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Alpine SBL-D12S4 Bassline 1500W Dual 12" Subwoofer Enclosure $249 + Shipping @ Alpine


I know this is not everyone's thing so please don't beat me up. Ordered myself some and thought I would share.

$249 for 2 x SWA-12S4 12″ Bassline Subwoofers already mounted in the enclosure is a great deal IMHO.

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  • price in comments please

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      You mean title? :) Fixed.

  • Maybe a dumb question but can this be used to replace a powered active sub in a home theater?

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      No - these are passive and need an amp to drive them.

  • Does care audio still have a big market?

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      Nah no one CAREs anymore

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      What happened to subs? When I had my Ps in the 2000s we all subs. Now you never hear them. What is wrong with these kids?

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        Exactly. Back when under car neons were considered cool and almost every p plater had a big f off Milo tin exhaust

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        My view is that, sub's died with the car culture, which mainly came down to policing. It got to a stage where they literally harassed anyone with a modified car. Car clubs, cruising around, chap laps etc are all a thing of the past. Also you cant really mod modern cars like the older ones, as everything is integrated into the dashboard.

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          I grew up (some might contest this part) in an earlier era, and we said the same about the cars your gen modded, its funny what aftermarket and grafting looms etc came along to change that view. From what I can tell its just uncool now, try hard, unoriginal, peacocking or some such whatever… just as the Saki Gen lolled at heavy Ford and GM V8's that if you were born 10 years earlier, would have been your wet dreams.

          I even remember when you couldnt give a 240k Datto away when they were still in really good nic, wrecks fetch a penny or two now for mock C110 skylines. The world is always changing, while remaining exactly the same.
          /walks off before he tells anyone to get off his lawn.

          • @Tuba: I looked at a 240k as my first car. Ended up getting a 260z instead.

        • yup, my other car sits in the garage and was doing maybe 4km a year just going down to get pink slipped, driven back, and moved around a little. It was all legal, but too much hassle driving it and getting harassed by cops.

          Lots more kids just using ubers now too, vehicles are service on demand, maybe the young'uns are tricking out their Opal cards or something ;)

          • @quick-dry: Possibly the current gen p platers are more enviro conscious and dont even own/drive a car. They might catch the train to work, or just work from home, which doesnt require a car.

            Its funny, when i was younger, i would mod the crap out of my car, make it the best possible version of it self. However my current car, i literally havent done a thing, because it wasnt required! All factory options on the lexus include: bodykit, yes, awesome sound system, yes, lowered, yes, factory rims + big brakes yes etc etc etc Its actually kind of boring and i miss looking forward to the next thing to change on the car.

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        Always envied the kids with sound systems in their cars. Now that i've grown up (22 lol) and got my own system, seems to be only me on the roads with a vibrating car.

        • I'm 36 and still reminisce about my custom system; can never replace the kick of a woofer! Took my first car ('97 Nissan Pulsar) to get kitted out as soon as I got it, the system was worth more than the car =) Ended up ditching the lot 3 yrs ago once I had my second kid and needed the boot space.

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        yeah it's actually weird and offensive and out of place when I hear a loud ass bass car drive past. It's extremely rare these days…..

        Did anyone switch their subs off and only play extremely high treble through their tweeters? this was a fad in the 2000s to show that you had a really good system and a powerful bass setup but didn't want to show it off… LMAO!!!!

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      Modern cars come pretty well equipped if buying brand new, but you can absolutely improve the quality of sound by upgrading speakers and adding an amplifier to power them if the car doesnt have one.

      this is a fairly powerful speaker that most people would not need. I had a single 10" sub in my old car and now have a single 10" amp/sub combo that fits under my drivers seat.

      The head unit market is still pretty big since you can now retrofit apple carplay or android auto to older cars, along with Bluetooth handsfree/reverse cameras etc.

      Talking specifically about big-bass/huge systems in cars, no one really does that any more in the main car 'scenes'… Most people will just go for a nice head unit with some decent speakers and a smaller sub.

      The car audio scene is still there, but its a lot smaller now. most people are over the airbrush/stereo/chrome wheels/huge stereo style of car modification (aka 'sex spec') these days and just focus on tasteful looks and performance.

