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Anko 3.2L Air Fryer $69 Shipped (Sold out) / in Store @ Kmart


Now available online. Free delivery.

Prepare delicious and crispy fries, nuggets and more in this air fryer that features an LED control panel with 7 pre-set functions.
Capacity: 3.2 litres
LED control panel with 7 pre-set functions
Removable frying basket
Overheat protection
30-minute automatic shut-off
Adjustable temperature up to 200 deg. C
Operation light indicator
Dimensions/Size: 30.2cm (L) x 35.8cm (H) x 35.4cm (W)
Colour: Black

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    This is the RRP.

    • +16

      It wasn't available online before. Just in stores and no stock at most places.

      • -14

        Mate this is not an Ozbargain worthy post!

    • This user's avatar totally confused me.

      • Not sure why you are confused. Not uncommon to see people have same avatar.

        Heaps of people have same avatar as me.

        • +5

          wow I have the same avatar as you!!

    • A great website for airfryer cooking times that I great use of

      Although I have a Kmart one and the owner of the website has a Philips, I find the times are spot on for mine.

    • excellent deal, cant wait to pay full price.

    • RRP's can still be bargains, this isn't OzDiscount

  • +33

    Is there a big w anko?

    • +18

      I heard they are coming soon

      • +2

        I think it will be better to let this one slide. Or I could just whip in and out quickly and check.

        • Thirty seconds?! Bet you couldn't do it again.

    • +5

      What? Big wanko?

      • LOL. Beat me to it!

        • +1

          You're meant to do it yourself.

  • +4

    You are THE BEST! Been wanting one of these for ages but it's NEVER in stock anywhere. Just bought one as quick as I could :)

    • +2

      Yeah chances are stocks might be low.

      • +3

        Exactly. Felt like I was trying to buy front row tickets to an Eminem concert with the speed I purchased this air fryer lol (I had Ozb notifications set up for Air fryers too).

        • -1

          Fountain Gate
          (03) 8781 9300
          Pick up in-store
          with Click & Collect

    • +1

      why is this getting downvoted

      • +2

        Cause it's the rrp

        • +7

          i have some nintendo switch related posts for you :D

        • so you will downvote the post of a person thanking somone?

          Talk about salty

      • everyone on here is obsessed with Dominos and McDonalds…

    • Not really. I have seen this 3.2L model around quite often, while the larger 5.3L model is often out of stock.

  • Thanks for the Kmart stock reminder OP.

    • $0.00 admin fee. Ready in 24hrs. Why we charge
      Keysborough (0kms)
      1 of 1 items available

  • +3

    Aside from the capacity, size, and obvious design, does anyone have any worthwhile notes to share about this model: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3-in-1-air-fryer-oven/27548...

    This one seems to suggest it can do everything the one OP posted, and can sort of act like a toaster oven. Or would a regular "egg" shaped air fryer be the way to go

    • +1

      Wondering the same thing. One thought that comes to mind though is if this design were any good, how come none of the big names seem to have one like it, e.g. Philips.

      I have seen this design on those TV Shopping Channels though … dunno if that is a good thing LOL.

      Otherwise on paper it looks like a good upgrade for when the cheapie Kogan one I have dies. Or if I get sick of how it doesn't have basket side air holes for some reason …

      • InstantPot have recently released an Air Fryer that looks identical to that Kmart model. It's a different design, but seems more functional and allows you to cook a variety of things.

    • +2

      I love this one! There's also a Facebook group dedicated to thus one called "Kmart Air Fryer Oven 3 in 1 Group"

      • +1

        Thanks for the quick feedback. That's awesome that there's a FB group specifically dedicated to one Kmart product!

        • +1

          Hahaha people go crazy over kmart things!! People in that group have also commented on the AF the OP linked and said it wasn't the greatest and would rather this one you've linked

    • +2

      got one a couple weeks ago for the caravan but been testing it at home, hasn't left the bench yet… only used it as a quick oven so far, no chips or tumbler but it's worked great (also have a regular Phillips air fryer and this is probably just as quick).

      it is a little big is all but can be a pro too depending what you need to cook.

