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LG Ultragear 27GL850-B 27", 144Hz, 1440p Monitor - $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time posting a deal, great monitor with good reviews as one of the best 27" 1440p 144hz gaming monitors.

Shipped by amazon au and in stock, so faster shipping time then other deals.

Would grab one myself but only running a 1070 atm and dont think ir will cut it for 1440p

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • 3 left in stock

    • Finally got one after missing out every single time haha. Really happy with the purchase

      • Did it arrive that quickly!?

    • Hi All,

      Looking for office use, should I go for this one or wait for next dell deal on S2719DC 27"? Appreciate all your input. cheers.

      • +3

        Apart from 1440p and ips none of the extra features are useful for an office.

        • USB C is great. Single connection to charge and display, reduces desk clutter.

      • Why do you need a high refresh 144Hz gaming monitor for office use?

        • thanks, newbie in this area. Wish they could some monitor office minior makes it easy to choose.

        • Less eye strain? Office use means staring at the thing for 8hrs each day…

          • @T18: I have a 144Hz monitor at home and havent noticed any difference with it running at 60 or 144. I cant even feel the difference unless I keep my mouse at high polling rate and move it around.

            • @John Doh: Interesting, what I heard before was a day and night difference even with web browsing. I ordered one last week so I guess I'll find out pretty soon

              • @T18: I have a TN panel, XL2411. Not sure if it makes a difference with IPS. If you do feel the difference, please let us know :) And when I said I cant feel the difference, its not when gaming, I meant when using the desktop.

                • @John Doh: Will do. Also for certain monitors, it is possible to OC to a higher refresh rate (friend of mine OCed his Kogan monitor to 80Hz). That way without getting an actual high refresh rate monitor, some might still be able to test if they can tell a difference.

                  • @T18: You are right, I just switched to 60Hz and scrolled this window up and down and there was night and day difference ;) Probably did not bother to notice earlier :)

                    • @John Doh: Thanks for checking! Can't wait to receive mine

                      • @T18: Alright! Enjoy your new monitor :)

      • Ordered mine last week also intending for office use, but haven't received it yet. I heard 144Hz makes a big difference even with web browsing and MS Word etc.

    • The 34" UWQHD version of this monitor is a very tempting, but the price tag of 1599 is too much :(

    • OOS

    • tempted to get a second one, overkill for second screen but matching is always nice

      • Nah save for the future :) 4K High Refresh Rate to supplement future GPU power.

        • see how 3000 series goes, 4K seems to push even the best cards at the moment

          Really need a second screen soon as video editing on a single display sucks

    • +1


    • I have a pc that supports 1440 and 144hz. I also own the xbox one x and was wondering if it supports 1440 and 144hz? Thanks

      • Maybe it's more a question of software - would many Xbox one X titles support >60Hz?

    • +2

      Missed it!! Again!! Doh

    • +1

      For those that care about the technical details, here's a nice in depth review on this monitor https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/lg/27gl850-b
      Summary is it has top tier real world response times but has a terrible contrast ratio if you care about that.

      • +2

        the "terrible contrast ratio" is overstated.
        All IPS have bad contrast ratios. The LG is slightly worse and not overly noticable in real world applications, vs. IPS competitors.
        Anyone worried about contrast should stick to VA

        • +1

          Yeh sorry was just going by the review, I have a different IPS gaming monitor (PG279Q) with a better contrast ratio but I'm not really sure if the difference is discernible in the real world use.

      • The contrast ratio is OK if you dont play games in a dark room. The other benefits of very good color accuracy at 144Hz at 4ms GTG is a very nice feature to have :)

    • Damn it! I missed out… Any idea on if it will be on sale again?

      • I missed out on this deal last week (have been trying for a year prior lol) managed to get one this time. Hopefully they will have more stock before the EOFY

    • Damn, that's alot of good specs. For reference what makes this Samsung so much worse? https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Monitors/25plus-inch/801...

      • Probably panel quality and type as well as the LG being G-Sync verified.

      • The 1ms GTG is only when you OC it to 160Hz, but then you lose color accuracy. At 144 Hz its still 4ms GTG but the color accuracy is excellent.

      • The price i guess? The Samsung which you posted regularly goes for $330 (after $50 discount) on the Samsung eudcation store. Also it depends on you but i think WQHD is better for 27" instead of QHD. The rule of thumb is FHD - 24", WQHD - 27", QHD - 32".

    • How does the MSI Optix MAG271CQR 2k 27" compare with this monitor? Thanks in advance :)

    • Seems out of stock already after one hour…

    • I have been tossing up between this monitor and this one:

      Guess the larger size (31.5" verus 27") would overweight the poor GTG (5ms GTG verus 1ms GTG) and VA versus IPS.

      Does GTG & VA matters for RTS games?

      • +1

        RTS games generally have less motion in them so having a super low response time (GTG) does not matter as much compared to something like an FPS game.
        VA is more a preference thing, If you prefer deeper blacks/better contrast over better viewing angles (IPS) then VA would be better for you.

        • Thanks. I will keep the 32” order :)
          Viewing angles shouldn’t matter for office desk where you are looking straight on.

    • Love this monitor, but paid covid prices for it. Steal at this price

    • Oh god out of stock again T_T

    • Now that I have this monitor, any recommendations for 32” 4K 60hz monitor that won’t break the bank?

