This was posted 8 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[QLD] 23% off Usage & Supply + 15c Solar FIT @ Origin Solar


Solar boost 12 mth plan. Just signed up. Was not advertised online - just offered over the phone when shopping around. Switched from another supplier.

23% off usage and daily supply charges (currently 24.9c & $1.16 Pre discount). Plus 15c Solar feed in tarrif. Pic of plan pricing from contract attached

May be better than other Origin deal on Ozbargain offering 20c FIT but no discounts on supply if I read it right.

Update with more details from other posters (thanks all): call 1800 557 700 to ask for the deal. If the customer service rep does not know about it ask to speak to retention team. Some have been told it is a June special for switching from other suppliers. Looks like the 23% discount is available for non solar customers too.

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  • Is there a specific name for the plan we could quote?
    Is the discount before or after solar credit?
    Solar metering charge?

  • "Origin Solar Boost electricity" I saw they had one by this name on their site but with different figures.

  • Yeah got the same deal from calling Origin following this post:

    • Where have you guys been hiding?! It's a great deal

    • +7 votes

      Also worth mentioning - I got an additional discretionary $50 credit. During the call, I mentioned whilst my existing provider couldn't match the same plan but they offered $50 to retain me, Origin people said happy to offer that too after speaking with their manager.

    • yep - that is the one I posted. Just FYI the offer is still available for both. I just helped someone yesterday sign up to the 20c FIT (worked out better going on that compared to this 23% discount and 15c FIT).

  • Was there a spreadsheet that compares all the plans around?

    What is the best plan including early payment for just non-solar home?

    • Already in my spreadsheet it is
      $258.55 cheaper annually,

      Discount inclusive rates
      Connection fee per day = $0.8932
      Grid price = $0.19173
      Solar Meter Charge day = $0.06974

      I'll be calling first thing tomorrow

  • Has anyone got a link to the spreadsheet or provide a sample to work from

  • can you get this with the 44 cent feed in tariff in qld?

  • It's so dodgy that the power companies advertise like this. 23% off some arbitrary price they themselves have set. They should double the price then they could offer a market leading 62% discount.

  • What’s the best discount and feed in tariff for NSW?

  • Do you know if they also offer seniors discount? And if the feed in rate of 15c is capped at a specified max daily output?

    • I believe it is uncapped. In the fine print it does say total installed inverter capacity must not exceed 10kw - but nothing about capped output.

      Not sure about Origin pensioner discounts - but there is this Qld Govt Electricity rebate you may be eligible for:

      • Cheers, I will give them a call tomorrow. I believe I read it in other post about either AGL or Origin don't offer seniors discount of some big discounted plans.

  • Looks good, but what happens do the rates/discount after 12 months?

  • anyone know if this is available through ergon as a supplier?

    • AGL and Origin don't do Ergon.
      You have to look at QEnergy and EnergyQ. I think there's another 2 as well.

  • I got this exact same plan last year over the phone, reminds me its about to expiry soon.

    There is a catch on this plan for me. I have CL1 at my property, but I am charged CL2 rate. Called them many times got different answers. There was one guy even told me there is only one price for CL ever. Well, it still the best plan I could get.

    • Fotgot to mention, AGL actually called me last year offering 35c feed in with no discount on electricity. I was driving couldnt figure out which is better, so stayed in Origin

      • You’d have to have pretty high usage and/or small solar output for that not to have been cheaper (assuming it was uncapped)

        • From memory, it was capped to a particular amount of KW each week. I remember my first reaction was there is no way my solar gonna generate that much for a week. I have a 6.5KW installed. Yeah, I di regret I didn't go for AGL for few hours then decided to forget about it. Life moves on.

  • What's the CL2 price for this Origin deal? Thanks

  • Would this be available to those without solar? Currently with Origin in QLD at 16% discount.

    • It should be. Note that that is 16% off the reference (standardised) rate. Where the 23% is off a higher arbitrary rate. I think the 23% off rate is a little better than the 16% off rate though. Just compare the final rates.

      • My rates are 24.915 c/kWh and Supply Charge 116.061 c/Day so seems to be the same as the OP mentioned.

        • Yep, your right, it looks like that is 23% off the reference rate. Wow.

          Looks like I will be calling up origin today for a better deal. They rolled over my 21% discount from a few years ago to a 15% off reference price (trust we about a month ago).

  • I had the exact same deal from last year which is due to expire in a month time. Called Origin the day before and the guy on the phone said they can't offer this deal anymore! he offered me their advertised solar boost deal which adds $100+ to my quarterly bills.

    If they offer this deal, it is the cheapest deal in the market

    • I believe they still have the plan as OP just got it. You just need to find the right person to talk to.

      • I'm in the process of switching to Origin solar boost plan as we speak. I called up and said i wanted to move to the plan as posted by OP. The lady on the phone said she cannot see that as an available plan.

        OP When was this offered and accepted?

