[Pre Order] LG UltraGear 27GL850 27" (144Hz, 1440p IPS, G-SYNC Compatible) $759 Delivered @ Rosman Computers


Best monitor in the 27/1440/144 segment for a decent price. Very good reviews from Linus and other reviewers alike.

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  • HDR10 but 350cd/m2

  • Except HDR, I'm very happy with this.

    • It is one of the best ips panel outside of apple monitors. They some how minimised almost all back light bleed on this panel very impressive

  • New model (27GL83A) is out and available via JB. Essentially the same thing with some minor tweaks, and marketing changes.

    The 34GL950 has also been replaced, the new model has a 160Hz overdrive rating and it is $100 cheaper at most stores (PCCG, Scorptec etc).

  • What's the best 144hz 1ms monitor sub $300?

  • Isn't the VX2758-2KP-MHD nearly identical. Also it apparently has LESS light bleed, making it almost better overall? And 2ms slower in some response tests, that's about it? Apart from the lack of the fancy stand and useless HDR, it seems like worth it for a $400 saving?

    • No it isn't the same quality, both build, features, stand or panel quality.

      G Sync cerified, wide gamut panel, fully ergonomic stand, response time, build quality are all major differences.

      A lot of the ViewSonics have had issues unfortunately. There is a very long Whirlpool thread about that monitor.

    • Comparison here shows VX2758-2KP-MHD has better contrast and black level/uniformity which imo would be immediately noticeable and much more appealing to gamers than gimmick HDR. The massive price gap is quite hard to justify unless color accuracy is critical to your works.

      • Stop relying on RTings' number system, it's failing you here, and failing you again when it points to ASUS having the best gaming IPS right now.

        Also look at TFT Central, PCMonitors.Info for written reviews, then Hardware Unboxed and a5hun on YouTube for further video reviews.

        RTings have been borrowing heavily from the former in their testing regime for years, but their technical understanding is vastly inferior.

        • Agreed. Hardware Unboxed is one of the best going around based on their 2020 testing methodology imo

          The Acer Nitro vg272UP is a good equivalent model for those on a tighter budget. About $599 full price.
          Only major difference is it's very basic stand, but a non-issue if you buy a $30 bracket/monitor arm.
          Uses the same LG Wide Gamut panel. Much better value (Cost/Quality) than the Viewsonic.

          • @swimmingtoad: One review put it as 16ms, versus 8 to the LG, which seems like it would suck for gaming.

            • @LukeB: Which review? There are pretty much none on that model at the moment besides a few Singapore and Malaysia forum conversations.

              Sure it wasn't the XV272UP, VG271UP, VG271P or VP270UP? Those model numbers always come up when googling VG272UP. The naming conventions from Acer are horrible. Those earlier models use AOC and Innolux panels.

              The VG272UP response time it the same as the LG 27GL850/27GL83A, although they advertise it faster - at 0.7ms for some stupid marketing overdrive mode reason.

          • @swimmingtoad: TFT Central, Blurbusters and a5hun are the ones setting the tone right now, the rest are largely borrowing from them, with PCMonitors having solid technical knowledge.

        • Well, I'm not saying that it's on par with LG. No denying that LG is as good as you can get in its class. But is it $300-more good? I have watched reviews of the viewsonic for a while from reviewers and actual end users, the common consensus everywhere is that it's very good for what it costs. It has nice quality panel, it's not like we're talking about cheap tn panels here. Overall build quality and stand are obviously where they cut corners, but to me those are much less important than the panel itself.

  • FYI This isnt expected to ship until the end of June. 3-4 week ETA after speaking with the store.

  • Just ordered this LG banger. $499 LG 32GK650F-B 32" WQHD FreeSync 144Hz 5MS VA LED Gaming Monitor
    Hopefully not too much of a wait either.

  • $699 at Amazon if you see this before it sells out.

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