      • at 60hz? just go buy a TV.

    • -1
    • $50 cashback if anyone still has their AIA vitality accounts

    • aughhhhh I missed it again

    • Just got mine one hour ago, set it up and turned on, does seem better than my old Asus MG279Q.

      But because of the light base, unlike the heavy one on the MG279Q. It doesn't absorb too much shake, so when I type a bit deep the screen shakes slightly, which is a bit annoying.

    • alternatively, you can get the Asus VG27AQ for $619 + delivery at skycomp.

      i have one myself and it's comparable to the LG. It's actually rated the best gaming monitor for 2020 at rtings.com and higher than the LG.

      has new-fangled tech like ELMB sync on the Asus. Some people argue the LG has better blacks and performs better on lower refresh rates <80hz. The asus can also be overclocked to 165hz and should perform better at higher refresh rates.

      It's also cheaper with a much better stand. But heh, there are 2 camps and ymmv.

      • +1

        Rtings reviews are overrated.
        I agree the VG27AQ is a solid monitor. ELMB Sync is not a great implementation, although promising to see where they go with it.

    • Hoping the monitor deals continue. Got my eye on the LG 32UL950-W

    • Got mine today and its so good. Worth the money. I would say its worth RRP..

  • WOW i just managed to get one!! Some more could still be in stock guys

    • Yep, currently 3 in stock

  • Anyone who purchased today got any delivery date?

  • Just managed to buy one now, only one left in stock. Kept refreshing.

  • No delivery, date ordered yesterday.

  • Still no delivery date from yesterday's order. No stock?

  • +1

    Chat rep told me "The estimated delivery date is Wednesday, 27 July 2020"
    Uuuugh. What!

    • I asked about it and said I didn't want to wait weeks or months so they just cancelled my order without asking me. What indeed!

  • I'll wait hoping a shipment arrives earlier than their ETA….
    They also gave me $10 credit towards my next purchase.

    • $15 here

      • Me too. They gave me $15 this time.lol

  • Just got an update on my order with a shipping ETA of 19th - 22nd June!

    • I got an ETA of 19th - 23rd June

      • Weird. Still no date on order placed on June 13th.

        • Ordered on 11th, just got shipped!

          • +1

            @T18: Yeah, 11 was the original deal and sold out that day.
            It came back in stock twice: on 13 and 15.

          • @T18: Also ordered on the 11th but no update on shipping. Just says expected by July 2.

        • Purchased on 12th. It still shows We’ll ship your order as soon as possible, which is nothing

  • Back in stock guys!!

  • In stock again - 4 left

  • It's back in stock, just put an order in… Fingers crossed!

  • Thanks OP - missed it last time so stoked to grab one!

  • Camel3 finally paid off and notified me of the price drop. Managed to grab one at last!

  • Based on previous comments, I'm guessing the most recent batch is gonna take up to early July to ship. What do you guys reckon?

  • OOS

  • +1

    Would be ideal to have this spec in 32”

    • And usb c lol

  • 2 LEFT IN STOCK get on it!!!

  • Hmmmm seem to be awaiting a shipping date too…

  • Controversial topic: When this comes 'back in stock', there's still no actual stock and everything is backorder now.

    • backorder? takes ages to arrive? still arriving before my techfast pc :')

      • Yeah if I purchase a product on the 11th and it won't ship for over 2 weeks because they have no stock, yet somehow keep opening it up as 'more stock available', i'm guessing they are ordering from LG direct as they go in batches.

    • It's ok. I signed up to the Prime trial. Priority shipping. PRIORITY! I'll have it in the morning.


  • Back in stock. Only 2 available.

  • Yeah..no. No stock or shipping details since I ordered from the 2nd last 'in stock'.

  • Managed to order one when it came back “in stock” yesterday, June 18. ETA has been updated to June 23 - June 24. Fingers crossed it’ll actually be delivered by then.

    • +1

      Same here. Card has been charged, ETA updated to 23 June.

    • Hmmmm my card hadn't been charged yet and no ETA.
      I ordered the same as you buy the looks. Fingers crossed something updates today.
      Being new to this Amazon thing, is there a way to chase up the progress on these orders? I couldn't see a chat option it anything.

      • There is! You would have to navigate to the "Contact Us" page to find the chat option. You can ask a question about any orders you've placed through your account here: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/contact-us.

        • +1

          Really appreciate the help. Chatting to them now. Fingers crossed

    • Just got mine delivered today! High refresh rates, fast response times, accurate colour accuracy and decent HDR, but overall an awesome monitor!

  • I got an order in on the 15th and the status was updated this morning. ETA 23rd June to 2nd July (Delivery to WA.) It would seem as if Amazon are taking 2 weeks to deliver once ordered.

    For those that are waiting on a status update, it took 5 days for me. My card has yet to be charged…

  • I'm so tempted just to cancel this and grab the Viewsonic alternative.
    It can be had for $460~ inc post on Ebay with the current 15% off voucher, and those are saying they have instant stock.

    ** I just got the same email from Amazon. Guess I'll wait. A week sounds too good to be true!

  • I ordered mine on the 11th. My credit card just got charged this morning. The status says 'arriving today' but it hasn't been shipped or marked as 'shipped'??

    • I ordered mine on 15th and just got shipped today. Expected delivery by 24th June.

      • Yup. Amazon just updated expecting it on Wednesday 24th.

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