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LG Ultragear 27GL850-B 27", 144Hz, 1440p Monitor - $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time posting a deal, great monitor with good reviews as one of the best 27" 1440p 144hz gaming monitors.

Shipped by amazon au and in stock, so faster shipping time then other deals.

Would grab one myself but only running a 1070 atm and dont think ir will cut it for 1440p

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Gah. Got it about $50 more expensive a few weeks ago.

  • Perfect timing, was just researching monitors with these exact specs today, cheers!

  • Great price

  • 1070 runs fine at 1440p unless you need to get up to the full 144hz.

  • Nice find OP. One of the best IPS 1440p, 144hz gaming panels around.

  • The Dell S3220DGF for $698 or the LG 34in UWFHD IPS 144hz Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (34GL750-B)?

    Games, productivity (cad/modelling), odd movie, bike trainer screen perhaps..

    Hard to decide, Dell you've got the build quality and blacks, 3 year warranty I think, IPS good.

    Have to take this viewsonic 32in WQHD IPS (VX3276-2K) back to umart today to see what they can do - dead pixel. May have to get singing there but the dell would need to act fast on.
    32" flat is a bit strang to work on, no height adjustable, curved be better.

    Pairing with 2060s, happy with 1440p per even 1080p if real snappy.

    Oops thought this post was for the dell.
    Comments be appreciated, thanks

    • Dead pixel or bright pixel?

      • Don't think dead, it's a like a smudge or bit of dust but not, maybe a bright one?
        Do they usually warrant that, they said to bring it into the store so was going to today.

        That dell is a great deal and good all round, hard to decide as the LG is $800 (but was selling for $600 pre-covid).
        The height of the extra wide screen is about the same as a 24", only 100mm wider approx than the 32".

        I could maybe connect my AX510 soundbar to the dell

        Comparison here

    • FHD at 34” ultrawide may be a bit too low res but ymmv.

      But then a 2060S at 1440p may be pushing it a bit too. Especially for future proofing.

      • Not a hardcore gamer would probably Run them at 1080p.
        I could always upgrade to 2080s in the future

        Hmm Leaning towards The Dell then perhaps.

        • Just a heads up, running 1080p on a 1440p monitor looks like crud as it's not 1:1 scaling. It's 1.5:1 which means every second pixel at 1080p will be a mix of half of the pixel either side of it which translates to blur. 720p looks better than 1080p on a 1440p monitor, since its 2:1 scaling.

        • Instead of 1080p, 75% render scale on 1440p is another option if the game supports. It supposedly looks better as the UI elements aren't downscaled.

          Will give it a try once the monitor arrives. ETA 16-19 June.

  • Good monitor, have been using one for the last few months. Only downside is the relatively poor contrast ratio

  • Bought this a couple weeks ago in a previous deal, can confirm it's a great itor. Might just need to turn some settings down for higher frames but you won't be disappointed. Upgraded from a 1080p 144hz tn panel.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Cheers OP. Grabbed one. Been researching monitors and this was one that was highly recommended to me.

  • That is a good deal. I purchased mine from PLE, 2 months ago for 749$

  • Bought one. Had one on backorder from Rosmancomputers for $749, got a refund instead.

  • Great buy in the current climate, Grab one of these and realise how crap your current monitor is!

  • Been using this for 3 months now and I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine the leaps that will need to happen in monitor technology for me to feel the need to upgrade.

    • LG monitors look sexy af too with the thin frame borders

    • I can, and the technology already exists: OLED. Still, this is a great monitor that I've been considering myself since monitor manufacturers are dragging their feet with OLED PC monitors.

  • Nice find OP but 1070 can definitely do 1440p/144hz. Sacrifice some settings to get that buttery smooth framerate!

  • Worth the upgrade from current Asus Rog Pg278q? Would pull the trigger if so.. Hmm

  • Great monitor; bought it in September last year to replace my aging Dell U2711 and was very happy with the decision. The higher refresh rate (which was felt even just moving mouse cursor around on the desktop) and G-Sync massively improved gaming experience. Colour was very vibrant but temperature was off (magenta cast in Gamer Mode 1) until you calibrate it. The low contrast ratio issue was blown out of proportion IMHO.

  • Anyone know if a 32" version with same specs (1440p/144hz+) exists?

    • I just got the Dell S3220DGF
      A 4k ultrawide would be good but too expensive, and as above felt the res could be a bit low on 2k.
      Ultrawide be good for productivity though with a lot open but the 32" should be big enough. Tough choice.
      The contrast ratio, blacks and overall quality of the Dells are top notch.

      I felt 27" little bit small too, but prob good for gaming.

      • Nice man!
        Just so you know in the future, most monitors are variants of the same panel. Your 32" VA 165hz curved is the same as what's in a plethora of other 32" VA panels (eg. the MSI, Gigabyte G32QC etc.)

        I'm looking for a 32" IPS 1440p but it doesn't seem to exist…

        • That's true, it just so happened that the Dell came on sale and a lot of the others are still covid pricing. They may be slightly better for gaming but still love the reserved finish/quality, adjustments, I/Os etc (and 3y warranty I believe). ultra wide be good but still got some cheap Dell U2412M IPS Ultrasharps for hardcore work, they go great!

  • hey guys I bought this on ebay for about 50bucks more using 28 degrees card. Can I claim price protection?

