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Core i7-10700 Gaming PCs [B460/16/240]: RTX 2080 Super: $2188 / RTX 2070 Super: $1888 + Delivery @ TechFast


I'm just gonna leave this here…

Intel 10th gen launch is today.

Core i7 10700 | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC: $2188 after 10700-2080S-LAUNCH

Core i7 10700 | RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC: $1888 after 10700-2070S-LAUNCH

Both systems offered with same base spec of:

  • B460 motherboard
  • 16GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case

Availability: Obviously being a new generation supply is limited, so if you want the system as soon as possible, order as soon as possible. We have a large allocation moving through June, so if you're not in the first 10-20 orders a longer waiting period may apply as stock comes in to us. That will be down to Intel and distributors, but we will be doing our best as always. I'm saying it now clearly to set expectations: get in quick if you want to get the first stock allocation, but all orders will be fulfilled as stock comes in.

Mobos: A bunch of new options, including all the 10th gen chipsets, B460, H470 and Z490 (regular and WiFi options here). All MATX in size. Brands/models may vary between Gigabyte/MSI initially, and will not be Biostar unless this message is updated or the deal expires. We have no Biostar 10th Gen boards on order so this won't change for a while. For those seeking specific models, I can't give them as early days flexibility is required.

RAM: New 3600MHz 16GB and 32GB options added

Other specs: I've been seeing a lot of new faces in threads questioning SSD size, PSU choice etc - the general philosophy with our builds has always been offer at a minimum spec so that customers can get the lowest base price and upgrade as they see fit, or use their own parts if they have them. Base specs are intended to be adequate and upgrade options are always available if you want them for additional flexibility, peace of mind, etc.

Loads of Ryzen builds on our account page for those seeking AMD. A couple of popular deals below, all of which will be closing in the next few days:


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  • 2666MHz RAM? I'm not update to date, but I feel like that would bottleneck the system. Any builders/enthusiasts that can comment?

    • 3200 will net some extra frames, depends on what game.

    • Officially, the i7 10700 series only supports up to 2933 MHz RAM. So this isn't far below. Source: https://www.techpowerup.com/cpu-specs/core-i7-10700.c2214

      Interesting the i7 9700K only officially supported RAM up to 2666MHz. Source: https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/intel/core_i7/i7-9700k

      So would it bottleneck the system? Maybe.. but I wouldn't think it would be noticeable.

      For my education, if 'officially' these CPUs only support a specific speed of RAM, does using higher speeds provide benefit, just not 'guaranteed' benefit? As it is not guaranteed to be compatible?

      • The "official" speed disclosed by Intel is the max speed that H/B series motherboards will run memory at.

        Generally, you will always see a benefit from faster memory (subject to memory sub-timings) as long as the motherboard supports it.

    • Requires overclocking to hit over 2666mhz previously with Intel. Appears the limit on the newer gen without overlock is 2933.

    • Based on benchmarks so far, it does appear that running 2666mhz has a pretty significant impact on overall performance for intel 10th gen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csFwlKgZCzM), at least with the i5-10400. Likely to be less important on the 10700 due to higher overall clock speeds making up for the memory speed deficiency.

      B460 motherboards would generally only support up to 2933mhz on the i7, since Intel chipsets only have memory OC on Z-series boards.

    • This RAM can overclock to 3200 with relative ease, though voltage shouldn't be more than 1.35V as it is usually G.Skill Value which is Samsung C-die. Obviously not everyone wants to do that but for those who do then there is no need to spend another $50 on a faster kit.

  • 2070s is a good card, with RTX3000 not too many months off, not sure I'd drop the extra on the 2080s. I have this case, much better than some of the solid front panel options they've had in the past.

  • Seems like a pretty decent deal all in all. I'm personally still holding out for a next level bargain.

    Good purchase for those who pull the trigger though.

  • WOW another 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CPU refresh from Intel. I can hardly contain my enormous erection over this gen of Intel CPUs!! What's that you say? You need to buy yet another motherboard (LGA1200) to fit these new CPUs on! Thank F**k for AMD!

  • How does this stack up to the Dell?


    • specs are not comparable

    • You'll need to replace the cooler on the Dell (friend bought it and it came with the pathetic intel stock cooler). The dell also has a lot more space the newer generation in cpu shouldn't affect gaming performance much. But given a lot of things in the Dell system are proprietary I would probably go for this one as it's easier to upgrade in the future.

    • In terms of the cpu, it's quite a bit better. cinebench: 7% better single core 33% better multicore.