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        Agree with you. I travel on average over 10000km a month and enjoy good sound. Doesn't have to be too loud but needs to sound good

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      Back 10-20 years ago, many people were upgrading their factory car stereo from a cassette/radio (or in some cases a very basic CD payer) to something more capable. These include features such as an iPod integration, Bluetooth, aux and even DVD playback. Not to mention the sound quality of these units were usually far superior to a factory unit. Now these days most cars from like the last 10-12 years have enough features to keep even the average joe happy. Not to mention the sound quality from factory stereo have tremendously improved

      • I remember I had an old but decent Datsun 1600 in the 80's and my stereo in that was worth more than the car cost me original, and yes, it was a decent system but no sub to be seen.

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          Were subs even a thing in the 80's? I wasn't exactly around since I was born in 1990 lol

          Those old 1600 were bloody tough.

          • @nick90: If you mean by "a thing" as in a popular trend, then no.

            Were they around, yes but only in the realms of the enthusiasts such as sound buffs and car sound club members, especially in the US, Japan and Europe.

            I had a Proton High Powered Cassette Radio with rear Infinity 12" Oval 3 way parcel shelf mounted speakers powered by an Amp I forgot the name of as well as Kenwood two ways in the front doors. Back then sound gear was really expensive, so all up over a grand which was a fair sum of money in the 80's. Think I bought the car back then for a bargain price of around $1000 but after putting on some mags and low profile Perelli tyres as well as a carbie upgrade it was worth triple I paid.

            My first ever car as an 18 yr old P plater was a Ford Fairlane 1973 ZG with a 351/5.8 Lt Cleveland engine that handled like a boat, especially with the rear air shockers pumped up lol.
            Next car after that was the Datsun 1600 with a major downgrade in power, but handled like a rally car.

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    What a great price and what a blast from the past!!

    I remember the late 90s to mid 2000s when I was heavily involved in the car scene and Alpine was a premium brand only the elite could afford!

    Strathfield Car Radios!!!

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      That's probably why i bought it. A bit of a nostalgic moment

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      Uh Alpine is relatively mainstream… It's the brands that aren't stocked at Autobarn and Strathfield you wanted :)

      Spoken from someone who spent WAAAAAY too much

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        The thing was to find stuff that delivered far too much bang for buck…. like some of the morels. Or the original Polk momos…

        I actually remember people using some Jaycar gear (no longer made) that punched well above some of the mainstream custom installs. Not world beating, but for a budget, really clear sound.

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          Oh there was definitely diminishing returns, but if I just got my dream system to begin with rather then constantly upgrading…. 4 DLS Ultimate Amps, Digital Design woofer and Boston Z6s all round. Unbelievable.

          Now running a Type R system after just missing aftermarket gear with 2 amps, sub, splits, rears and Kenwood Android Auto, still went with sound deadening too.

          Lol at my neg. This site is hilarious. Calm down people.

          Hertz were another that punched above the weight from memory.

          In reality, install is literally 99% of it. I've had drastic differences doing it right and wrong

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            @DisabledUser139667: Exhaust notes or quiet? I remember the very early days of subs and filth stereos, it was desirable to keep the engine as quiet as possible. Dead stock outside, full profile tyres to absorb road noise while lowered for stance, but all the money in the audio.

            I think that installs is part of why the budget Jaycar gear did OK… it left money for loads of matting etc.

            • @Tuba: Didn't deaden for road noise, that's more a side benefit. It definitely helps sealing doors for front midbass and clarity. It can be drastic.

              Current car is standard exhaust so no big issue, but it's definitely quieter. Initial car wasn't, however I basically went all out.

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            @DisabledUser139667: Agree on the install and tuning part.I got Focal es165 kx2, focal kev sub, helix dsp2, helix G5 amp on my daily and a "cheap" pioneer seps and powered sub on my weekend drive. Both have deadened doors and boot. I tuned them both using RTA and by ear. The cheap setup sounds almost as good as the expensive one.

            • @Reptar: Any suggestion on an entry level RTA gears? Need to start a new hobby

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      Which bought Brisbane Car Sound in Windsor. Ah those were the days…

      • +2

        They brought all of them.

        Remember their slogan…”Drive in and jive away”.

    • "cheapeskateasion"

      Especially the R series I remember.

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    Maybe someone a bit more experienced than me could recommend a matching amp that doesn't cost the world?

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      Go into bigger JBs that have car audio still, plenty of mono amps on clearance for peanuts.

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        The legendary Jaycar mono amp!! Top pick of every car enthusiast and every hot 4s magazine !

        • I was still using mine up until recently! Such a great amp

        • How much is that Jaycar mono amp?

