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Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - $4.90 (Was $49.90) @ Kogan Mobile (New Customers Only)


It's back again !!

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) – New Customers Only

  • Free SIM card included
  • 40GB of data
  • UNLIMITED standard national calls
  • UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS
  • All for use within Australia

The $4.90 offer ends 30/11/20 31/01/2022 28/02/2022

According to ozhunter68 its possible to use the voucher to port back to Kogan "as long as you were with different provider more than 30 days"


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  • +2

    Might need to add New Extended Expiry Date 31/12/2020.

    These are great for people getting decent Vodafone Reception/Speeds.

    • +1

      The expiry date for buying the SIMs is 30/11/20. The vouchers have to be used by 31/12/20.

      • Yes correct, it's All about the Voucher Expiry Date lol.

    • +2

      for people getting decent Vodafone Reception/Speeds.

      Yeah I’ve just popped a kogan/Vodafone sim for the first time in 10yrs, I’m impressed. Speeds & coverage in & around Melbourne & northern suburbs have been so much better then Optus. Surprisingly better then Telstra at Melb Zoo.

      • +2


      • Vodaphone coverage was greatly improved like 5? years ago, its very comprable to telstra.

  • As an existing user can u use the vouchers?

    • +3

      As a recharge to an existing Kogan number, no.

      You can use the voucher to activate a new Kogan number tho.

      • -2

        You (profanity) genius.

    • Yes, as long as you port a number or activate as new number.

      • Oic!

        Cool Thanks

      • +1

        So if I have a number which was registered in Kogan before. But now I'm using a new provider with this number, can I still use this promotion if I port my number to Kogan again?

  • For anyone in the industry why does the sim card expiry occur for telcos?

    • -1

      Not in industry, but give you a hint. Just like Gift Vouchers have an expiry date, same with Sims and re-charge vouchers.

      More Profits!

      Industry insiders will most likely give you some weird technical reason, I call BS lol.

    • +2

      Phone number is tied up unused, so can't make $ for Telco until after activated.
      Likely costs telco $$ to have a lot of unused numbers on their books.

      So expiry date & date on offer means customers will likely activate, rather than forfeit Deal.

      Vodafone originally had no expiry date. Am still activating those SIMs so many years later by taking into a major Vodafone store & asking.

      • Haha, you are adding more correct detail, but basically saying the same as me.

        I am also doing the same as you with old stockpiled Vodafone sim starter packs that had $30-$50 included credit that are no longer able to be activated by system.

        Some of my packs that were included with those older Vodafone 3G modems from Havey Norman some over a year ago were refused in the Robina Vodafone Company store, but will try again in a different Vodafone Company run store.

        Have you had any knocked back/refused to swap for current/valid ones?

        • Am always one for added detail😉

          Got my Vodafone SIM stash out last night to take to a major Vodafone store.

          TPG / Vodafone merger may complicate swapping over old Vodafone SIMs!

          Only tried once - successful. Was at start of lockdown. Carindale store was always understaffed & busy after that. Was a data SIM from one of those 3G USB modems.

        • +1

          Had no idea. Still have 2. Assumed they would just work.

  • Great find … been looking for this and as of yesterday, deal was expired

  • +2

    Too late for some! The synchronisation of my plans was off by a few days and I had to jump on a 3 month 60 GB SIM to get cat videos on my phone.

    You win this round Kogan.

    • Lol.

    • +1

      The voucher is valid till 31 Dec so you can port to catch 3 month plan after your Kogan 3 month plan and then port back to Kogan and use this voucher.

      • +2

        Haha. Yeah, this is actually already my second 3 month Kogan SIM in my phone, but I normally only do 3 months for my real phone number to save hassle/minimise risk. For this mostly ongoing deal I have spare Kogan SIMs for getting same day data.

        The Catch 90 day plan was easier to manage since the data lasted the whole 90 days. I failed this month since Kogan didn't send me the 85% reminder for the 20 GB limit (but they did at 50%, and I couldnt be bothered capping the data on my phone's settings).

        • +1

          You Nearly had it fully under control, first world problems lol.