      • Thanks for the quick feedback.

    • +1

      I can't edit anymore, but an additional note for anyone reading: The one I linked is $129, so it's significantly more expensive.

    • Managed to pick one up a few weeks ago to replace normal oven like the one on this post.

      It is a lot better for using the oven to make pizza because of the trays and the rotisserie is good fun, except you have to extract it with a hook which could be a bit of a disaster because it is hot.

    • +12

      We used to have the egg shaped one and used to cook crispy pork with it. It does the job but we need to stop in the middle of cooking to turn the pork to have even crispiness on the pork. For the 3 in 1 you dont have to since it comes with a rotisserie attachment. It also has a window with a light ao you can see how your food is cooked. Here is the result of our cooking last night.

      Preparation : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWfE626cgDuDOzgD1oW52NYOJwx...


      Start :

      End :


      • +1

        That's an awesome share! Can you let us know how long it took and at what temperature? Did you end up with pork fat all over the oven and was it much work to clean after roasting?

        • +1

          Thanks Bro! 160C for the first 1 and a half hour then 200C for 30 Minutes. Brushed a little oil before we started. As for the oil, it was a manageable splash and most of the oil were dripping on the tray below. Chucked all of it after. Easy peasy.

          • +1

            @changot: Thank you bro! I do awesome pork belly in my oven but the oven walls end up splattered with oil which burns and is hard to clean. Am looking for alternatives!

      • Looks tiny at the end

    • Have had/used an egg shaped one for about 18 months. Bought the 3 in 1 to try as it seemed to be a better design. It is, so we're now offloading the old one.

      Kogan have a similar unit with some different accessories for about $150 + shipping.

    • +2

      We had an "egg" shaped fryer for a while and got a lot of use out of it. We bought the Aldi version of the 3 in 1 when they last had them for sale, and it is absolutely brilliant! Its never left our kitchen bench, and gets used multiple times a day. My husband cooks his hash browns in it for breakfast, I reheat stuff in it for lunch, and use it for dinner for cooking everything from chips (the rotating chip basket makes that so easy!), to croquettes, to chicken drumsticks (basically anything you want nice and crunchy/crispy).

      I also use it to dehydrate food - so its replaced our old air fryer, our dehydrator and the oven when we just need to cook a small amount of food. Its a LOT more versatile than the "egg" shaped fryers, and definitely worth the extra cost, IMO. I wouldn't be without one now!

    • It’s amazing that there was any in stock?

    • Jeez, look at the age warnings
      Imaging 8yo kids walking out of the shops with .22 rifles.

    • +3

      Genuinely super confused, got me googling with no results

      • -1

        I believe Anko is the American counterpart of Kmart (or similar to that tone).

    • Babbies first rifle.

    • WTF?!

    • Seriously, wtf is this crap?
      Anyone got a link to the real product, even if it's an american kmart???

    • LOL totally photoshopped!

      It's so obvious that everyone knows the rifle is the Savage Model 64 Series FXP rifle by Savage Arms, previously known as the Cooey 64, Winchester-Cooey 64, and Lakefield 64B


  • It's showing as out of stock for me when I go to checkout.

  • so would this cook up say 300g (~1/3 bag) of frozen fries

    • +1

      I'd say so, but you'd need to shake it a few times throughout, and it would take longer than a very small portion.

    • +1

      i usually put in half a bag at a time and half way through the cook, you need to flip the fries / shake / mix so they get cooked evenly.

      • Cheers, thats when i add the salt anyway. I think I've found a new camping cooker.

    • +14

      everything is made in china

    • +20

      ask that to the phone you wrote this comment on

      • If it's a later model Samsung phone, it's probably made in Vietnam. However, some components would still likely be made in China.

  • Is this really highly rated or something? Low stock near me
    I don't own an air fryer, but assume it's good to cook chicken and sweet potato easy? Is this the best option for the price range?

    • +1

      You may want to read this if you are considering one: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-air-fryer/

      TL;DR: They are miniature convection ovens.