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            @ozhunter68: Pretty sure all the decentish for a budget Jaycar gear, was stopped long ago.

            wait, they still do a few versions of sound deadening or weight sheeting that is far cheaper than dynamat.

            • @Tuba: OK, how much was that amp in which decade lol?

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                @ozhunter68: 90's, maybe 00's I guess. $$$ cant say.

    • clarion xc2110. don't let the marine part mislead you, its cheap, small, hardly even gets hot thanks to class D and pumps out 300w.

      have mine directly mounted to the side of my sealed sub box driving a Rockford fosgate 10", went hard when I still had the car to put it in :)

      edit: in case you are looking at this to drive the enclosure above, wire the subs in parallel to get them to 2 ohm resistance total, then you'll get 300w, if you wire them the other way they'll be 8 ohm and you'll hardly get much power out of most sub amps.

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    $3 more here for those of you who want extra payment options such as ZipPay, Afterpay and Humm. Use coupon "iloveautoss" at checkout to bring price down to $253 shipped.

    • Are you a mathematician? How does $249 + $3 add up to $263?

      • Round it up to $250, total price is $253 shipped after using coupon, so yes $3 more is $253.

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          Oh. Advanced mathematician. Round it up.

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    Not a bad price for someone who is still in the car audio scene should outperform similar subwoofers in the same price bracket.

    I'm 29 years old and still got a sub in my car (I listen to a lot of dance, EDM, techno). Then again, I'm still on my first car which I had since I was 18. Also, I do commute an hr each way for work, so I need something to entertain me haha.

    • +1

      No need to justify something you enjoy :)

      Sounds similar to what I was, actually exactly the same at your age. And your username is not far off my name lol

      • Cheers mate :)

        Oh wow lol. I just like my audio gear and it not just limited to car audio as well haha.

        • Haha same

    • Don't happen to have a Honda Prelude?

      • +1

        Na not a Prelude. It's a BA Falcon with nearly 460,000KM on the clock. Not letting go of it till the wheels fall off!

        • get some 20" rims, chop the springs, fit your duel subs, then you'll fit right in at the legendary Summernats!!

          p.s. does Summernats still exist?!?
          p.p.s. show us your boobs
          p.p.p.s. no root no ride


          • @cheapskateasian: don't forget the wooden wedges in the boot to jam in the springs and jack her back up to legal height when police come by with their height checker wheel.

      • Thats funny.. cos I bought a Honda Prelude off an Asian guy I went to highschool with.

        I got a valuation for insurance on the Alpine gear that came with the car (included twin 12" subs, 3 Alpine V12 amps, 6 CD stacker, Sony LCD equalizer)
        Stereo valuation (which I still have somewhere) = $8,239

      • +1

        Haha, I had that "cl*t car" back in the 90's, lowered twin amps, sub - bought it off a mate - played it LOUD!
        This ad is great, can't believe I could find it

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    Always wanted a rockford fosgate p1 sub, couldnt afford one back then

    • +2

      I used to rock a Rockford Fosgate system back when I was 18 (42 now). Loved the days in the UK going to sound offs to see what people were putting in their cars. Remember sitting in one where the bass was so heavy I couldn’t swallow my saliva 😮

      • +2

        How about having to apply pressure on the windows and windscreens and boot (pushing hands against and sitting on) to brace the car to ensure the car doesn't literally fall apart and do minimise bass leakage! lolz

        We won a 1st place trophy at the autosalon in the early 2000s in Sydney for soundoff with a POS Nissan Pulsar with NOS lmao :D

        • Love it, miss those days

        • +4

          incredible to think how big Autosalon was back then. We did that one year in the supra club, it felt like they played "Yeah!" by Usher non-stop the whole time, like someone had left a game of Need For Speed on pause.

  • Bro will this sound system sound hectic with my lowered Honda Civic brah??

    • +7

      Not at all. The weight will even lower your car more

  • +1

    Do people here 'beat up' others who posts deals for us to enjoy?

    • +2

      Yes it’s the reason I read half the comments on deals

  • Now I need an AMP, any recommendations?

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    It's kind of easy when you're listening to the G-Dub sound,
    Pioneer speakers bumpin as I smoke on a pound
    I got the sound fo yo' ass and it's easy to see
    That this D.J. be Warren G

    • +2

      Classic. G funk - where rhythm is life and life is rhythm.