    • Haha, I was in the exact same boat, used all my data and they pulled this offer. I went and bought the kogan 90 day 60GB port over offer then realised after trying to use it to activate a fresh kogan sim that you actually need an active sim from another provider which I didn't have at the time.

      Ended up heading down the road to the servo and grabbing a optus $20 45GB sim as that was the best on offer, I would have gone to the Lebara medium 35GB offer for $10 but the servo didn't have any lebara sims in stock.

  • not bad for the heavy data users! i've been staying at home a lot the last few months though so happy to stick with my $10/month Belong plan. have 17GB saved up there as well

  • +1

    From past experience you don't need to be a new customer

    • +2

      needs to be a new connection though, from a port or a new number

  • For those knows or industry, why is there a limit of 4 prepaid sims per person?

    And why do some providers put in their terms, no for broadband replacement?
    Are they able to find out?

    • To answer your first question, there isn't a limit. Just the identification requirements become more stringent:

      • Also from my experience of Sim porting and activating well over 100 various Sims mainly for data for many years now, telcos can make you use live chat or need to call them in order to port/activate Sim. The telcos have a long record of your use, and Telstra/Boost has made me do this for a few years now and recently Optus also lol.

        For me Vodafone is still the easiest and quickest activation/porting process easy online.

      • Thanks!

  • +2

    This new customers Promo is always $4.90, can be found on the kogan.com website

    • +3

      Yeah, but it was "sold out" for 8 days, despite being an active deal. It's even advertised as a Google ad.

      • +1

        Well there you go I literally purchased one pack exactly 8 days ago. But either I have a feeling it will hang around after the end of the year.

        • Be aware the one you bought expires June 30, you have to activate the voucher code before then.

    • Yes, I bought one for $4.90 on 8/05/20. This link is $49.90.

  • +6

    Woo thank god it’s back. I was worried I would of had to sign up to nbn . I sign up 3 of these a month :)

    • +1

      Nice one - what's your 4g home internet setup like? modem of use?

      • +1

        I'm using a Vividwireless 4g modem and getting good consistent speeds.

        • Good to know. You must be saving a tonne of money with this method by not having to subscribe to nbn

          • @ilubbargains: Correct, I've had fixed wireless internet in the past and was happy with it so doubt I'll every switch to NBN if I can avoid it 😂

      • +1

        4g vodafone wireless modem for guests/members of the house. I use a 4g telstra stick for my computer as it doesn't have a wireless card (too lazy to get one) and one in my phone.Rotate once one uses all downloads and purchase a new one. The reason its good to use separate ones for each device/system is because if i used the one it would be 1)be less mobile 2)congest the one network and have slower speeds. As I have multiple sim cards unused at home when I purchase a new sim i get the voucher within 20minutes and can activate instantly while the next sim comes in the mail.

        Speeds are supa close to 50mbps downloads and 10mbps uploads. Its faster then nbn and I dont get interference like I did when i was with nbn. only bad things to be with nbn for me :( despite more downloads. but 120g amonth is just right for me.

    • Isn't it annoying having to keep switching it every 40gigs? feels like that would be every couple days for me

      • Not if it's only $5 each and two or three times a month. Some people can save $30-$50+ per month doing this, or more if just staying short time under a year or so when the house did not already have adsl/nbn on.

        • +1

          True, the savings add up. I do the same but for my mobile data

    • Same, saving a fortune doing it this way. I like the fact its a pay as you go system as some months I might use less/more.

  • +2

    I bought one last week. This thing is ALWAYS available. You just have to search for it via Google or from Ozbargain as it doesn't automatically show on the Kogan website.

    • Exactly

    • +4

      As reported above by peterpeterpumpkin it was unavailable for 8 days and was listed as SOLD OUT

      But yeah its generally available most of the time and they have been generally extending the offer just as the "promotion" expires.

      Here's a link to a thread dated 3rd June showing that it was unavailable

      "Kogan Starter Sim with 40GB of Data for $4.90 Is No Longer Available."