      • Thanks for that - great review site, too!

    • Yes these are highly rated, I love mine but would personally wait until they have the next size up back in stock (5.7ltr I think) if you are cooking for more than two. You can even ‘boil’ your eggs in them.

    • +5

      I have one of these and it's pretty damn good for the price. I live by myself and it's an ideal size for me.
      Chicken, fish, sausages, veges, garlic bread, I stick pretty much cook everything in mine.
      Chuck sweet potato slices, broccoli and some homemade potato chips in a bag with a bit of oil and give it a shake, then pop it in the fryer.
      My old one started to fall a part after 3 years so I figured I'd just buy a cheap one. I had a $200 one that did nothing that this one can't.

  • hows the size of this compare to the philips xxl

    • +9

      This one is pretty small. Personally I would wait for the 5.7ltr to be back in stock at $89.

      • +2

        It’s in stock now! I just got one ☝️

        • Has been in stock since the morning. Ordered one for my mum :)

  • Anko + electronics do not mix well unless you like buying shit that breaks straightaway

    • +5

      Have had mine for a year. Still working great. Waiting for the bigger model.

      • -5

        Ah well, there's always exceptions to the rule

  • +1

    Anyone tried baking bread in one of these? I've seen videos of US home cooks trying on other models, but they usually lace their bread with far too many sweeteners. Interested to know if anyone here has tried…

  • +3

    Big air fryer fan here.

    But I seem to remember that Choice recommended against the Kmart one?


    They received the lowest score of all the models tested - this was Nov 2019.
    Can’t see what they did recommend as it is behind the paywall.

    Anyway, do with that what you will.

    • I'm new to air frying, mainly because I was in the "what's the difference between this and an oven" type of customer. But I'd have to say that Choice article is highly subjective. The Kmart device is ridiculously easy to use, contrary to what they assert. You can literally just press on if you wanted to, which is much easier than most ovens. Also I think the Kmart air fryer fandom is because of the many rave reviews on social media. I think these are trusted a bit more by the mums and dads than the subjective, one-person reviews of Choice.

      • This article might interest you.

        • Yeah, I'm still a believer that my oven can do anything an air fryer can. No arguments there. But I took the plunge on the Kmart one because it's so cheap - about four times cheaper than the toaster oven that article recommended. For anything bigger in size like that, I'd just use my regular oven.

      • This air fryer probably leaves anything mentioned on this page for dead.

        I will confirm thsi once I start my 30 day trial shortly.


        Stainless steel cavity, rotisserie, rolling cage for evenly cooking fries, skewer rack, digital control panel.

        Convenient front door opening, just like a full sized oven.

        Looks much easier to clean than those pod shaped things, with a removable drip tray.

        And no non-stick surfaces to wear out.

        All parts dishwasher safe coz they're made of stainless steel.


        I specifically like the idea of rotisserie chicken.

        And best of all, a 30 day trial, which I'll be taking up, is offered!

    • +1

      The Anko did quite highly in the Air Fryer challenge Done by ACA, especially when compared in price to the Phillips. https://9now.nine.com.au/a-current-affair/a-current-affair-a...
      I’ve had this model for a year and LOVE it, have also bought one for numerous family members as gifts and they are all still used often and prominently placed on their kitchen counters.

  • Just bought one. Haven't used an air fryer before so lets see what all of this hype is about.

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Personally keen on seeing this back in stock.


  • +1

    "Chips" not "fries"!

    I hate that everyone is saying SUV instead of 4WD already. The term makes no sense! How are they sporty?

    • I love both air fried capsicum and aubergine. 😉

      • Do you like red peppers or green peppers ;)

    • +4

      You do realise that an SUV is completely different to a 4WD…

      • +9

        Not sure if you're old enough, but 20 years ago, EVERYONE in Australia called them 4WDs.
        I guess back then they were with at least part time 4WD.

        • +1

          Huh, you might be right. Just spent a few mins reading Carsguide and they use SUV for basically everything big with 4 wheels. My bad

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