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Panasonic OLED TV GZ1000U 55" $1879.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Someone posted in whirlpool forums that this model was available at this Costco. I called the store to check and they had 5 of them. Immediately went and got one today.

Four more are still available at this store and you may even find the 65" and 55" in Costco near you. Was really looking for a OLED 55" for this budget and really happy with the purchase.

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    I loved Panasonic TVs years ago but, man, I wish they went with Android TV so there’s a heap of apps available.

    Great price for OLED.

    • Yeah, the smart tv interface is next to garbage. Just bought it for picture quality.

    • We have a Sony OLED with Android. It's highly variable, often takes a while to start & when you stop casting a program you need to switch it off/on to cast the next show.

      $72 Vodafone Android TV box is far superior to the Sony version.

      • Oh that's not good. Please tell me it's not the a8g

        • A1 but it's updated to the latest version of Android which all Sony's are running. It's just buggy, the program listing on a Sony is just whacky as well.

          We just use it with the Vodafone box & problem solved. Awesome picture, stunning to look at.

          • @lolitsme: I use one of the first generation Sony Android TV, runs 4K HDR 50Mbps movies off a USB on stock apps no problems. I also have a Nvidia shield but barely use it because having no box no nothing and simplicity is better.

      • Yeah, Android TV requires top of the line chip to run smoothly but other than Nvidia Shield everyone else runs them on Mediatek processors which do half ass work of the wonderful OS.

    • I was looking for a nice OLED TV. I was even wondering if there are cheaper options out that have no smart interface at all. I use the Nvidia Shield so I don't care about inbuilt smart features. Does anyone know what other brand I could be looking at for similar specs/price? Thanks.

    • I run mine with an AppleTV, can rip my UHDs and put everything on the server and have DolbyVision and ATMOS running, the picture quality is insanely good.Pluss you get a free year of Apple Streaming with the ATV, which is a pretty good deal.
      I don't use any of the built in apps on any of our TVs, and external box always seems to be better.

      • I know you can add boxes to any tv but I don't want a box connected, neater with it all in one. (i have boxes on the bedroom TV's.)
        I find Android TV good to use together with phone and nest speaker etc. Plays nicely together. And plenty of apps available on the TV.

      • How do you have DV and Atmos running from UHD rips? Or am I misreading?

  • A costco tip - any price ending in a 7 is a store specific discount, usually very deep.

  • clearing stock ? thought Pana stopped oled here

    • Yes.

      I remember buying a certain model of Panasonic LED TV years ago. Costco undercut all retailers since they bought the entire available stock from Panasonic Australia. It was considered an "old" model even though the new model on the market for only 6 months.

    • Panasonic have stopped the sale of all TVs here. Shame.

  • Have the 65 inch version, great TV

    • Same here. Fantastic picture.
      OS is dated but very snappy.

      • Is the OS still the Firefox based one that has basically only iview, sbs, YouTube and Netflix? I have a VT60 and it really is the bare minimum to call it a smart TV. Mine had the webcam built in, but Skype support stopped. There were some kids apps but suddenly they lapsed (I guess a licensing issue). The iview app is OK, but search has a limit of 25 hits, search for a TV show with more episodes and you can't see them, so it's back to wading through categories. Sbs app is OK, but sometimes features don't work, like if you stop watching and start again it doesn't remember where you left off like it used to. YouTube gets an update and suddenly the back button on the remote exits the app entirely with no warning, until a few weeks later when it suddenly starts working properly again.

        Who's responsible for the app? It is Panasonic or the respective companies? I tried to reach out to Panasonic supportand they gave 0 craps, afterwards I think I ran into someone who said their partner does app development for iview, and I offered to give feedback but it didn't eventuate

        • Agreed that the smart functions on the VT60 are limited, however I would also say it is a 7 year old model and comparable ‘smart’ sets are just as poor in terms of support

          I upgraded to a Panasonic oled from this same tv, and whilst the interface isn’t as nice as Samsung’s it is snappy and works well for Netflix, Amazon, SBS and ABC. No Disney Plus support

    • Me too. It was worth the rigmarole to order from David Jones online via price match (who were a nightmare to deal with).

  • Have seen a few JB and Good guys selling off the display units at prices higher than this so great deal

    A local HN was giving me a tempting price at the 65" gz1500 for 2.5k but alas it was display unit since Jan.

    • Good guys offered a 6 month display unit of 65" LG B9 for 2600k. Didn't even ask and left the store. The big stores are clearly cashing in on the oled supply shortage right now.