      This one has a better case, newer mobo (will most likely support at least one more generation) and a better psu.
      Though in the dell deal you get nvme instead of ssd, you get an extra 1tb 7200hdd, you also get wifi card, keyboard and mouse

    • Thank you! :)

      Looking to spend ~2k and can't make my mind up. Might use it for some light gaming. Mostly just browsing the net and a bit of video editing.

      • This is hella overkill for "light gaming". These systems are intended for at least 1440p gaming or competitive 1080p (very high frame rate will give a slight edge).

        Obviously I don't know exactly what you mean by light gaming but I would probably only recommend a 2060s at best.

  • Thanks Luke, any chance you'll be releasing deals on lower specced systems (e.g. i5-10400F + 2060S / 1660S)?

  • I wonder how much extra it would be to fit in a RTX 2080 Ti instead of a RTX 2080 Super.

    For my next build I will be getting the fastest GPU before the Titans and Workstation GPU's.

    As for CPU not sure yet if I will go the 700 or higher but my gut tells me that the extra $400-800 going from 10700 to 10900 would not be worth it and that is where I draw the line.

    Can't wait for the top 3000's cards though I am keeping my eyes on the 3080 Ti or higher equivalent.

    4K gaming and multitasking ftw.

    • +1 vote

      Current upgrade price is $799 from 2080 Super.

      • What does the end total for just the GPU RTX 2080 Ti become if you isolate it from this base build?

        I did some fiddling with your configuration options and got something near $5k but this was with all the bells and whistles all out not bad.

        Also how many NVME m.2 highest capacity SSD's can you fit out in an all out build?

        Are those the fastest SSD's you have available for a max motherboard/cpu/gpu build?

        • I believe the Z490 boards will have 2 m.2 slots, but some option sets are shared throughout our configurations so I limit numbers of drives in particular to avoid compatibility issues in other builds. We can look at additional drives separately post purchase/pre shipment if it is of interest.

    • It's a $250 difference on RRP for a 10700k to 10900k…. No idea where you are getting $4-800

      • Sorry my bad I was just guessing or maybe I was thinking of base prices and not the difference.

        Wow I honestly thought it was much larger but I guess it makes sense now since it probably even isn't more than a few % in performance increase if even more than 1%.

        • In reality, if gaming is the biggest priority…. 10600k is the best one to get.

          It's the only new Intel chip that has real merit. Essentially matching the CPU twice the price in games.

          It's the one most seem to like.

          Save the $500 and get a new model GPU in a few months….

          • @scuderiarmani: I'll take that into consideration.

            This was my idea also.

            Just with an all out build how much extra performance roughly do you think I would get from the CPU's above the 10600k?

            I guess if it is less than 4-5 fps then it won't be worth it for a few hundred extra dollars but if it is what tips a new game from 30 fps to 35 fps at max settings it could be a deal winner.

            I dunno.

            • @AlienC: There's dozens of great reviews on YouTube.

              Often the 10600k matches and in cases actually beats the 10900k, even at 1080p.

              It's absolutely not worth double anyway.

              Just save it and get a 3080ti, even if it's over priced… Better to spend on that then the CPU

              The 10600k reguarly beats the 9900k.

              Hardware Unboxed on YouTube for a trusted and reputable Aussie flavour or Gamers Nexus for a real good tech look at it… Believe the latter talks about why the 10900k doesn't perform as well as you'd expect.

            • @AlienC: You'll get an extra 2-3% at best in some games going from 10600k to 10900k when pairing with 2080 Ti and game at 1080p. No human can tell the difference, so you're always better off going overkill on GPU instead. If you're down to 30fps then even 10900k won't give better frames than a $200 3300x.

          • @scuderiarmani:

            In reality, if gaming is the biggest priority…. 10600k is the best one to get.

            Nope, the 10900K is faster.

            • @Diji1: For double the price, sure.

              But hey, I can show you benchmarks when it's not too.

              • @scuderiarmani: What about at 4k do you reckon the upgrade would be worth it?

                • @AlienC: For 4K gaming, the CPU is no longer a concern, any $200+ current gen CPU will perform the same. But if you have the budget for a decked out build, why not…

                  If you multitask a lot, however, I would advise 8c+ CPUs. I usually run a couple of browsers with dozens of tabs each and 10+ video/chat apps and they do keep the CPU busy all the time, 6c CPUs are sure gonna struggle.

  • Is it worth waiting for EOFY deals?