  • this is pretty much a permanent deal now.. as others have mentioned

    I've been getting two of these every month for probably 18 mths now

    • Me too
      Porting back and forth:

      1 month Kogan… 3 month catch connect!

  • It's a good deal by itself. But don't you also get a cashback when buying via cashrewards or shopback?

    • Not sure but I think that's for the $4.90 Catch Mobile deals.

  • Anyone know if this sim would work in a vodafone pocket wifi modem?

    Im tired of switching the sim in and out of my phone, as I use it purely for the data…

    • I have Vodafone pocket wifi model (R216H model) and it works for ALL networks. Even if your modem/phone is network locked to Vodafone, there are good chances Lebara/Kogan SIMs would work.

      • Thanks very much! I will look into this :)

  • Hmmm.. doesn't let me put more than 1 in cart. I normally port my wife's + mine together to reduce administrative hassle.
    Anyone knows if I could just pop onto the site the 2nd time to buy a second one ?

    • Yeah just buy one at a time. It'll let you buy another after the first purchase.

      • Thanks!

  • GOD DAM OT I JUST spent $40 on Telstra and now this is back?!

    • U could buy Belong (officeworks) or Vodaphone (7-11) for 1 month 10$

    • The Kogan one only disappears when someone forgets to enter a new expiry date. And Catchconnect $4.90/40GB was still available until they did. ;-)

  • God timing! Today is the last day of my SIM and neet to port to Kogan!

  • +1

    I remember the time when these used to be $0.99 (Dec'2018). Had ported out of Lebara to Kogan and taken the $0.99 SIM having 40GB for 30 days. Although both Lebara and Kogan use Vodafone, the port was instant, took not more than 5 minutes.

  • What defines a new customer with all these deals (incl SIMs on sale at Colesworth?) At what point is my ID that is used to activate these prepaid services now considered a new customer?

    • Generally speaking they mean you use the sim to activate a new number or port over an existing number from a different telco. Most starter packs from telcos can't be used to directly recharge an existing service.

      Hopefully someone else can elaborate a bit more.

      • Right so it’s not the ID used to activate, rather the service being opened?

        • +1

          Yeah its possible to have a few services with Kogan all activated using the same ID and same card details

  • Kogan have good porting times?

  • +1

    For all those porting in and out of the $4.90/month deals (i.e. kogan/catch etc) how do you stay on top of it? do you set a reminder for a day before expiry? I thought it was an awesome idea until I forgot to port out before the renewal date and got the next month's bill :/

  • It's been years since I did the sim hopping. Can someone refresh my memory?…

    I'm going to buy one of these for a friend to use in a WiFi modem whilst they wait for NBN. Do I need to do anything like disable renewal etc so there is no follow up sting?

    • Yep, definitely disable recharge after you activate. Might as well remove the credit card info for good measure.

      • Cool thank you, will do!

  • The link in the deal now shows $4.90 (Was $69.90). Instead of (Was $49.90)

    • yeah i can see it lol. surely a typo. this link says $49.90. either way i wouldn't pay that much lol


      • Yes, Kogan's main page on website still shows $49.90, so this is most likely a typo. I was searching for the clause "Renews $ XX.xx" in the deal to see if it's correctly mentioned, but couldn't find that clause anywhere. Pretty strange right, aren't the Telcos supposed to declare that? Otherwise, I'd assume this renews for $4.90.

  • Just recieved the sim package.

    Was there meant to be a charge voucher in there as well?

    • check email for the voucher code?

      • yeah check email for voucher code

        might be in Spam folder

        • +2

          Otherwise, the voucher code is viewable in your order on the kogan.com website.

    • How long did it take for your sim to arrive?

      • Mine generally take 7-10 days to arrive but I'm in WA.

  • -1

    I tried Kogan Mobile several times over the past years. I am with them right now and urging to port out as soon as I can because their mobile data service is very unreliable for me. When I use my phone to get something from the Internet in 1 out of 4 cases the Internet is not available. The stats are actual for Melbourne CBD and regional areas. The coverage is not available in lifts and basements like Woolies QV.

    Even if they paid me for using it I'd opt out.

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