    • Just visited JB Hi-Fi and popped in next door to the Good Guys to look at TVs as my 10 year old Panasonic plasma has just started switching itself off and on. Great timing.

      Anyway they had a couple of Panasonic 65” tvs right at the front of the store, warehouse clearance. But I had walked past a 65” GZ 1000. I thought I was in luck as I had read these were all sold out about a month ago. So I called one of the salesman over and show him the ozbargain link where JB were selling these new for $2350. There’s was priced at a ridiculous $2,995. So I ask what their best price was, as in could that match JB.

      But it was all too good to be true, he said it was the last one. So I ask display stock. Yep… then I ask how long it had been on display.. A year.

      So I’m doing calculations in my head, this thing would have been on every day for at least 8 hours a day for a year. That’s about 2 or more years normal use…

      He goes and asks the boss for their lowest price.. $2,300. I said no thanks.. having a laugh. So it anyone wants it, it is as Artarmon good guys. The other two were th-gx850 and the 800 .

      • Any 55 inches at Artarmon?

        • No, only that one 65 display. I have a 50 plasma so am looking at a 55 to replace it myself. Might have to go LG or Sony. Or do I buy an intermediary tv and let OLED get better. Plasma works spasmodically, turns itself off then on again. If only it had started doing it a month ago.

          • @Foxxster: LG CX or maybe a Sony if they get cheaper seems to be the go. Too bad we missed the C9 and Panny sales.

          • @Foxxster: OLEDs from last year are already at their best. It's the LCD TV's that are still improving and are going to see bigger jumps in improving in next few years with MICRO LED etc. The best time to get OLED is now.

  • One point about display unit, they were offering 5 years warranty for extra $300,

    that seems like a deal cause they were saying if breaks down you get a new one to replace since not likely to get Panasonic parts in 5 years time as they exit Aus market.

  • Just picked one up from Costco Ipswich for the same price. There is only 1 55" left but many 65"s.

  • Anyone seen one in NSW? These seem on par with the vanished LG C9.

  • Any at Costco WA?

    • I saw 5 about an hour ago.

    • Picked up one yesterday around lunchtime.
      I grabbed the second last one (55).

      I think there were still a few 65s left.

      I walked in happy to see 65 Sony X95G stock since I've been after one of those.
      Then I saw the Panasonic… smaller than I'd like but… OLED!

  • Costco at cross roads NSW has gz1000 65 for 2899.

    • +2 votes

      At that price, I might go with 55' instead if stock available!

    • I bought the 65 LG CX from Good Guys coulpe of weeks ago and I could have got 65" panasonic for $2510 but went for CX instead. So just saying $2899 is too high and you can get panasonic gz1000 for around 2500 from Good Guys if you try to negotiate.

      • I called a few good guys stores last week looking for a panasonic but they all said they dont have any and not likely to find any store that does.

  • Any of oled at costco…. Sucks you can't order online via Costco, only America version offered it(but geez the website is horrendous to navigate) as I bet you need a membership card for online aus.

    • There’s a limited range available for delivery on the Costco Au website.

      They’ve got 13 televisions listed - mainly Samsung, a couple of Sony, and one TCL.

  • Does Costco delivery for instore tv purchase?

  • Excellent colour accuracy but a shame OLED’s have abysmal peak brightness.
    This is why I will never touch one until the day I have no choice (hopefully never).

    • For me is the burn in. I upgrade tv like every 10 years and OLED is not going to do 10 years without burn in. Coming from a plasma, low brightness I can deal with since I only watch stuff in the evening.

      • That is certainly another factor to consider.
        I must add to my previous post that the GZ2000U is the only OLED that can reach 1000nits but no chance I’m spending that much money on a TV.

  • We got the Pana 65” GZ1000 ($2.5k from JB) 4 months ago and it has fantastic picture, but connectivity is a bit hit and miss. We’ve got Amazon, Stan, Netflix, SBS, Apple TV, YouTube link, and a range of other catchup apps working on it. But we can’t get any iteration of Foxtel (using my mum’s account) to work on it. We’ve tried using the Remote App using iPhone and Samsung phones, and mirroring won’t work it insists on disconnecting the wifi to the TV during this mode which drops out of usability anyway. Then it won’t reconnect to the wifi, you have to do it manually each time. The remote is huge and clunky. Our old Samsung 55” from 2014 had a brilliant remote.

    All in all though, if you’re buying for the picture quality and a decent tv speaker setup (when you can’t be arsed putting external speakers on) it’s fantastic. I just hope it lasts as long as the Samsung did.

  • FYI, seems only the display is left at Epping.

  • 55" TV is too small for my bathroom.

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