  • For those who may want to save money on electricity bill. I posted a negotiation strategy 2 years ago. Link below.

    I keep repeating this once every time when contract expired. Difference is I didn't have solar two years ago, but it is the same strategy.

    Hope it helps

    • I did the same strategy last year and was offered their 23% discount+15c FIT plan. When they refused to offer the same deal this year, I have started looking around and so far haven't been able to find a suitable offer to switch

  • Could not get my phone call centre employee to offer me this plan….He gave me the same details on price, but when asked about the 23% discount, he said there was no offer available. Shame - great prices compared to my current….

    • I'm the same - tried asking for if there was anyone else to talk to that could provide it and he said no. He said that he's never seen this deal and there is no one that could offer a special rate :(

    • Ok, so I called back and got someone different this time. I stressed to her that this was definitely a legitimate deal and that it looked like it was for existing customers only. So she took 5 min offline to check with the "outbound" team. She then came back and said she didnt have authorisation to do it but could setup the normal account and then transfer me to the outbound team to add the discounted rate. So thats what we did and now I have switched from EA to Origin with the discounted rate. Phew.. PS: Sorry about the neg vote, didnt realise you can't remove it!

  • Okay, here we go -
    You need to ensure you get through to the retention team
    They can offer uncapped and better discount, the other teams can't.

    Spoke to a terrific guy, Adrian, thorough and clear.
    Offered this discount and the .20 feed in (no discount).

  • I am currently in that Solar boost plan and it is about to end 30th June. WHAT PHONE NO. did you call? I rang Origin and was told this plan doesn't exist anymore. After 30 minutes and every question apart from what I had for breakfast was offered plan capped at 8kw, no guaranteed usage or supply charge discount.

    • 1800 557 700 and speak with a member from that team who can offer special rates outside of the standard (eg Retention team)

      • I rang this number and told them what I was after and they transferred me to another sales team as I was an existing customer. Th next consultant wouldn’t offer me the discount and said I can’t speak to the retention team. She said the retention team may call me if I churn away but not beforehand. I was also told the first number was the outbound sales team not the retention team.

      • Works like a charm!!!

      • OMG, thanks for the number. Spoke to Josh and was done in 7 and half mins.Thanks again.

  • Can I switch from another Origin plan to this if the current plan expires in Jan 2021? Thanks.

  • Called the 1800 557 700 number. Asked them to beat an AGL deal I'd been offered, and they instantly offered this Solar Boost plan with 23% usage/supply discount and 15c FIT.
    Thanks OP!!!

    • Were you an existing customer?

    • Which AGL offer did you quote?

      • +1 vote

        Just rang the number and mentioned that I am after this offer before I start wasting my time to shop around and switch. The lady on the phone mentioned she needs to check with her supervisor. After waiting for 5 minutes, she came back to me and said it is a retention offer available for people who have actualy started switching from Origin to other providers, however they are happy to do it as a one off offer for me this year!

  • Thanks OP. Time to leave energy aust

  • Just switched over. Call 1800 557 700 and just tell them you want this rate. Guy knew straight away and said sure. Also mention the $50 bonus on first bill. They said it's a June special if switching from another provider. He ended the call with "tell all your friends", so this is open to all.
    Great deal, especially as this is a discount on the whole bill, not just the rates. Thanks OP

    • How did you get the $50? They won’t offer that for me. Will do everything else except that. They said that’s not available.

      • I just told them I was offered $50 to stay with current provider. He then said they will do this $50 bonus.

  • For anyone without Solar - I just gave that 1800 number above a call as well and they offered me the same 23% discount minus the solar FIT. Ends up about $200 a year cheaper than the rubbish plan AGL is about to try and switch me over to.

    So even if you don't have solar, give them a call. (Note: I tried on Live chat before ringing and they would only offer 16%).

  • Mods should update the OP (as much as we all like reading posts) with the contact details / process similar to 20c feed in post.

    Call 1800 557 700 and speak with a member from that team who can offer special rates outside of the standard (eg Retention team)

  • I called 1800 557 700 and the sales rep knew about the plan and switched me with no issues.

    • Did you get the $50 first bill discount too? I don’t seem to have that option…

      • Unfortunately not, they said there wasn't any $50 credit they could apply to my account. It could be because I'm already a gas customer of theirs and used to have my electricity with them over a year ago though? Maybe it's for brand new customers only.

  • These buggers are all smoke and mirrors. My current AGL Plan is;
    Current rates
    T11 General Usage1 c/kWh 25.50(pre-GST) 28.050(with GST)
    T33 controlled load2 c/kWh 21.80(pre-GST) 23.980(with GST)
    CL33 supply charge c/day 3.00(pre-GST) 3.300(with GST)
    Feed-in tariff c/kWh 8.60
    Solar metering charge c/day 7.00(pre-GST) 7.700(with GST)
    Supply charge c/day 99.00(pre-GST) 108.900(with GST)

    New rates as at 13.07.20
    T11 General Usage1 c/kWh 21.69(pre-GST) 23.859(with GST)
    T33 controlled load2 c/kWh 17.61(pre-GST) 19.371(with GST)
    CL33 supply charge c/day 2.79(pre-GST) 3.069(with GST)
    Feed-in tariff c/kWh 8.60
    Solar metering charge c/day 7.00(pre-GST) 7.700(with GST)
    Supply charge c/day 90.21(pre-GST) 99.231(with GST)

    So in my case there is no benefit with this Origin plan?

