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[Back Order] Kenwood Chef Sense, Stand Mixer 4.6L KVC5100T $339.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Kenwood Stand Mixer

For $340 delivered seems to be a good deal.

RRP -$599 which is currently the price at The Good Guys.

Normally see it around the $450 mark.

UPDATE - been Ozbargained. it’s out of stock but you can still get a rain check on this price.

It is still available for purchase though wait time will be longer.

Update 2 - back order finished. Deal expired.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $599 model with Good Guys is the XL version, not this one.


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      OP did not make a mistake. The non-XL model (KVC5100T; same as the one in this OzB deal) is also $599 through TGG as correctly pointed out by OP.

      The one you linked to is different KVL6100T

  • BuT A KiTchENaId Is BeTTeR.
    TBH though seriously looking for a red kitchenaid because i want to look baller to my fam.

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      This plus some red paint should do just fine?

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    Bought this last December for $261.75 and used it daily making 1.2kg bread dough without problems.

  • So Kenwood or Kitchenaid?

    • Kitchenaid's reliability isn't quite as good as it used to be.
      Basically they'll both do the same job however just as well as each other, though nothing says money is no object more than a bright red kitchenaid on the counter.

    • Both the Kenwood and Kitchnaid are solid. I went in to get a Kenwood chef XL, though they had a kitchenaid artisan shelf model missing boxes and stuff for about $500 so I grabbed that. They're both good machines. The Kenwood attachments are a bit more economical. The Kenwood warranty is slightly better, but the Kitchenaid is fine and it's all pretty well built and simple anyway.

      The biggest difference between the very cheap machines (eg. kmart at $70) and the Kenwood/Kitchenaid machines is robustness and weight. The expensive machines will confidently mix a kilo or two of dough. Cheap ones will not. For light duty work like whisking eggs or mixing cake batter, they're much of a muchness.

      • If you're with Goodguys Commercial, you can get some attachments quite cheap. I got the ice cream bowl for this $50, a juicer thingy $78.

    • I've used both Kenwoods and Kitchenaids many times. They're both great, but I would lean towards Kenwood, they tend to give you a stronger motor/more torque for your money.

      One small knock against the Kenwood XL models specifically is that the bowl is fairly tall and narrow, which can be a little more restrictive to work in than a shorter wider bowl. You don't really get the full use out of the bigger bowl because the top of the bowl is higher than the top of the mixing tools.

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    Note, the deal is still available as a pre-order.

    Amazon has sold out of their warehouse stock but are still ordering more in.

    Deal hasn’t expired.

  • Can recommend. Price here is not superb but I will tell you we waited several months to get one below 300…

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    In a few months they maybe cheaper, like webcams, monitors, etc, post covid lockdown, but that'll depend in global stock…. People stuck at home cook. If round 2 happens, we'll be back inside again. But it may not, which might lead to a glut and cheap prices.

    TLDR: who knows what the new cheap will be and when it'll happen.

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      Approx $60 bucks more than best ever deal that was Pre-Covid19 for a product that’s in demand during a pandemic… I think it’s a good deal.

      I agreed with suppabrudda. Who knows what will happen… all I know is currently this is a good deal at this moment in time.

  • How long is the expected wait? I bought one after the warhouse stock finished.
    Would need it by july

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      Probably a couple of weeks but Im not Kenwood or Amazon so don’t take my word for it. Only reason I say a couple of weeks is because normally they wouldn’t allow you to pre-order unless they already have stock ordered and on its way. The Good option for you now is to start looking over the next few weeks if you can get a better deal. If you can, you can always cancel the Amazon deal before buying from elsewhere. Amazon doesn’t issue an invoice or charge for cancelling until the unit is shipped.

  • I've just started looking into stand mixers and they seem quite expensive for what they are. Can a fan offer their own take on them?

    • Heavy doughs - worth it.
      Frequent baking - worth it.
      A Perfectionist - worth it

      Otherwise takes too much room, and too much cash that can be used wisely elsewhere.

      Anything else, hands, hand mixer, or even the occasional pro-sumer grade food processor will do. (Ie. Breville has a dough blade, and Sunbeam has an universal blade - both with instructions on mixing dough)

    • Fffffeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • What about this one from ALDI? Is that any good compare to this one?

    • Wouldn’t have a clue.
      One would assume so otherwise won’t be fit for purpose.

      Buy it and let us know.

    • The Aldi and Kmart ones are cheap, and feel as such.

      For whipping cream or light tasks like cake batter they work well.

      For heavy jobs like dough, cookie dough or large batches they struggle.

  • Currently unavailable.
    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

  • Ok. Deal fully Ozbargain’d. Even back-order has been sold out.

  • Just bought 1 from Amazon at $298 including delivery

    • I saw that few days ago but it is sold thru a brand-new third party storefront who has no feedback yet.
      I ‘m just overly cautious,so didn’t buy

      • oh dear, i was so happy when I saw the deal and bought it on the spot! wish me luck! shall post once i receive it alright

        • Ordered has just been cancelled by Amazon, sigh!

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