  • is there going to be a more productivity specced pc? Looking for one around 1k for primarily high cpu usage outside of gaming

    • +1 vote

      Can look at it. They weren't super popular when we did them a few months ago, but we did sell a few.

      • I'll be keen for a super build specifically for Adobe After effects or Premier Pro. I've been studying the market and proper components from different build guides so if you can match or get similar components to the below will be good for people like us (not so much gamers)

        AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5 GHz 16-Core Processor $1199.00
        CPU Cooler

        NZXT Kraken M22 Liquid CPU Cooler $143.00

        Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard $437.90

        G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $289.30

        Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive $228.00

        Samsung 860 Evo 2 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive $472.90

        Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $330.00
        Video Card

        Asus GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8 GB DUAL EVO OC Video Card $1469.00

        NZXT H510 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case $268.00
        Power Supply

        Corsair RM 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $200.00

        • Looks like a gaming build to me….

          • @scuderiarmani: i guess I just want a bit of future proof

            • @khoed792: Well, you wouldn't be buying a 3950x within months of a successor if future planning is the big concern.

              Let alone a GPU that will be also facing the same.

              • @scuderiarmani: That's a valid point but I guess by the time Luke brings this out to us hopefully the price of 2080 and 3950 will drop slightly- cant always get the latest and greatest

                • @khoed792: Your pricing a 5.5k system…. No reason not to get the latest and greatest…

                  It'd be the worst time to do such a thing. Awful pricing atm, shortages and pending new models.

                  You could probably spend $4k before the years out and be well in front.

                  • @scuderiarmani: This is my logic also.

                    I am definitely not buying anything in this current pc hardware climate.

                    But as for specs it is very close to what I also want liquid cooler and all.

                    I cannot decide between Intel or AMD though at that high bracket I will need to do more research to see which one will suit my needs.

                    I will hardly edit any videos or photos but I may stream or record some gameplay at 1080p and 4k.

                    Mostly looking for I guess real time performance rather than editing and content creation performance or does encoding a video for upload to YouTube benefit greatly from AMD's equivalent offerings compared to Intel?

                    • @AlienC: I personally don't care for the tasks AMD benefits in, however I can see why many do.

                      Emulation seems to like Intel generally, I hardly ever do anything outside of browsing/gaming anyway…

                      So I'm happy with Intel, but I know I'm not the norm.

            • @khoed792: Generally future proofing is over-rated or over priced. Next gen mostly provides more performance for similar or less money. If you pick something suitable for a few years, you can upgrade every few generations.

        • If you've done so much research then just go ahead and do it yourself??? If you really can't build it just go ahead and give the list to some reputable store and they can do it for you. No point begging Luke to make this system for you when i doubt anyone else on this site would be interested in such a build.

          • @gram: AlienC is already thinking of a similar spec build. so there you go, if you dont announce it, you dont get any response. Only here to ask Luke if he's considering a build like that in the near future mate. Don't get butt hurt yo

            • @khoed792: I definitely am.

              I am just trying to find out whether a high tier Ryzen would handle extreme multitasking use case scenarios better than an Intel equivalent.

              For example say over 100 chrome tabs and 20+ programs open at the same time alt tabbing between them which would fare better is an extreme example for my use case.

              I like to have stuff active and ready to hot switch/swap to via alt tab at a moments notice sometimes rather than closing opening multiple programs and tabs all the time so the defining factor or winner would be the CPU that can do that better assuming all other specs are also very high tier and exactly the same (well you cannot have the same motherboard but RAM/SSD/etc would all be the exact same.

              The programs I plan to use are not really work or productivity specific (nothing with CAD or programming or database software for example) most will revolve around gaming and everything around gaming (streaming/recording/encoding/processing videos/etc).

              I am hoping to find an article or study/experiment that might show for example how normal "everyday" programs fare when comparing Ryzen and Intel such as virus scanning and malware scanning while gaming and streaming for example.

              Basically people say that Ryzen is good for multitasking but a lot of the information is very vague and not specific.

              I already know Intel wins hands down for pure gaming performance if you just want frames but when you add other stuff on top of that I really wonder who would come out on top as it is not a standard benchmark or test that is done in a lot of these CPU reviews usually isolated use cases but not combined ones.

              Anyways like khoed792 has said if you don't announce your intentions then don't expect anyone to read your mind and provide helpful info so here we are can't believe this still needs to be said in 2020 but I guess some people are still closed minded and don't know how a forum or communication in general works.