    • I think it would? This is GST inclusive after discount.. and you would get 15c fit?

      Discount inclusive rates
      Connection fee per day = $0.8932
      Grid price = $0.19173
      Solar Meter Charge day = $0.06974
      Feed in tariff = $0.1500

      Connection fee per day 10c cheaper for starters and the grid price cheaper than your controlled load?

  • I called 1800 557 700 and made the switch with no issues. No $50 bonus, but they offered 12% off for my gas bill.

  • Called. Changed with no issues or hassles. Half pushed for a rebate (AGL gave $75 online signup) but not offered.

  • Apparently you cannot get the 15c FIT if you get the GOVT 44c FIT.
    You only get the standard 7c FIT + 44c

  • I got success on my 3rd call to the 1800 557 700 number. Just keep ringing until you find a consultant who knows of the offer. Thanks OP.

  • Yeh I finally got it on my 4th call… amazing how they just claim the plan doesn't exist, and then all of a sudden its no problem at all and done.

  • For those with solar feeding back, discounts are practically worthless. It's all about maximising FIT. Can't discount $0 and credit bills.

    May be better than other Origin deal on Ozbargain offering 20c FIT but no discounts on supply if I read it right

    Did you mean "May not better"?

      • It’s actually still worth it even if you feed in more than you use as the discount comes off the supply and usage before feed in tariff is included so it would send your bill further in credit.

        • Yes, YMMV, always best to check your personal bill/usage, that excel table I posted earlier gives great example

        • Here's the numbers for April — 300kwh used / 861kwh feed-in
          (single phase 5kw/ 6kw inverter/ 8kw panels)
          20cFIT/0%disc = 51.90cr
          15cFIT/23%disc = 35.97cr

          • @zqipz: Flip the numbers… (and see the other side for people USING more than export)

            861kwh used / 300kwh feed-in / 90 days connection

            20cFIT/0%disc = $266.66
            15cFIT/23%disc = $207.98

            $58.67 cheaper.

            • @MToTheFrame: That's not the scenario I mentioned initially though and 3kwh feed-in per day is not a realistic expectation of you solar installation. I literally stated, if you're feeding back, implying more feed-in than export, which you reiterated "That of course depends if you export more than you use" which was the point. You've just twisted the conversation now to fit whatever narrative you've got going on. Good day.

              • @zqipz: Okay — simple maths

                I have a 5kw system and this is my last bill (family of 4, spa and air con) - so actual FACTS
                Number of days in billing period days 94
                Grid consumption total (Flat rate) kWh 1,745
                Feed-In kWh 996

                20cFIT/0%disc = $347.60
                15cFIT/23%disc = $273.13

                $74.47 Cheaper

                And there is actually quite a fine line (something more along the lines YOU are saying)

                Grid cons = 500
                Feed In = 1000

                20cFIT/0%disc = $38.65
                15cFIT/23%disc = $35.26

                $3.39 Cheaper on 23% discount

                Let me guess, twisted it again? - Good day.

  • for current customers call the retention team on 1800063616.
    I called a total of 4x, first time I got a Nez (overseas) then I got a Hayden 2x who wasn't helpful, then I got a Andrew who gave me 23% off supply and usage and then 12% off my gas and no time wasted

  • i ported from origin to agl yesterday and rang origin today. had no issues getting 23% off supply and 12% off gas. but they wouldn't give it to me until i actually signed up with agl and no luck with the $50 credit. good luck everyone!

  • Called and said my friend got this deal and they gave it to me straight away.

  • Okay another update - this is a direct number, no mucking about: (03) 7003 9068

    Should be Andrew from Origin and his team are running a $50 promotion for switching energy provider too!

    • Had a call from retentions last week re gas in Qld, however if I can add 15c FIT he might get a double whammy. Message left…

      • FYI only call (03) 7003 9068 if switching from another provider. I called Andrew and he had to transfer me as I am an existing Origin customer.

  • Thanks lot, talked to Andrew and switched, less than 10 min whole process.
    But he mentioned that $50 voucher expired yesterday

  • 1800557700 said 23% only with solar 15c fit. Can't do it without. Retention team closes 5pm. Looks like I'll have to call again on Monday

  • Existing customer. One very short call and renewed for 12 months with 23% discount. I love Ozbargain.

  • Why make it so hard Hayden from Origin? It's not like it's your money. Hayden seemed to know all about this OzBargain post.