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High Spec RTX 2080 Super Gaming PCs [B450M Mortar Max/16G 3200]: $1899 (R5-3500X) and $2149 (R7-3700X) + Delivery @ TechFast


These are the RTX 2080 Super variants of the high spec 3500X/3600 | RTX 2070 Super and 3700X | RTX 2070 Super PCs that have been well received by the community. Thanks all for the feedback on those.


  • MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 240GB (3500X) / 480GB (3700X) 2.5" SSD
  • 750W power supply
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1899 after 3500X-2080S-EOFYS

Ryzen 7 3700X | RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $2149 after 3700X-2080S-EOFYS

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  • Hi Luke, will you be doing any of these mid-higher end deals with the 550mobo when they arrive?

    • +3 votes

      I would put that as a yes, at some point. No word on them though.

      • got tired of waiting for Luke forever…(no offence)…so I started collecting my own parts. Some great deals out this month

        • Yup. Sure is. Kicking myself for missing the AMD 3600 here last night/this morning on amazon. hopefully will be back soon.
          *B550. @Toms hardware they're saying June 12th launch. hope they're right.

          "B550 Motherboards: the Full List (So Far)

          There will be lots of B550 motherboards to choose from when they officially go on sale on June 12—AMD says there are over 60 in development. But board makers (likely busy with the very recent launch of Z490 motherboards) seemed to still be sorting some of their B550 launch details as we wrote this. Pricing in particular was still largely undisclosed the day before this announcement, though AMD . "

  • hi Luck, would it be better with water cooling for high end GPU?

    • Included cooling is fine for GPUs. Water cooling a GPU is more for squeezing a few more percent out for hobbyist overclockers, or squeezing into tiny cases, not a practical thing that'd improve you gaming performance enough to justify the cost/effort.

    • Personally it not worth the hassle, most high end GPU heatsink is good enough as long case airflow is decent.

  • Absolutely kicking myself for not jumping on this deal in March, same build just with a gold PSU and extra 1tb HDD for $300 less. Dammit Rona!

    G'day Luke - do you expect the Ryzen 4000's to have much of an effect on the 3000 series prices?

  • I was considering the R7&2070 but now a this deal.
    I mostly play game and some photo editing (mostly Lightroom and Photoshop)
    Should I get the R7&2070 or R5&2080?

  • Surely get your builds from May shipped before advertising more.. Been waiting over a month :/

    • I hope Luke replies to this because im a touch concerned about my order too!

      • It will arrive, though it might take a while. They previously didn't have a system up that noted when components were on backorder, which is probably why you're still waiting.

      • Please PM me your order, shouldn't be any unshipped that old of any spec.

    • Please PM me your order, shouldn't be any unshipped that old of any spec.

    • Same, May order still not 'unfilled' status. I just keep getting generic replies about they're trying to stick CLOSE to the 14 working day policy. They even messaged me to 'upgrade' to another 2080 since they got new shipment on the 15th business day. Farout.


        i've got no confirmation from my order May 20th. will pm now but not particularly happy with this whole process.

        • Mine was from may 13th and just shipped, you've probably still got another week


            @BreezyBright: Mine was shipped monday in 3 parts. Some parts are half way here, some last scanned in Adelaide. It looks like I should get my order about a month since ordering. Lucky I didn't need this in a rush.

    • Same man, ordered placed 18th of May, still not shipped :(

  • Hi Luke, any chance you'll be doing ITX case builds now or in the future? Eg. Ncase M1 or the NZXT H1?

  • which one to get for playing Fortnite on high FPS?


  • Anything on the horizon for value $1000-1400 pc?

  • Would you post a system to NZ? asking for a friend

  • @luketechfast: how long will it take to get the PC in Sydney metro if i order now?

  • I bought your previous 3600/2080super deal. Great computer and good build quality. Just thought I’d give you guys a kudos given all the haters.

    Thanks for providing reasonably priced high end computers to us Aussie customers Luke.

  • how do i put in the promo code?

  • Any deals for a low end PC for parents to play flash games, browse and play solitaire? Kids might use occasionally for light entertainment.

    Thinking something below the 3500X 1660 combo?

  • Finally, a nice mobo in a Techfast system!

  • Tempting. I know you're open to just shipping parts but will it be quicker if I only ship parts and assemble here? Which 2080 are we talking about here? Thanks!

    • +1 vote

      It will skip build and testing so 1-2 days but to be fair to older orders won't be prioritised any further, so generally speaking subject to the 14 business day estimate. Bundled 2080 Super is, generally, the Galax EX 1-click OC.

  • Hey Luke, long time follower of your store deals. Would love another 3300x deal!

  • Hi, is it worth cooling if I don't mind spending the extra money.

    Will it make a difference when using adobe application photoshop etc

  • When will this deal end?

  • Any other high-spec deal coming? I'm planning to get this one plus some upgrades, but if there's a dedicated combo deal that'd be great!

  • 2080 Super and 3500X only good for 4K, other resolutions you'll be CPU bound.

    • so for 1440p you should go for something like 3700x 2070 super?

      • Even a 3600 and 2080 Super would be a better fit. The 3500X is quite weak considering that it has a lower boost clock than the 3600 (shocker for essentially an SMTless version) and half the threds.

  • Are you guys going to restock the case? Just got my paycheck and i'm super keen to get on this deal

  • What are people thinking re the Galax 2080 Super > MSI Ventus 2080 Super upgrade for $99? Worth it?

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