    Edit: OK nvm….has to be the same merchant

    Price Protection, which gives cardholders who use the card to purchase a product and then see the price of that product from the same retailer fall within six months after the purchase date, get a refund of the difference back on the card. The cost of this protection is 0.5% of the monthly closing balance

  • They are about $615 ex GST wholesale from LG so a very good price for one of the top 27" gaming monitors at the moment.
    Also you will have no issues returning for dead pixel or warranty issues through Amazon as you may from others.

  • Hi Guys, how does this compare with current dell deal on Dell S2719DC pls. For office use, thank you.

    • For office use the (with personal use such as movies) Dell would be better. Its got HDR600 so image quality is better.

      There's a code to bring it down to $680ish in the thread. Otherwise Amazon and Good Guys have it for $699.

  • Damn you ozbargain! I just bought this too >< Time to get my old 1440p IPS monitor on to market place. I just built a new gaming pc as well i told my self right before i hit purchase can't get the full use out of the new GPU without a 144hz monitor…

  • Was about to pull the trigger but then noticed the disappointing specs.
    HDMI supports only up to 100 Hz. Is this only HDMI 1.4?
    Also, no speakers in the monitor. Pretty bad for this price.

    • Why did you upvote then?

    • Lol. That's a HDMI limitation. It is HDMI2.0 but you top out at 100hz with variable sync on. There are only a few monitors with HDMI 2.1 at the moment and nowhere near this price.

      Not many gamers use the standard horrible monitor speakers so ild rather not pay for them. Most would have external speakers and/or a headset.

      Disappointing specs? It's rated among the best 1440p gaming panels at the moment.

    • This is widely regarding as one of the best 144hz 1440p IPS monitors you can buy, so I'd be interested if you have one with better specs. You'll probably need to use display port to reach the full refresh rate.

    • why not just use display port then?

    • Good thing you didn't buy. More stock for others who's a bit more realistic with their expectations.

    • You are not the target market for this monitor then. Gaming monitors like this are designed to be driven by Displayport which has significantly more bandwidth than HDMI. Any modern graphics card or gaming laptop would already have a DP connection. HDMI is more a complimentary port for you to plug in your other devices like consoles, non-gaming laptops etc. Plus in built crappy speakers are not high on a typical gamer's priorities.

    • Most people interested in a monitor of this quality would consider it a positive that it doesn't have speakers.

  • Can this be hooked onto a MacBook? I’m thinking of buying my first monitor for uni work

  • been eyeing this for a while
    thanks OP, great price

  • What’s the expected delivery time from amazon?

    • second this I would also like to know as it's my first amazon purchase. I even signed up for the free prime trial

      • My order says June 26th. But Amazon have always been giving me conservative arrival times.. Usually a few days if within aus and in stock from past ordering

        • Mine said the same but they just updated it to 16th June.
          (Although i have changed delivery to priority, then moved it back to expedited for a few mins and it might be been picked quicker as a result)

          • @swimmingtoad: Lol thanks for tip.. Didn't know this existed.. I changed to priority and it now says 15th-16th june

            • @sgrusty: Switched it back to expedited which also says 16th June. Priority extra $7

              • @sgrusty: Mine still says delivery date pending even though I switched to priority.

                • @NachoCheese: Mine says the shipping date will be updated as soon as possible. Must have got in after they ran out of stock but before it closed?

                  • @Dwil06: Same as you guys. No delivery date yet. Hopefully they haven't oversold.

                    • @Harvey1: @dwil06 @harvey1 same as you both no shipping date as well. Guess 3 of us are in the same boat. On a second note have you been charged yet I haven't been charged for it yet hoping this isn't a sign I wont get it.

                      • @caff3ry: Mine shipped earlier today. They look to be coming from Perth. From the AusPost tracking;

                        Item processed at facility

                        PERTH AIRPORT WA

                        Date & timeThu 11 Jun • 1:20pm

                      • @caff3ry: Nope no charge yet, which is slightly concerning. Let's see what happens.
                        I purchased mine at 9:30.

                        • @Harvey1: fingers crossed all 3 of us get ours. My first purchase from amazon as well so hopefully no sour taste. Although I'd imagine we might just have to wait a bit longer than the others no way they don't honour this.

                          • @caff3ry: I ordered mine @ 8:20am, says it should arrive by Wednesday 17th of June

                            • @homelessguy: I’m thinking we who ordered ‘late’ will likely get ours at the end of June, start of July when they have stock. Still no update on my order.

                              • @Dwil06: well according to some comments they had more some hours ago 4 more i think it was so hopefully it means we wont be delayed too much.

                                • @caff3ry: That would be nice. I wonder why we aren’t being updated then.

                                  • @Dwil06: Not sure but last night I got a call from Washington ‭+1 (206) 508-4014‬ according to google it’s either amazon or an amazon scam trying to siphon my details. Either way I didn’t pick up the call as I figured proper amazon wouldn’t call at 11pm and plus it’s shopping from Sydney sold by amazon AU so no reason for amazon to be contacting me right? Hopefully not answering was the right thing and it doesn’t delay the monitor too much.

                              • @Dwil06: Just got on the amazon chat to ask about this.
                                The chat rep said they are 'unavailable' at the moment (aka sold out) and will ship once they have stock.
                                He didn't provide an estimate, but said they would honor the deal and ship once they get it.
                                He also said they don't charge your card till it ships, which explains why we haven't been billed yet.
                                Hopefully soon!