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High Spec R5-3500X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC [B450M Mortar Max/16G 3200/240]: $1599 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

In the same vein as the popular high spec R7-3700X | 2070 Super system, now with R5-3500X and R5-3600 CPU options.

R5-3500X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC: $1599 after 3500X-2070S-EOFYS

  • MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W PSU
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R Case

We looked at 3300X pairing but it's effectively no different in price plus requires special ordering, so figured the 3500X was the best starting point as they are also on hand. If you really want it, let me know and it can be arranged post-purchase of this system.

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  • Will you be dropping any mid range build anytime?

  • Hey Luke, if I have purchased a previous deal that hasn't shipped am I able to upgrade to this?

  • deals looking better every time

  • Hey Luke, might want to update the header to 240 SSD :)
    Otherwise another good deal.

  • Hey Luke, thanks for posting another good deal.

    It would be great if you had the exact same build titled as "Working from home PC". It would make buying one an easier sell to both the wife and accountant ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Are you planning on offering any mini-itx builds?

  • Gets better and better every time Luke! This one doesnโ€™t even require you to get more ram too which is a huge bonus.

  • What's the lead time at the moment for end to end delivery to Melbourne?

    • We're working as hard as possible for 14 business days

      • I got mine within a month of ordering. There were also 4 deals posted at the time I ordered mine so there would have been a huge backlog as my order was the 3rd posted deal. Communication was easy with Luke and his team and their response was spot on to when my pc would be shipped.
        Thanks again Luke

  • great deal Luke! when will this deal expire? thanks!

    • +1 vote

      Hard to say, next version may not have as many goodies included as we have cases and cards to move right now.

  • Thanks Luke, great deal! Does anyone know if its worth the extra money for the R7-3700X over the R5-3500X?

    • If you are only gaming then a big phat no. If you are looking to edit videos and do other productivity yes.

  • Can I purchase now and pay for it now and have it delivered around 3rd week in july? I am moving to a different region in Australia but don't have the address yet. Cheers.

  • Stuck on the oil rig again?

  • Ehh 3500X and 2070 Super isn't a very good combination. My 3500X already struggles with my 5700 sometimes I couldn't imagine what would happen if it was paired with a 2070 Super.

    • It's bottlenecking? Shouldn't be

      • Well I mean last I tested, (now they're returning my 5700 to MSI, trying their hardest to claim it isn't faulty, for high junction temps) it was with the stock RAM. Since I've overclocked to 3733C18 from 2666C19 it might be a deal better.

        • 3500x should well and truly be able to handle a 2070s. It's basically a 3600 without hyperthreading.

          Here it is paired with an OC'ed 2080.

          • @gram: Yeah it is lagging a bit behind in AC Odyssey, which is a known CPU hog so it seems fair. I was interested in it but because of that it is almost unplayable, maybe I'll download it again and try with my memory OC. I hear it is very sensitive to it. I'll get a nicer cooler down the line and pray that the CPU boosts higher, PBO don't work on Zen 2 with B350.

            • @Rajeh: So guys should we be worried about this deal / pairing 3500x with a 2070 super???

              is it worth payoing extra $129 for 3600?

              Or even $300 for 3700x ?
              High Spec R7-3700X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC [B450M Mortar Max/16G 3200/480]: $1849 + Delivery @ TechFast (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542194)

              I use this only for 1440p gaming and outlook and chrome web browsing


              • @p78p: If you want a 3600 I'd just sell the 3500X and buy a 3600. Since you are gaming 1440p the 3500X will definitely not be an issue and last time I checked bottleneck my RAM was running 2666C19 so I'm confident that this is a good pairing for you.