              We all have our gaps.

              • @AlienC: well said mate!
                As far as I know the Ryzen 3950 has outperform the higher tier intel cpu. I got most of my information from this US based company called Puget Systems. They do basically all sorts of test with different builds and presents the results for everyone to see. So its quite helpful. Let's see what Luke says !

              • @AlienC: Hardware unboxed and a few other YouTubers do a lot of videos that would interest you. Much of your broad questions have been discussed.
                Also, don't over think it.

  • Sounds like a very passive aggressive marketing post

    Also, if you have only a limited amount in stock, then do it like Amazon and let people know once the in stock products are gone (I.e. put a backorder somewhere in the description when that happens), can't just say we have 10-20 available and then later telling someone after they place an order that they might have to wait few months since they are the 21st order

    • +4 votes

      Not intended to be so. It won't be months though for others, just wanted to be up front about new gen shortages as Intel's supply record was very poor throughout 9th.
      Good call regarding the backorder status though, thank you, I will adopt that strategy.

  • Where do you get B460 motherboards? MSY only sells Z490 from the 10th gen?

    • Depends on your use, what Monitor you'll pair etc etc

      • What would you use with this pc over the other one?

        aka what would you use with Ryzen and what would you use with Intel in an equal counterparts equivalent comparison.

        • Intel gaming only. Particularly very high FPS at 1080p.

          Ryzen, everything else.

          Thats the overwhelming sentiment between the two.

          • @scuderiarmani: What about these following scenarios?

            1) gaming + streaming
            2) gaming + recording
            3) gaming + streaming + recording
            4) uploading content to youtube (assuming client side does the encoding but I have no idea)
            5) virus/spyware/malware/other programs scans
            6) other programs that do indexing/disk checking/etc
            7) lots of programs most likely single or dual core but basically mass heavy power user level multitasking who would win intel or amd

            streaming = either to discord or twitch or youtube or mixer

            • @AlienC: Tbh I don't stream. I didn't hear much about the 10600k with streaming/multi tasking but that's where maybe the 10700k will be better suited.

              But overall, AMD looks the better option for you.

              A Ryzen 4000 CPU will be out soon enough…

            • @AlienC: editors and streamers all over the planet are switching to 3900x++ systems after 15 years of intel allegiance
              nuff said really
              they mostly seem to acknowledge that the intel chips are the slightly better gaming chips, but with such power at their disposal they are all happy to strung off a couple of frames that they can't notice anyway
              for everything else the AMD's clean up the floor

              • @smokey and: Any news on how they fare when gaming and doing other activities at the same time like recording or streaming?

                I know they are the kings when it comes to editing but I will rarely do any editing but I will do a lot of gaming and streaming and recording (making clips and whatnot).

                Also I am finding out if the Ryzen's do better than the Intel's at stuff like large file handling and general program delay and responsiveness.

                Basically if they make my computer lag free in day to day usage and not just gaming or editing I will pick that team over the other hands down 100%.

  • Whats the ETA on these Luke?

    • The first allocation, within our regular 14 business days. For the next, it is TBC - as stock is arriving throughout June and 14 business days takes us into the third week, it may well have arrived by then anyway.

  • Anyone know why the b460 doesn't support 3200mhz ram?

  • How does this compare to my Commodore 64?

  • Thanks just ordered one yay

  • sorry newbie here wanting to get a gaming desktop, but is there USB3.0 in the casing here? how do we know how many ports are there? also is the extra 750W gold supply worth it if getting a 2080S graphic card?

  • I feel like since ordering time has slowed down dramatically and wants me to wait a million years to get a new PC hahaha

  • Hi Luke, a question. I would like to buy a pc but would it be possible to have the delivery address pending for a few weeks?

    I might be moving to a different city. Will know in 3 weeks time and could send you my delivery address then.

  • Did anyone else end up ordering from in here? Man I am dyyyyying for my new PC lol I am so excited :D


  • Hey Luke, im trying to buy this but the case is out of stock, can we get any other options?

  • Luke Australia post are refusing to deliver my computer because I upgraded to the better cpu they think it's 2 different packages and while they have one in my hometown ready to deliver the other obviously still says SA because it doesn't exist :(

    • I would need order details to help you out (one package will be the PC, the other the accessories box) but they normally deliver one then the other if they split them in transit. Can you please email [email protected]?

      • Got it mostly sorted through email. Computer came today but the box with cords/booklets/etc didn't so I emailed techfast and will wait for a reply :)

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