworks one now looks like it's out of stock and the listing is removed, although it did still come up on Google search…

          • @Loyalwings: Second this … can we pls get the invoice. I see how GG made the mistake as it was only the “P” that was the difference.

        • Sorry … meant to tag you … if u can post the invoice that would be great

    • Lmao did you play The Good Guys?

    • You got very lucky with that price match at Good Guys because Officeworks does not sell this Acer monitor model because the ones they sell are the cheap 75HZ version and the current 144hz which has model name EG270P wheres the Good Guys one is VG270P. Though I can maybe understand why Good Guys might make this type of mistake especially considering Acer has way too many different models and that Acer's website is shit at giving accurate details about their monitors, where I believe for the VG270P it is a slightly cheaper version of another model which is the VG271P where I think main difference might be that VG271P has HDR400.

    • Gonna try it real soon! Few minutes! Fingers crossed.

      Went , did not work at all.
      It's out of stock nationwide for Officeworks , brought a model on Binglee for $260 instead, that worked! :P

  • Great monitor. Bought it a few days ago for $318 off centrecom. Really popular and best value for a 24 inch 144hz monitor out there.

  • Using this monitor at the moment, I love it. Got it for $256 pre-covid.

  • Is this a good deal for the 27”?


    I would prefer flat instead of curved but I’m sure I could live with that

  • are these monitors pretty good in relation to dead/bright pixels (for those who have bought one)?
    I know AOC have a policy of replacement within 30 days, but not sure how many times they will replace it.
    Sometimes it can be easier if you live near a decent store to get a monitor there, that way it can be easier to switch it over if there is an issue re pixels etc.

    read quite a few reviews on reddit about dead/stuck pixels in relation to this monitor.

  • I've submitted my request for a pricematch just then. They said they would get back today with an outcome.

    Does anyone know if there are any issues if there isn't any stock available? I can see they expect stock again today anyways.

  • I don't want a eBay voucher. eBay should price match so you do not need to pay $345 for it.

    Not going ahead

  • Went for it! I saw that there was no stock at PLE, but decided to try anyway. The eBay live chat representative agreed to the price match (unsure whether they realised it was out of stock, and I put in my order. They said I should receive the coupon in 24-48 hours. The steam gift card just sweetens the deal.

  • Can someone check if these 2 coupon codes work? APCGEVIP or PC419VIP

    I think you need an account but it should give 4 bucks off and it stays active on your account. The discount should cover a lot of items too from 2 bucks to 100 for laptops. I already have trade discount from these code previously but I don't know if it can be activated.

  • So, just bought it as well in the morning. Talked to the Ebay CR they sending the voucher in 24 hrs. So keen

    • They told me I need to purchase first is that how it works?

      • yes. make your purchase first and difference will be given to you as a eBay voucher.

      • Yes, so I talked to them first and asked for the price match. Later, they checked the PLE website and confirmed they could do the price match and then told me to make a purchase.

        I bought the monitor and then talked back with them again.

        Then they checked the website again and confirmed if I purchased the monitor on eBay.

        And,finally they told me they are sending me a voucher in 24hrs.

        Heads up save your chat transcripts of them approving the price match in the first conversation so there isn't any confusion later.

  • How is this monitor compared to Kogan 27" QHD IPS FreeSync 75Hz Frameless Monitor for $300?

    • Depends on your use case. This one hands down for gaming because of the refresh rate.

  • Did anyone else find that the voucher amount received is more than expected?

    The frequently asked questions says they include the shipping price and calculate against the actual price you paid on ebay (price paid = price - vouchers used).

    Mine seems to be calculated without factoring shipping price on PLE against for the whole ebay price without the vouchers I used.

    I guess I'm getting a little extra than expected.

  • I just managed to purchase from ebay at $345 for my Son for fortnite. Got $60 ebay voucher Using MWAVE as price match. $40 steam will also mean I can purchase cyberpunk 2077 as already have $50 credit. Thanks OP

  • It's back in stock. Just made a purchase.