  • Any chance I can just buy a bunch of these components at a good price? I've got a 750w PSU, AT Case and some other bits I can use myself so don't need those but it's such a good deal.. but would seem like a waste of my old bits :(

    • you are in luck! :)
      those are normally 2 of the first things you would want to upgrade in a Techfast, especially if it is the lower budget class
      so money saved for you already
      (not such a bad case used here, and I have not personally seen 1 of the new leaper flair/mids, but the old standard leapers are pretty nasty)
      ( the 750w allied psu is serviceable, but if you have a rated psu, all the better)

  • Hi Luke
    If I order the system and just want the parts, no assembly required. Can I order it without the case?
    Also how long would it take to ship to Sydney for just the parts?
    I know I will lose the warranty for the 'system' but I'm assuming I still have the warranty for the individual parts?

    • +1 vote

      Howdy. To request your system unassembled, just enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the Notes field on the Cart page before Checkout.m Component manufacturer warranties will apply and we will assist with these if required. As your system is unassembled, you may save 1-2 days as it will skip the build and testing phase, but to be fair to all orders in our system we pick all systems according to the date they were placed on, so it will not skip older orders and our estimated 14 business day generally still applies. We can't remove components to further reduce price, though.

  • So guys should we be worried about this deal / pairing 3500x with a 2070 super???

    is it worth payoing extra $129 for 3600?

    Or even $300 for 3700x ?
    High Spec R7-3700X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC [B450M Mortar Max/16G 3200/480]: $1849 + Delivery @ TechFast (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542194)

    I use this only for 1440p gaming and outlook and chrome web browsing


  • I hope my girlfriend doesn't find out before I can show her the set up machine with her favourite game running…

    Such a good deal. I did my own research and couldn't get it much lower than that. I upgraded the CPU and SSD. Wish I could change the case, because I'm not a fan of the colourful lights (RGB LEDs).

  • Looking at the other comments is it advisable to upgrade the cpu?

    • For games, nope. If you are also using it for coding, 3d modeling, photo- or video editing, extreme browsing (30+ tabs), then probably worth it. It allows for some slightly better performance when your applications are multitasking a lot.

  • Iโ€™m trying to add this to my cart but the case is out of stock with no alternative option.

  • Hi Luke one question is what is the brand of all the part?? Do i get certain or brand or just random part ? Thank you

  • Hi Luke, the motherboard is out of stock, just checking if the deal is still on? Thanks

  • I placed an order for this product on the 18th of June.
    They expect my order to be shipped out from their warehouse by the 8th of July.
    I think I can not get this in 3 weeks…sigh.

    I was trying to refund, but there is 25% restocking fee.

    I am waiting…

    • Not good! Thanks for the heads up

    • They've been pretty transparent with order wait times to be fair..

      • I've got this mail from them today.

        Good morning,

        I hope this email finds you well and I have an important update on your order. Due to manufacturing, shipping and Australian logistics supply chain delays related to COVID-19, we have been advised that our next delivery of 750W power supplies will be arriving in approximately 7-10 days time. This would put your order, unable to be completed without the PSU, past its original estimated delivery date.

        This is not the first supply chain challenge we have faced in this difficult time, so we are well-versed in sourcing potential alternatives and options for our customers wherever possible. We have negotiated an excellent price on the Gigabyte GP-P650B power supply, a well-reviewed and solid unit with an RRP of $99. It is a 650W unit so more than capable of powering your system, and has an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating, and is overall a superior option to the unrated unit bundled with your system. These have been ordered and are now in-bound to us, expected in the next few business days.

        Option 1) Gigabyte Bronze PSU: you can add this to your order for $59. Just let me know and I can issue an invoice for payment via credit card, and merge it into your order. There will be minimal delays for your order if you choose this option.

        Option 2) 80 Plus Gold PSU: Alternatively, we have 80 Plus Gold rated units available, for $149. Due to Australian supply shortages and recent supplier pricing increases, this price is $149 and I'm not able to offer a better price. The brand of these may vary between Gigabyte, In-Win and Deepcool and while I can leave an order note on your preference, I cannot guarantee which model will be used as stock levels vary.

        Option 3) Wait: If you are happy to wait for the bundled 750W unit you are welcome to do so. I don't have a specific time for which they will arrive due to logstics fluctuations, but your system would be completed as soon as possible when they do.

        Please let me know your preference.

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