  • +4

    Back in 2000 I had 2x MTX 500watt RMS( from memory) 15" subs with an MTX D class amp, 1 farad Stinger capacitor and zero gauge cable running from the bettery to the boot. Cerwin Vega splits and Kicker 5 x 9s in the back running out a 4 channel kicker amp. My ears are shot!
    My bro had an 18 inch Rockford Fosgate in his WRX, and while it was terrible for music, sounded like a thunderstorm was coming from about 500m away.

  • Adjust the bass and let the Alpine blast.

  • +1

    Ahh I remember back in the 2000s when I graduated from Sony /pioneer to alpine, I felt like such a baller haha. Would be good to see the car audio industry keep alive, I think my next car doesn’t have a factory sub option …

    • To their credit their migrating.

      Class D compact in dash Amps and factory head unit conversion kits are becoming more common.

  • This sub is tempting :D My wife will kill me if I go this even though we have had two previous subs! The current car I have has a factory fitted Harmon Kardon setup, its pretty good as it is, but I know it needs THIS!

  • Can I chuck this in the boot and use with my existing sub?
    Do I need to purchase an amplifier for this? I'm a car audio virgin don't really know what I need to do
    Thanks guys any advice appreciated
    My car has a Rockford Fosgate system stock from the factory so not sure if it's already got an amplfier but adding this would be an absolute piss take to play my bangers and mash with

    • Why would you want to use this with an existing sub? Seems like overkill.

      • My existing sub is inbuilt into my boot and isn't a big one.
        I can't remember the size and given how cheap this dual sub is for a laugh can't hurt to add it in.
        Are you able to answer my questions above please? All good if you can;t

        • +2

          You have a Mitsubishi of sorts right, with that 6.5” sub on the side of the boot? The go is that theses subs need to be powered by a seperate amp that needs seperate power and RCA/HL inputs that your radio prob will not have, if you can find a aftermarket loom to hookup an amp then yeah it will work however don’t expect harmonious bass with your stock RF system. These subs will overpower everything and the only thing worth while doing with them is to get a decibel meter and hold a DB day in your street/suburb and give out little plastic trophies ☺️.

          Ahh the 90’s….I miss my JL Audios…..

          • @Fastgun: Ahahaha yep you guessed the lancer
            Anyways thanks for the reply mate

  • I have a Yamaha RX-V485 AV receiver. Is it possible to use this car sub with a home AV receiver?

    • Yes, I did this in the early 90s with set of Pioneer 12” IMPPs (The best bang for buck sub back then). However, your home amp puts our 8ohms per channel, these subs are 4ohms so you have to wire them in series to get up to 8ohms.

      They are not designed for home receivers so they could last a few years or blow in X months depending how much you crank them….

      Check out the tutorial from Kicker:

      • Its an AV receiver that only has a sub pre-out (signal via RCA) its not a powered output which is required.
        The sub box is passive not active. Pointless trying to run it off one of the left or right channels.

    • No.

  • Sick Mate Sick!

  • +2

    Cyber Motor Sports
    R Baby
    Queen Street Smash Repairs
    DR CRX
    Osman Bros WRX
    Drift Pig Denzo

    momo steering wheels! Veilside body kits! gull wings! custom interiors! Turbo smart! HKS! King Springs! Falken Tyres! Chrome fuel flaps! Zepters!

    Those were the days…..

  • +1

    So much money and time spent on car audio back in the day, soundoff comps, autosalon, all those cruises with hundreds of other cars.
    Still have big systems in current cars, Focal, Soundstream, Kicker, all their higher end older gear that just doesn't give up and sounds amazing.
    Good to see that someone's still interested in car audio even at that basic level.

    • All I have left is my Rainbow Audio 5 3/4” split system and my Audison SRX3. Been sitting in a box at home for 12 years….

  • Will this bring all the chicks in the hood under mine?

  • Mine arrived today. MASSIVE [email protected]#$%. With packaging over 25KG

    • I am picking mine up , does it fit in the back seat of a family sedan with the packaging? Have a Toyota Camry.i can fit 55inch TVs in there

      • It should fit without any dramas. I can measure the box if you want me too

        • Should be ok, thanks for the offer. I think it should fit as my current 2x 12 sub fit in the back seat easily. But the guy from the store seemed to imply it’s a big box and so I thought maybe he means I won’t be able to fit it in a car

    • How much was shipping?
      From where to where?

      • +1

        Shipping is free

        • Awesome, thanks.
          Title suggests shipping is additional (+shipping)

          Enjoy your doof doof :)

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